Scorpio man jealousy: read in detail

Jealousy of the Scorpio man

Scorpio men are amorous, passionate and romantic, capable of charm and easily win the trust, but they themselves do not trust anyone. Jealous are Scorpio men? Very jealous! Their jealousy can be compared only with that of the Aries. Not in vain that these two zodiac signs and allocate, touching the subject of jealousy and trust…

How it manifests itself

Manifestation of jealousy in men Scorpios differently in the case of each individual woman. If he builds a relationship with a bright, independent and freedom-loving woman who made it clear at the beginning of the relationship that she will not allow anyone to limit her freedom, then jealousy will manifest itself in the form of coldness, secrecy and sharp insults that are not explained by Scorpio himself. But when it comes to a weak, dependent and in love with him up to her neck, he can show jealousy through nagging, criticism, dissatisfaction and direct statements on the subject.

In general, men scorpions do not hide jealousy and are rarely silent about it. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac hates falsity, lies and deceit more than anything in life, and therefore to the jealousy treats accordingly. A woman building a relationship with a man like this should very responsibly think through the consequences of each action she takes. Any wrong action, movement, action or communication with someone other than him can cause a very jealous and distrustful possessor to wake up in Scorpio.

Speaking of possessive – Scorpios are one hundred percent possessive. They do not tolerate competition in love affairs, any competitor exterminate at the root, and never and never cede their women. These men do not tolerate even the usual exchange of views – if a woman look at someone from her environment wrong, she will immediately face a barrage of distrust, criticism, nagging and jealousy. And do not try to explain yourself in this case – it is better to listen to him and take all his words into account.

By the way, living with a Scorpio man, who has once succumbed to a feeling of jealousy, can be unbearable. Jealousy for the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, this is a direct reason not to trust, and distrust, in turn, awakens in Scorpios not their best features: he will begin to arrange interrogation on all even the most petty occasions, jealous of everything without exception, to encroach on personal space and arrange scandals even where the reason may seem too minor.

How to Lead

  • Don’t try to convince him that he is wrong;
  • Listen to all of his nagging and criticism and don’t interrupt;
  • Be willing to make sacrifices in terms of freedom and independence;
  • Do whatever it takes to get him to trust you again;
  • never twist the facts that led to jealousy.

How to get rid of jealousy

A smart woman will not have great difficulty in getting rid of Scorpio’s jealous feelings completely. The more so that this does not need much: tell him the truth and only the truth in all cases without exception, spend as much time as possible with him nearby, never and do not conceal anything, report voluntarily to him about all his actions. This way you will be able to return his trust and thus get rid of jealousy.

But do not relax even after achieving the result, because once appeared Scorpio jealousy will never disappear, and that means that the slightest reason will bring it back to your relationship, and even in a much brighter state. Believe me, it is better not to break the trust of Scorpio twice. And if this happens, it is better to break the relationship, because life with a jealous representative of this sign of the Zodiac can seem to you like a real hell.

And also get rid of Scorpio jealousy can be inspiring him the idea that you are crazy about him in all directions, without exception. Outwardly representatives of this sign always seem strong, assertive and decisive, but in fact their severe appearance is always hidden insecurity and hypochondondria. Make him feel like your king, so he knows that you will not exchange it for any “gold Fort Knox” – then he will stop being jealous and look for reasons to mistrust.

How to achieve.

If on the contrary you need not get rid of, but to get jealousy from Scorpio, then there is only one piece of advice – first carefully consider all the implications and think whether you need it! After all, there is nothing worse than a provoked Scorpio jealousy. There is no way that a representative of this zodiac sign jealousy disappeared and did not leave behind any imprint on the relationship.

But if badly need to achieve his jealousy, then it is quite another matter. But you should not try too hard. Suffice it to wink at some man, or go somewhere with friends and not tell him where exactly you went, to lie about something insignificant or just “mention” a man “from the past.

Scorpio man jealousy: read in detail

Man Scorpio – this is one of the brightest among all the signs of the Zodiac. If you were to characterize such men with one word, it would be the word “passion”. They are passionate in everything: in love, in friendship, in hobbies, in work. For them there is no halftones, they never look for compromise, do not go on the account of other people. This is a very strong and confident men.

Behavior and attitude towards love

Scorpio man is mysterious, ironic and attractive. He easily charms women and crushes their memory. It is difficult to resist his charisma and magnetism. He makes a deep impression, excites hearts and souls, but he leaves his inner world closed. Having been married for several years, he remains a mystery to his wife. His manly secrets he hides, and others’ pain points he easily recognizes, and if he is offended, press on them, never regretting it.

The importance of love in Scorpio’s life is of great value and is even the meaning of his life. Without love, he feels an emptiness and a desire to fill it with mutual feeling. He longs for an emotional and sensual relationship. He will not date an unloved girl and will wait for a real feeling. He is secretive and does not immediately reveal his feelings, so as not to be vulnerable and not to allow himself to be manipulated. When he is sure of his choice, he will immediately declare his love.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a natural sexuality and attraction that is impossible not to feel. The intimate side is of great importance, and the refusal of intimacy from his wife or beloved girl offends him greatly. Of all the signs, Scorpio is the most faithful, passionate and sexy. But he is also jealous and bossy. For him there are no idols, but his girlfriend he considers unique and special. In bed, dominates and cares about a woman’s feelings. Can easily excite the beloved, and easily ignited himself. Prefers long-term relationship to one-time sex. Sex for him is an expression of love.

After he confesses his love for the girl, her life will change abruptly. She will no longer be the same. A quiet life and Scorpios are incompatible. A man creates a field around himself with high tension, intensity of passion, and truly magical magnetism. The planet Pluto gives him a powerful energy which includes:

  • sexual energy;
  • transformative;
  • energy that can subjugate other people;
  • Self-destructive energy.

The latter can be attributed to negative energy, and some representatives of this sign harm themselves. This is especially true of revenge. If he is severely offended, he will hurt himself, just to get back at the offender. Such psychology is capable of destroying his life and the offender.

Psychology of a man in a relationship with a woman male secrets

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Scorpio man – the hottest sign of the zodiac

The Scorpio man is a real devil. One of the main traits of his character is aggressiveness, a thirst for leadership. A man born under the sign of Scorpio attracts women, having a powerful sexual potential. He exudes charm, mystery, power and it can not help but fascinate.

Scorpio no one can change his mind, if he has made up his mind. And if he is forced to obey, then he will curse everyone and everything – that’s how hot and uncontrollable he is. But this feverishness is not immediately visible. In a society Scorpio man behaves outwardly calm and intelligent, but inside he has a fire. You never suspect that he is not as naive as it seems at first glance. Understanding this comes late.

Recognize Scorpio among the other innocuous people is not difficult – it gives a burning penetrating look, with the outward calm and seeming indifference. It is his eyes that give out all the internal fire of this man. The Scorpio gaze is never inexpressive or muted. On the outside it seems to you phlegmatic – so a little shy, thoughtful, silent. But on closer inspection, you’ll be surprised to find he’s not at all what you’d expect. There’s a volcano inside him. This may or may not come as a pleasant surprise to you. It’s hard to be with a man like that. He will bend anyone under himself, so if you yourself are not a Scorpio, then be ready to submit.

How to interest Scorpio

To interest a guy born under the sign of Scorpio, the girl does not have to be beautiful. Sexuality is the main trait that attracts him and guarantees a relationship with a woman. Also in her she acts as follows:

  1. 1. remain sincere. Unnatural behavior and artificiality he will feel at once.
  2. 2. be an interesting and versatile person. He’ll be interested in a girl who has a hobby.
  3. 3) Don’t make him jealous or give him a reason to be.
  4. 4. Don’t be shy about speaking your mind. Even if he has a different point of view, he will appreciate the courage and confidence with which the girl speaks her mind.
  5. 5. Ask for advice so that he won’t think she can’t do it without his opinion.
  6. 6. Be supportive and go along with it. Don’t flatter or over-praise.
  7. 7. Don’t pry into his soul. You can’t have a relationship with a girl who is too nosy and needs to know everything.
  8. 8. Be different and not boring. She should be able to surprise her man.

A red dress or lingerie can excite him, and a girl who paints her lips with red lipstick will attract his attention. He loves the combination of black and scarlet in a woman’s clothing and the long, expressive look.

A slight aura of mystery surrounding the woman encourages him to get to know her better, the main thing is not to overdo it.

If a girl meets him for a long time, and he does not propose, most likely she is doing something wrong, and he is in no hurry to make a choice. Scorpio marries most often once, after a comprehensive check and testing. If a woman is not afraid of emotional swings from tenderness to rudeness and from indifference to passion, you can answer the guy with reciprocity, despite his changeable nature.

A man born under the sign of Scorpio is sensitive and vulnerable, but never shows it. From the outside it seems cruel, but his heart is kind. Any manifestations of tenderness and openness, he takes for weakness of spirit and requires firmness from others and himself. He chooses a girl soft, kind, but able to insist on his own.

Win his heart is impossible, if he does not want to. No tricks and stratagems will lure him to himself. Neither will they be able to adjust to his needs. Possessing an infallible intuition, he easily determines which girl is suitable for him, and with whom he will not be happy.

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Stinging bites – the main trait of this man

Why was this sign of the Zodiac named exactly “Scorpio”? Because it hurts worse than him, no one bites. He is cruel. Scorpio man will take sadistic pleasure in mocking you – it’s his bites, without which Scorpio is not Scorpio. Socially, he will reprimand you about how short-sighted, stupid, wasteful, etc. – This is his way of having fun, even though you yourself are ready to burn with shame. At all your entreaties not to do so anymore – will begin to make fun of even more. It’s a vicious circle. His tongue is his sting. He’s not much of a talker, but what he says will be enough to offend you. That’s why everyone thinks that Scorpio is a very tough person and it’s hard to deal with him. And it is really so.

This man hates generally accepted rules of conduct, when he imposes something, he has an opinion on everything and does what he thinks is right. He is constantly changing something in his environment, he soon gets tired of everything, because this sign peculiar to destruction.

Scorpio in marriage

For Scorpio there is nothing more important than family. If he is in love, you can see it in his eyes. “Easy” relationships he generally does not accept. The partner should belong to him completely. He will only marry out of love. And he will never cheat on his beloved.

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How to live with a Scorpio man?

You can’t be soft with a Scorpio man. He will be the first to stop respecting you. For them in a woman is important mystery, the same inner strength and passion as his. To show that you are hurt by his taunts is to admit your helplessness and weakness. Be silent and smile. No matter how hard it is. Only then will you win him over. Don’t talk back, don’t cry, don’t get hysterical – he’s just waiting for that, just look calmly in his eyes and smile. He will freak out even more, but inwardly he will respect you. And never, under any circumstances, humiliate him. He can hit for that, he can’t control his emotions. He gives himself completely in anger. As well as in love. Therefore, many women are literally “magnetized” to his inner strength of personality, charisma to this strange duality of Scorpio. But for this they have to pay too high a price. Masochists, no less. The Scorpio man needs passion in his life, to be the perfect girl, you have to become a bitch. When all is quiet and calm, he himself is looking for an adventure on his… head. Who knows where it might lead him. If you start complaining about him to your girlfriends, they will genuinely wonder – how is it, such a quiet guy and inflames passions? No way! Yes, in public Scorpios are one, but in private life – others. They are equally ruled by emotions and reason. And you never know what’s going to win this time.

And a little bit about secrets…

I looked at my husband in fascination, and he kept his admiring eyes on his mistress. He was acting like a jerk in love…

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How to fall in love with a Scorpio man?

It will be very difficult to do, as Scorpios fall in love with themselves. They value in a woman sensuality, loyalty and sexuality. The chosen Scorpio should be something new, untested and mysterious. She would do well to ask about his previous hobbies, but the thing is that on this score, he is extremely silent. Scorpio is strictly forbidden to be jealous. Such prerogative belongs entirely to him. He likes to hold conversations on any intimate topics.

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What to do with a jealous man

It is possible to provoke jealousy in Scorpio, but it often does not bring the desired effect. In the conventional sense, it is difficult to call them jealous. Such a man is confident that his woman will always be around. It is moral infidelity, not physical, that brings the greatest suffering to the representatives of the sign. The fundamental link of mutual understanding with Scorpio is trust. Such a man is committed to an honest partnership, and in the case of treason, he is willing to forgive with great difficulty. But it will take him a long period to learn to trust again.

A truly in love Scorpio is always jealous to the point of exhaustion, as such jealousy simply has no limits.

He will do anything to conquer his beloved, and this struggle only fuels his desire to be with his beloved, and it is impossible to impose this choice on him, he makes his own decisions.

Scorpions are demanding and strict in their choice of women, but giving preference to a particular woman, he will strive to keep the union with her by all means. And if he made a decision to leave – it is impossible to keep him and unrealistic to return, as well as to force him to choose a woman he does not like.

The best behavior for creating a strong and long-lasting relationship with Scorpio is to show your own openness and spontaneity. At the same time, inexperience and foolishness will be unforgivable qualities.

Each feature of the beloved’s character carries meaning and a certain value for the man. He has his own independent point of view on this subject. Therefore, it is important to love a man born under the sign of Scorpio, to appreciate it, to be honest with him and he will reward with love, attention and care of his chosen one for life.

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Scorpio man is a charismatic personality. Its mysterious aura he is able to charm any woman. The representative of the water sign skillfully envelops his chosen one with love and care, lulls the vigilance with sweet speeches. However, a woman should remember about the secrecy of Scorpio and his love for other people’s secrets. It is possible that he discreetly observes her behavior, evaluates the reaction to the events.

The element of water defines Scorpio’s character, endows him with qualities: sensitivity, emotionality, purposefulness. A man of this sign has a strong intuition. There are no secrets for him, do not even try to deceive him. Jealousy of the representative of the sign is very bright, he cannot bear treachery and falsity. Do not count on a quick reconciliation, the offended man must express his emotions to the end, only in this case, he will be able to calm down.

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Life principles of the sign

Scorpio is a Zodiac sign that has a difficult character. Combines steadfastness and resilience. The people around have to experience problems in communication, to get into conflicts. Scorpio is aggressive and tells the truth to his face.

Scorpio has a tendency to excesses: love, drugs, drinking, eating. In life makes decisions independently, does not care about the plans of others. Not interested in the opinions of outsiders and loved ones. He is his own boss. How many men can meet, without prompting and coaching from the outside to make vital, difficult decisions?

Favorite woman sign chooses only independently, not guided by pressure and unspoken rules. Acts according to ancient wisdom: it is better to be alone than with anyone else. Persuasion does not prevent to have a fleeting affair.

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