Simple fortune telling at cards – consider in detail.

Ways of fortune-telling playing cards for beginners.

Fortune-telling on the cards began in ancient times. Then this art possessed mainly gypsies and people endowed with psychic abilities. Predict the future may be using the Tarot or a deck of cards. The second option is easier to perform. That’s why beginners usually choose it. The lessons for beginners are given by witches and hereditary witches. But to learn how to work with a deck of cards, it’s enough to follow the instructions.

Ground Rules

Many girls at least once in their lives have tried to learn how to read the cards, but faced with incorrect predictions, have been disappointed. Usually the reason for failure lies in the violation of the rules of working with the deck. Fortune-telling with ordinary cards is possible only if certain nuances are met.

  1. Only new decks should be used for divination. They are forbidden to play, otherwise the layout will not be true.
  2. It is not allowed to let another person shuffle the deck if he is not involved in the divination. A special bond is established between the owner and the magical object, which is destroyed by other people’s energy flows.
  3. During divination, it is necessary to keep in mind the phrase of interest.
  4. The question is asked only once a day. If you do it more often, you could get a wrong answer.
  5. The cards are removed only with the left hand. This also applies to the person who is waiting for the prediction.
  6. Satin decks for magical actions do not fit.
  7. Fortune-telling should be done in silence and in a clean room.
  8. Do not be skeptical of magical actions and sit cross-legged and crossed arms.
  9. Spread the deck should be in a good mood.
  10. Girls should not touch the cards during menstruation. On these days, the predictions will be wrong.

Fortune-telling can open the door to the netherworld. Therefore, fortune-telling for the sake of entertainment is dangerous.

Tip: If there is a cat in the home, the veracity of the predictions increases. It is believed that such animals are associated with the netherworld.

Setting up a new deck

To make fortunetelling cards into fortunetelling cards, you need to prepare them correctly. Otherwise, the predictions will be wrong.

  1. The easiest way to make the cards truthful is to put a child on them. Even a teenager who has never fallen in love will be suitable for this purpose.
  2. The cards are then shuffled. Within three weeks, they are not guessed.
  3. If the deck falls apart, it is better to postpone the action to another day.
  4. In ancient divinations, one reads a spell on the deck. There are several variants of the incantation. One of them is: “I need a faithful service. 36 cards of different suits, tell the truth about what to fear, what to hope for, and what work to take. If you tell the truth, you will be free, if you don’t, I will mark you in a clear field. In this case, the word is firm to the cards. When reading the incantation, withdraw yourself from extraneous thoughts and direct all your emotions towards the fortune-telling.

Pay attention! The cards bought at the rising moon at noon of your date of birth are the most truthful.

Each time, before guessing on ordinary cards, it is necessary to perform the sacrament of purification. To do this, the deck is taken with the left hand so that the shirt is on top. Then it is tossed. The fortune-teller stands beside the scattered cards and pronounces the above incantation.

How to check the deck before the ritual

Cards do not always give accurate results even experienced fortune-tellers. If you want to have a magic potion, make sure that the magic attribute is ready to work. Do it in one of the following ways:

  1. Shuffle the deck thoroughly. When the elements fall on the floor, guessing put aside.
  2. Take out three cards. If all of them are black suit, then today’s predictions will be false.
  3. From the deck draws two cards. A roll of one suit – the action should be postponed.

Ways to make a prediction

Everyone can find out their destiny without the help of fortune tellers and shuffle cards. To understand how to deal with a deck and interpret the results of the deal, beginners used to use the services of experienced magicians. With the advent of the Internet to learn how to cast a spell on your own destiny became possible. There are a large number of online tutorials.

Before fortune-telling, it was necessary to sit down at a table in a comfortable position. The cards are removed from their packages with the left hand. All thoughts should be directed at the solution to the question for which this ritual was started.

Tip: Aromatic sticks and oils will help to free you from extraneous thoughts.

Further actions depend on what exactly the fortune-teller wishes to make. Below you can find the most popular techniques with a full description.

For the near future

Easy rituals allowing a beginner to know what will happen in the next three months will do for her. For example, one may try to read fortune or the near future on playing cards to oneself.

  1. The deck is carefully shuffled for 1-2 minutes. It is necessary to keep the question in mind. Then remove half in the direction of himself.
  2. Left hand takes the top 5 elements. They are laid out in 1 row. This action is repeated only three times, each time placing a new batch under the previous one. Take out one more card and put it aside.
  3. A total of 5 vertical rows, consisting of 3 elements. Each column corresponds to the following events: 1 – guesser, 2 – affairs of the heart, 3 – home, 4 – past, 5 – future. A separate card is what will help resolve the problem.
  4. The layout is associated with the values given in the table (table at the bottom of the article).

A beginner at home will be difficult at first to interpret the signs that otherworldly forces give him. It will take practice to get results.

Love or not

Many ancient divinations were done precisely on feelings. There are several schemes to find out the attitude of the person of interest. Beginners should use the most common option.

Instruction of the correct divination for feelings:

  1. Choose a card of the king of the suit corresponding to the person on whom the prediction is made. Put it in the center of the table, the other cards in a circle.
  2. Pictures shuffle carefully.
  3. The deck is shifted to themselves and placed one by one on the kings. The last card is placed on the object of adoration. All the pictures except the last, collect and shuffle. The action is repeated two more times.
  4. On the central king lie three cards. Turn them upside down and look at the resulting layout.

In this case, the value will be different from the below deciphering in the table. Pay attention only to the order of the cards.

  • Ace – love in the future;
  • queen – the king’s heart is taken;
  • Jack – the object of adoration will bring misfortune;
  • ten – friendship;
  • Nine – difficulties in relationships;
  • eight – feelings will be determined after a personal conversation;
  • seven – marriage;
  • six – lack of sympathy.

If the triplets are still difficult to decipher, this procedure could be repeated in a few days.

Money and success

There is an easy divination for financial well-being. Even a beginner can cope with its interpretation.

The cards are shuffled and shifted on themselves. Nine elements are removed from the deck and placed on the table upside down. Then turn them from left to right. Conclusions are made on the basis of which suit was more.

  • Spades – the lack of money in the near future;
  • crosses – a quick richer one;
  • diamonds and hearts – financial stability.

This prediction is made for the near future. In 25 days, the results will be different.

On the fulfillment of a wish

Often a person who has a dream wonders if it will come true or not. A simple divination will answer this question.

How to correctly divine a wish:

  1. Thoroughly stir the deck and slide it towards yourself. At this time in your head to keep the question.
  2. Place all the cards in a row face down.
  3. Remove the paired pictures. Such are items that are lying no further than 2 cards from each other.
  4. Arrange the assembled deck again. Matching cards to remove.

If no paired cards left in your hands, then your wish will come true.

On your partner’s attitude towards you

Even people who have lived a long time in marriage, want to know the attitude of the partner. In this will help the layout of three cards:

  1. From the deck choose a king and a queen. The choice is interpreted by the hair color of each member of the couple (blondes – hearts, brunettes – diamonds, browns – clubs). The cards are shuffled.
  2. In fan rows lay out 3 pictures until the right king and queen.
  3. Then from below lay out another row of 3 elements.

If the cards end up on 1 lane, the relationship is perfect. In other cases, there are problems. They are interpreted by the values between the queen and the king.

What to do

Classical divination on “yes” or “no” will help to understand whether the right decision is made. To do this, your question must be formulated so that it can be answered either negatively or positively.

  1. The deck is shuffled. At this time, the question is kept in mind.
  2. The cards are divided into four parts. There should be a total of four columns.
  3. One top card is removed from each deck. They are placed on the table with their shirts face down.
  4. Black suits are no, red suits are yes. If two different values are drawn, then attention is paid to their rank. The color of those cards that are higher in order tells the truth.

If the question is about any undertaking, then the chances of success are proportional to the number of red suits in the layout.

A Successful Marriage

Getting married, every girl wants to know if she will be happy with her fiancé. Answering this question is a simple ritual:

  1. Sixes are taken out of the deck. The remaining cards are shuffled and partially removed on their own.
  2. The deck is divided into five stacks, each with 6 elements.
  3. One by one from the stacks take away one card until a king or queen is caught. Then the removed elements are deposited in a common column.
  4. The resulting incomplete deck is again divided into five relatively equal parts. Work with them by the method described above.
  5. From the new stack of cards collect all the ladies and kings with their shirts up.
  6. Then they are laid out one by one in a row by turning them over. If a pair is found consisting of a queen and a king of the same suit lying together, the marriage will be successful.

What is the lover thinking?

Women have always been interested in men’s thoughts. After all, what’s on the mind of the chosen one remains a mystery even for the most sensitive partners. Look into the heart of a guy will help a simple, but effective divination:

  1. Shuffle the deck. Hold it in hands and read the incantation “Cards of four suits, reveal to me the truth about (name of the chosen one). What he wants, what he does not say, what he hides in his soul. After this, the cards shift to themselves.
  2. Choose a king that corresponds to the object of adoration.
  3. Then distribute the deck in fan rows with the shirt down until the right king falls out. Draw three more cards.

Elements above and below the lover’s card will tell about his desires. Pictures arranged diagonally will reveal the innermost thoughts.

During the divination, you must constantly think about the man. Interpret the combination in accordance with the table.

Meanings of the reading

Before proceeding to divination on the cards, it is necessary to find the one that corresponds to the diviner:

Age and marital status Suit
25, free diamonds
25-50, married or single Hearts
over 50 clubs

A woman is a queen and a man is a king. Spades denotes rivals.

Remember. Even the best and strongest divinations will be useless without the skill of understanding all images. It is in memorizing them that the greatest difficulty of such witchcraft lurks.

In order for the interpretations to be correct, you need to learn how to decipher them. The table shows what each card means:

One card means several, sometimes opposite concepts. Therefore, it is necessary to interpret the reading, taking into account the whole combination.

In what cases, the divination will not come true

Not always a prediction made at home comes true. If it happened to a beginner, you should not give up trying to know your fate with the playing cards. You need to understand the possible reasons for the failure, so you can work on your mistakes.

  1. Someone used a deck to play a game. This action negatively affects the veracity of the results.
  2. The divination was done on unsuitable days. There are numbers on which the otherworld is most distant from our own. On such days, no magical rituals should be performed.
  3. The divination was made for selfish purposes and with bad intentions. Experienced magicians say that in this case, the cards will not tell the truth.
  4. The person has changed his fate. Prediction reveals the future, which will come when the person will continue to follow the chosen path. If he changes his behavior and attitude towards life, his fate will also be different.
  5. A skeptical attitude toward divination. Cards do not reveal the truth to those who do not trust them.
  6. Failure to follow the rules of the ritual.
  7. Incorrect determination of the timing and timing of the divination.
  8. Violation of confidentiality. The results of the reading should not be revealed to other people.

Another common reason among beginners is incorrect decoding. To solve this problem, you need to gain experience.

Forbidden days

The truthfulness of the prediction depends not only on the energy and correctness of the decoding, but also on the days in which the ritual is performed.

Unfavorable time for divination:

  1. Church holidays. The exception is Christmas.
  2. Resurrection. Any rituals on this day of the week are extremely negatively treated by the church.
  3. Friday and Saturday.
  4. 19th, 29th, 15th and 9th lunar days. The energy of such days will interfere with the cards.
  5. During illness. When divination, a person spends a lot of his energy, which negatively affects his health.

The best days for fortune-telling are the magical holidays of Ivan Kupala, Shrovetide, and birthdays. The most favorable are also the 13th, 10th, 12th, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 6th lunar days.

Useful tips for beginners

Experienced fortune tellers believe that anyone can learn their skills.

  1. When guessing, it is necessary to distract yourself from extraneous thoughts. In the beginning, to maintain concentration, it is desirable to continuously repeat in your mind the question of interest.
  2. In order to get in the right mood, it is worth creating an atmosphere in the room that is conducive to it. Magicians use candles and aromatic oils. It is easier to concentrate in a semi-dark room, pulling the curtains.
  3. Inexperienced diviners should allow their energy to recover. In one day, it is worth considering no more than 1 question.
  4. On an auspicious day, buy several packs of cards at once.
  5. Decks should be stored in a separate place.
  6. To interpret a deck for beginners, it’s better to use a cheat sheet.
  7. Deciphering the combination of images to apply your intuition.

Fortune-telling with playing cards – this simple and effective ritual, which are used by magicians not one hundred years. Learn to work with a deck of their own is not difficult. All you need to do is follow all the rules and believe in the veracity of the predictions.

The simplest divination cards: for love, the future and relationships

In order to read the cards is not necessary to resort to the services of professional fortune tellers and pay money for it, because the card divination can easily be learned by everyone. We recommend that beginners to learn the simplest divination on the cards of love and a loved one before proceeding to a more complex scenario using the Tarot or Madame Lenorman. Simple divination on playing cards quickly and accurately answers the question posed and does not require knowledge of complex combinations, interpretations and techniques. Most card divinations have come to us from other countries through nomadic gypsy tabor. Some of them have evolved quite a bit over the centuries. Either way, card fortune-telling remains at all times one of the most accurate and simple ways to predict the future.

A great selection! The most affordable, free and easiest online fortune-telling on regular 36 playing cards for love, relationships and the future.

Major Rules and Features of Fortune-telling with Playing Cards

Before you proceed directly to fortune-telling on playing cards on your beloved, we ask you very much to get acquainted with some basic rules:

  • If a woman is wondering about her fate or love, the most favorable days for this will be the days of the week with feminine names, such as Wednesday, Friday, Saturday;
  • As for men, on the contrary, the most favorable days for them to fortune-telling are the days of the week with male names: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday;
  • On Sunday, it is not recommended to fortune-telling. In addition, it is not recommended to divine on church holidays;
  • In love, divination is performed with a lighted red candle, while fortune and good luck – with a lighted green or yellow candle. If a candle goes out during divination – it’s a sign that the divination must be stopped immediately;
  • When guessing with playing cards, the deck must be new or previously participated only in fortune telling. If the deck of cards has been played at least once, it becomes unsuitable for divination.

Consider in our article a few of the most common, proven and simplest divination techniques on playing cards.

Fortune-telling on cards On the future of a loved one

The best time for fortune-telling is on your birthday, because on that day the results will be most accurate, but if it is not soon, and you can start guessing on the future events are impatient, you can start wondering and on any other day.

  • Light three yellow candles, carefully shuffle the deck, concentrate and concentrate.
  • Draw one card at random from the deck, the suit of this card will determine the person whose fate you decided to guess. It can be you or another person you are interested in.
  • Find the King or Queen card of that suit and place it open in the center of the table. Carefully shuffle the deck, mentally asking several times “What will happen?
  • Count six cards and place the seventh card above the card of the puzzled face, then count six cards again and place the seventh card to the right of the puzzled face card, then similarly from below, to the left and place the last card in the center on the “heart” of the puzzled face. (See diagram)

Scheme: Layout of cards in the simplest divination of the future of your loved one

Now you can proceed to the interpretation of the cards:

  • The card at the top symbolizes the future;
  • At the feet is the past;
  • On the left is the present, which is the consequence of the past;
  • On the right, the present, which is the cause of the future;
  • The last card “on the heart” is the most important thing for the riddled person, the thing he or she cares most about in the present.

Use the classic interpretation of fortune-telling on playing cards, given in our article. This interpretation is time-tested and the experience of our ancestors, so it can be trusted.

Online divination for love on playing cards

If you have no desire to do divination by yourself on feelings or love of your loved one – try online divination, it is free and quite reliable way to learn about the past present and future of your relationship, as well as get valuable advice from the cards. Read the instructions and you’re ready to start guessing and interpreting!

Simple card readings for love

There are many divinations for love, but this is one of the easiest and most reliable. As previously stated in our recommendations, light a red candle.

First Option: “Three Card Fortune-telling”.

Shuffle the deck of 36 cards three times. In general, the longer the cards are in your hands, the more thoroughly they are saturated with your energy and the more authentic answers you will receive.

  • Make a wish for a desired man and ask the cards any question related to him, the answer to which can be either “yes” or “no”. For example, “does he love me?”
  • Now draw three cards from the deck and place them in a row from right to left;

Now pay attention to the colors of the suits of the cards:

  • If all three cards of the red suit (hearts and diamonds) fell out, the answer is positive; if all three cards of the black suit (clubs and spades) fell out, the answer is negative.
  • If there are two cards of the red suit and one of the black suit, or two cards of the black suit and one of the red suit, the combination is interpreted as “most likely yes” or “most likely no”.

Layout and Interpretation: A simple love prediction “On three cards”.

Second Option: “Fortune-telling on the King”.

Another variation of this divination for three cards is “fortune-telling on the King.

  • Place in the center of the table the King of the suit that corresponds to the age of your boyfriend. How to choose it is written here;
  • Next, ask a mental question requiring a yes or no answer concerning the man;
  • Then, place three random cards on the King;
  • The answer to the question is determined depending on the color of the suits of the three cards laid out;

Scheme of reading and interpretation: love prediction “on the King

The easiest guessing game for a guy or a man

An old and proven way to find out how the mystery man feels about you.

  • Take a deck of 36 common playing cards and shuffle it;
  • Lose the King of any suit (except the spades) to a particular man;
  • Then remove and turn over one card at a time in front of you;
  • At the same time, pronounce the following incantation on each card:

Such-and-such a King, tell me dear, do you love me?

“Yes I love, no I do not love, another I will find, you I noticed, not yet noticed” (repeat)

Say the words slowly in time in tact with the laying of the cards until the mystery king falls out.

Fortune-telling on cards for a relationship and love “Four Jacks”.

This simple and popular prediction allows you to know the attitude of four men at once. Take a deck of 36 cards and choose four Jacks from the deck.

  • Ask a man for each suit of cards, better write it down so you won’t forget it later.
  • Try to guess a suit based on the color of the man’s hair: red suits for blondes, blondes and redheads, black suits for dark-haired, bald and very short-cropped men;
  • If you’re only interested in one or two men, you can riddle the rest as strangers.
  • Shuffle the Jacks cards and arrange them on the table shirt-side up so you don’t know which is which.
  • Carefully shuffle the rest of the deck of cards and place all the cards in four stacks under the Jacks. There should be eight cards in each stack.
  • From each stack, select the paired cards and place them on the corresponding Jack card.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards again and repeat the same layout three times.

Layout of playing cards for love and relationships with a loved one on four jacks.

After doing this, turn over Jacks and you can proceed to the interpretation of paired cards. Use our hint:

  • 6s – the young man is too shy to make the first move. Take the initiative;
  • 7s – you’re about to have a romantic date;
  • 8- You’re about to have a serious conversation, so be prepared;
  • 9s – the man likes you, but you can’t count on much more than that;
  • 10s – pay attention to this man, he has long been unrequitedly in love with you;
  • Ladies – the young man’s heart is busy with someone else, it’s useless to knock on his door;
  • Kings – the enigmatic man is very hot-tempered and jealous, be careful with him;
  • Aces – the man is in love with you, don’t be afraid to reveal your feelings to him.

Take note, you can guess on the same men no more than once a month, otherwise you will be cheated by the cards for being too curious.

Note: fortune-telling on simple cards is impossible without knowing their meanings. Learn the meaning of the cards by heart is not necessary, because you can always refer to the interpretation posted in our article.

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