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The Taurus woman and Taurus man are like a calm harbor, unperturbed and calmly sailing through the spontaneous waves of life. For those around the pair, will never be an object of gossip, they do not “wash their dirty linen in public”, outwardly set an example of an exemplary and happy family.

Man-Taurus stubborn, secret jealous, conservative, and not uncommonly grumpy. Talking to a Taurus man can only be a good mood, familiar company or a regular friend. Parents of the young Taurus lives in a happy ignorance, not knowing how sometimes it is hard on his soul. But it is not always so, when he meets a female Taurus, he realizes his spiritual connection with her, they understand each other with a half-lip. This is not surprising, two identical signs, but if they argue and seek to point out the lack of concession of the partner, the mutual complaints can cause war.

Irreconcilable, proud, they will never give up, even if unwilling witnesses confirm the rightness of the other, it is still difficult to convince the Taurus. The Taurus woman is cozy, loves a comfortable life, she is an incredible hostess and clever woman, she manages the house, is happy to take care of the children. Often their views on life are the same. There are no secrets within the family, they do not like surprises and surprises, they tend to prepare in advance for any events.

Both with the appearance of silence, they like it when every now and then there is a jolt of feelings, they can even go to the instigation and fake jealousy, to try to hook the chosen one with something. However, if the relationship has been in the doldrums for a long time, the collapse is possible. Intimate fantasies and wild nights can strengthen and renew relationships. It happens that in a mature age, a male Taurus, who is said to have “bez in the rib” may be to flirt with young admirers.

To maintain tranquility in family life, both should think about their partner as well as themselves. A family where both Tauruses are a real, friendly team. Children will receive maximum care, attention, education. This family values traditions, honors and respects their parents. In life together, the Taurus man and Taurus woman show compatibility, but should not dwell only on domestic problems, material earnings, they are important romance, poetry, confession of endless love. Stars suggest to look at the partner and see themselves, then it will be easier to build a happy future.

Female Taurus and Male Taurus Compatibility

About the Taurus Taurus compatibility often say: “live soul to soul” as the similarity of their interests, goals and aspirations are so obvious that catches the eye. Grounded and reliable Taurus finds in such a marriage his “soul mate”. And in twenty years, this couple can not be bored to be together, to discuss their plans together, to rejoice together or to solve problems. The union of the two Tauruses is a double strength, energy and tenacity. Together they are comfortable and good, and they are able to move mountains!

In terms of compatibility, the Taurus woman and the Taurus man are both very economical people. They are like “self-propelled savings banks” with one desire to provide for themselves in their old age, therefore they can well afford both a prosperous life and a special style of it. Both Taurus are well aware of what their partner in love and marriage desires and wants. And their love intensifies with the accumulation of material goods and an increase in their bank account.

They have no obvious contradictions in character, they are endowed with a similar sexual temperament and have roughly the same ideas about comfort, life, leisure and life goals. There is little passion in the pair, but Taurus men are much more appreciative of stability and reliability, and they give that to each other in full. Two Tauruses are without a doubt a good couple.

Like any Yin sign people, the Taurus woman and Taurus man get along well together. Both like a quiet, measured and orderly life. To many from the outside this pair may seem boring, but most importantly, how the Taurus themselves feel. And they consider their life the best: they have a well-organized life, there is an agreement in financial matters, they are confident in the future and they have great sex. In addition, a Taurus living with a Taurus keeps them mentally and physically healthy for a long time.

Even long before married life Taurus amaze others with their understanding of each other, harmony and harmony in the relationship. Of course, they also have arguments, but much less often than others. Taurus tries to solve all problems peacefully and does not make a loud scene with the breaking of dishes. Absolutely no matter how much time Taurus together, they agree on most issues almost immediately and look very harmonious.

The two Tauruses have a well-established household, an excellent financial situation and wonderful children. Taurus parents devote a lot of time to children, they try to have more than one child (but not more than they can adequately support). The main problems in the Taurus-Taurus signs compatibility arise because of their stubbornness and conservatism. The main thing for them is to avoid arguments. Of course, Taurus are very peace-loving and do not argue over trifles.

In addition to zodiacal preferences, each Taurus has opinions and tastes, depending on his life experience and the family he grew up in. Therefore, it is natural that the two Tauruses do not agree with each other on everything. But, the conservatism of both does not allow them to accept a new, different point of view, and stubbornness does not allow them to give in. Therefore, the biggest problem of the Taurus couple is how to behave in an argument. Both will not make concessions, and their confrontation can last a long time.

Well, if the dispute arose because of a trifle. Then the Taurus woman can sacrifice her interests and make concessions. Or the Taurus man will take the wishes of his spouse as a woman’s caprice and give in. But if the dispute arises over important issues for Taurus: household, health, money or shopping, then anything is possible here, from the rage of an angry Taurus to a long cold war. Disputes bring considerable damage to the Taurus couple and greatly spoil the relationship.

According to the horoscope compatibility Taurus-Taurus, in order for their life together to run as harmoniously as possible, they need even before they live together to agree on who will be the main in solving this or that issue. It is necessary to allocate areas of responsibility. There will not be many such issues, because basically Taurus people look at the world the same way. Disputes may arise over such important issues for Taurus as property and money.

The Taurus approach to everything thoroughly, so be thorough in this matter as well. Especially since this will allow you to avoid a lot of problems in the future. With another sign you could initially choose a compromise, for example, two Twins are able to come to an option “both of ours and yours”. But Taurus does not like to change their point of view, so do not look for a compromise, but decide whose opinion in this matter will be the main one.

Most Taurus people will figure this out over time, so the biggest problem of intransigence is in recently formed couples. But whatever the case may be, if this is a matter of principle for you, then do not give in just to please your partner. Anyway, over time, your “mask will be removed. It is better to stipulate controversial topics to the moment when the disagreement turned into conflict.

Taurus and Taurus compatibility: conservative relationship or perfect union?

About a couple where both a man and a woman belong to the constellation of Taurus, it is often said that they live “soul to soul”. So similar are their interests and hobbies, goals in life that it can be seen with the naked eye. Taurus, for whom it is important to stand firmly on his feet and be confident in the future, in such a marriage meets the ideal partner.

Even after many years from the day of acquaintance, they are interesting together, they also make plans for the future, solve current problems together and treat each other warmly. Such a couple has a frenzied energy and is able to move mountains on the way to the goal.

The Taurus woman and Taurus man are people who strive to provide for tomorrow. They take care of their old age in advance, so that then they do not need and live at their own pleasure.

A pair of two Taurus men live “soul to soul”

Taurus and Taurus compatibility chart

In love In sex In marriage Friendship
High High High High

Compatibility of Taurus Man and Taurus Woman: pros and cons in the relationship

Man and woman Taurus sign can perfectly exist next to each other. Both appreciate a quiet life, which is subject to a certain order, which pleases both partners. From the outside, it may seem that their life together is boring, but Taurus only matters how they feel about it. Living together as two Taurus couples prolongs their physical and mental well-being in normalcy for many years to come.

Even at the time when the Taurus relationship is at the dating stage, it was already noticeable to the people around them with what respect and reverence they have for each other. Taurus does not like loud clarification of relationships, so they try to resolve any disagreements by negotiation. There is no difference how many months or years this couple is: almost from the very beginning of the union, they are able to come to a consensus.

With the many pluses of the Taurus man and Taurus woman couple, there are also minuses in their relationship. Disagreements may arise due to the conservatism and stubbornness inherent in both. Each of the spouses have different life experiences, so sometimes they have to disagree with each other.

Stubbornness prevents to accept another’s point of view and make concessions. Therefore, the most important minus in Taurus compatibility is the inability to argue with each other.

If they do not learn to give in, the confrontation can last too long, jeopardizing their relationship.

If the reason for the dispute is petty, the Taurus woman will be the first to come to a reconciliation. Or the Taurus man will decide that it is okay to go along with the woman’s whims. But if the dispute touches on global things, such as finances, health or acquisitions, there may even be outbursts of anger and prolonged coldness in the relationship.

Two Taurus women treat each other with respect and awe

According to the horoscope compatibility of a Taurus woman and a Taurus man need to separate roles from the very beginning, so that there will be real harmony in their life together. Determine who will be responsible for this or that area of their lives, and distribute responsibility. This will be easy to do, as representatives of the sign approximately the same look at life.

Are they compatible in love?

The love relationship of a Taurus man and a Taurus woman is almost an ideal combination. But up to full harmony, they lack understanding. On how soon they will be able to come to a compromise, and will depend on their joint future.

In love with each other Taurus like to be alone, away from noisy companies. There is no crazy passion between them, but only tenderness and respect. Taurus with each other is good, they feel warmth and harmony when they are together. If one partner gets into trouble, there is no better protector than the other half.

In a normal environment, there is always a sense of tenderness around Taurus for each other, although they do not like to show their feelings in public

Reviews about the love compatibility of two Tauruses show that they can start at a young age and last for many years. Despite the fact that with growing up, the woman and man will change, the basic principles and views on life will remain the same. Therefore, such relationships most often end in marriage .

Among other zodiac signs, Taurus are the most serious about personal relationships and do not commit rash actions. They both appreciate beauty in any of its manifestations, create it themselves and admire it. In a love relationship Taurus also shows unwavering determination and care for their partner, understanding and a positive attitude towards life.

Taurus does not like to show their feelings in public

Taurus guy and Taurus girl in sex

Taurus people are ruled by the planet Venus, so they appreciate pleasure . Compared to other representatives of the signs, who prefer to conduct love games noisily but quickly, Taurus men can stretch intimacy with a partner for an entire evening. They love to have a romantic candlelight dinner, give each other a massage or take a bath.

And a man and a woman in bed do not like to rush, and want to stretch the minutes of pleasure and enjoyment of each other as long as possible. Some people may find it boring, but they both like it, so the sexual compatibility of Taurus can be called ideal.

If one of the partners suddenly stops the process of love due to their coldness or resentment, the union can be shaken, as Taurus are vindictive. The moment one spouse voices his/her displeasure, the other one will not hesitate to respond and the circle may close.

The couple’s sexual attraction between the two Tauruses is strong and brings them real pleasure. Each partner will take care to bring pleasure to their mate.

The union of two Tauruses can be dangerous if a sense of jealousy intervenes in their relationship, as representatives of the sign are possessive and cannot stand competition.

They are painful when someone else wants to take over what belongs to Taurus.

Taurus men want to stretch out the moments of pleasure and enjoyment of each other for as long as possible

Are they right for each other in marriage?

Taurus men are serious about entering into married life, so it may take several years of relationship before marriage is registered. A man will not propose to a girl if he is not sure that he can provide for her and future children. And a woman will not build a relationship with a man who has unstable income.

Marriage couple Taurus – Taurus – is a kind of quality mark, which speaks of the strength of the relationship and the confidence of the partners in each other

The spouse tries to relieve her husband of household chores, and the latter, in turn, tries to help his wife more on minor household matters.

The marital union between two Tauruses is often very strong if it is not prevented by the inability to forgive insults and their stubbornness. Taurus are monogamous, but if feelings cool down, they will keep the relationship alive for the sake of their children, and so that those around them do not discuss their breakup. The husband of this sign will do everything so that his family will not need anything, and the children will grow up in decent conditions.

For the marriage of two Tauruses to be harmonious, it is important that one of the spouses is able to close his/her eyes to his/her own interests or ambitions

Usually the wife who is stronger than her weaknesses will go for it. If both can cope with their stubbornness and inability to find compromises, the union will be long and very happy. Such marriages very rarely break up . Divorce can happen because of unforeseen situations, but certainly not because of disagreements and incompatibility of characters.

Is there a friendship if he is a Taurus and she is a Taurus?

The sign of Taurus represents stability and poise, so if a man and a woman of this constellation will become friends, it is for a long time, if not forever. But also in a friendship, the woman will have to show her flexibility and wisdom to avoid strong conflicts.

Two Taurus are great friends who love to spend their free time with each other , enjoy reading their favorite books, eating and socializing. From a friendship relationship can grow a romance. But for this, both representatives of the sign need to be free and not too much accustomed to the fact that they are only friends. Because Taurus do not know how to quickly change their views on things, and as friendship Taurus girl and Taurus guy strongly and truly.

Taurus friends like to spend their free time with each other

Representatives of the Taurus sign still in childhood pay attention to each other. Cheerful Taurus, freely feeling in the company, will always be surrounded by people who will seek to make friends with them. But Taurus will be most interesting to communicate with the representative of his sign, even if they will go to different schools or classes.

If he is a Taurus and she is a Taurus, then their friendship is very valuable. So anyone who dares to break it, they fight back. Parents of Taurus will secretly dream that their friendship will gradually develop into a romantic relationship, and a little later lead to marriage. But friendship may prove to be stronger than their parents’ whims.

Even when both Tauruses become adults, they will not change their relationship to each other, and their friendship will only get stronger. There will be no room for discord, as both Taurus men will become one

How to win a Taurus man?

It is not difficult to win a Taurus man and build a relationship with him: a Taurus woman will quickly attract his attention. He will appreciate her calm character, judgment and sense of taste. In her he will find a reflection of himself, and the further the relationship develops, the more similarities will be found:

  • Do not demand from the man an immediate answer to a question, otherwise it will be negative;
  • he does not like unpredictability, but appreciates warmth and calmness;
  • it is important to determine as soon as possible how he feels about money and find out how similar his views on the matter are;
  • Not to use his personal belongings;
  • to say compliments every day.

In a Taurus woman, Taurus will find a reflection of himself

How to get a Taurus woman’s attention?

A Taurus woman has a serious character, a sense of humor, and excellent taste. She is independent and stubborn, so it may seem that it is almost impossible to win her. Is it possible to make a Taurus woman fall in love with you? It is difficult to do, but if she pays attention to a man, he has an increased chance to get closer to her. What you need to know to win her favor:

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