See in a dream a man who likes – you need to know

Dreamed of a guy who really likes! What does it mean!

What does it mean if you dream about a guy you like? Let’s find out!

Dreamed of a guy who really likes, and the dream fell into your soul? As a rule, such a dream reflects our desires in reality. The thoughts of a woman in love are constantly occupied with the object of her dreams, that’s why he is dreaming. Let’s see what this dream means for a young girl in love in the interpretation of the dream books. Its meaning is ambiguous, the details are important, as specifically, dreamt of a young man.

Dream with a young man that you like

  • If in a dream the guy does not pay attention to the girl – in reality it’s not so bad, because he has for her warm sincere feelings, but to express them he is prevented by embarrassment. Maybe you should help him to overcome his indecision and make the first step towards him.
  • If in a dream the guy that she likes, quarrels with her, figuring things out, shouting, then in reality any meeting with him in reality will be great.
  • Making love with the object of his dreams in a dream means that in reality the dreamer really feels for him a strong physical attraction, and if the intimacy of the dream brought pleasure, then in reality, and relationships with this young man will fold well. If in the dream the love process did not bring her pleasure – not fate, this is not the person worth dreaming about.
  • For a girl to embrace, kiss in a dream with a guy she likes is a bad sign, not a reassuring signal. In reality, she has no prospects for the future with him, she expects great disappointment in this person and, most likely, he has another girl.
  • If the guy gave the girl flowers – it’s a double dream. In general, to give flowers is to talk about your feelings.
  • And if the young man you liked in a dream gave the girl a bouquet of beautiful flowers, then most likely he will express his feelings in reality, and, of course, they will be sincere and good.
  • But if in a dream he gave a bouquet of wilted flowers, then his feelings have cooled down or they were not at all. If the flowers wilted later, the girl herself will cool down to her dream young man.
  • But not always a dream come true. First of all, you should be guided by the days of the week in which he dreamed.
  • When is most likely to come true the desired or unwanted dream? On the night of Thursday to Friday all dreams come true, as believed traditionally since ancient times.
  • But on Friday night, as people say, the dreams come true for lovers, their love dreams.

So, according to ancient beliefs, young girls, “order” a good dream about your beloved, and let it come true for sure.

What do you dream about the guy you like?

A dream in which a girl sees a guy she likes always causes a storm of emotions and many questions in the morning. The dreamer tries to unravel what she sees at night, to discern some sign that hints at the feelings of the young man.

Especially in need of a clue from the world of dreams girl trying to figure out how to behave with a guy, the relationship with whom is very ambiguous. In that case, there is only one way out – to turn to popular dreamers for interpretation and dispel all doubts.

Miller’s interpretation of the dream

In the opinion of the psychologist Miller, such visions are most often just a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about the object of sympathy. The dream itself does not contain any information, but you should observe the behavior of the young man you like.

  • If the guy is behaving unnaturally, trying to please – in reality it is not necessary to trust him, otherwise there is a risk of disappointment.
  • The vision, in which the behavior of the young man was too brazen and defiant, indicates that you have every chance to improve the relationship with him.
  • Also, such a dream can foretell success in matters in no way related to personal life.

Dream of Wangi

What does it mean if you dream about a guy you like? In this dream book it is advised to pay special attention to the appearance of the young man . If he is poorly dressed, drunk, or, conversely, overly attractive, it is an indication that you too idealize your loved one, and underestimate yourself.

A dream in which the guy is indifferent to you, predicts an improvement in relationships, the emergence of warmth and trust. If in dreams you scolded his lover – in real life to be broken.

The meaning of dreams according to modern dream

According to modern interpretations, an important aspect of the dream, where the object of sympathy, are emotions and feelings. If from the sight of a young man your heart does not flutter and overcome by disappointment – a sign that indicates sympathy for you, but from another man. Moreover, the new beau will soon declare his feelings.

A dream in which a cute guy turns into an animal or a monster indicates that in reality something in him repulses you or even frightens you.

Seeing a man you like in a dream, dream explanation

Our dreams are a reflection of the workings of our subconscious. In dreams, we often see people we miss, think about, experience in reality. But the first place among the nightmares belongs to the visions of a young man dear to our heart.

You do not understand why you dream about a man who likes you? Maybe he occupies too much of your thoughts, you fantasize about him, imagine the possible relationship? But not always a night vision, which figures a handsome chosen one dreamer, is recycled by the subconscious image of dreams.

Sometimes such a dream can predict the future or to warn of impending danger. This is the opinion of the compilers of all kinds of interpreters.

Man in a dream – peculiarities of deciphering

A young man, a boy, a boy, a man – a frequent guest of a maiden’s dreams, which are dreamed for different factors and reasons. For a correct interpretation, you need to pay attention and remember a lot of details. In addition, in dreams you can see different representatives of the male sex:

  • A romantic secret admirer;
  • a colleague at work;
  • neighbor;
  • a teacher/university lecturer;
  • boss (boss, head of the company);
  • celebrity;
  • a loved one (spouse, lover, lover, object of admiration).

The dreamed stranger is most often a confirmation that all the thoughts of the dreamer are occupied with thoughts and dreams about the representatives of the stronger sex. The more often you think about men, the more candid images appear in nightmares, the heroes of which are young men.

Often a person’s actions in a dream are interpreted in the exact opposite way. For example, a guy flirting in a dream, in reality you should expect from him unseemly actions. That’s why it’s worth resorting to the help of authoritative interpreters to correctly unravel the universe sent night prophecies.

Miller’s dream about the guy in the dream

Let’s look into what portends to see a man who likes in a dream, according to Miller? The dreamer advises to pay attention to the feelings experienced in the dream, also the actions, words, behavior of the guy:

  • The dreamed young man is trying to leave a positive impression – before you believe him in reality, you should think a hundred times. Most likely, he wants to take advantage of the dreamer, deceiving dreams and expectations.
  • The guy behaves too extravagantly – there is a chance to establish a good relationship with him.
  • What else does this dream book interpret? The appearance in a night vision of a guy for whom you feel sympathy, portends success in the affairs of the new-found businesswoman.

Man in Wang’s Dream

Dreaming of a man who likes what it means? As the famous clairvoyant grandmother Wanga believed, it is worth considering how a man/boyfriend/boyfriend who is cute acts in nightmares:

  • your lover in the dream is very handsome – the dreamer’s low self-esteem. She also has a tendency to imbue her lover with ideal character traits;
  • The guy is trying to please, to show his sympathy – in reality, there is a risk of losing this person’s charm;
  • The young man shows indifference – in reality, he really likes you, he wants to move to a higher level of relationship;
  • the guy looks slovenly, rude, drunk – symbolizes insecurity in his abilities;
  • Scold, reprimand in a night vision of a lover – in reality you will soon break up.

What does Tsvetkov’s dream book say?

In order to understand why you dreamed of a young man, Tsvetkov in his collection of interpretations offers to recall all the details of the dream plot.

The guy kisses you in a night reverie – in reality be prepared for various worries and troubles. But do not get too upset, adversity will pass soon and will not cause much harm. Perhaps the disappointment in a close friend.

Another interpretation – perhaps the illness in a mild form, but the dreamer will quickly recover. In addition, the author of the dream book does not recommend to give more meaning to such night visions, if before sleeping you thought a lot about his lover.

25 interpretations from other dreambooks

Let’s get acquainted with all kinds of developments of dream plots, in which the main character is a guy/man you like:

  1. The guy is avoiding the sleeping woman – it’s simple! He is afraid of a serious relationship;
  2. Watching intently – a symbol that he is interested in the dreamer;
  3. Stroking the hand – in reality he expects the first step from you;
  4. Hugs another girl – he tries to arouse feelings of jealousy;
  5. Blames for something – in reality, the guy himself feels wrong, but in reality he is trying to make the dreamer guilty;
  6. Shouts loudly, gets angry – he sees your advantages over his abilities;
  7. Laughing at the dreamer – most likely your relationship means nothing to him, he is just killing time with you, waiting for an advantageous party;
  8. He speaks of his sympathy – strong feelings live in his heart, but he can not tell you about them in reality, because he is not sure of your positive response;
  9. Calling the dreamer by name – in reality she is very dear to the man;
  10. Watching a guy eating a meal, but not offering to join you – you should not even dream of being together;
  11. He apologizes – you will be disappointed in something (it may not only be about a personal relationship);
  12. Kisses another woman – he has no idea that you are interested in him;
  13. Molesting a sleeping woman – your relationship will go up a notch;
  14. The hero of your night vision swears, allows rudeness, threats – a good relationship will not work! It is worth keeping your distance;
  15. To make love with your chosen one – in reality you are the most desirable for him;
  16. Watch how the man changes clothes – you lack tenderness, affection, attention. Tell about your desires;
  17. If the guy did not recognize you in the dream – most likely there is another lover in his life, let him go;
  18. The guy dies – expect a new relationship;
  19. See him dressed in strange clothes – do not rush, he is trying to figure out his feelings, to understand how he relates to you;
  20. To receive a gift – he likes you, but he expects the first steps from your side;
  21. Guy visited the dreamer in the hospital – be attentive, there is a risk of treason;
  22. Sitting on a man’s lap – he is only interested in you as a sexual object;
  23. Walking together with your chosen one – portends fateful changes and interesting events. Also a meeting with interesting personalities, a change of opinion about events/people;
  24. Chewing sunflower seeds – you do not arouse any emotions;
  25. Asking for advice – in reality the guy feels bad, most likely he needs real help.

So, to correctly interpret why the dream man who likes, you must remember, and preferably write down all the details of the night vision of the plot, and then engage in interpretation with the help of authoritative sources.

What does the day of the week say?

Everyone knows that the meaning of dreams also depends on the day of the week, the night of which he came. On what days should you give great importance to the night message, on what days does it make no sense? To understand, we need to understand what the dream carries depending on the day of the week.


Dreams from Sunday to Monday are prophetic for unmarried girls:

  • A young man you see is a symbol of an impending acquaintance with a lovely member of the stronger sex. But most likely the relationship will be limited to flirting, there will not be a serious relationship.
  • Fighting promises future conflicts and parting with a loved one. Requirements that were voiced in a dream are often realized in reality, so pay attention to the emotions of the lover, in order to avoid conflict.

After learning the meaning of such a night vision plot, do not try to put everything you see into practice in reality, just take note. Because our visions are often recycled subconscious our desires, thoughts. And only rarely are warnings, promptings to act. Do not take the interpretations to heart, but do not forget – warned means armed, you know how to do the right thing.

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