Signs that a man is in love.

How a man in love behaves: the secrets of words and gestures

Women are naturally endowed with a developed intuition that helps them feel the emotions of others. However, when it comes to relationships, we want more certainty. Knowing, for example, whether you like the young man, it is easier to figure out how to behave and communicate properly.

Men are so proud of their courage and character, that never in their lives will not allow to show weakness. And in relationships: falling in love, will hide their feelings, until they make sure that their chosen one – the one, the only and unrepeatable. To girls do not have to puzzle, here’s how to behave in love man and how to distinguish genuine feelings from a simple infatuation.

The psychology of a man in love

All members of the fair sex dream to be loved. The desire for reciprocal feelings often leads to the fact that ladies incorrectly perceive men’s actions. A simple look in the eyes is regarded as a desire to get closer, and a cheerful smile as a sign of falling in love. This search for reciprocity prevents girls from soberly evaluating the situation. To avoid ridiculous situations, let’s find out how a man in love behaves.

The feeling of falling in love may come unexpectedly, outside of your desire. If the mind will oppose mental impulses, no amount of willpower will not deter a man from changing behavior. Even the most insecure young men with a lot of complexes will certainly change.

No matter how hard a man tries to reject feelings and get rid of attachment, not wanting to admit that he is in love, it is not so easy. If he really liked the girl – it is noticeable.

Representatives of the male sex will always make a choice in favor of the girl with whom he feels relaxed and comfortable. To build a joint future with a lady that he is not in love and does not feel affection, he simply will not. Even after starting a relationship, he will not be confident in his own choice, constantly looking closely at her. If, however, over time, the young man will be convinced of the correctness of his choice – the feeling will grow into love. But in the case of disappointment you can count on nothing more than friendship.

Psychologists assert that a man in love will behave with restraint, hiding his own feelings until he is sure that he has met the one and is ready to call her his own. But there are verbal and nonverbal signs that can help you understand his attitude.

Reasons why men hide their feelings.

Representatives of the male sex is not typical to openly show their feelings, they prefer to hide their own emotions to the last. But this behavior has a reason:

  1. Emotions make them vulnerable and vulnerable . Men are afraid that you learn about their feelings, you just decide to use them to achieve personal goals.
  2. Male representatives, admitting their feelings, not always ready to start a family. So they are afraid that after the words of love elected to pull them into the marriage contract, or want to live together.
  3. The guy may have an unfinished relationship or a wife. In any case, appreciate it and try to be sympathetic to his silence.

The first signs of a man’s love

How does a man in love behave? This is far from a mystery. It is quite simple to determine. The behavior of a man who has feelings for you when you meet him changes immediately. The mood rises, he glows with happiness.

Some men are trying to be as honest and open, in which case it will be easy to determine his feelings. But more often you can meet a gentleman who will stoically hold on and mask their own love, despite the fire burning inside. Sometimes it may feel that the detached and cold to you, but do not jump to conclusions, it may be completely wrong.

Male representatives in a state of love are prone to impulsive actions. The desire to touch you, to be closer to you sometimes seems rushed. Sometimes it is enough to one enticing glance that he gave you a hug or a kiss. Blame his chosen one in such a hurry is not necessary, because in matters of the heart men lose control over themselves. Especially if he was initially confident, persistent and impulsive.

But a man in love may behave shyly. Often, emerging feelings make the stronger sex to feel vulnerable, they begin to be modest and hesitant to make compliments. Of course, such manifestations of love is not particularly helpful in the development of relationships, but cross them off the list of “symptoms” is not worth it. Often it is the insecurity of the gentleman can help you understand his true intentions.

Behavioral signs of falling in love man

Behavior is transformed simultaneously with the temperament:

  1. Feelings motivate shy men to loosen up . And they begin to open up and show their feelings not only to their chosen one, but also to society.
  2. But as for the open and active young people, they tend to close when they fall in love. He needs time to sort out his own feelings. Constant thoughts make him more withdrawn and taciturn.
  3. The ideal is when a man in love begins to behave like a mature and masculine gentleman: gives flowers and gifts, gallantly opens the door and gives his hand. Among other things, he is interested in your thoughts and opinions, he is interested in all areas of your life.
  4. A calm by nature a man is not inclined to draw attention to themselves, transformed in your society. He becomes energetic, brightly expresses his emotions, smiles. Such behavior indicates that the guy is trying to hide his true feelings behind a mask of cheerfulness. If you are interested in his true intentions and character – ask his friends to communicate with him outside of your society.
  5. Constantly looking for an excuse to be near. The young man clings to any opportunity to build a dialogue with you, looking for an opportunity to inadvertently touch. Such behavior with one hundred percent probability indicates that the man is interested in you.

Non-verbal signs of man falling in love

To understand how a man in love behaves, whether he hides his feelings, what his true intentions are, you should pay attention not only to the change in his behavior, but also to the nonverbal signs. These signs are difficult to trace, but they cannot be controlled:

  1. Psychologists are able to immediately determine whether there is sympathy between partners or not, simply by assessing the reaction of people to each other. For example, after making a joke, a man will definitely look at the object of sympathy, he will want to understand whether he liked the joke or not, to admire the smile. This happens unconsciously. If the witticism came from someone else, the young man will evaluate the reaction of his chosen one first. Everyone else is not interested in him.
  2. Gusts of feelings do not allow the man to calm his own hands . He is constantly fiddling with something, moving it in his hands, hiding them in his pockets, exposing his thumbs out. You can catch almost any member of the stronger sex at this.
  3. A grown man in love acts like a child. He can’t take his eyes off the object of his desire. If you manage to catch his gaze, you will see that he has dilated pupils and raised eyebrows.

The main thing is not to overdo it in your observations. After all, a colleague’s daily address, “Good morning!”, does not indicate that the man is acting this way because he is in love. It is simply politeness and good breeding.

The difference between falling in love and infatuation

First of all, it is worth making sure that the man’s goals are serious. It is important to be careful, otherwise you will simply become a victim of another affair. It is possible that he has no feelings for you, but only wants to satisfy personal needs. The likelihood that he will fall in love, of course, is, but most likely you just become another trophy for him.

Pay attention to some signs. They will help you to understand if a man is in love with you or just infatuated:

  • Men are quite conservative in their choice of clothing, but if a cavalier is sincerely in love with you, he will be ready for almost any change. For the sake of satisfying only physical desires, he will not agree to visual changes in the image.
  • Watch his gaze. Man, feeling to you only sports interest, will dare to look you straight in the eye. A man in love, in turn, will experience a kind of embarrassment.
  • One desire to get to your body is too little to show care. Lack of interest in your life and problems indicates the non-seriousness of the man’s feelings.
  • Always in a hurry beau who has no time to talk to you – another example of the fact that you – only a mild infatuation. A man who is truly in love, even if he is married, will behave like a true knight, taking an interest in your life and caring about your well-being.
  • For a man in love, you will be a muse. He will want to get not your body, but reciprocal feelings.

Ways to check the man’s feelings

Representatives of the male sex are not accustomed to talk about their feelings. So, after receiving a declaration of love, do not rush to rejoice. It is likely that this is a lie to achieve the object of desire or simply an exaggeration. Similarly, a man, hiding his feelings in every possible way, may be madly in love with you. To find out the truth of his feelings, you can do a little test:

Direct questions always confuse the man. Ask him, “Are you in love with me?” and watch his reaction. The answer isn’t as important here as the behavioral assessment. If the man is confused, chances are he does have feelings for you.

A man who is not in love with you will act as if he were a colleague to whom you asked an inappropriate question – the very calmness. Not wanting to talk about his lack of feelings, out of politeness, he is likely to mumble something ambiguous and vague. Or in general, you may get an answer as if it were a completely different question, something like, “Why not?”

If a man is really in love with you, the cancellation of the date will sincerely upset him. His offense he will express quite brightly. But a man who is not aimed at a serious relationship and only wants to have fun with you, will be as calm as possible in such a situation. Perhaps he will show his dissatisfaction, but it will not hurt him.

But be careful. If he understands that there was no reason to postpone the meeting, that it was only a test, he will change his opinion about you. And not for the better.

Fantasize a serious problem and tell your loved one about it. A man who has true feelings for you, instantly begin to look for ways to fix the situation. He’ll help you and want to know how the whole process is going.

A man who is not in love with you will not be happy if you ask him for help. If there is no love and joint plans, there are no common problems.

This way is the hardest to uncover. The man will never suspect that this is some kind of test. The essence of this method is to start an argument with your friends in which you will defend a point of view opposite to that held by your beau.

Do this experiment and observe how the man will behave. If he is in love, he will support your opinion. If he doesn’t feel it, he will calmly assert his opinion.

See how your chosen one reacts if you start flirting with someone else. A man in love with you, even jealous, will behave like a real gentleman. He will be upset, but will not cause a scandal. Otherwise, you will see how he gets angry and despises you.

For a man in love, there is nothing offensive in your flirting, he is just annoyed. All of his emotions can easily be understood by his facial expression. Don’t torture him too long, your task is only to determine the reaction.

Many ladies do not always trust their own intuition, in which case you can ask friends to get acquainted with your chosen one. From the outside, indeed, you can often see more clearly what is going on. Uninterested people always evaluate the situation as it is.

For a truly unbiased evaluation, do not introduce your man to your close friends and relatives. It is better to choose a male friend to check.

Now you know how a man in love behaves and how to determine the sincerity of his feelings. But we do not recommend to focus on the checks. Sometimes it is necessary to wait a little while and the whole truth will reveal itself. After all, the real feelings for a long time to hold back just impossible.

How to know that a man is in love: 10 eloquent signs

Usually, not every man shows the feelings that he is experiencing. However, if he is really in love, it can be determined by some of the features of his behavior. What exactly, tells our expert, psychologist Nadezhda Akimova.

Signs of a man in love: top 10

1. Manner of behavior

When a young man realizes that he is in love, at first very carefully hides his true feelings. This can be because of fear of rejection from a woman, or he does not want her to make fun of him.

Often a man in love feels some excitement, embarrassment, tension. His gestures may be a little twitchy, nervous. The young man in love usually talks a lot, and his face may often blush.

2. The Look

How can you tell if a man is in love? By his look. He will scrutinize the object of his admiration at every opportunity, and a woman will often catch his studying gaze.

At such moments, a man changes, his eyes literally begin to shine and radiate happiness. And catching a counter glance of the woman to whom he is not indifferent, he immediately turns away, not showing his interest.

The Emphasis on Details.

How does a man in love behave? He begins to observe the object of his passion and notice what she particularly likes. And this is already considered a manifestation of sufficiently strong feelings.

A man may very often mention in the conversation things that are also interesting to the woman. This may be, for example, her favorite movie, song or the name of a favorite cafe. He will also try to remember the color she prefers, the time of year, or any other such details casually mentioned by the woman. When a man shows such interest, it is the surest sign of his affection.

4. Caring

The behavior of a man in love is characterized by a certain care, and participation in a woman’s life is usually directly proportional to the quality of love. That is, such a man will never, for example, let a woman freeze or stay hungry.

He will definitely take her cat to the vet, replace a blown light bulb or fix a faucet. He can lend her money or even pay off another loan payment. In general, he is able to clearly organize everything and solve any of her problems.

5. Positive changes

Very often a man in love begins to change his lifestyle. He suddenly begins to exercise abruptly and may give up habits he has followed all his life, for example, stop smoking.

In his closet there are new things. Or he even signed up for Chinese courses and began to read a lot, improving his knowledge and skills. That is, a man is transformed as much as possible, and it is simply impossible not to notice.

6. Physiological signs of a guy in love.

They are easily detected by dilated pupils, which increase in size because of the release of hormones. His palms may also become very sweaty because of excitement, which is immediately evident in a handshake.

Often he feels hot from the mere presence of a beloved woman, and this indicates one hundred percent sympathy, although the appearance of blush is considered in some people the usual physiological characteristics. The man may even change his voice from the surge of feelings and become low.

7. The desire to date

A man who is full of love will always find a reason to see his beloved more often. He will think of something that will definitely not be able to stop him on his way to a woman. For example, in order to spend time together, he may involve a woman in one of his activities, and he will choose one that will suit them both.

8. Compliments

When a young man is in love, he can easily pay a lot of compliments to his girlfriend. But you should pay attention to exactly how he pronounces the pleasant words. If he really loves, then he will try to touch his woman when he talks to her. And in general, a man in love will always try to look into the eyes and to touch his loved one.

9. Flirting

A man in love, seeing an interesting woman in front of him, always openly flirts with her. Do not take this as a “naked pickup”, it may be the only way to get to know a woman. Flirting can be a perfectly justifiable way to start a relationship, and most importantly, it is a fairly eloquent indicator of a man’s interest.

10. Jealousy

If a man is jealous, this certainly does not indicate that he is in love, but if there is no jealousy, then there is nothing to talk about. A man who is in love with a woman always tries to follow her (but does not turn into a stalker).

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