Simple Happy Birthday wishes in your own words

Greetings in prose

May fortune be favorable, May all doors open and Happiness await!

♫ Voice greetings May you always stay as radiant, cheerful, charming and just beautiful! Always be loved and very, very happy! Let there be no unsolvable problems in your life, let there always be people, who can help and support you. Let every day brings you only happiness and the brightest positive impressions!

We wish you success, luck, good luck. Wisdom in business. In your family – warmth and comfort. And let health never fail and good fortune never fail! ↑ 66 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you happy years ahead, health, joy and victories! I wish all your dreams and wishes to come true! Let life be a bright mosaic of goodness, joy and the most beautiful events! Let every new day brings you a great mood and inspires to success in all your deeds! ↑ -39 ↓

✯ birthday wishes in prose ✯

Let the stars align in the sky in a pattern favorable to your destiny, and gifts of life descend upon you like from a horn of plenty! Happy Birthday! ↑ -839 ↓

On your birthday, I am glad to raise my glass to such a wonderful man like you! I wish you strongest health, extraordinary happiness, endless success, and vivacity, smiles, optimism and positive attitude! Let the career grow rapidly and the changes in life be only for the better! ↑ -28 ↓

I wish you to stay happy, to enjoy every new day, to find pleasure in simple things: a cup of morning coffee, rays of sunlight, wind blowing and looks of dear people. Let happily enjoy what you have and let the fate give you as many happy events and news as possible! ↑ 158 ↓

✯ Congratulations in prose ✯

I wish your life not to stand still, but change for the better and bring only pleasant surprises! May all your plans and dreams come true, may your home and work be nice, may your loved ones always give you joy! ↑ 168 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you the happiest, most wonderful and wonderful life! May good luck, success and love accompany your destiny! I wish you to stand firmly on your feet and feel a reliable support near you! May the sun, kindness, love and mutual understanding always shine in the windows of your house!

With all my heart and soul, happy Birthday! I wish you all the best: good health, high spirits, good mood, bright happiness, decent income and understanding of others! Let your life be full of joy and happiness, the tasks be easily solved, and the problems bypass you. And I also wish you a great birthday, the best toasts and congratulations, and that you were the center of attention of friends and relatives! ↑ 37 ↓

Congratulations and wishes: – Health without medicine! – Achievements without downs! – Friendship with everybody! – Love without cheating! – Prosperity without crime! – Success without edge! – Happiness without borders! – Long years and long life! ↑ 29 ↓

From the bottom of my heart, let me congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you Siberian health, financial well-being, success in everything, true love, friendship, good weather and a great mood for every day. Let always be surrounded by positive, kind and close people! ↑ 21 ↓

Congratulations! I wish you excellent health and the most cheerful mood! Let every day of your life be full of optimism, fresh ideas and interesting meetings, and let every day meet you with bright sunbeams, smiles of your close people, cheer you up, please and inspire you for success! ↑ 5 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you the most important things – Happiness, Love and Health! I wish to live in harmony with others and with yourself, enjoy every day, every minute, always go forward to new achievements! ↑ 33 ↓

Let your beloved ones bring you only happy news, let there be light and clear outside the window and in your soul. May you live in constant feeling of harmony with yourself and with the world and may you disprove the statement that happiness is just a moment. Let your happy moments be measured in years! ↑ 34 ↓

On your nice birthday – the most wishing you happiness, tenderness and wishes realization! Be in a good mood, cheerful smile, new, positive, bright impressions and lots of opportunities for creative growth! Let life presents you more and more happy opportunities, and each of them will be used to your utmost! ↑ 37 ↓

Happy Holidays! I wish you health and happy and full years! I wish you to stay as soft and sensitive, affectionate, cheerful and happy! Let there always live unfading, ardent love, which will never remain unrequited! Let all the days be cloudless, full of only pleasant things to do, and the evenings be happy, family and cozy! ↑ 64 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you to swim in the ocean of positivity, to live in joy, not to know sorrow and always to have cash and non-cash! And let there be always three whales in your life: health, happiness and good luck! Let them carry you along with a wonderful destiny and never let go! ↑ 61 ↓

Please, accept the most sincere birthday wishes! Let family, relatives and close ones be your strong and reliable rear, and colleagues and friends always lend a shoulder and support in difficult situations! I wish you every birthday to be amazed by your own successes. ↑ 44 ↓

Open the door to the world with your shoulders, win it with your smile, and let your life always be full of joy, fun and drive! I wish you luck with your ideas and may your dreams come true! ↑ 27 ↓

Joy, fun, success always and in everything, more money – and less routine! Let your goals for the next year be like dreams but come true! ↑ 27 ↓

I wish you courage, strength, hope, health, patience, dreams and its fulfillment, love, warmth, luck, joy, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smiles, success, kindness, loyalty and enthusiasm! And also good rises, bright life, strength of mind, fire, desire and just intoxication from happiness! ↑ 67 ↓

Let the accumulated experience and wisdom help you to reach the goals! Let desires come true, let all the good things in life be preserved and the moments of joy, love and optimism multiply! May Luck, Success and Inspiration be your faithful companions! And plus – persistence and patience to you in solving those tasks that in life can’t be avoided! ↑ 35 ↓

Let the years bring you only happiness, good mood and positive attitude! I wish you great happiness, may every day bring you happiness and the future be kind, beautiful and cloudless! ↑ 50 ↓

Congratulations, may you always stay the sweetheart of fortune! Let happiness warm up every day of your life and fill your soul with kindness, warmth and joy! Let the future be bright, beautiful and happy! ↑ 48 ↓

On your birthday I wish you all your wishes to come true as soon as possible! Let life be as bright as a clear sunny day, as full as a glass of champagne, and as cloudless as the sky over the desert! I wish you to stay always healthy, cheerful and happy! ↑ 53 ↓

My warmest congratulations! I wish you only good news every day! Let your life be full of harmony, let your loved ones be healthy and most important, let all your plans, dreams and wishes come true no matter what! ↑ 75 ↓

Happy Birthday! My best wishes! I wish you health, happiness and good luck! Always stay the way you are, you have so much positive, energy and warmth! Let the circumstances of life take shape only the happiest way! ↑ 77 ↓

Congratulations! Every year of life gives us endless opportunities to reach all goals! I wish you make the most of them! May you succeed in everything, may everything work out for you! And let health, luck and circumstances never let you down! Happy Birthday! ↑ 58 ↓

Happy Birthday! I wish you health, happiness and interesting life! Let all your plans and dreams come true! Let the house be a full bowl, affairs be in order, and everything be fine with your relatives and friends! And of course, I wish you the most important – to be understood, valued, cherished and madly loved! ↑ 85 ↓

Even the sun is up today with a smile on his face, because he knows that today is your birthday! And if the sun smiles – then the whole world around you becomes happy! I wish you that the world around you will always be sensitive to your requests and hurry to fulfill all your dreams! ↑ 42 ↓

Hi, who’s having a birthday here? Oh, how nice to congratulate you with this wonderful holiday! I wish you all the best! I wish you joy, fun, success always and in everything, more money, and less boring work! Live in harmony, enjoy every minute, every day and get from life everything you want and even more!

We wish you to stay always the same optimist and keep charging all around you, including us, with positive mood! May happiness always live in your home! Let the mirror say to you every morning: You are the sweetest in the world – and it will be the truth of pure water. We congratulate you on a wonderful holiday and wish you to flutter through life as an easy fairy. Enjoy the sunshine, the warm wind, the good weather. May loyal friends be near you, may only kind people surround you and happiness always brightly light up your cozy home!

I wish a cloudless life so that the everyday clouds and the roar of thunder do not disturb you! May your life be more positive, lighthearted and optimistic. Continue to share your kindness, cheerfulness and energy with everyone! I wish there were more people like you in life! Happiness to you, health and well-being!

Short birthday greetings (neutral, in their own words)

A small selection of short congratulations on your birthday. Suitable for both men and women of virtually any age. All greetings are written in clear and memorable language that you can repeat in your own words, slightly modifying the text under the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday . I wish you good luck and fair wind in all endeavors! Brilliant life, warmth of your soul, sunny days, joyful events, interesting meetings, success and victories in affairs, and immense happiness from every day!

Happy Birthday! May life be happy! Happiness and prosperity! May all your plans come true for sure!

Happy Birthday! May your dreams come true, success and good luck in business! Have a joyful festive day, wish fulfillment, health and well-being!

Happy Birthday! All the best in life! Success in all endeavors and victory on all fronts! Implementation of all plans!

Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true! And have everything that it takes – health, longevity, support from family, friends and like-minded people. Joy and happiness! Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you success, perseverance and good luck, love! I wish you strong forces, health, confidence in the future and worthy victories. Let this year add optimism, let every day open for you the door to rich prospects and great things! Happy Birthday! Let every day brings joy, smiles and presents, let all dreams come true and plans come true, let there be only sincere people around, devoted friends, and let there be no place for gloom and sorrow! Happy Birthday! We wish you health, good luck, love, luck, peace, kindness, smiles, and prosperity. Let all your dreams come true. Let life be long and smooth, full of bright and memorable events! Happy birthday, I wish you all the best, inspiration and perseverance to achieve all goals, and let all dreams come true, no limits. I wish you the most important thing in life – health. May your family love and appreciate you, may your work be in demand and fully realized, may happiness and joy live in your heart. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful life, and may you always meet wonderful events at every turn. I wish you plenty of occasions for rejoicing and good health! May every morning be happy and sunny. Happy Birthday to you! I wish you a wonderful and amazing life, an ocean of crazy love, endless happy times, only good health and a great mood! I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday – happy birthday! I wish you to smile every day, wake up with a good mood, enjoy life and with full confidence, run towards your cherished dreams! Congratulations on your birthday! I wish that all the best will be attracted to your life, that you will be appreciated, cared for, protected, supported in every way and unselfishly given their love. Health to you, beautiful dreams and a reliable hand in life’s journey! I want to congratulate you on an important day of your life. May now and today all your wishes come true. What you have planned will come true. And good luck always and in everything follows you. Happy birthday! May your home be filled with happiness and warmth, your soul with harmony and tranquility. Let love live in your heart, positive in your thoughts. Let fate presents bright gifts and joyful events, and there will always be good weather in your life! Happy Birthday! I wish you many unforgettable moments, may your most cherished desires always come true. I hope that only happiness and understanding will reign in your family, and only sincere, kind and reliable people will surround you! Happy Birthday! I wish every day of your life to be filled with ease, health, new opportunities, love, sincerity and success. Be infinitely happy, absorb positive emotions and radiate prosperity! Congratulations on your beautiful birthday! May happiness and joy, love and good luck always light up your way of life! I wish you prosperity, luck, loyal and faithful friends, good mood and good health for many, many years! Happy Birthday! On this wonderful day, I wish you good health, loyal and devoted friends, boundless happiness, immeasurable income, crazy love and lots of happy days! Have a great mood and a great holiday!

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