Sincere birthday greetings in prose

Tearful happy birthday wishes with your own words

Today I want to wish you a happy birthday. You can wish a lot and all kinds of things. But I want to wish you to always feel in your place in this life. This is when it is comfortable, comfortable, pleasant, warm, reliable. May God take away your ailments and evil thoughts, the sights of those who envy you, and the lies of those around you. Let your heart beat to the rhythm of a happy song, and let your soul hum a melody of joyful notes.

Let this beautiful birthday bring the fulfillment of your cherished desires, and all your goals, visibly approaching and defeated by the apt hit of a professional. Let the golden steps of your career not be steep and rigid, but on the contrary, let them be conquered by a quick and courageous ascent to the very top! May the wonderful splendor of life’s bright colors always fill your daily palette with freshness, and may fleeting clouds bravely disperse the thunderbolts of your family and friends.

Among all the holidays created by God and men, the most important in all ages remains the birthday. The day when man comes into the light of God to announce his birth to the world. Today, your big day! And we hurry to rejoice with you at your birth. Rejoice and wish you goodness, bright sunny warmth. To wish you the love and tenderness of your loved ones. The most incredible happiness and longevity. May your most cherished dream come true and you find all that you dreamed of for long days and nights. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish your life to be full, with pleasant cares, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! May the source of kindness in your soul never run dry! Go through life bravely and directly! Let your relatives and friends be by your side in difficult moments, let there always be those with whom you want to share the joy! May health to you and long life, joy and laughter, respect of others and love of relatives! Let everything turn out the way you planned in your youth! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish today to celebrate coolly and hear a thousand congratulations, next week continue to accept gifts, already this month – to begin to implement all that you have wished, so that after a year I am at a loss to say: “You’ve got it all, but love, health and happiness, is there ever much? That’s what I wish for!”

Can the Earth exist without the Sun? No, of course not. So, too, my life without you would be; it would be gloomy and joyless. Thank you for warming all your friends and family with the rays of your warmth and kindness. You will always listen to someone who turns to her for help, will help with kind advice and good deeds. It’s not for nothing that people are so drawn to you and so loved by children, both their own and others’. Be healthy and happy, live to the age of one hundred years to the delight of all of us!

On this festive day we are ready to give you the fragrance of all flowers and the blush of the dawn, the tenderness of morning roses, sunshine, friendly warmth, human kindness, many tender words and unearthly love! May health and happiness always accompany you. All that is bright and holy on earth, may it be in your destiny!

On this wonderful day – your birthday – I sincerely want to congratulate you! I wish you very little – let everything you have bring you joy, let everything you don’t have be a necessity for you, let everything you dream of appear miraculously in your life. I wish you to be a happy man, to enjoy every new day, to find pleasure in simple things: a cup of morning coffee, rays of sunlight, the wind blowing, the looks of dear people. Appreciate what you have, and fate is sure to bestow even more.

I wish you always find yourself in the right place at the right time – I wish you the true favor of fate, I wish you to be always its favorite. And do not forget in the hustle and bustle of life simple joys, because the most beautiful things a person has are the values that cannot be bought – sincerity, love, understanding and support!

On this significant, festive and promising day, my wishes will be laconic, because their sincerity does not depend on the number of words. Let the most weighty decisions in your destiny be made only at the dictate of your heart and according to the voice of a clear mind. And may this harmony bring you satisfaction and inspiration for new achievements! Happy birth to you!

I wish you time to see and taste all the delights of life, enjoy its beauty, and fool around more often, remembering your childhood, so that your soul never becomes old, and in spite of your experience, remain young and playful, like a kitten. May life present you with tidbits that you can savor indefinitely.

I wish that on this day your dreams come true. May only the best people always surround you. That a smile never leave your face. May success follow you. That you always have a lot of bright ideas, and there is the person you want to realize them with. I wish to feel only positive emotions, never be bored, and enjoy life!

On your birthday, we modestly, but tastefully and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to congratulate you and wish you well! Do you have any dreams? Let them come true! May the next 364 days go strictly according to your strict plans! May your home always be warm and cozy, any business end in brilliant success, and the number of faithful friends and girlfriends multiply!

Birthday greetings touching to tears with your own words universal

From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on your birthday! Without you the world – as without light and air, as spring – without flowers and love. Blossom and blossom, please us for many more years! Let the years, what the years…? Let them only increase family’s prosperity, bring only pleasant meetings and fulfill any dreams!

Happy Birthday! It’s a good time to remind you that you are in this world to create, dream, love and believe in miracles. You are loved, treasured, admired, tried for you, consulted with you, believed in you. And I want to wish that it will always be like this, that bright lights of hope and inspiration will always be lit inside you, that great lights of joy and happiness will always be burning around you!

Why does the sun shine on everyone equally, but its light does not help everyone to see the right way? Why does it warm everyone equally, but not everyone is warm in this world, some hide from it in the shadows? I wish you on your birthday to enjoy all the gifts that heaven gives you! Don’t hide in the shadows from God’s blessings! Take and use, and may they benefit not only you, but also everyone around you!

On this day we wish you happiness and kindness, to feel the fullness of life, to greet the morning joyfully and to keep this feeling until late at night. We wish you to have time to do everything in life and not to grow old but to get younger with age. To keep your health and vigor and to live many, many years!

From the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate you on your birthday. May all your dreams come true, and may the people around you be benevolent! I wish your health to be strong and your mood to be always positive! May there always be peace, comfort, family happiness and love in your home. Success in all your endeavors, a lot of joy, laughter and positivity.

Today is your Birthday! On this festive day, may the cloudiest weather turn into a bright sunny day, may the frowning person smile at you and say kind words, all the roads that were closed before will be available today, to solve the cases that you did not like, the inspiration will come, your loved ones will be healthy and enemies will never visit your doorstep. And let it all come to you for nothing!

Today I want to wish you a happy birthday. You can wish a lot of different things. But I want to wish you to always feel in your place in this life. That is when it is comfortable, comfortable, pleasant, warm, reliable. May God take away your ailments and evil thoughts, the sights of those who envy you, and the lies of those around you. Let your heart beat to the rhythm of a happy song, and let your soul hum a melody of joyful notes.

I wish your birthday to be special, unlike the ones you’ve had! I wish you to be surrounded by people who are your heart and who wish you good and happiness! That you would be with them cheerfully and comfortably, and your soul would rejoice and light up a new fire! That you want to sincerely laugh and communicate, dance and fly! That all their good wishes come true and joy bursts into your life! That your dreams come true and happiness be with you all the time! That your heart is filled with extraordinary love! Happy Birthday! All the best to you, health and long life!

My warmest congratulations on your Birthday. Please accept my sincerest wishes of good health, personal happiness, inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm in all your good deeds. May peace and harmony always reign in your home, kindness in your heart, and wisdom and balance in your actions. May the fate continue to be favorable to you, giving you the joy of life, constant good luck, loyal and reliable friends.

I wish you always strive to fulfill your cherished desires, never get discouraged over nothing, be a kind and responsive friend, enjoy life and smile. Happy Birthday.

On this beautiful day, let the sun give you its energy, let the spring streams inspire changes for the better, and the first flowers – for new achievements! Success in all endeavors! May all obstacles be easily overcome, and may loyal friends and beloved people be near you!

The holiday of your appearance into the world is always special, and the anticipation of it only increases the joy of accepting surprises and congratulatory kind words. May in your heart what you have planned come true for sure, and the goals you have planned come swiftly to a logical victory! I wish the quivering excitement, as in the carefree childhood, give this day a fairy-tale frame!

May your eyes sparkle with happiness all your life, because all people are looking for happiness, let him like it, and it will not leave you!

Birthday greetings to a woman touching to tears with your own words

Congratulations to a beautiful woman on her birthday! I wish you health and inspiration, love and attention, warmth and sunny mood, success in everything, bright impressions and rainbow of emotions! Let there will always be flowers and surprises, smiles and good events, happiness and joy, luck and good fortune in your life!

Dear and beloved! Happy Birthday! May your life be full of amazing moments and wonderful people! Let your dreams become goals, and goals become achievements! Happiness, health and prosperity!

With great respect and joy we congratulate you on your birthday! May today and always on this holiday you will be warm from the care and attention of dear people! May those things that are dearest in life – friendship, health, family – be strong! Health to you, prosperity, sunny colors in life!

Congratulations! I wish you a wonderful mood, harmony, happiness and good luck in all affairs! Do not doubt your decisions, act cool in any situation and always stay on top! Let today become the starting point for climbing the new desired beautiful peaks! I know you will achieve everything you planned and want, and all your dreams will come true for sure!

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on your birthday! May your female happiness be long and lasting, may no hope be in vain. I sincerely wish you to live surrounded by love and attention of your relatives, to work in the atmosphere of interesting ideas and great opportunities, to enjoy every day and every beautiful moment of your life.

Happy birthday to you! To the beautiful, wise, charming birthday girl, we wish you to shine, to delight, to inspire. May all the flowers be for you today, may there be toasts, poems and serenades in your honor! Love to you, eternal youth and blossoming health!

I congratulate you on your birthday, and I want to wish you to remain always the same soulful, cheerful, sincere and joyful, because everything that happens – in the end, for the best! Let your life be a bright streak, let it shine with all the colors of the rainbow! May all your plans end with the expected result, so that you can always be proud of yourself! May all your hopes and wishes come true, turning your life into a real fairy tale! Happy Birthday, the most beautiful woman on earth!

Happy Birthday! Be happy! I wish you a bright life, with brilliant ideas, achievements and brilliant victories, and if with cares – only with pleasant ones! May the source of kindness never run dry in your soul! May your loved ones, friends and those with whom you want to share your joy be always near you! Health to you and happy years ahead, joy and laughter, respect of others and love of relatives!

I wish you, as the dearest and favorite birthday girl, a good mood, the fragrance of favorite flowers, cheerful smiles and happiness! Let your days be filled with beauty, warmth, positivity and attention of your loved ones. The most beautiful of all things in our lives to you!

Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you to be rich, happy, loved, but most importantly, never lose yourself, never leave your own desires for later, pamper yourself, cherish, nurture and take care of yourself. You are alone with yourself, you are alone with your family, you are alone with all of us, the most unique and beautiful! Be always so bright, magical and very happy!

On your birthday I wish you all the best and brightest! Let love burn brightly in your heart, children please you, health does not fail you, everything goes successfully at work, and happiness, luck and prosperity always live in your home!

Birthday greetings to a man touching to tears with his own words

Congratulations on your birthday! From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you happiness, health, prosperity, as well as as as many undertakings, which in the future will be completed as you have planned! Let your destiny never have sharp turns, and life goes smoothly and dimensionally, while leaving room for fun adventures. May you always have good luck and never run out of happiness in life!

Congratulations on your birthday. Wonderful man, strong and strong man, I want to wish impeccable health, great luck on the way, incredible inner strength and constant optimism in the soul. I wish always to achieve important goals, to be loved and love your family, to live happily, with dignity and wealth.

Happy Birthday, dear. I can say with confidence that you are the soul of the company and everyone adores you! It’s all because of your wit, laughter, cheerfulness, because of your strong, inspiring hand, and, of course, because of the warmth you radiate! I wish there were just as interesting, kind and soulful people around! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! I wish that the sun will shine, even on the grayest days, that the moon will illuminate only moments of love. Success in all endeavors, health a whole trailer, sincere smiles and cheerful laughter in the circle of dear people. I wish you the lightest, biggest and purest love, to have wings growing behind your back and eyes shining with happiness!

For a real man I would like to wish only the real huge happiness, iron nerves, strong male friendship, a steely horse that the engine does not bother! And also – victories on all fronts, luck in life, and as much money as you want to wish yourself!

I wish you on your birthday to be yourself, despite the protestations and entreaties of other people. Be true to your dream, go to your goal, my dear man. Let everything you will succeed!

I wish you to find something beautiful and positive even in Mondays! Remain the same cheerful, infectiously cheerful and confident man! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear! I wish you endless happiness, inflexible health, good luck, mad love, and the implementation of absolutely all desires! Always remain the same kind, positive, charming and the most wonderful person!

I wish you to live to be a hundred years old, let the engine in your chest work without interruptions and without repairs, let your life be a wide and smooth highway without bumps and potholes. I also wish that you do not drift on sharp turns, that you always firmly hold the steering wheel of your life in steady hands. Have a safe and happy road!

To the most beautiful and enchanting man, today I congratulate from the bottom of my heart on his birthday. I wish that the gray weekdays turned into bright colorful days of celebration. That your soul does not know offenses, and always only sang from the beautiful life. I wish always to remain the same gallant and interesting man!

It is not customary for a man to give sentimental greetings. So I’ll tell you essentially and most importantly. May your determination be swifter than a bullet, patience stronger than concrete, thoughts brighter than the sun, strength – indestructible! Happy Birthday!

Sincere happy birthday wishes in prose

On your birthday it is customary to wish what all people on the planet dream of. Everyone wants to be healthy and I wholeheartedly wish you good health for many years to come. Everyone wants to be loved and I wish you that from the bottom of my heart. I want to see you always happy, warmed by mutual love, with a happy sparkle in your eyes. Of course, for happiness to be complete, you need to do the work you love, to feel needed and successful. I wish you that your work will always bring you not only a decent income, but also pleasure. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing successful happy people. So forgive me my selfishness and do me a favor – be happy, loved, successful, healthy, cheerful, young in mind and body. I want to see you like that always: both in holidays and in weekdays! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and I wish you to always be yourself. Do not twist your soul, always be honest and be able to admit your weaknesses, because only a strong person can do that. Let your spiritual impulses always find an echo in the hearts of people close to you, live with a sense of love for the world around you. Let your favorite business give you moral satisfaction and bring you financial independence. Chase away from the heart of resentment, and from the head of bad thoughts. Set new goals and never stop dreaming. After all, sooner or later, dreams are bound to come true. Take care of your health, so that the strength and strength in your body will allow you to enjoy the joys of life to the fullest.

There is no reason not to enjoy every day of life, which certainly promises to be more and more beautiful and better day by day. And everything in it will be beautiful: the hopes that come true, and a house full of joy and laughter, and your loved ones surrounding and supporting you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May the people closest to you smile as often as possible, and may the warmth and love never disappear from their gazes. May your family and friends live as long as possible, may your loved ones love you as much as possible, and may your children just smile, because their smiles make your soul happier and brighter. Also I want to wish you true friends who will support you in difficult moments when you have problems and will be happy for you in happy moments of life.

May the sun shine even brighter on your birthday and give you more light and warmth! Let your heart always contain boundless love for the world and great happiness! Smile, give only kindness to everyone and receive it back a hundredfold! Let all your kindest dreams come true!

Sincere birthday greetings in prose for birthday boys

Bright emotions, unforgettable meetings and the flight of the soul, because life is measured not by the number of breaths, but by the moments when it takes your breath away!

Happy Birthday! May your life cup be overflowing with happiness, health and love! May all your wishes come true! And may you have everything the way you want it!

Your birthday is a wonderful occasion to thank you for your presence in our lives, bringing goodness and light, love and hope. With love for you we want to wish you health, longevity, joy and good luck.

Happy Birthday to you! I wish you light and kindness, happiness and warmth in every day! Life energy, creative inspiration and invariably uplifting, joyful mood! Let always have enough time to implement all your plans and dreams!

Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you all the blessings of the world, material and non-material. Let there be as few bosses over you at work as possible, and let your colleagues do not envy you. Let there be no career ladder, but only a straight road to success. May your business bring pleasure to you and all the people close to you.

We wish you wisdom, kindness, generosity. May your health never fail. May your spirits always be high. May the whole world be warm and comfortable. Successes, good luck, good luck.

On your birthday I wish to find happiness in life. And let your way to it make the world brighter, fill it with wisdom and new discoveries. If your happiness is hiding high in the mountains, become strong and hardy to conquer the top and reach your desire. If it is hiding at the bottom of the sea, use your wits and build a magical device that will help you sink into the deep abyss. But most often, happiness is very close, and it hides in you. Listen to your heart, improve and learn new things. Never stop halfway and listen to the advice of your guardian angel. Then your searches will be crowned with success!

At a birthday party the house transforms: it is decorated with balloons and ribbons, the table is full of viands and drinks to please the most capricious gourmets, the mountain of gifts grows with every new guest, and of course with every minute the holiday becomes brighter, kinder and brighter of greetings and wishes! We honor the traditions and today, above all, we wish you good health, good mood, true friends, prosperity, love and happiness!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you happiness and fulfillment of desires! Let life be a bright mosaic of bright colors of joy, memorable events, and every new day brings good luck and good mood!

Happy Birthday! I wish you immeasurable happiness, good health, true love, good luck, prosperity and wish fulfillment! Let your life be full of positive emotions, loyal friends and joyful days. Bright, bright, happy events for you!

Festive heartfelt words in prose on your birthday

Happy Birthday. Let small miracles happen to you as often as necessary. The goal you set is always realized in time. The awareness of happiness never leaves you even on difficult days. Travel and enjoy every day you live!

I want to wish happy birthday to the dearest and most beloved person in my life. To wish youth in your soul, blood and body. That happiness surrounds you and protects you from all hardships and difficulties of life. I wish all your undertakings to succeed, all your desires to be fulfilled and the list of pleasures to be replenished!

Happy Birthday! Let every day bring joy, smiles and presents, let all your dreams come true and plans come true, let only sincere people surround you, devoted friends, and let there be no place for gloom and sorrow!

A birthday is a special holiday. In childhood, we wait for it with joy, impatiently, and the year lasts for a long, long time, and such desirable name-day is still not coming. But time begins to rush faster … With age it seems that the years flicker like pages in a book that we quickly turn over: birthdays come more often, we are getting older, and sometimes it seems that we do not have time to discern something important on these pages called Life. I wish you on your birthday that your life will be full, that nothing important will be missed, and that all your plans and dreams will come true. May your house be a full bowl, your work be in progress, and your family and friends always be there for you. Be happy!

We would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and that everything in your life is going in the best way. Let luck and success accompany your life path and light the way forward, leading to harmony, happiness and joy!

The most beautiful, the warmest holiday on earth is a birthday. And no matter how old we are, we celebrate this day with great pleasure. Today my friend celebrates his birthday. I want to wish you, my friend, a lot of happiness, long – long years of life. Let luck be a frequent guest with you, let all your wishes turn into reality. Beautiful and mutual love to you, good health, good mood. Let the lucky star light your way.

Happy birthday to you. I wish you a great holiday, get a lot of good gifts and nice congratulations! And of course, positivity, love, magnetism, health, prosperity and let your main dream come true this year! Hooray.

A birthday is like a bright flash, like a comet. There are millions of other lights in deep space, but only this one shines the strongest. So, don’t forget where you’re from and who you are. This day is not given to you in vain, but to reflect on the past, to smile, because the comet is a bright streak that will turn your fate to the right vector, cutting off all the black bars.

Happy Birthday! I wish you good health, good luck, prosperity, kindness, joy, love, happiness, good mood, smiles, bright impressions. Let warmth and comfort always fill your home, let the sunlight warm you up in any weather, and your wishes come true just thinking about them.

May today everything be just as you dream: beautiful weather outside the window, and you have a wonderful mood! I wish you to celebrate your birthday noisily and cheerfully, with dancing, songs, toasts and congratulations. Let everything that your guests wish today come true for sure, and your life will be filled with light, happiness and kindness.

Happy Birthday – heartfelt wishes in prose

I sincerely wish you many more years to blaze with health, exuding vital energy, teach us the wisdom and pass the female secrets ) Let all the good things come to your house, and all the bad things pass by! I would like that around us was as much as possible such decent people! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your birthday. I wish to throw off the burden of any problems, I wish to aim at happiness and success, I wish to always find an answer to any question posed by the fate, I wish to spend every day in the rays of love, kindness and pleasure.

I wish a Happy Birthday to our beautiful and irreplaceable person. May your life be the brightest, lightest, airiest and happiest! And may this year be the most fun, romantic and sunny! Mwah!

Birthday is a holiday of childhood, because on this day we wait for some miracle, we believe, like children, in the fulfillment of all desires. My friend, from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on such a wonderful event in your life. Let everything go well with you, let you be lucky in everything and always. I wish you good health, great happiness, a clear conscience and beautiful love. May hope, faith and love help you in life. All earthly blessings to you, prosperity, family warmth and prosperity.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your birthday! Let everything always come true! I wish you a lot of smiles, kindness and joy, to have faithful friends, pure and mutual love, good health, endless happiness, great patience of life, all unearthly goods and all the most kind, beautiful and radiant!

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