Signs of a woman in love psychology – cover in general terms

What are the signs to determine the behavior of a woman in love?

In the relationship of a couple in love, sometimes there comes a moment when a young man or girl begins to seriously think about the reciprocity of the feelings of their other half. Doubt in the sincerity of the partner and jealousy sometimes reaches its climax, and the couple is on the verge of breaking up.

Despite the stereotype of female jealousy, men too, as representatives of the beautiful half of mankind, feel insecure, because jealousy – nothing more than insecurity. But in order to understand their feelings and, perhaps, to save your relationship, you just need to carefully observe your lover. Doubts about the reciprocity of feelings are inherent not only to couples who are in a relationship, but also to those who are just getting into a relationship, their love is just beginning. How to correctly determine that the object of your affection is attracted to you and whether to hope for reciprocity? The behavior of a woman in love will tell you a lot.

Signs of falling in love with a woman

How can a young man know for sure if a girl likes him or not, especially if she is carefully trying to hide it?

A man can be helped by the actions of a woman that she performs unknowingly.

A girl in love pays more attention to her appearance

Knowing these psychological techniques, a guy can easily calculate whether his chosen one is in love with him or carefully feigns ardor for some reason.

Psychologists believe that the behavior of a woman in love can be easily determined by several characteristics.

First, when falling in love, even an unremarkable in appearance girl turns into a real beauty, she glows with happiness, soaring above the ground. Due to the emitted vibes – signals of happiness, such a young lady seems to men extremely attractive and beautiful.

In addition, she begins to give special importance to her appearance and make every effort to make her image flawless. For example, if previously she wore baggy boyfriend jeans, she is likely to change them for miniskirts and romantic feminine dresses.

Secondly, the girl’s behavior is very fickle. Smile and laugh, sadness and tears can alternate with kaleidoscopic speed, and it’s not mean and spoiled character miss.

It’s just hormones that are bubbling in her body. Inherent to the period of love excessive manifestation of emotions, if the feeling is not mutual, it may even be the manifestation of depression.

Thirdly, absent-mindedness. If she is approached, the girl may answer out of the blue the first thing that comes to her mind. The fact that her thoughts are occupied with the guy she likes, and she simply can not think about something else.

Here, the expression “hovering in the clouds” is the best fit. Previously restrained and collected young lady turns into a distracted person, capable of forgetting even the most basic things.

Ten exact signs of falling in love.

Girls in love are more coquettish.

  1. The girl constantly stealthily observes the guy who causes her sympathy, and immediately turns away his eyes, meeting with his eyes. At the same time, she can cover herself with paint, like a schoolgirl, and it gives her away with her head.
  2. She is constantly friendly with the young man, laughs at his jokes, responds to requests, is eager to make contact and tries to attract attention to herself.
  3. She prefers talking to her girlfriends to talking to the object of her affection, in short, she behaves in a way that was not typical of her before.
  4. Communicating with a young man she cares about, the girl unconsciously shows physical signs – she fixes her hair with a gesture that men consider very sexual, gesticulates, showing her wrists, tries to violate personal space, trying to touch the guy’s hand or face. A young man with even a little understanding of psychology will understand that tactile contact means sympathy.
  5. If a woman has a sincere feeling for a man, when talking to him she constantly turns her head in his direction, unconsciously repeating his postures – “mirroring”.
  6. If you carefully observe a girl in love, you can easily notice that when talking to the guy she likes her pupils dilate. This occurs due to the fact that a large amount of adrenaline enters the body.
  7. If a girl does not see a young man she is attracted to for a long time, she begins to show interest in him, ask her mutual friends about what he is doing at the moment. Pages in social networks are now also under the scrutiny of a person in love. without reason are reasons to think about the nature of the relationship. Most likely, the girl wants to win the sympathy of a young man and show how important he is to her. If in addition the gift is made by hand, this indicates that the person spent a lot of time making it, hoping to do you a favor.

How to behave in love girls, you’ll learn from the video:

  1. This means that you should avoid these excitement feelings by showing them in a way that they are not in love with you. Manifestations of this feeling can be dissatisfaction with your provision of even the most innocuous signs of attention to other women.
  2. Remember that jealousy is a very dangerous feeling, so if you have a relationship with a girl, prevent all attempts of coquetry from other young ladies and try not to give even the slightest reason to be jealous, because girls in love – the big owners, and what belongs to them should not belong to anyone else.

Every woman has a maternal instinct that drives them to take care of others. If a young man falls ill, the first person who will give him the necessary help, care and put his interests above hers will be the girl in love with him.

All women are inherently coquettish, and in love – doubly so. Do not be surprised if she will flirt, make eyes, compliment or tease you slightly. Making sure that the woman is not indifferent to you, you get a good motivation, and therefore you can take the first step to rapprochement.

Signs of Indifference

Signs of indifference can be calls in exceptional cases

Determine the indifference of the girl you love can also be determined without much difficulty. For example, she shows no interest in you and calls in exceptional cases. Perhaps, she just needs something, so she feigns interest in your person.

It is important to feel the difference: it is one thing when a girl, after talking to you for an hour, asks to come help her move the kitchen cabinet, then she is looking for an excuse to meet.

But if her conversation slips such words as “buy”, “borrow”, then she is driven solely by self-interest.

Constant stories about other men should also lead to the idea that you are no more than a friend, a backup, but she is in love with a completely different person.

The best way to test her feelings is to check her strength. If you feel that the relationship went bad, tell her about your decision to break up. Observe the reaction of your beloved: if she is sincerely upset, then she really has feelings for you and your couple still have a chance.

If she takes this serious news is quite calm, then the relationship is over, and you were right to decide to stop the protracted affair. However, the excessively stormy behavior, previously uncharacteristic of the beloved, can prompt the thought that perhaps she simply does not want to part with the source of financial assistance.

The behavior of a woman in love after a breakup?

If an ex-partner won’t let you touch her, the couple has no chance of reuniting

You broke up, but continue to have feelings for the girl, constantly thinking about her and want to resume the relationship.

The easiest way to find out if the woman has cooled down to you or continues to love you, ask her directly about it, to explain calmly.

Rare girl will talk without emotion – probably still fresh insults. However, words words, but body language can not be deceived.

If your ex-half allows you to touch her, do not pull away, then your pair still have a chance to reunite.

As you can see, calculating a girl in love is not that difficult. It is important to recognize the signs in time and either reciprocate or stop flirting if your heart is given to another. Sometimes many people do not dare to be the first to show activity, but happiness can be very close!

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Signs of girl crush – how to tell if a girl is in love

To this day, the debate about the feeling of falling in love has not subsided. Some say that this is the first step to love and a relationship, others argue that this feeling is fleeting. The female sex is more likely to experience this feeling, the signs of falling in love girls are manifested in the look, behavior and conversation.

Is it possible to determine if a girl is in love?

Infatuation is a positive feeling or a set of feelings towards a certain person, which occurs uncontrollably and unconsciously. Many psychologists argue that the stages of falling in love in young girls and boys are similar to the symptoms of addiction formation. At first the interest grows into a habit which later becomes an addiction.

If men know how to hide their emotions, the female nature is arranged in such a way that all the emotions are on the surface. It is possible to determine a girl’s infatuation by signs:

  • behavior and manner of speech;
  • gaze;
  • changes in appearance;
  • changes of mood.

Pay attention! Different zodiac signs show feelings in their own way. Aries, Scorpions and Crawfish fall in love easily and calmly, do not show all their emotions at once. Virgo, Aquarius and Fish are characterized by calmness in life and relationships. Capricorns, Sagittarians and Scorpios behave secretly and fall in love cautiously. Taurus, Leo and Gemini fall in love sharply, their behavior betrays them completely.

The behavior of a girl in love

The human brain is conventionally divided into parts, each of which has its own purpose. Among them is the almond-shaped segment, which is responsible for the production of emotions. In women, it has a larger size, so they are more emotional creatures. The behavior of a girl in love changes, the feeling of joy is replaced by melancholy, and vice versa.

How does a girl in love behave, features:

  • Within an hour, the mood changes from good to bad. Fluctuations are considered normal, moods can rise from thoughts about the object of sympathy, after eye and verbal contact. It can also easily go bad if the object is not in contact;
  • While communicating with a man she likes or mentioning him, a woman’s speech becomes indecisive, emotions and words get confused. The girl may feel embarrassed, unsuccessfully trying to hide her emotions;
  • If the awkwardness can be overcome, she will listen attentively to the young man’s stories, clarify, and show her interest. To any joke, even not very good, she will react positively;
  • She tries to show care. In any woman subconsciously embedded maternal instincts. When an object of sympathy is located, the fair sex unconsciously tries to show care, to prompt and help;
  • Demonstrates signs of attention. She may want to treat a man to baked goods, give him a gift without any particular reason;
  • Falling in love, the opposite sex easily fights bad habits and changes itself. The girl may start to exercise and lose weight for the attention of a man;
  • Becomes unreasonably jealous, even if she is not in a relationship. Girl in love is jealous not only of the opposite sex, but also of the guy’s friends if he spends more free time with them;
  • Out of jealousy comes a sense of ownership. The fair sex is afraid that a man can switch to another person and tries by all means to “bind” him to himself, to “fill” all his free time with himself.

Pay attention! You can not allow the opposite sex to use a woman’s kindness and manipulate. If the relationship is not mutual, the girl’s desire to help can go beyond the boundaries of reasonableness. For example, a young girl during the study is ready to share notes and help at the exam just to make the guy pay attention to her. If the young man takes advantage of this, only taking and giving nothing, the relationship is doomed to failure.

The View

Not every girl in love will be able to walk up to a guy she likes and say straight out about her feelings, but she will hint in every way and give signals. A look is the main signal that will tell more than words. The eyes will not deceive, it’s hard to hide your interest.

The look of a woman in love is not difficult to recognize, how to check:

  • A woman will look at a man she likes for at least 6 seconds in a row, without taking her eyes away;
  • The girl will “follow” the object of affection with her eyes, trying to catch every movement;
  • When a girl meets with the eyes of a guy she likes, she averts her gaze, hides her interest in every way;
  • dilated pupils, at this moment the blood produces adrenaline which makes the pupils involuntarily dilate;
  • the young girl’s amorous gaze may be obsessive, it is difficult for her to control her emotions, she may simply not notice how intently she looks at the young man.

Changes in appearance

If a woman is in love, her image changes, she tries to look better – these are the main signs. The appearance of a girl in love changes from internal changes: there is a sparkle in the eyes, a pleasant smile, facial features become softer. A woman in love often hovers in the clouds, her muscles relax, and her face becomes friendly.

The girl may change her clothing style, wear dresses more often, even if she previously preferred jeans. Suddenly there may be a desire to change her hair style or hair color, to do makeup. All this in order to win the attention of the object of sympathy.

In the presence of a man, the beautiful sex wants to look flawless, sometimes it crosses the boundaries of reasonableness. She may go overboard with cosmetics and jewelry, to come in shoes with heels, where it is not appropriate.

Pay attention! Often girls in love attract the attention not only of the object of their sympathy, but also of other men. In love, she radiates warmth, her movements become easy, it seems that she loves everything around. It is this state that attracts the opposite sex, another man may like her.

Other nonverbal signs

The fair sex is not peculiar to express their emotions in clear text, they are more intrinsic to the language of gestures and hints. A girl does not declare her love before a man, because she is afraid to be rejected.

In addition to the look, appearance and speech, there are other signs of a girl’s love:

  • Access to personal space. The unfamiliar or unpleasant man the fair sex keeps at a distance, close will not let. If the lady does not mind the invasion of her personal zone, the young man is sympathetic to her. A girl in love allows touching her hands, hair, and reciprocates her hugs;
  • Attempts to touch. Women themselves will seek opportunities to touch the object of their sympathy, hold his or her hand, sit down with him or her everywhere. During a conversation they might put their hand on his shoulder, correct his hair or his shirt collar;
  • Flirtatiousness and flirting. Manifest not only in words, but also in movements. The woman may involuntarily begin to adjust her hair, twirl a curl on her finger, move her leg. Mimicry becomes animated, a smile and a flirtatious look appear;
  • Attempts to copy behavior. As a child, the child copies the behavior and manner of speech of favorite cartoon characters, this habit takes root and persists into adulthood. A girl may not notice how she repeats the gestures, manner of speech and facial expressions of the man she is in love with;
  • Interest in social networks. In the age of computer technology it is possible to keep in contact with anyone around the clock. A girl will take advantage of this opportunity, will always look for an excuse to write him, will quickly respond to messages, will appreciate all his photos.

It is worth paying attention to the way the girl sits in the company. The torso will be turned towards the person she likes. If the girl has put her foot on her leg, the toe will be pointed toward the object of sympathy.

Stages of falling in love in girls

The feeling of sympathy occurs unexpectedly, it is impossible to plan it, as it is impossible to plan sincere joy and sorrow. Chemistry, magic, instinct – all this says about the feeling of falling in love. The stages of this feeling in women and girls can be conditionally divided into 3 stages:

  1. Flash. A sudden feeling that has suddenly appeared is not yet clear, it causes a lot of contradictory emotions;
  2. Awareness. The girl begins to understand her feelings, shows sympathy;
  3. Euphoria in the case of a response, turning into addiction. You want to devote all your free time to your loved one. If feelings are not reciprocated, depression and loss of energy may develop.

Falling in love does not pass without a trace, it is one of the components of a relationship. There are 7 stages of their development:

  1. Infatuation. In this stage, the beautiful sex is fascinated by the attention, the time spent together. The stage is dangerous because the ability to think rationally is lost. A woman wants to see only the good in the man she chose, she does not want to understand his flaws. Psychologists argue that lovers do not really know each other, they see the person they want;
  2. Becoming. Romance transitions into routine, judgment returns, and the girl begins to evaluate her partner. At this stage, many couples overuse each other’s attention and break up. Those whose relationship persists form a couple;
  3. Denial. A testing stage that not all couples go through. Advantages are no longer so noticeable, the girl begins to learn about the shortcomings of her chosen one. She tries to change his behavior and habits, in response she receives resistance. Without quarrels and scandals there is no way out;
  4. Humility and calmness. There comes the realization that the person next to you is a separate person with his or her own character;
  5. Interaction and service. If in the previous stages the goal was to please themselves, now the couple is ready to interact and change for each other;
  6. The girl’s friendly attitude towards her chosen one. She does not behave as a woman in love, but as a faithful friend;
  7. Love that will not weaken. Emotions are no longer bubbling, the relationship is perceived calmly and measured.

A married woman’s infatuation.

Impulsive couples may enter into marriage in the early stages of the relationship, to make a serious decision, guided only by emotions. Most couples enter into marriage consciously, agreeing to tie their lives to their chosen one. Falling in love passes quickly, before true love, you need to go through addiction, dissatisfaction and quarrels.

How to understand that a woman loves you:

  • She shows concern directly or covertly. If she cares what her chosen one ate, how he slept, whether he dressed warmly, she cares;
  • She shows interest in his work, hobbies, sincerely wants to know how he is doing;
  • She tries to spend time together, plans joint leisure;
  • She wants to please him with something – a tasty dinner or a small gift.

When there is not enough love in the marriage, a woman may fall in love with another person. For her, this situation is a shock; friends and loved ones start blaming her without trying to figure out the reasons. Why this happens:

  • The woman is in a state of emotional freedom. Everyone in the marriage lives their lives, does their own things, they are united by a common home, a child, the habit of living together;
  • The relationship has long begun to cool down. She tried to support them, but her spouse did not take the initiative;
  • Feelings have weakened as a result of many quarrels and scandals. Both mentally exhausted, either may be trying to find an outlet.

Sometimes a woman is prone to outbursts of emotion and may mistakenly think that she has fallen in love, especially if before that she had a fight with her spouse. A married woman has fallen in love if the signs are observed:

  • She is in a good mood despite conflicts in the family;
  • she has a distracted attention, a dreamy look and a smile on her face;
  • she is becoming secretive, always taking her phone with her, closing her social media pages;
  • she has become more attentive to her appearance; she reacts reservedly to her husband’s compliments.

The signs of any woman’s falling in love are practically the same. Everyone is looking for someone who will appreciate her virtues, to whom she can give her care. Those who have experience in other relationships and those who have fallen in love for the first time behave the same way, their looks, facial expressions and behavior give them away.

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