Signs of cheating a woman

How to know if a girl is lying to you

Your girlfriend suddenly started rocking her ass and changed her cotton floral panties for lacy lingerie? Passworded the phone, and at midnight she calls “Ira nails” or “Katya eyelashes”? Any deer, even very much in love, would know it smells like dicks. Strangers.

And if the girls were not insidious and thoughtful, but completely mindless creatures, then this would be the end of the article. But no. Evolution has touched everyone. They learned how to lie, deceive and get away with it.

Let me stress an important point. Never:

  • Underestimate a woman’s meanness.
  • Overestimate her intelligence.

Once again: girls can be very conniving, yes. But not so smart that you can’t figure out that deceit. After all, all women’s lies exist because of two of our weaknesses: spermotoxicosis and stupidity. So at least once in a while turn off your dick and turn on your head. You’re a human being, not an animal.

And I’m gonna give you the full instructions on how to tell if a girl is lying. Don’t thank me. Better copy it, save it, and send it to your friends.

How to know if a girl is lying to you

I give her everything she wants, but I’m not sure how she feels. Is she using me?

What pisses off any normal man the most? It pisses you off when you’re being used. But she looks at me with such honest eyes – is this angel capable of lying? He can. Yes, he can.

And the main sign that you are being used to the fullest extent – is a sense of inequality. It looks like you’re giving more than you’re getting. She lies that she loves you, takes your resources, and gives you, at best, sweet promises.

Women have learned to use lying as a way of adapting and getting favors, benefits, finances, gifts, courtship. How it works. She senses what you need right now and promises it. Sweetly pours, manipulates, and hangs boiled noodles around your manly ears. And you’re happy to try.

So if you think she’s using you, just slow down for a while. Cut off access to your resources, don’t dump anything on her. No, you don’t have to turn on the stiff, but playing temporary hardship is fine.

You’ll see for yourself how her behavior starts to change when you cut off her access to the feeding tube. If she’s using you, she’ll dump you with no regrets. And if she doesn’t, it means you’re lucky and you just imagined it.

Another question is why you are being used?

There are a lot of men with resources, but not everyone is used. And if you find that a girl is constantly lying and taking advantage of you, think about why and for what I let other people use me.

Here’s a hint. It’s about low self-esteem.

If even subconsciously you admit that you’re not good enough to get love for nothing, any – much less a cunningly made girl – will instantly smell it. She’ll use you up and down. And you’ll go on to earn love.

Is that clear? Then let’s move on!

Seven signs that you’re being played for a sucker.

Now, point by point. There are clear markers in a girl’s behavior that will point you to the fact that she’s lying. Remember and don’t be fooled.

You talk to her about serious things, ask her questions, and she turns everything into sex.

– Katerina, where were you till 1:00 last night?

– Just running around. Oh, by the way, do you want a blow job?

Seriously, any question you ask her that touches a hot topic, she’ll bypass, and instead of answering it, she’ll play on your instincts. Will she get into your underpants, start undressing, involve her naughty hands, lips, or whatever you like?

When you ask a question, she can’t answer right away. She stutters, she stammers, she confuses words, she turns her eyes. If she acts like that, you’re lucky. You’re screwed.

There’s another way to behave. It’s the exact opposite, and it’s a little more complicated. It’s when she’s prepared. She knew what you would ask, and thought about her answer in advance, made a clear plan, worked out in detail. And this is the case when the devil is in the details.

If in response to your question she starts to fill you with a song, going into detail and eloquently describing each of his steps – a 99% guarantee that she is trying to fuck you.Her clear plan can be broken. Just ask a sudden additional question that doesn’t fit into the story line. Her nice story will fall apart like a house of cards.

She gets confused about the facts. Stupidly forgets what she told you yesterday. She was in the library, rereading Kafka, then she was getting her nails done at the same time. Clearly, there was no sign of Kafka or nails.

As soon as you bring up an important topic for you, her mood immediately changes. The girl suddenly remembers your sins. Tells her that you do not give her enough time, attention, and in general do not like her. She attacks, in short.

She goes off the deep end. She freaks out, asks questions like, “Why do you ask? What’s wrong?” Then all of a sudden she stops and backs out. I mean: if she’s just in a bad mood, it’s going to be consistently bad. And if she freaks out first and then starts backing up, there’s reason to wonder.

Often cancels plans, cheats on the phone to avoid looking you in the eye. Force majeure situations happen to everyone, and when plans do not change often, and there is a normal reason for it – no big deal. But if she has regular inconsistencies, if she cancels your appointment every other time, for example – that’s a wake-up call for you, my horny friend.

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Three tiphacks: how to catch her on the hot seat

  1. Mr. Nezhdanchik. Find out the approximate routine of her day, be aware of her plans at all times. And… do the unexpected. Call and call her out at a time when she’s supposed to be free. Go over to her place at night, just to give her flowers. Got the logic? If the girl has a little secret, this kind of shenanigans you do will be a shock to her.
  2. Call. Call her at an inconvenient time. Like “say good night” because you can’t sleep. Or when she went for a walk “with her girlfriends” – call and ask if you can pick her up afterwards. If on such calls she constantly flirts or stupidly does not pick up the phone – there is reason for questions.
  3. Listen carefully. Here you will need your ears and your ability to put two and two together, to compare facts and make logical chains. She will tell you everything, she is not Stirlitz. All you have to do is spot the logical contradictions, and it’s up to you what to do with them.

I know she’s lying. Should I send her away or talk to her?

It’s up to you, you’re a grown man. One thing I can tell you. If she’s lying to you, then you let her act that way. She saw that this behavior would work with you and she went over your ears.

I highly recommend that the first time you catch her at even the tiniest bit of pussyfooting, show her that it won’t work that way. Do you want to tell her right away, “Bunny-squirrel, what the fuck?

Or do something more subtle, if the situation is not critical. Some time after she tries to deceive you, whisper in her ear: “I know the truth, I burned you. Silly boy, don’t do that again. Never again.”

Gently but firmly let her know that disrespecting you won’t fly here. Anything at all, out with your things.

And again, to reinforce. How to know if a girl is lying like she’s breathing:

Serious conversation reduces to sex and plays on your instincts, just to get off the subject.

She can’t answer a question clearly, she stammers.

On the contrary, he gives you the answer in great detail. Eloquently describes his every move.

Weakly factual. Forgets what she lied about yesterday and gives a new legend today.

Uses the attack as a defense.

Acts inadequately. Screams first, then backs up sharply.

Regular inconsistencies. Plans change constantly, and it is as if they do not depend only on her. It often happens that she lies by correspondence, and then mutual acquaintances tell you what a gullible horse you are.

And in general, man, I wish you never had to catch your girlfriend in a lie. Because she’ll know you’re not to be trifled with.

Man! You must have a friend with this problem.

Forward this article to him! Maybe it is because of you, he will get out of the friendzone and be able to conquer the girl he likes a lot!

How to understand that your girlfriend lies

The most common reason for a woman to lie is to try to hide her infidelity. How do you know if your girlfriend is lying? Often it is not so easy to do: girls are great actresses and skillfully deceive. Let go of emotions and look at the situation without the impact of hormones: the article describes in detail the signs and ways to recognize lying. All that remains is to put this knowledge into practice. If you want to become a master of relationships with a girl, read my online courses on self-development and seduction!

Contents of the article: “How to understand that your girlfriend is lying.

The main sign that you are being lied to and used.

A complete list of signs will be slightly below, but for now the main reason to doubt her honesty. A woman is lying and using you if your relationship is unequal. You give more than you get, but the woman turns the situation so that it seems that you are on the contrary too inattentive, callous and not enough generous. Her lies are aimed at using you morally, financially and physically.

Why do you meet girls who lie?

Ever wonder why some guys are lucky with girls, but others always get bitches. In this case, it initially seems that the girl is good and decent, but then she goes to all the trouble. The reason is usually the low self-esteem of the man. It seems to him that the girl is the limit of his dreams and he is not worthy of her. The woman feels this and begins to sit on her neck, and the man does not understand the moment when it is time to put her down. He allows himself to be treated with disdain and to lie. Although there are girls who don’t recognize honest relationships in principle, they won’t get involved with tough and specific men who know their worth. Why? It’s simple, because a girl won’t be able to take advantage of such a guy, which means the relationship won’t be profitable for her.

7 signs that you are being lied to: how to find out the truth

Now let’s figure out how to figure out if a girl is lying. Of course, it’s worth thinking about if she disappears for a few days, hides her phone and behaves suspiciously in general, but there are also not so obvious signs of her lying:

  1. She does not answer straightforward questions: she may stammer, get lost, contradict herself. There is another side: she describes everything too colorfully, paying attention to details and at the same time justifying herself, dispelling any doubts. Her speech can resemble a well-rehearsed monologue. Try asking a clarifying question: if she’s lying, she’ll get confused. The technique of repeating the same question at the beginning and at the end of the conversation also works well. If she starts to freak out and doesn’t want to talk, she may not remember what she lied to you before.
  2. To avoid a serious conversation, she moves on to seduction and tenderness. You ask about a coworker who gave her a ride, and she starts flirting with you at the same time so she doesn’t continue the unpleasant conversation, preventing you from knowing the details.
  3. She gets confused about the facts. Yesterday she claimed a friend called her last night, but today she forgot about it and claims there was a call from her mom. Inconsistencies like this help you know she’s lying.
  4. She attacks you to protect herself. She may start crying, screaming, playing the victim, and accusing you of being cruel so you can’t know she’s lying.
  5. Often her line of behavior, her judgment, changes. Not only do you have to adjust to her, but it also feels like she’s dependent on someone too, so she constantly changes your plans without explanation.
  6. Your mutual acquaintances sometimes tell you facts that contradict what you know. There are times when friends openly tell you that she is cheating on you. Don’t immediately think it’s jealousy: It’s better to get to the bottom of the situation.
  7. Her phone is password-protected, as if she were keeping state secrets. The same goes for social media. If you ask to use her phone, she’ll dig around for a long time, deleting unnecessary stuff, before she gives you her cell phone so you can’t find out anything.

These signs will tell you how to tell if a girl is cheating on you, but there are other ways to recognize a lie. Give her a little test.

Ways to catch her in a lie

Even if she knows how to lie and does it convincingly, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the girl out. Here are 3 ways to find out the truth:

  1. Make a surprise call. For example, she said she would be home in the evening and she has a lot to do. Catching the girl red-handed will help with a surprise call or even a visit. Come up with a good excuse for an urgent meeting or conversation to find out the truth.
  2. Just listen to her and remember. You don’t even have to do anything: She will give herself away with inconsistencies.
  3. Arrange unexpected surprises and meetings. Ask her out of the blue for a date, stop by in the evening just to give her flowers. She says she will be home, but she is not – this is reason to wonder about the honesty of her words. Or maybe you’ll get even more “lucky” and catch her with someone else.

If you do not want to check the girl, but it is important for you to know the truth, use psychology and nonverbal signals. They will help you both know if your girlfriend is lying to you and reveal other secrets.

How to know if she’s lying without words: her body will give you away

If the girl lies skillfully, it will be difficult to find out the truth, even by leafing through all the books on psychology. She has already studied them too and deliberately avoids gestures that give away deception. It is also worth considering that different people have different manners during deception. Try to trace her reactions to small lies, but just don’t tell her what she’s giving herself away with. This is easy to do during a game like “mafia” or “poker.” Now you’ll know that if she’s smiling stupidly, she has something to hide. There are more universal signs to look out for:

  1. Dilated pupils, but they also indicate excitement, great interest.
  2. She involuntarily repeats your question before she starts her answer.
  3. The girl leaves her sentences unfinished.
  4. She is nervous, but tries to appear indifferent. At the same time, when you start talking quickly in question-and-answer format, she gets very tense and is afraid of making a mistake.

It is more difficult if the girl is far away and it is impossible to fully assess changes in her behavior. If lying is suspected, you should pay attention to the fact that she communicates with you less often by video call and prefers messages. But you can also tell from a distance if she is lying.

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How to spot a lie if you’re far apart

It’s harder to spot a girl if you’re far away from each other. It is not so easy to come with a sudden visit and not to look into her eyes to see how sincere she is. But a girl’s correspondence, phone conversation and behavior will give her away. An attentive guy will notice changes immediately. To find out the truth from a distance, follow this algorithm:

  1. Call her and talk about simple topics. Find out how her mood is, how her day was. Let her relax and don’t expect any checks.
  2. Abruptly and unexpectedly, but calmly and without hostility, ask your question. If it bothers you that she has another one and she didn’t answer her phone yesterday because of a date, then ask that.
  3. See how she reacts. Aggression, assault, is a wake-up call. If she is confused after the question and can’t get her thoughts together for a long time, it means she is also thinking up a lie.
  4. Pay attention to how her mood, voice has changed. It’s good if you communicate by video link and you can see her reaction. If she shifts the topic of conversation or abruptly decides to stop communicating, that’s not a good sign either.
  5. Listen to yourself and trust your instinct. Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself that she’s cheating and don’t cover for her. By her reaction, you’re sure to know the real answer to your question. The main thing is to be calm and not put pressure to see the reaction exactly to the question, not to your behavior.

To understand why a girl lies, it’s not enough to look at the male reasons. If you’re a skilled liar yourself, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to recognize a girl’s deception. She lies in a different way. Realize that if a girl is lying to you, you’ve definitely made one of the “10 Mistakes of Men.”

What is the difference between men’s and women’s lies

Everyone lies. Some lie about little things, while others are constantly and skillfully entangled in flattery. But at the same time men’s and women’s lies are different. Girls use longer sentences, while guys more often repeat words like “certainly”, “necessarily”, “of course”. Ladies use verbs such as “will try” and “will try” more often instead of these words. Men and women also have something in common: when they cheat, they use more pronouns in conversation and correspondence. At the same time girls put more emphasis on “I”, and men more often repeat the word “My”, “Mine”.

You can love and forgive everything, but it is better to know your own worth and not allow yourself to cheat. If a girlfriend behaves suspiciously, you should not ignore it for fear of spoiling the relationship. If you leave it at that, you will have to constantly adjust and listen to her lie. My students are masterful at identifying a girl’s lies, find out more what I can teach you.

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