Signs of a man’s interest in a woman – sorted out in general terms


If a man likes you, most often it can be determined by his behavior. However, sometimes the stronger sex successfully hides his interest.

Many women resent the fact that they do not run after men, that they do not care and generally do not show interest. In this case, psychologists advise to remember that men are attracted to the natural beauty. This applies not only to appearance, but also your psychological attitude. And sometimes you may find that among colleagues and friends has already appeared admirer, who, however, carefully hides it. What can give it away?

Eye contact

Pay attention to his gaze. If a man in love has a problem with self-confidence, he will avoid crossing his eyes. If he’s a hundred percent confident, he’ll probably start devouring you with his gaze. Constant stare can mean his insecurity and dependence on the situation, excessive emotionality. Psychologically strong man without discomfort can look you in the eye and look away when necessary. He acts on automatic, so his eyes and you will not make him feel too embarrassed.

As the saying goes, eyes are the mirror of the soul, so you should pay attention to the eyes of a man who pays attention to you. If they will be kind and will sort of “smile” at you, radiating warmth and calmness, then you know that this indicates his sincerity.

He constantly wants to communicate with you

A man in love or interested in you will try in every way to talk to you. You’ll know it right away because there will be too much of him. If you work or study together, it will be very easy to determine his interest in you, but if you just live next door, then you will have to look at other factors.

The desire to communicate manifests itself in social networks. He will flood you with funny pictures, videos, will “like” your pictures. The problem with distance communication is that you are far from the real person, from understanding his true nature. This is one of the reasons why you should sometimes give up on social networks.

The abundance of words is bad in that it shows the indecisiveness of the man. If he can only talk to you, then most likely he simply does not have confidence and does not know how to develop your relationship, how to ask you out. Conversations are gradually turning into boring and banal, and things are not moving anywhere. If a man is quick to offer to meet you, it indicates that he is serious about his intentions.

The loudness of the conversation

If a pretty lady appeared in the male group, the volume of their conversations increases in proportion to her beauty. It sounds like a mathematical axiom, but it really has a lot of truth. If in your presence men are trying to shout at each other, laugh loudly and just do some strange things, they like you. If among the men you can find the most active, he probably loves you most of all.

Gestures and facial expressions

Here are the most common gestures that indicate that a man likes you:

  • he often adjusts his clothes or hairstyle, plays with his ring or buttons or jewelry. This indicates that he is trying to get you to like him, is thinking about his appearance and is worried;
  • he/she is constantly twirling or turning something in his/her hands. It could be a pen, documents, phone, lighter or water bottle;
  • His body is turned toward you and one of his legs is pointing in your direction. He is watching his back, sitting with a straight posture, legs spread wide. If he likes you, he will play with his muscles, showing strength;
  • A flush is forming on his face, and he smiles, but it is not meant to be. The man’s face glows with emotion, his eyebrows are raised, his gestures are chaotic.


Touching is considered taboo in many cultures. For example, in India, if a girl takes a man’s or a guy’s hand, it is already inappropriate behavior. Touching is a man’s main way of showing his affection and interest.

If a man takes your hands, touches your back, or tries to touch you in any way, it shows he is serious and sexually attracted to you. Touching is the highest form of affection, so don’t ignore it. If you are not attracted to a man, tell him not to touch you, or he will think you are too.

If you do not like to get acquainted with the men around you, try to get acquainted with the social network with the help of the 5 secrets of successful communication. And if you suddenly see that someone likes you, but does not want it, say so right away or show complete indifference.

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How do you know if a man is interested in you?

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Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

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Men are very afraid to show their feelings and carefully hide them. Then how do you understand a man’s interest? Of course, there are such gentlemen who at the first meeting can say how the girl hurt him in the heart, how he suffers, and can not live without a spouse. It happens. But very rarely. More often than not, a man will hide his predisposition until the last moment. And all because he is afraid of rejection. When a person is indifferent, you can hear from him anything and not even pay attention to it, but when a man is dear, then he is afraid to hear not only the wrong word, but even a different intonation.

That is why girls will have to guess for themselves how their chosen one treats them. And we will tell them how to understand if a man is in love, but hides his feelings.

Always there

Yes, if a man likes a girl, he will try to be with her always nearby. Of course, it’s not always possible, there is work, home life, studies, but at the first opportunity a man in love will be there. Because he is attracted to his beloved person, there is no force to be away, not to see her, not to hear her, not to know what she is doing now.

So if you constantly find yourself with some absent-minded young man, pay attention to him, maybe this is the person who is ready to pluck a star from the sky for you?


A person who is very good to you will always try to touch you. This will happen against his will, but his hand reaches out to correct a strand of your hair, to touch your hand, to take you under his arm. It is difficult to argue with this, because it is understandable – you never want to be close to the person you do not like. And certainly you do not want to take his arm or lean on his shoulder. So, girls, draw some conclusions.

Stares, so greedily, so timidly caught…

Yes, the eternal sign of a man’s love is looks. There’s more than one poem written about them, and not in vain. No matter how much the young man in love hides his feelings, and his eyes will certainly give it away. Well, he can not not look at the object of his desire! And when a young lady continuously catches the eyes of the same man, there is no doubt, he is simply in love with her.

A certain pose

Many signs in men and women repeat. For example, both men and women follow the object of their love with long looks, try to attract attention, surround themselves with care. But there are signs that are unique to men.

It is the posture. For example, psychologists furiously try to convince us that if a man stands in front of a girl with his hands on his hips, there is no doubt that he is in love! Yes, that’s what his “animal roots” say in him. In other words, by placing his hands on his hips, the gentleman flaunts his most attractive organs. Well, women, of course, should not be indifferent to this. Although… it is better not to tell the macho man what his pose means.

A man is “teasing”.

If a girl has noticed that a young man repeats her gestures or copies her movements, she should not be offended. The guy is not teasing her at all. He is in love. Yes, that’s right. When a person falls in love, he is so consumed by the behavior of his beloved (or lover) that he involuntarily begins to repeat her actions.


A smile always gives away a person’s true affection for you. Yes, not every person who smiles at you is in love with you, but every person in love with you will smile at you. In any case, even if there is no great love, a sincere smile indicates a great disposition towards you.

Here are just a few factors that unmistakably tell that a man likes you.

And yet, any woman is well aware of how a man treats her.

A few more examples

  • Hypersensitivity. Imagine a situation like this: the guys are sitting friends, talking about something with interest. And suddenly a familiar girl approaches them. All the guys at first jump up, greet her, give her the best seat, and then all slowly calm down. But one of them is looking for the girl’s best seat, repeatedly asking if he can get her some tea. Or maybe run down to the pavilion for some juice? And in general, she does not blow on this place? By the way, here’s an amazing plaid… And all the time this young man is fussing, hopping, flitting… It’s clear that this caring guy has long been in love with this girl. And, most likely, she’s known about it for a long time, too;
  • Sometimes, this also happens, a guy in love, in order to hide his true feelings, begins to cover them up with excessive harshness, rudeness or pickiness. The most striking example of our parents – girls who liked, most often pulled pigtails, took away their bags or otherwise hurt. This is a child’s manifestation of affection. That is, the boy wanted to attract attention, but feared to be ridiculed by his friends, and the girl herself to be rejected, so the course went for such rough techniques. There are still men who have grown “out of school bags” but in the heart and remained fearful of boys, so the attitude toward the beloved woman, they manifest this way;

A man in love changes. And it is difficult not to notice. How to understand that a man is hiding feelings? Just be attentive and you will definitely notice it.

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