SMS how it’s going on the guy – read the main thing

SMS how it’s going on the guy – read the main thing

If you want your chosen one to cheer up from communicating with you, but you do not have the opportunity to call him or meet him, you can send an SMS. Also a text message will be appropriate if you do not have a special reason to call, but you want to remind yourself.

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Funny SMS guy to cheer you up

In order to funny sms cheer up your boyfriend and he will answer you, send them to him when you know that he is free and not busy with important things.

  • Imagine, I went fishing today. I caught some crucians and perch. But you’re the fish of my dreams.
  • If you’re in a bad mood, my text is meant to lift it! No luck? Then come on over, I’ll lift it, whatever it takes.
  • I want to propose to you. Would you like to come with me… on vacation?
  • We’re like Bonnie and Clyde, Winnie and Piglet, Harry Potter and his wand!
  • All I have to do is put on my makeup and I’m ready for a marathon.
  • The nicest time of day is when you meet me after work.
  • Honey, could you pick me up after work? I forgot my mortar and broom at home.
  • Eight hours, 480 minutes, 28800 seconds to go. 28799…28798…28797…
  • When I’m sad, I think of you, and I smile. I hope this text message made you smile too.
  • I certainly understand everything, but I have to work too: how to banish thoughts of you?
  • When you’re not smiling, there’s one sad little penguin in the world. You don’t want to torment the poor bird, do you?
  • I found out today that there’s a belief that all skinny people are witches. I’m going to eat before they burn me at the stake.
  • Today you and I are going to do something extraordinary, fascinating, something you like to do for a long time – we’re going to play console games)
  • No kind of coffee energizes me with so much positive energy as thinking about you.

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Here are 17 templates that will melt your boyfriend’s heart

1. you are the sexiest (best, most caring) man in the world. I just adore your…

Add compliments of your own choosing in place of the trifecta. Your amazing voice, strong hands, lips that constantly want to kiss … 100% works.

2. beloved, I am with you. You are sure to make it work.

A great way to express your concern and support, if the man is any important event – a project presentation, defense coursework, or job interview.

It seems trivial, but the man needs to know that you believe in him

3. Come as soon as possible. I missed you terribly.

And after a couple of minutes to send a follow-up: “I’ll wear your favorite underwear. Believe me, he will be thinking only about you.

4. I am very happy with you, and I thank fate that you came into my life.

If you also add “because…” listing his positive qualities, the guy will be happy.

5. I’m sorry, please, I can’t make it at 6. How about later?

Yes, women like to be late. But your job is to show your man that you value his time and care about him.

Do you think that only you like a pleasant surprise? And if the surprise has sexual overtones – he’ll go crazy.

7. Thank you for your help and care.

Bringing medicine or oranges when you are sick, picking up after work, giving flowers…

Any good deed deserves encouragement and gratitude

If the relationship has moved to a certain level, don’t be ashamed to show your feelings. Even a big, strong guy is vital to know that you need him.

And after a few minutes, send, “You know why? Because you’re the most caring, sexy, and gentle man in the world.” After all, that’s a balm for his male ego!

10. Sweet Dreams. Even now I can’t stop thinking about you.

If you’re just dating or are away from each other – remind your man about you. Believe me, he will smile when he looks at these simple, but necessary words.

11. My hero, I wish you a good day. And the evening will be even better…

You see the feminine trick? A man will definitely be thinking of you all day long. You hinted that you wanted to give him an unforgettable evening. Don’t disappoint him.

12. you can always count on my help and support.

In difficult moments in life, this is important. And even if the help will be trifling: to make coffee when he works nights on a project, to make breakfast or to fix his tie.

Your attention will remind your loved one that he is important and needed

13. Stop being so perfect! I’m jealous.

Seems like a criticism, but what a nice subtext. Just what you need for the male ego.

14. That night was amazing. Shall we do it again?

The main thing – do not send these texts during an important meeting or conference, when the excitement is good for the guy.

But trust me, the effect will be stunning. And in the evening he will give you a fabulous night of love.

Wait for an affirmative answer and write, “I can’t stop thinking about you.

Just like that, simple and unambiguous. But the man’s reaction will be unambiguous: he will definitely want to make your desires come true.

Sometimes you do not need to choose beautiful words to express your feelings.

17. I never dreamed of a prince, but you turned my life into a fairy tale. Thank you for being there.

Yes, a man wants to feel like a hero. And he’ll want to do more for you.

Well, it’s not hard, is it? No fancy poems or high-flown odes. It’s simple and sincere. You can show a man that you think about him, you appreciate him, you care about him.

Sometimes you have to make steps towards him. Thank, praise, support, express your true feelings. This is a powerful incentive for the man: for you, he will want to be even better!

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Funny sms to cheer up guy

Funny sms to guy are the same funny sms that lift your spirits and show a sense of humor towards each other for the two of you.

  • I want us to have more in common. Let’s get a…kitten?
  • I bought myself a T-shirt with a picture of the same soccer player who missed last night. Tonight you can get back at him for losing.
  • Tonight I’ll give you a suitcase of money. There’s an animated gift sale on classmates.)
  • Sweetheart, I don’t know how to tell you…Well, anyway, I took a test…and it turns out we are the perfect couple!
  • Today you did not let me sleep, gently biting my ear and buzzing something passionately…Where are you, my mosquito?

Briefly about me now: naked and waiting for you!

  • I want to be a ray that would light your way even on the rarest day.
  • You are my bunny, I am your ray! You and I are the coolest couple in the world!
  • I want us to be birds. Preferably migratory. And fly to the sea for a couple of weeks.
  • I caught the bride’s bouquet completely by accident today. Is there anything you want to tell me?
  • Today you’re in for hugs, goodies, and one never-silent “annoyance.
  • Let’s take it to the next level, shall we? Let’s “like” each other on facebook!
  • I so want … very much, so bad … want to cheer you up … mood!
  • U mnyy. Gentle. Sincere. Careful. N ew… And mane. Small. Ь
  • For your sake today I’m even ready to watch 22 men in underpants running around the field.

In addition to funny and funny texts for a guy, there are other messages that also lift your spirits. For example, see here or here.

Everyone in a positive mood and funny communication!

funny sms guy

Funny sms-ka can not only lift your spirits and entertain you when you have nothing to do, but also smooth out a conflict, and sometimes even restore an almost ruined relationship. Save a list of funny sms guy for all occasions!

Photo gallery: funny text message to the guy

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How to cheer up a guy who likes to correspond on the Internet

Make people laugh with funny pictures and videos

Sometimes, communicating with a guy on the Internet, a girl may come to the conclusion that the topic of communication is exhausted, and to continue a full-fledged communication often you have to take a break for a few days. Otherwise the dialogue can simply become sluggish, which, of course, will not benefit the incipient relationship.

However, it is important to remember that, by corresponding with the guy, it is not necessary to stick only to serious and ordinary everyday topics. The Internet does not make people closer, but gives undeniable pluses in communication in the form of bonuses such as funny pictures and a variety of videos. In the various groups on social networks, no doubt you come across interesting memes daily that just can not help but cause a smile. Save the most interesting of them and send them sometimes to your interlocutor – most likely, if you have a similar sense of humor, such messages can lift his spirits.

It’s important to note that if your relationship is not too close, then avoid vulgar videos and pictures – you may be misunderstood. In particular, such material is inappropriate, if in real life you are a very modest and calm girl. Also, do not forward memes related to a topic that is unfamiliar to your interlocutor (your favorite TV series, for example). Usually, win-win options are funny pictures with animals, or those that illustrate a typical scene between a guy and a girl.

Cheer up with emoticons and light dialogue on facebook

Sometimes just talking to someone is enough to lift a person’s spirits. If you suspect that your interlocutor is upset about something, have an unobtrusive and lightly distracting dialogue with him. You can tell him about events that might interest him – for example, an upcoming concert or the release of a movie. You can tell him that you’ve been to an event and you think he’d be interested in being there, too – briefly tell him where you’ve been. React to his jokes vividly, send in response surprised or laughing emoticons. True, it’s better not to go overboard with the latter. Sometimes emoticons are the end of any conversation, because not everyone can orientate with the answer. That is why use emoticons primarily in conjunction with a phrase. You can also cheer up a young man with a fresh anecdote found on the net.

Send a favorite song and learn about his musical preferences

When interlocutors begin to look for “common ground”, they often try to find out more information about each other’s tastes, to determine which areas they have the most in common. Of course, musical preferences are an important aspect of many people’s lives, and for many it is revealing.

Send your boyfriend one of your favorite songs, accompanying it with the question, “Do you like listening to this or is it not your taste?” If it turns out the young man likes this song, you can send something else in the same vein. Also, ask him what kind of music he likes to listen to and show interest in his musical preferences! Remember to be polite, though – if he tells you a band that you don’t like, don’t respond with, “Oh, I can’t believe you listen to that,” or “No, no, that’s not for me! Be tolerant and respectful of other people’s tastes, and in the situation mentioned, you can answer as follows: “Interesting music! I usually listen to a different style, but there’s definitely something in these songs, too.” Believe me, guys don’t react well when you make fun of their tastes or anything to do with them at all, and neither do girls.

If you really like the music a young man is into, don’t hesitate to write him openly about it. Ask him if he has any other similar songs in his “arsenal”. Subsequently, you can mention that you listened to the songs he sent you on the road and now you often put them on “repeat” – such a confession will undoubtedly make any guy happy.

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List of the funniest texts:

  1. Hi, bunny! I’m so excited! I’m burning with desire! Crazy obsession fires my imagination! I want, I want, I want tomorrow we will help my mom dig potatoes at the cottage! (The case with the potatoes can be replaced by any other request, from which the young man simply can’t turn away.)
  2. If you do not answer me on this sms in 5 seconds, you will owe me 50 kisses. Time’s up! Please pay me no later than 9pm tonight.
  3. I was going to send something sexy and tender and beautiful, but there’s no way I can fit it into a text message…
  4. If you had to spend the night apart (loved one went on a business trip, etc.), send him such a fun text message for the night: “Life became a day shorter, no sex, good night!”
  5. A message that has become a classic, but popular at all times: “I can’t eat breakfast in the morning because I’m always thinking about you. In the afternoon lunch is not in my throat – all thoughts only about you. In the evening I also do not eat – I dream of seeing you. # At night I can’t sleep I’m so hungry
  6. # Darling, what the hell? Get out of my thoughts at once. You’re interfering with my work.
  7. Attention! Search! Wanted most beautiful eyes in the world, illegally crossed the border of friendship and stole my heart! Any information on their whereabouts is rewarded with 100 kisses!
  8. Honey, you and I have so much in common. We love the same thing – me!
  9. If you’ve recently exchanged phone numbers, don’t hesitate to send your boyfriend a fun text, “Hi! Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to pass one more time?”
  10. A funny poem will win any man’s heart: “I love you like a devil his swamp, like a witch a hellbroom, like a mosquito loves butts – that’s how I love you.”

Try to remember the happiest moments in your relationship with your beloved. Why were you happy? Was it because you and him just spent many happy hours together?

Or was it because of all the little things he did for you? His words and actions that made you feel loved, important to him.

Things like making your favorite meal for dinner, or booking a table at your favorite restaurant for two and having a romantic date. Or arrange a day of relaxation and enjoyment for you by booking spa services, massages and seaweed wraps.

A truly successful and happy relationship is made up of moments like these – sincere, unexpected, and touching.

But what if these manifestations of attention from his side becomes less and less every day? Perhaps the thing is that you do not respond to him in similar reciprocal actions. Do not thank and do not genuinely enjoy his expressions of care and love for you.

It is important for a man to know that you are happy with him.

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What you can say to a guy for “How are you?”

Here is a collection of ready-made phrases to answer a guy to the question “What’s up?”. Each item on the list is a self-contained (complete, complete) answer to the question – just choose the item you like. Guidelines for choosing are at the end of the page.

  • Tell without too much modesty?
  • Require your personal involvement, attention and care…
  • Better than you think!
  • Walking in such a way that I can’t keep up with them in heels.
  • Beautiful, kind, and fair are my deeds and acts as well as myself.
  • Shall I speak honestly, or censoriously?
  • Without your interest in them, my deeds feel lonely and neglected.
  • It’s going great… All that’s left to do is to choose a father candidate for my future children.
  • As usual, this is good, this is great.
  • When you’re interested in them, they become amazingly good.
  • Perfect: getting better, getting wiser, getting older, getting richer.
  • Not without you!
  • The thing is, I’m beautiful… And that makes it so complicated!
  • In the archives.
  • It’s like a fairy tale.
  • Thriving…
  • Breeding…
  • You asked and became (cases) better.
  • And to what point do you remember how I had them?
  • In need of your immediate involvement.
  • Regularly and with pleasure.
  • All that’s missing for complete harmony is a dizzying romance.
  • Shall I tell you the truth, or is it the real thing?
  • The best… But no one is jealous.
  • They are waiting for you to come and fix them up.
  • Like a princess: everything is there, everything is plentiful, and you don’t have to do anything. What about you?
  • For total and irrevocable happiness is not enough bouquet of scarlet roses and a ticket to the Seychelles.
  • Right now they require my undivided attention. I’ll answer you later, okay?
  • Bouncing along.
  • Slowly, but I’m in no hurry.
  • Keep it my little secret, okay?
  • They’re mesmerizing in their neglect.
  • Demanding more attention from me than I can give them… But I can give it to you, if you want.
  • They look fine. If you don’t get too deep into them, they’ll always be beautiful, won’t they? What do you think?
  • My affairs only multiply, exaggerate, and require round-the-clock control… They want to wipe me out, apparently.
  • So fortunate that I envy myself.
  • It would be better if you told them I was the girl of your dreams.
  • A diamond ring, new shoes, bag and dress would get my affairs in order.
  • Were fine until the alarm clock rang for work.
  • Which ones are you interested in: the last year, or (since) the date I was born?
  • That’s a long story… Let’s have the next question!
  • Like a happy slacker/no-job.
  • Never mind… Life has taken a crack: only a couple of suitcases of money left.
  • My answer to your question will depend on whether you offer me a walk.
  • In processing.
  • My business is just thrilled that you’re the one distracting me from it.
  • Waiting for me to grow wings and redo them all at once.
  • A “B” on a five-point scale… They don’t have enough of you in them to rate you at the top.
  • How brain-stimulating a question like that is… Don’t stop asking me, okay?
  • I’ll have butterflies fluttering in my stomach if you ask me to dinner.
  • Business is business… And I, a mere mortal, don’t care about it.
  • The ones that don’t directly concern you are perfectly fine… Strange relationship, isn’t it?
  • They are so fascinating, appealing, mysterious and profitable that I can’t leave them unattended. What about yours?
  • Happy girls don’t do business… Didn’t you know that?
  • If the best guy in the world is interested in them, then they’re going great!
  • They’re waiting for a tailwind and your support/help!
  • Just waiting for me to show you off. Do you have time? It’s about 40-50 minutes, tops.
  • Should I give you the short version, or do you want details?
  • Just like that?
  • It’s a work in progress. Would you like to be a part of it? I was just planning on breaking a few hard men’s hearts and I’m waiting for my next victim.
  • Your question is the best one I’ve had all day. You won my invitation to the cafe (movies, restaurant, park, etc.), but you have to pay … Enviable prize, do not refuse!
  • Perfect: enough time, mind, strength, health, energy, and money for everything.
  • It’s the only time I get excited when you ask me this question… Invite me somewhere and I’ll be glad to tell you all the details.
  • Fine: I have time to waste on a nice guy like you. I will gladly consider all your offers. No promises of love!
  • Like any girl in 12-inch heels – brilliant! Would you like to see for yourself?
  • I’d tell you, but I’m afraid of hurting a man’s fragile psyche… Ask me something not so dangerous…
  • I’m always good at them, if you’re good at them.
  • You really only want to talk business? With a girl as special as me?!
  • Your question just makes me thirsty for conversation about my successes in life… Where do I begin my narrative?
  • It remains to fly to the Maldives, and will be – the best!
  • You didn’t ask me that before, and I thought you were a psychic… Have you lost your gift of clairvoyance and can’t answer your own question?
  • No change since yesterday.
  • You are so sweetly interested, I even wanted to tell you in detail. Wait, let me think about what I should tell you first…
  • What are you more interested in: personal, non-cash, or public?
  • Without your kissing/hugging, my deeds and actions are always disgusting.
  • I haven’t done anything I planned to do today… And I dream of sharing the burden of responsibility for that with you!
  • What are some of the answers you’re willing to accept?
  • Career ones go into the stratosphere, and personal ones go into tatters. Can you share your experience on how to bring them to an optimal balance?
  • Like a squirrel in a wheel.
  • Stunning. Literally… They sweep me off my feet every evening and into the morning.
  • They are unique: they arise by themselves, make themselves and go into the archive by themselves.
  • Demanding that I show them the proper respect (which I don’t have for them). What about you?
  • They make me quietly hate them because they distract from you.
  • I have a mutual dislike for them.
  • Catastrophically! Hungry, cold and bored. And you’re the only one who can fix it.
  • They accumulate… That’s why I’d better go to bed.
  • Worse than you look.
  • Like my thong… I mean, deep in my ass.
  • No fair! That was my question!
  • It’s a perplexing question that only you can relieve me of, darling.
  • Thank you for asking. Shall I tell you in detail, or will a formal answer be enough?
  • What do you think i have to do?
  • Mediocre… But a couple of million dollars would take my business to a whole new level. Will you help me be the lucky recipient of that modest sum? No? Then just invite me to a movie.
  • I’m glad you asked. I was just about to tell someone…
  • Before I had a baby.
  • Like a failed millionaire.
  • Best ever.
  • There’s no point in discussing routine with someone as interesting as you. Why don’t you tell me about yours?
  • May I not answer that? I’m afraid of jinxing it.
  • They go on in a routine way… No special effects, no fireworks, and no discussion in the media.


In general, in order to safely choose the optimal phrase, it will be enough to soberly assess the circumstances in which you are and realize with whom (how close person) you are talking (or writing a message). The following recommendations will help you make a choice in case of difficulty.

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