Taurus bull man

Characteristics of Taurus men and women in the year of the Bull

People born in the combination of these two signs, one hundred percent pragmatic, strong-willed and enduring personality. According to any of the horoscopes Bull or Taurus is a symbol of purposefulness, persistence and perseverance. They are balanced, calm, reliable and strong in spirit, yet emotional and sensual. In life, they are guided by their own, established in childhood ideals, dissuade them in the correctness of which no one can. Anything new and unexplored is alien to these people, they are hardened conservatives.

In the Eastern horoscope, the year of the bull is an era of strong personalities. They are firmly on their feet, not bending under any storms and hardships. In the Taurus-Bull combination, these qualities are only strengthened. These people never rush into anything. Panic and despair are unknown to them. Cowardice is a concept from another world for them. If you are lucky in life to meet a friend of this, more reliable, honest and loyal person will not find.

Taurus Bulls never rush anywhere. Panic and despair are unknown to them.

A Capricorn Taurus can work in any place, such responsible and dedicated people will be in demand everywhere. However, he himself chooses those ways, where there is a real prospect of career advancement. He is able to adapt quickly enough to the surrounding conditions, if there is a real need.

Characteristics of the Taurus-Bovine man

The Taurus guy in the year of the Bull is a rock! He knows exactly what he wants from this life and always achieve their goals. His desires are always (or in most cases) related to material gain. This is more of a miser and collector of money in the piggy bank, rather than a spender and a motormouth. Men of this sign are characterized by a strong body, spirit and character. They can work around the clock if they know they are well paid for it. However, they are very dependent on the people around them, without recognition and worship, it is difficult for them to move forward.

With friends and family, men of this sign are extremely responsive, sociable and fair. They are endowed with compassion and wisdom

You will never hear an insult thrown in anger from this man. This contradictory character is surprising to many. It simultaneously combines hardness and softness, persistence and a desire to hear your partner.

Men born in this combination of signs, very fond of order, extremely pedantic and organized. They are demanding in the first place to themselves, and then to everyone around them. They are ready to sacrifice for the sake of loved ones absolutely everything.

Disadvantages of the sign

The main weakness of men born in the combination of Taurus and Taurus the Bull is hoarding. Of course, it is difficult to call it a flaw, but in some of them this trait simply turns into a mania. In this case, a woman close to him must gradually and confidently explain that it is necessary to collect money, but you can afford small expenses. If a man of this sign has succeeded in his career and has already decided that life is good and there is nothing else to do, all his efforts can go in vain. For example, he may be addicted to gambling, drinking, adultery, become lazy and boring.

The main weakness of men born in a combination of Taurus and Bull – hoarding

Characteristics of Taurus-Bovine women

A girl Taurus, born in the years of the Bull – this is the perfect match for men who value in a woman a calm disposition and wisdom. She is stubborn, but in moderation, reserved and unsociable, but in matters of career growth she has no equal. Very often, women of this sign are businesswomen and executives. They easily manage men who appreciate the boss’s persistence in achieving goals, cunning and practical wit.

She is an excellent performer who is respected by her superiors and an excellent hostess in the home. This is the kind of lady who can’t sit in front of the TV if there are no fresh rolls for breakfast in the house.

The financial side of life is very important to her, so she makes every effort to earn money. The character of Taurus-Byck girls is very strong. However, absolute confidence in their own rightness does not give an opportunity to establish contact and understanding with many people. However, when it comes to the loved one or her children, this woman turns into a caring mother who will do everything for the welfare of relatives.

The character of Taurus-Byck girls is very strong

Disadvantages of the sign

The weakness of women of the combination of Taurus-Bovik signs is that, not having achieved the desired financial well-being, she becomes completely unbearable for the people around her . In addition, she also decides to commit to a serious relationship in love only after she feels that she is standing firmly on her own feet financially. If there are problems in her career, close people will feel another minus of her character – she becomes despotic and unbalanced, often takes off her anger and can be cruelly hurt with words.

Love compatibility of Taurus in the year of the bull

Men born in the combination of Taurus-Bovine signs are not romantics! They always have a formed picture of a woman he wants in his head. And if the lady in front of him is very close to the ideal, he shows his attention to her. But these are concrete words and actions, rather than flirting and ambiguous hints.

The partner of this man should be a positive and cheerful person who will calmly relate to the perpetually moody husband

However, a woman next to such a man acquires much more – a reliable and loyal ally, an excellent lover and family man. One of the goals of any Taurus-Bull man is to make the woman he loves absolutely happy.

A Taurus Bull woman is a possessive and jealous woman. She will never miss a single glance her husband throws at a stranger lady. She will not be deceived for a long time with a mistress, because on an intuitive level and constantly watching, she will quickly understand the whole point of the situation. At the same time, if a Taurus-Byck woman senses the sincerity of a man, she will be very soft, affectionate and malleable. In a relationship she is always crystal clear, so she demands reciprocity from her partner.

Taurus-Bull men are not romantics, and women are possessive and jealous

Love compatibility according to the oriental horoscope is possible:

  • Maximum compatibility in Taurus-Bulls with Rat, Bull, Cat, Dragon .
  • Possible relationship with Goat, Dog, Pig, Snake .
  • Approach with caution the question of continuing the relationship should be with the Rooster, the Tiger, the Horse, the Monkey .

According to the Western horoscope you can choose a couple in accordance with the following recommendations:

Full characteristics of a Taurus child born in the year of the Bull

A girl or boy Taurus in the year of the bull is the very poise and calmness until the adults decide to make the child do what he does not want to do. The stubbornness and stubbornness of these kids can compete with the same character traits of an adult. It is simply impossible to explain to this child his point of view, let alone force him to do something against his wishes.

Emotionally stable, self-confident and absolutely unperturbed little man Taurus the Bull makes an impression is not as small as it seems. He never gets angry over nothing, if it is not understood by adults, he tries to explain as best he can his own goals and point of view.

These children are extremely susceptible to loud noises, so parents should remember not to yell at the little ones or turn on loud music in the house

At school, the Taurus Bull child is very diligent, executive and diligent. Problems with studies, as a rule, do not arise, mothers and fathers are always proud of their offspring.

Characteristics of the male Taurus-Bovik

This sign includes men who were born from April 21 to May 21. About what features are available in the character of the Taurus the Bull, you can talk quite a lot. This sign is exceptionally interesting, because the set of qualities inherent in its representative doubles, and the specific features that are peculiar to the Bull, can often be noticed in Taurus. Therefore, considering this zodiacal combination, you need to be very careful not to miss anything. So, a male Taurus-Bovine – what is he like and what to expect from communicating with this person?

Characteristics of .

Despite the fact that the signs Taurus and Bull are representatives of different horoscopes – Eastern and Western – their influence has similar features. Moreover, the signs increase each other’s influence in various manifestations, and in both positive and negative aspects. The main feature of such men is that they are not only reliable, have their own pronounced position and stand firmly on their feet, but they also have a soft heart at the same time. However, such traits can often complicate life, because the representatives of this zodiac combination lack flexibility, both in terms of specific relationships and perception of the world as a whole.

Another important feature is that a Taurus guy born in the year of the Bull is very enduring, has excellent stamina and tremendous willpower. His attentiveness, positive attitude and kindness help him to reveal himself and to get along more easily with others. While stubbornness is one of the most striking characteristics, these men do not use force often. They are calm, collected, have their own point of view on various issues, while they are no stranger to understanding and empathizing with other people. Given that Taurus the Bull has a structural approach to life, he does not recognize the problems, but refers to them as a problem that needs to be solved.

As any self-confident person, the man of this zodiac combination is aware of the importance and value of money in life, but he prefers to earn it independently rather than go by the head. Taurus the Bull achieves his hard work. He takes responsibility for his friendships, values them and is ready to overcome many obstacles for the sake of his dear ones. Ambitious, can succeed in a variety of areas, while needing prospects and opportunities for career growth. Characterized by a high degree of responsibility, is able to take on and fulfill obligations, due to which he often achieves great success in life.

At work are considered extremely decent and honest, easily achieve their goals in absolutely all areas. Success follows them on the heels, the main thing – make a little effort. Will not tolerate submission and can never accept humiliation.

A Taurus man who was born in the year of the bull is very calm and unhurried, but has a dreamy and delicate nature. Rarely gives vent to his emotions, visually, you can not notice that he is tense or upset, but at this time, all the emotions raging inside. He loves specificity in life, does not accept ambiguity and innuendo, is disciplined and demanding of not only those around him, but also to himself.

Often can show himself as an authoritarian and rigid person, which is not the best way to communicate with others.


Representatives of the combination Taurus-Bovik are socially active, do not want to sit still for a long time, try to participate in various activities. Fighter for justice, he appreciates public recognition, and even when in the spotlight, calmly refers to the laurels and not ostentatious. He needs to splash out energy, though that active lifestyle does not allow him to sit still. Also, Taurus the Bull is very well-mannered, has excellent manners and his actions are always kept within the bounds of propriety.

Relatives, friends and colleagues very much appreciate in the Taurus the Bull such a trait as sensitivity. Such a man is able at any time to come to the rescue, soberly assess the situation, weigh the pros and cons, and then offer a constructive solution to the problem. These men are very interesting and strong, but warm and gentle to their loved ones. This does not prevent them to be a good psychologist and understand people and subdue them, and the bull Taurus man does it systematically and imperceptibly – so that there is no doubt that he acts only according to his own wishes.

These men are very sociable, it is easy for them to make contact with others and maintain interest in their person. The circle of acquaintances of representatives of this zodiac sign is quite wide. They know how to listen and hear, which is very appreciated by their environment, often sharing their secrets and secrets. Friends appreciate Taurus the Bull for their loyalty in relationships with them, as well as for the ability to sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of loved ones.

However, this sign of the zodiac also has a number of shortcomings. For example, it may be selfish and vindictive, and in unfavorable situations could display irascibility and aggression. Authoritarianism and self-righteousness often leads to the fact that the bull Taurus man openly takes advantage of others. Heavy character, love of money, bordering with avarice, as well as excessive jealousy can make communication with a representative of this sign quite difficult.

However, the main disadvantage is stubbornness, especially when the combination of the Bull and Taurus allows you to display this quality doubly.

Compatibility in love

Both communication and life together with a Taurus-Bull man can be a serious test of strength for his chosen one. It should be said that such a man is quite conservative, does not accept promiscuity and easy relations because of his decency and honesty, while it is hard to come close to the favorite representative of the opposite sex. You need to be patient and not to rush the men of this zodiac sign – when the Bull Taurus weighs all the pros and cons, he will certainly take a decision. In this case, the fundamental factor is the honesty and sincerity of the chosen one, as well as the acceptance of his lifestyle.

Deep down in his heart, a male Taurus the Bull hopes that the girl who enters his life will help him to relate to what is happening more easily. As a true leader, he wants to win his beloved and never regret the choice. At the same time, the man will become caring and affectionate with his chosen one, will give her maximum attention and take interest in her affairs.

Comfort plays an important role for a Taurus the Bull man, including having his own home. Very economical, solves household problems with pleasure and without stress is engaged in the household. Devoted to his family, tries as much time as possible to spend with them, hates quarrels within the family and looking for any ways to reconcile with his other half.

A good match for the Taurus will be representatives of his zodiac sign, as well as Pisces, Crab and Virgo. Bull perfectly combines in a relationship with Bull, Rat, Rabbit and Snake. A girl born in the year of the Goat or Pig does not suit him.

In bed.

This topic is of particular interest when it comes to the Taurus-Bull man. Externally, the representative of this sign gives the impression of a reserved person, stingy on emotions. However, in an intimate sense, this impression is not true.

Intimate relationships play a very important role for these men. They are ardent and passionate lovers, with tenderness, attention and care relating to their other half. As a conservative goes hard on experiments, hardly agrees to new experiences in bed, but at the same time will do anything to make the girl was good with him, often without putting their own desires and preferences in the forefront.

In addition, Taurus the Bull can be distrustful, and the partner will have to spend a lot of time to prove that he can be completely open with her.

Marriage and Family

For true happiness, a Taurus Bull man needs someone who will match his ideas about the ideal. Such a girl will not have to wait long for a marriage proposal, and she will feel confident and reliable in the role of a wife. However, men of this sign are possessive and very jealous, which can manifest itself at various stages of family life.

A girl with whom a Taurus the Bull man can build a strong family must be faithful and loyal, not to put pressure on him, not to push him to make decisions. These men are very difficult to open for a love relationship, so the main thing is not to force the events. At the beginning, Taurus the Bull will not be able to trust his chosen one, he needs to make sure that her feelings are sincere. However, when the girl passes the test, she will be rewarded with a reliable and attentive husband, who is ready to take on not only the financial support of the family, but also help in everyday matters.

Such men can be commanders and believe that the family must live by their rules. At the same time, they try to show their best sides to their relatives. If the partner will be soft and obedient, and in arguments clearly argue their point of view, citing only facts, rather than using veiled phrases and tantrums, there will never be serious quarrels and disagreements in the family.

No matter how strict and serious the representative of this sign may look, he is in great need of love and attention. He wants to find comfort and peace at home, in which case he will be happy to return to the family nest that was lovingly made by his chosen one. He tries to be faithful and loyal to his soul mate, understands her problems and feelings, by all means helps and supports, but at the same time very jealous. If there is a feeling that relatives and friends are in danger, immediately stand up for them, and here they will manifest their internal aggression, anger and cruelty. Very valuable to their loved ones and give all for their happiness and peace of mind.

No matter how difficult the character of such men may be, women appreciate them because relationships are the most important thing for a Taurus the Bull. This is an excellent choice for a member of the fair sex who is not a careerist and is ready to devote herself to the whole family, which will most likely turn out to be strong and reliable. And a girl with such a position in life may well become an ideal life partner for a Taurus Bull man.

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