Signs of cheating boyfriend – set out in detail

How to know if a guy is cheating on you and cheating

Suspicions of infidelity plague many young girls. Find out for sure if a man is cheating is not easy. Girls have to look closely at the behavior of the beloved to understand whether her boyfriend is cheating. There are sure signs that will help you determine whether it was really cheating.

Physical signs

Women’s forums often discuss how to tell if a guy is cheating on you by his testicles. This old test is really very effective, but to conduct it without the consent of the man is extremely difficult. Do it this way: the guy lies down in a tub of water. If he has recently had sex, the testicles will lie on the body under their own weight. If there was no sex, the male “balls” will float freely in the water. Unfortunately, this folk method does not confirm the accuracy of infidelity 100%, so we advise girls to pay attention to other physiological signs of infidelity:

  1. Decreased libido. The lover does not just avoid going to bed with his girlfriend, but really does not want sex with her. The libido decreases because he has enough pleasures on the side.
  2. Increased attention to his appearance. The man begins to lose weight, go to the gym, is interested in fashionable news in clothes, perfumes. This is due to the fact that he wants to look better for his mistress.
  3. The asymmetrical face in quarrels, the woman’s attempts to figure out the relationship. It is a recognized fact in psychology that sincere emotions are displayed on all parts of the face, and fake ones are not. If the husband wants to hide the deception, he will try to lie, to smooth out the conflict, to evade an answer. At this point, his face will be asymmetrical. An example of this is the crooked smile.
  4. A straight back, chin up. If before the guy was hunched over, walking, looking under his feet, now his posture and the planting of his head will change. He is pleased with himself as a man, a male, he is overwhelmed with pride. Confidence has been instilled in him by his new love.
  5. The look. Becomes wandering, secretive. If the guy does not want to part with his girlfriend, and an affair started out of boredom, he is afraid that his gaze will betray him. He tries not to look at the cheating girlfriend, avoids face to face conversations.

The main causes of adultery in couples named addiction to each other and the desire for adventure, risk.

Psychological signs

To know if a guy is cheating helps female intuition. Look closely at the behavior of a potential cheater, talk to him. Signs of infidelity will be the following signs:

  1. Indifference to sex. His heart and head are busy with other things – new relationships, experiences. There is not enough mental strength for a girlfriend.
  2. Increased attention to the legitimate girlfriend. This is the flip side of lying. Sometimes cheaters feel guilt for what they have done and become more attentive, caring and affectionate. If the guy began to make frequent unexpected gifts, is too active in bed, without reason tries to improve your relationship, there is reason to think about treason.
  3. Often talks about the need for rest. It is difficult for a man to be torn on two fronts, he gets tired, so he complains to the woman about fatigue. If the man has no rush at work, health problems, check his phone book for new female names.
  4. Loved working, going for walks with the dog. If this has not been seen in him before, you should be wary. Probably, his new passion is where he wants to go faster.
  5. Unclear expenses. The man stops bringing home his entire salary, spending money on unknown needs. The beloved will try to hide this fact, so keeping his wallet under surveillance will be very useful.
  6. Anxiety related to the phone. He does not leave the room if the smartphone is on charge, always carries it with him, put a password on personal pages in the computer, hides messages and calls.
  7. Frequent business trips, trips out of town. It takes time to meet a mistress. If you send a man to work trips became more frequent, there is reason to call his boss and clarify the purpose of business trips.

One sign from the entire list of signs cannot be fundamental and confirm treason 100%. They should be a few. Therefore, do not arrange a major quarrel with parting immediately, take a closer look at the behavior and the man for a longer time.

By correspondence

The question of how to understand that a guy is cheating by correspondence is often asked to psychologists by teenagers. Their communication is reduced to forwarding messages to each other, in reality they see each other much less often. So, in text messages you can find such signs of infidelity:

  1. He writes less frequently, colder.
  2. He stopped to wish good morning, good night.
  3. Does not send nice gifts, surprises.
  4. Does not like photos and does not answer messages for a long time.
  5. Often sits online in social networks, and does not write anything to his beloved.

In correspondence between a man and his “colleagues” at work, you can determine treason by the following signs:

  • He arranges with acquaintances that they will cover his absence from home.
  • In the phone book appeared suspicious Kolya, Vasya, about whose existence you do not know.
  • The guy often corresponds with a work colleague at night.
  • He receives virtual gifts in social networks from an unknown sender.
  • In correspondence with “Vasya” he is gentle, affectionate, but does not call him by name. The letter looks like a coded message.

According to psychologists, 75% of men are prone to cheating.

At a distance.

Men often have affairs on the side when they are on business trips, go on watch duty, serve in the army. It is impossible to look into the eyes of your sweetheart and calculate the lie, so it is difficult to know if a guy is cheating on you from a distance. However, several signs of infidelity can be noticed, even if they are thousands of miles from each other:

  1. Conversations on the phone. The unfaithful guy’s intonation will change. If feelings have cooled down, he no longer misses his soulmate, distracted by another, he will talk dryly, use fewer caressing words.
  2. Change of time for communication. If before you called with a friend at strictly defined hours, for example, at 22:00, before going to bed or early in the morning, now he will free up this time for the other. And with your beloved, you can talk even in your lunch break.
  3. New interests. This is an indirect sign of adultery, but you can also tell by it that the guy is cheating and deceiving. Especially if the man is very lazy, does not like change. Perhaps he was persuaded to such exploits by his new girlfriend.

On a side note! Men admit that they feel ashamed of cheating, especially if the infidelity occurred spontaneously, under the influence of alcohol. But to give up the temptation to be in someone else’s bed again can only 25% of them.

If observing your other half gives you nothing, and anxiety and suspicion do not leave you, take the free quiz. Answer simple questions and calculate your score. This will help you figure out if the guy has cheated or if his soul and thoughts are pure.

  1. Your boyfriend’s routine has changed a lot lately: A. Yes, quite a lot. B. No change at all. C. Something has changed.
  2. Does your husband (boyfriend) leave his phone unattended: A. No, he carries it with him all the time. B.He leaves his smartphone lying around freely. C.The phone is nearby if he is driving in the car, sleeping.
  3. How can you characterize your relationship lately: A. We are estranged, we don’t understand each other. B. We still spend time together, we talk about everything. C. He is very busy; he is often away from home; I miss him.
  4. What about your sex life: A. Intimacy has changed a lot. My husband is now cold, now he is too passionate. B. There is no passion at all. В. Everything is stable.
  5. He often cheats on you: A. Yes, I catch him in little lies every day. B. I know everything, he doesn’t try to hide anything. C. I think he lies, but I cannot prove anything.
  6. Do you know what his ex-girlfriend does and how she lives? A. Yes, she still has a crush on him. B. No, her husband doesn’t talk about her, they are enemies now. C. Yes, she is my friend.
  7. What does he answer to the question, can you cheat on me? A. No, never. B. There is a chance. C. It depends on how you treat me.

The test results are decoded as follows:

  • If A dominates the answers, the probability of cheating is very high.
  • The most B answers mean that your husband is clean as a baby. There is no need to suspect him of cheating.
  • Frequent answers labeled B indicate that your spouse or boyfriend is looking on the side. Try to prevent treason, pay more attention to your own man.

Advice from a psychologist

To survive betrayal, namely treason from a loved one – it means to suffer, to suffer, to worry. In order that despair does not turn into psychological self-destruction, go this way:

  1. Don’t waste time on suspicions, even if they are obvious and don’t need proof. Talk to your loved one straight. It is better to hear the truth from him than to guess.
  2. Accept what happened.
  3. If you decide to continue the relationship with the cheater, take his nature as a given. Be prepared to be constantly on the warpath with your other half.
  4. Stop controlling your spouse if you have ever forgiven him for cheating. Don’t bring up resentment every time you quarrel.
  5. Take a pause in the relationship. You need to move away from the stress, make an informed decision.
  6. If living together, dating after adultery is impossible, break off the relationship completely.
  7. Seek help from a psychologist.

Girls know a lot of ways to figure out if a guy is cheating. The main thing is to realize exactly what you need. Sometimes it is better to close your eyes to the occasional cheating and not to rake up the past, or to break off relations forever, if you are unambiguously forbidden to cheat.

The first signs of adultery husband

Every woman wants to be a faithful life partner and a reliable shoulder, but everyone is different, and we can not change it. Therefore, it is very difficult to avoid problems and cheating in a relationship. But there are different ways in which you can identify cheating or the first signs that her husband is cheating. Some of them are obvious, but for the most part, they are not so easy to identify.

Ways to tell if your husband is cheating

Rely on your intuition.

It may seem strange to some, but most women definitely have a feeling when a suspicion of cheating on their spouse creeps into their souls. But only in a situation where the spouse has begun to be regularly delayed at work, do not immediately accuse him of being unfaithful, try to understand the situation.

It is likely that he may be delayed at the office because of the heavy workload. And he won’t like to be suspected of cheating just because he has a heavy workload on his hands. But this is a great starting point for your inner voice. Think about it, has his behavior changed recently? Of course, you won’t worry if he’s delayed once. But when it happens systematically, you should be vigilant.

Try to write down when he behaves strangely. Put in a notebook any deviation from his usual behavior. Although most husbands try to behave naturally and show no signs of going “left”, but if you are together for a long time, you will notice the strange. Take the test and find out what the chances to return her husband

The most obvious signs of husband infidelity in behavior

  1. He receives strange phone calls in the evening and at night. At the same time he either does not pick up the phone, or answers one-syllable calls. Sometimes he says that there is just a wrong number.
  2. He can’t explain the increased expenses. Spending has increased dramatically, and it is impossible to see what the money was really spent on. This is especially felt before the holidays, although gifts for the spouse and children are not as expensive as what was spent. The husband himself usually attributes the expenses to various fines and wage reductions. There can be many stories, and the more often this happens, the more likely there is to be marital infidelity.
  3. You feel that your spouse’s scent has changed . New scents coming from your husband. Moreover, it may be not only women’s perfume, but also a new men’s perfume. It happens that the familiar scent of men’s eau de toilette is modified because of foreign notes. And the most sensitive young ladies may feel that the natural body odor has changed. Intimacy with a new partner may well affect this.
  4. The spouse is clearly lying and hiding something . The spouse used to be talkative and outgoing, but now has abruptly become silent and comes up with silly excuses. The husband stopped sharing how his day went. When a man has a mistress, the need to communicate he fills with her, and his wife with his talk is boring and irritating.
  5. He tries to fulfill all your desires . The spouse begins to feel guilty before his wife, and so begins to behave that way. He tries by all means to make up for the guilt and behaves excessively tender and caring. This can be seen in relation to the children: now he allows them to do things that were previously prohibited.

These are just some of the signs of infidelity of her husband. Another way to determine the presence of another woman in the life partner is to observe how he behaves around other representatives of the fair sex. Pay attention to whom he keeps his eyes and at what distance from you, his legitimate wife. Does he often look in the direction of other women? If you caught your favorite in this behavior, then you have for him to become less interesting and it is likely that he is looking for new experiences on the side.

What you should do depends on the specific situation. Talk to your beloved heart-to-heart and find out what the reason for this behavior. Just do not forget to preserve dignity, do not fall into hysterics and do not roll up the scandal.

Hidden signs of adultery husband

    1. № 1. The spouse began to monitor his appearance . He began to take a shower much more often and pay special attention to hygiene. He now takes care of his appearance, buys new things and even changed his style. He even got new underwear, although he never bought it himself before. He takes a long time to choose what to wear, he buys stylish accessories. And after he comes home, his beloved immediately goes to the shower, especially if he was not so clean before.
    2. № 2. Husband avoids eye contact . When you ask questions, he averts his eyes and tries not to look at you at all during a conversation. This may be due to shame, so he acts like a child who has done something wrong.
    3. № 3. Beloved secretly talks on the phone and hides it inaccessible to you place. In doing so, he tries not to let go of the gadget, reacts painfully to questions about who called him. The spouse often locks himself in the bathroom with the phone and turns on the water so he can’t be heard.
      1. № 4. Your chosen one’s phone and computer used to not require a password, but now you can’t use them . Even on social media, he has blocked your access to his page, coming up with ridiculous excuses for it.
      2. № 5. Your partner reacts nervously and rudely refuses a request to see what he’s doing on his phone and laptop . Perhaps there are new apps he hasn’t used before.
      3. № 6. An increase or decrease in sexual activity can be a sure sign of cheating . A sharp decrease in sex indicates that the life partner is filling a need for intimacy on the side. The increase in sexual advances occurs because the husband is trying to hide their passages “left. Another sign is new positions and experiments in sex.
      4. № 7. If your lover has become hostile toward you, this may be a sign of infidelity . He is trying to walk away from his guilt and put it on your shoulders. Your spouse may also say that you have become worse looking or are not satisfying him in bed.
      5. № 8. He has become more talkative than before . Your spouse wants to know in great detail what you’ve been doing all day. He may also start conversations about topics he wasn’t previously interested in.
      6. № 9. The husband has become a workaholic . Suddenly, the beloved began to attend all corporate parties, gather with colleagues in the countryside and go on frequent business trips. Unscheduled meetings, reporting, meetings, frequent delays at work – all this should alert a loving wife. At the same time, he comes home tired, but at the same time very satisfied and in a good mood.
      7. № 10. Problems with the car have appeared. Your sweetheart has begun to break down more often, the front passenger seat has moved in another way than is convenient for you. The favorite began to call more often for a car wash or service station, and now they are very far from your house. Cigarette butts of other people’s cigarettes appeared in the ashtray, and the car itself began to demand much more money for repair than before. Where are the guarantees that it is really a repair, and not a desire to be alone with someone?
      8. № 11. A man’s habits have changed . For example, his gastronomic preferences have changed, because the other woman tastes different dishes. In addition, his usual route may have changed – now his spouse travels the road where his new passion lives.
      9. № 12. Detachment . The husband has become aloof and inattentive; he doesn’t remember what you tell him. Household issues are no longer relevant to him, and he shifts all problems to his wife. He began to forget important dates: the wedding day, the day of birth of his wife and children. The husband forgets to fulfill minor requests and tries to avoid contact with family members as much as possible.
      1. № 13. Significant changes in behavior . The spouse’s vocabulary has increased and he is using words he never used before. He may become more relaxed, as the arrival of a new partner makes him confident and increases his self-esteem. The cheating husband’s behavior speaks for itself.
      2. № 14. Lipstick on his shirt collar . Sure, it can happen that someone on public transportation in a crush accidentally leaned their lipstick on their husband’s clothes, but in most cases this is a hidden sign of cheating.
      3. № 15. Reaction to Criticism and Mood . In the evening the beloved comes home in an elevated mood, while the wife can upset any little thing. In this case, a man who at least once cheated on his significant other, as a rule, reacts very painfully to any criticism. He begins to feel that his wife underestimates him.

      One of the most obvious signs of infidelity.

      If the spouse has decided to cheat, the last thing he wants to do is to talk to his wife about what he has done. When you see the first signs of adultery husband, be sure to talk to him about it. He will start by any means to avoid the conversation and do everything possible to move the conversation in another direction.

      The spouse may begin to accuse the partner of mistrust, but do not consider yourself to be at fault. As mentioned above, if your intuition tells you that your husband is going “left-handed”, then that is the case. After living with a man side by side for many years, you feel it and understand it. Take the test and find out what the chances to return her husband

      How to prevent infidelity

      You do not need to look for signs of an affair on the side of his beloved. Check your relationship in advance. Think about whether they have changed much since the wedding? The fact that sweetheart has not committed any suspicious acts, does not mean that nothing will change and you do not need to make efforts to develop your relationship. Give your spouse more time, love and take care of him. In addition, do not lose sight of your appearance. Take care of yourself, visit beauty salons, and keep in shape.

      Not having sex is another reason why men seek comfort on the side. So watch your sex life, so that the elected one was fully satisfied, and he did not have a desire to seek comfort in another’s bed. It is not recommended to use control and manipulation, because they are not effective ways.

      In addition, it is not necessary to humiliate, beg and plead that he does not leave. As you have understood, a man’s behavior when cheating can be different. But the best way to prevent infidelity is respect and love for your partner. This kind of attitude will only increase the feeling of affection, and greatly reduce the likelihood of infidelity. Create a close relationship with your life partner, try to communicate more and tell him how grateful you are for having him.

      If you have tried all this, but the problem has still arisen, it is probably not your behavior, but in his, for example, “midlife crisis. Most likely the man is afraid that he is getting older, his vitality is draining, and he wants to prove to himself that he is still “Wow-how! This is a very difficult situation for a man, and even more so for you. Here one heart-to-heart talk will not do, because there is no simple solution. But you can always reach out for advice to those who deal professionally with these issues and have a lot of experience in helping couples. If you are interested in figuring out and resolving your situation quickly, watch a video of one of these independent professionals. Click on the screen below to do so:

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