Taurus in a relationship – consider in general terms

Taurus – characteristics of the zodiac sign

A fixed sign of the element of the Earth, a creator and foodie, Taurus embodies the principle of love for life and its benefits, and also has the qualities of perseverance and practicality. Taurus is able and loves to work, patiently creates comfortable conditions for life. Is able to wait long and patiently for the ripening of suitable conditions. Patience Taurus is amazing, it is difficult for him to learn something new and adapt to unfamiliar conditions.

Very sensitive to everything beautiful, has a strong intuition, tend to analyze the situation before committing acts. The gift of Taurus – to translate beautiful dreams into reality.

Character of Taurus

Taurus is a somewhat passive sign that waits for the right opportunity rather than actively hunting for opportunities. Able to work long and hard, the hardest working sign of the zodiac, if he finds the right way to express himself. Loves beautiful things, evaluates everything according to high criteria, even deeds can be considered ugly. A pronounced practicality and worldly wisdom, unhurriedness makes the Taurus thoroughbred housewife.

Taurus is sociable, musically gifted, confident and attractive to the opposite sex. Professions he chooses in the arts, finance, real estate, where you can enjoy life. Conservative, does not chase ghostly dreams.

Almost always makes a pleasant impression, charming, but at heart a skeptic and misanthrope, has strong nerves, a good sense of humor, likes to tease himself. Appreciates the feeling of security, likes assurance, gets sick in an uncomfortable environment. Has the gift of empathy, accumulates the power of nature, can become a psychic, psychoanalyst, or healer, if he develops a sense of empathy. Needs sexual balance, looking for a partner who satisfies the sensual expectations.

Does not like changes, in family problems surprisingly patient.

Strengths and weaknesses of Taurus

Laziness, love of pleasure, stubbornness – the weaknesses of the nature of Taurus. Badly tolerates unpleasant events and bad company. Outwardly calm, but at the same time restrains internal aggression. Can not do anything, endlessly complaining to loved ones, until circumstances change for the better. Angry and jealous. Taurus will not show immediately that he was hurt his vulnerability, will be long to check whether it seemed to him that violated the rules or decency.

Restrained anger can burst in the form of ugly scandals, clarification of relations over nothing. But Taurus always shows only the tip of the iceberg of true motives. He can save for the sake of hoarding, be greedy, limited by material interests and stubborn in his thinking. Developed Taurus is extraordinarily sensitive and sensitive to others, a capable psychologist. Accumulating a sufficient amount of knowledge and information, Taurus can use his intuition to predict the future. He is a philosopher and a mystic at heart.

Taurus compatibility with other signs

Taurus is difficult to adapt to new conditions, he is constant in his affections, but he is also romantic and amorous. He will search for a suitable couple for a long time. If a partner is able to satisfy the sensual desires of Taurus, but at the same time will not change his way of life and guarantee stability, the marriage will be successful. But it should be taken into account that Taurus is a jealous and possessive person and does not forgive infidelity. Sometimes it is very difficult to fight his stubbornness. But in response, he will show all the power of passion and depth of love.

It is difficult to build a relationship between two representatives of this sign, because Taurus is too stubborn. With regard to other signs, it makes a big difference who was born under the sign of Taurus – a man or a woman.

Male Taurus

Self-confident, calm, inspiring reliability. Sometimes excessively lazy, but shows miracles of attention, if in love. Practical romantic, he is great while traveling and at home. Taurus man is a Christmas gift: maybe the packaging is not glittery and shocking, but inside there is exactly what every woman dreams of – a diamond the size of a fist.

Taurus is charismatic, subtly feels life itself and some of its beautiful parts, such as art, and despite all his romantic nature, the financial side of the issue is just as important for him – in the shack, of course, you will be happy with your beloved, but it is much nicer if you can cook foie gras in the shack.

Taurus Woman

One of the most attractive female types of the zodiac. The Taurus woman is understanding and sociable, relying on common sense in life. She is attracted to beautiful comfortable surroundings, flowers, the beauty of nature, romance. Taurus – a woman-enigma, to solve which is more difficult than learning Chinese. If you irrevocably decided to understand this woman, then get ready to put the best years of her life, psychological health and faith in the best.

The bright and mesmerizing Taurus twists men as if they were her personal puppets, and she is the only living woman on the planet. And, surprisingly, men serve her with special pleasure, counting on her gentle smile, afraid to think of anything more.

Taurus Child

Sensitive and gentle, the Taurus child needs affection and touch. Tactile care can fix moods and relieve stress. Taurus is considered a strong sign, which is characterized by tenacity and determination. From an early age, the baby Taurus has a strong-willed character, although at first glance it seems quite calm and peaceful. He feels confident, often shows possessiveness, but at the same time does not consider himself the center of the universe.

He becomes independent early on, does not allow his mother and father to lead him, but needs a strong loving family. He must constantly receive portions of care and love, without which Taurus will suffer tremendously.

Such a child will not manipulate his parents, attract attention with caprices, screaming and crying.

Taurus health

Vulnerable place – throat, neck. Often catch colds, prone to nervous breakdowns because of overload. Prone to fullness due to overeating, prone to thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, when in an aggressive environment. Needs to chew food slowly.

Interesting countries: Ukraine, Switzerland, Belarus, Ireland, the Cyclades, Is. Cyprus, Madeira, Asia Minor, Sweden, Rhodes, Greek islands in the Aegean Sea

Important cities: Moscow, Parma, Palermo, Zurich, Dublin, Leipzig

Celebrities born under Taurus

Taurus Women

Renee Zellweger, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Daineko, Alina Kabaeva, Lera Kudryavtseva.

Taurus Men

James McAvoy, Iggy Pop, Jack Nicholson, Vladimir Nabokov, Vladimir Lenin, Immanuel Kant, William Shakespeare, Al Pacino, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Stas Mikhailov, Penelope Cruz, Philip Kirkorov, Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, Mikhail Prokhorov, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, George Clooney, Peter Tchaikovsky, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Salvador Dali, Mark Zuckerberg, Megan Fox, Gosha Kutsenko, Cher, Danila Kozlovsky.

Taurus in love

In love, Taurus behaves sensibly. No matter how strong his feelings are, he will never lose his head over them.

A person of this sign is attentive to all the details, and falling in love, not idealizing the partner but seeing him as he is. If the connection with a loved one will entail too much trouble, Taurus would prefer to give it up.

The personal life of a Taurus man

In love, the Taurus man prefers to build relationships with women who are close to him in spirit, as his psychological and domestic comfort is in first place. Beautiful, with whom he has nothing to talk about, long in his life will not stay. Do not win his heart and windy person, who has seven Fridays per week, or, worse, a dubious past. Reputation for the Taurus man is very important, so the society of such women, he tries to avoid.

Taurus man in a marriage

If a Taurus man has decided to get married, it is a responsible step. Before proposing to his girlfriend, he will spend enough time with her to get to know her properly.

Guys of this sign very rarely start families at a very young age. Taurus believes that first he should stand on his own feet, and only then take responsibility for the fate of the woman and children, which will be born in marriage.

The man of this sign is a responsible family man. He thinks about the material well-being and domestic comfort and always has a reserve fund for unforeseen expenses. With regard to his wife, he is rather stingy, because he does not consider it necessary to spend money on things that he does not see the need for, but in other cases he is very patient and caring.

Personal life of a Taurus woman

Since her youth, the Taurus girl does not set a goal to be the center of male attention. She is not trying to look bright and, even more so, to behave defiantly. The Taurus woman gives an impression of a poised and pleasant in terms of communication lady, who can be trusted.

In fact, this is the case: she is not prone to temper tantrums and stormy relations, behaves tactfully and respects the secrets of others. It is her decency that is her main advantage: guys see in her the possibility of a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and trust, which are so important in love.

A Taurus woman cannot be called amorous. In love, she behaves quite restrained and does not allow men to behave unkindly toward her. In addition, short-term affairs and resort novels are not interesting to her. Usually, the love affairs of this lady lead to the creation of a family, so she immediately sees if the man has serious plans for her. If not, then she is unlikely to talk to him.

Taurus woman in marriage

The Taurus woman is a caring mother, an excellent hostess and an attentive wife. Everything about the household is on top of her: she loves cleanliness order, tries to make sure that her husband and children look neat by the arrival of guests.

Going to the store, a Taurus woman buys only what she came for. If the family has a low income, her ability to save money significantly helps not to go into debt in difficult times.

In relation to her spouse, the Taurus woman behaves decently. She does not pretend to be a leader, does not throw tantrums and does not demand from her husband what he can not give her. This pleasant woman with a peaceful and cozy character will be an ideal couple for a man who knows how to appreciate care and is not looking for adventures on the side.

Taurus compatibility in love with other signs

The behavior of the Taurus in love depends not only on him. For a more accurate prediction, you need to know the zodiac sign of his partner.

♉ Taurus + ♈ Aries.

Quite a good union, but there are contradictions. If we consider only personal life, both Aries and Taurus seek to find a permanent partner and do not look for adventures on the side. Representatives of both signs are straightforward and honest. They voice their desires openly, and in case of conflict express their discontent on the spot, so there is no wall of misunderstanding between them.

The main problem of this union is that Aries does not like to stand still, and Taurus is conservative and sometimes cherishes the absurd way of life. To develop in him the desire for the best, Aries would have to behave more gently (as you know, water cuts stones), but he is used to acting in other ways.

Read more about Aries and Taurus compatibility here.

♉ Taurus + ♉ Taurus

In view of the fact that Taurus has a rather calm temperament and a slightly conservative outlook on life, with most of the zodiac signs he does not have a mutual understanding. For Taurus, they are too fussy and fickle, and he needs stability. If he is lucky enough to meet an attractive person of his own sign, it will most likely be an ideal match.

The two Tauruses are very comfortable together and they understand each other perfectly. These people have the same desires, needs and tastes, so they are not likely to have topics for dispute. Usually such couples quickly make the decision to create a family, or at least begin to live together. What to expect when everything is going so well?

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♉ Taurus + ♊ Gemini

Despite the fact that these people have birthdays so close together, they are completely different. Taurus and Gemini can only get along if each of this pair gives themselves the word to accept the person they love for who they are, and not criticize them when they can do without.

Gemini is a bright, sunny sign of the zodiac, which needs communication, new experiences and nice changes like air. Taurus is so calm that the partner’s behavior seems like an unnecessary fuss. Gemini, in turn, all the time want to shake up your partner, to show him the world, to bring him out into the world. Each of them has its own truth, but the problem is that none of this pair is not trying to understand the true motivation of their partner’s actions, and this leads to conflict.

In the domestic and financial part, they have even more disagreements, so family life is definitely not going to be smooth. However, mature couples have a much better chance of success than young people who have not yet seen life.

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♉ Taurus + ♋ Cancer

Cancer and Taurus are perfect for each other in both romantic relationships and family life. Both are quiet, don’t need adventure and don’t crave thrills, love their home and strive for stability.

In each other’s company both signs’ characters change for the better. Cancer next to Taurus becomes more confident in the future, and Taurus, in turn, learns to enjoy life and notices what he did not even pay attention to before. Together they feel good, safe and secure, and what else is needed for happiness?

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♉ Taurus + ♌ Leo

These people lead such different lifestyles that it can be very difficult for them to understand each other. Leo is easygoing, outgoing and not afraid of change. Taurus, on the contrary, is conservative, does not need company and is often slow. No matter how hard the lovers tried to find common interests and common ground, the result does not please either of them: it all looks too unnatural.

There are also contradictions in everyday life: Leo seeks luxury, and Taurus does not see the point in shopping, which is not directly necessary. Peaceful communication, of course, is possible, but on the condition that Taurus gives Leo more freedom, and the latter will not put pressure on his lover.

For more on Leo and Taurus love compatibility, see here.

♉ Taurus + ♏ Virgo

One of the most successful combinations for each of these signs. Both strive for stability, material prosperity, value homeliness and do not seek dubious adventures.

Since neither Taurus nor Virgo are passionate zodiac signs, the reason for their connection is usually not romantic attraction, but mutual understanding. These people can communicate for years in the company of friends or work in the same office, and then, unexpectedly, start dating.

Both signs in the relationship are looking for constancy, so when you find a reliable partner, they do everything in order to make him feel comfortable. Taurus and Virgo coincide not only views on life, but also household needs. Usually the relationship of these people is very successful and lasts a long time.

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♉ Taurus + ♎ Libra

These zodiac signs have common character traits: they are calm, diplomatic, in controversial situations never go through the motions, but seek milder ways of solving problems. By the little things, which is not unimportant, they also do not pick on people. In spite of the fact that their domestic compatibility is lame, the desire to live in peace with the person you love has a real chance to win.

Now let’s talk about disagreements. Libra is sentimental, loves nice little things, attaches great importance to leisure time and do not spare money on pleasures. Taurus is more down-to-earth in this sense. He does not understand unnecessary spending, does not pay attention to the home environment, which can be unchanged for years and he is conservative to the extreme. If lovers clearly divide responsibilities and stipulate some nuances in advance, they will most likely come to a compromise.

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♉ Taurus + ♏ Scorpio

This couple’s relationship suffers from intransigence and leadership struggles. While Scorpio is still able to get his way in more veiled ways, Taurus can prove to be an unyielding and overly principled person.

There is no friendship between these people – they have different interests, so they are far from mutual understanding. They are united only by the financial or household part of life, which in their case is the main point of support.

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♉ Taurus + Sagittarius

Such an alliance can be the exception rather than the rule: Sagittarius and Taurus are inhabitants of two different galaxies. The first craves adventure and is easy on the rise, the second – conservative and slow. Representatives of these signs are not so much uncomfortable in each other’s society as they are uninterested.

In terms of Taurus, Sagittarius allows himself too much. The calmness of the earthly sign protects this pair from the stormy clarification of relations, but it also does not bring them closer. If they do establish communication due to mutual love, there will be no close connection.

In such a situation, each of them will remain with their interests and give freedom to their partner. Not a bad option for them could be a guest marriage or a relationship at a distance, if one of this pair (most likely Sagittarius) will travel on endless business trips.

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Taurus + Capricorn

A very harmonious combination of zodiac signs. Both clearly know what they want, go straight to their goal without distraction and attach great importance to domestic comfort.

Relationships between these people are easy and clear, they understand each other with half a word. Both in love and at home they will get along perfectly, and if there are small contradictions between them, they will resolve them very quickly.

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♉ Taurus + ♒ Aquarius

Both in character and in temperament, these people are completely different, so it will be quite difficult for them to find common ground. Even in the presence of great sympathy on both sides, each of them will live their own life, not trying to adjust to the interests of their partner.

Aquarius is flexible and easygoing, but Taurus is reluctant to give up old beliefs and habits. For the changes in the mood of his companion, the latter just will not keep up. No matter how these people are not trying to get along, different views on life will still regularly make themselves felt, and if Aquarius is ready to take the loved one for what he is, Taurus will bend his line. Aquarius is ready to turn a blind eye to many things, but not on the total control and limitation of their own freedom. Together they can and will, but life together does not promise to be smooth.

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♉ Taurus + ♓ Pisces

In the combination of these signs, the gender of the partners is of great importance. If Taurus in this case is a man, the chances of success are greater.

Taurus is an absolute materialist. Comfort is more important to him than romantic impulses, so he primarily evaluates his partner as a person with whom you can live your life, not just spend time. Pisces, on the other hand, is sentimental and sensitive, believing in the existence of unearthly love and ready to make great sacrifices for its sake.

If the man in this pair is a Taurus, then some levity of the beloved, he will take as a highlight. In addition, in the case of marriage, he will be the breadwinner in the family, so the material claims from his side are excluded.

If the Taurus will be a woman, the Pisces man is unlikely to be satisfied with the quality of the relationship. He likes girls who are romantic, with a lighter character, but that’s not all. On the part of the lady born under the sign of Taurus, there will be too many claims, and Pisces is unlikely to be satisfied with such an option.

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