Saying goodbye to a loved one

Poems about parting with a loved one

That’s it, the story is over, All the dots have been put over the “i”, There were joys and sorrows in it, And now it’s time for us to go apart.

I wish you happiness, To find true love, The time we spent together, Let the memory of warm words be with you.

¶¶ We’re breaking up, the fire’s burning inside me ¶¶ I’m in pain, I don’t want to lose you, I’m in pain, I don’t want to lose you!

Why did I ever meet you? Why did I ever get attached to you? I thought I was so happy But I’m in so much pain!

You’ve left your indelible mark On my heart There’s a blizzard in my heart And there’s no more flowers!

I’m sorry it didn’t work out I’m sorry I let you down I’ll whisper in your ear That I still love you

I beg you, don’t call, I must get over the breakup, Exes, you know, don’t bother, Exes, you’ve got to move on with your life!

I beg you, forgive me for my weakness, And for all that I now write you, I’m letting go forever of joy, I’m letting go forever of my dream!

I don’t want to hold on to you When my heart is cold But my soul is longing for you And my body won’t forget you.

Goodbye! I still love you, but I know there is no hope. And only in my memory We’ll be happy as before.

I don’t know How I’ll live, In this world without you, Very hard for me to love you, I’ll let go, happiness forever.

¶¶ Go away, there’s no call, there’s no need to write, It’ll only make me feel worse, I’ll only make me suffer more.

I’ll be waiting for your love, You know I have no reason to, I’ll be looking for answers again, It’s better to endure all the pain.

I have loved, I love, and I will love you forever, Only you, alas, do not love me, I’m leaving today forever.

I gave you a second chance. But it didn’t work out. And I know in my heart That I’ve said goodbye to you forever.

Be happy, though not with me. I’ll do my best in life, too. No, I won’t forget you at all. To go on living without grief.

I don’t want to say goodbye, But it seems it’s forever, So we must part And let our grief shriek in our eyes.

Your family is all that matters, Not like me, all alone, And I hope for nothing, You can’t go higher, it’s not your destiny.

I’ll live as I did before you, I’ll remember the sweetness that you gave me.

I thank you for the days we spent together. I thank you for the nights that drove us mad!

But alas, it’s time for us to part, That cannot be avoided. We’re destined to be alone, I suppose, for a time to come.

I trust you, my dear, Will find your destiny And on the road of your life You’ll come to your happiness.

Farewell, I will not say much, Farewell, I will not call again, Farewell, we all have our own way, Farewell, forgive me, I am leaving.

I have loved so much, And probably, I still love you so sincerely, But, you have another lady in your heart, All this I will get over someday.

I’m so sorry, I’ve made up my mind, It’s better if I just leave, You’re my dearest for ever, What a pity it’s not my way with you.

Oh, how hard is my heart, We are parting, my darling, And we’ll close the door to the past, You’re not with me, I’m not with you.

Why do we have this trial And what have we done wrong? I wish you happiness, Don’t be offended by me.

I promise I won’t call, I won’t write, There’s nothing between us now, We’re sad and we’re depressed.

Without you all the nights will be, Without peace, silence and sleep, About you I will not forget dear, I will not be able to fall out of love with you.

I love you with all my heart, I beg you, don’t explain, I will be strong, I will let you go, Don’t worry.

I don’t want excuses, Good-bye, we’re breaking up, Memories to warm my soul, In my dreams, please don’t visit me!

“It’s like the sun on the palm of my hand We couldn’t keep our happiness, My heart seems to grow darker, it’s filled with sorrow.

But I won’t and I won’t say goodbye in a bad way. And I wish you well At this very moment.

Let the love that burns within us, With someone new be reborn, And at least our friendship between us be preserved.

I’m parting from you forever. Forgive me for everything, my love. My dearest man in the world, you’ll stay in my memory forever!

Thank you for always putting up with me And giving me two white wings And you taught me how to soar through the sky, I can’t forget you now.

I’ll leave a scar on my heart when it’s time to part. Love, let me go, I’ll be sick without you!

It still hurts when I’m not with you One day I’ll forget her And I’ll only remember the best, How sincerely we loved, But it’s all gone. Like a dream, like a moment. Forget it, too. Go to someone else, Let her be a star for you. I’ll wave my hand and let you go, it’s not mine anymore.

It’s hard to part, but it’s not meant to be. We can’t be together But I’ll remember you

♪ I’m sorry that it didn’t work out this way ♪ We didn’t manage to keep the old fairy tale love.

You’ll meet someone else And I’ll love you again I won’t hug or kiss you again, I’m sorry, goodbye, I’m leaving.

Beautiful Breakup Words: 100 Examples

Breaking up a relationship is an ordeal for both partners. If a girl decides to say goodbye and start living without a boyfriend, it is important to choose the right words when breaking up. Such that do not leave any doubts – it’s over. When it is difficult to speak at a meeting, you can write a few goodbye good words to your loved one.

The words when parting with a man

Composing a farewell letter to the once beloved guy, take note of the examples below. The choice of words for the inevitable parting depends on the situation. Insult, revenge, sadness, regret, good wishes … Choose what you want to say as the final memorable phrase.

  • Don’t blame yourself. Love and rain don’t last forever.
  • Thank heaven for giving me you. Warm, beautiful, kind and good. Farewell and be happy.
  • After our quarrel, there is no strength left for anything. No desire to walk through life together. Forgive and farewell.
  • There’s only one thing I ask: Let go and forget. I’m tired of being sad
  • I can’t stay around, it’s time to go
  • It’s hard to part, but it’s harder to be together. # It’s time to live our own lives
  • You’ll find another, I’ll find another. # We didn’t keep our beautiful feelings # Now you and I are on different paths.
  • Before I had wings behind my back But now I have a stone in my heart. I want to stop suffering.
  • Pity, but butterflies no longer flutter in my belly, and the chrysanthemums of love have blossomed. Our happiness is in the past.
  • The bridge connecting our hearts has weakened and collapsed. There is no point in rebuilding it.
  • My heart no longer beats fast, words no longer jumble in my head. Only thoughts of parting remain.
  • We no longer know why we are together. Why suffer when we can part.
  • It is a pity that we are separating. I hope your happiness is waiting for you somewhere along life’s path. But without me.
  • Our happiness is in the past. Breaking up is the only way to keep respect for yourself and your once loved one.
  • Attempts to unite with so many disagreements were doomed to fail. But we tried. I wish we had.
  • Forgive me, but we shall not meet again. Thank you for the joy and warmth you gave me.
  • There is no “us” anymore. There is you and me. Separate. No more beautiful words are needed.
  • Despite parting, the memory of you will always be in my heart. Thank you for the joy of touching, communicating, and looking.
  • You have chosen to take a road that does not intersect with mine. Well, good luck.
  • I’m sorry, but no more stars will fall over us and the birds in the forest will sing for others.
  • I can’t look into your beautiful eyes and talk about parting. It’s easier to write. A few words and it’s over.
  • To be honest, we both haven’t felt the way we used to for a long time. Let’s not pretend. Let’s say goodbye before it’s too late.
  • I have faith that your life will be fine without me. So do you. Such a wonderful man is bound to be lucky.
  • As sad as it is, the fairy tale of love is over. Find your soul mate and be happy.
  • I’m not ready for a serious relationship. And the easy ones can’t go on like this. Why say the words? It’s pretty clear. Go away and don’t come back.

The need for nice words in a breakup is obvious. You save “face” and remain in the memory of your partner (boyfriend, man) a decent person. Hold back, if you can, criticism. It is inappropriate in the final act of a love affair (unless we are talking about betrayal). Speak from the heart, simply and concisely.

  • First you make me happy, then you make me sad. I am not a toy. No more fun. I need to find my way.
  • I’m sorry if I hurt you. I suffer, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s fate. We can’t be a couple.
  • It’s not hard to say goodbye if you only wish your beloved well. From the bottom of my heart. I believe everything will work out fine for you.
  • It’s hard to find parting words that won’t hurt you. Understand me and don’t hold a grudge. I’m tired. The love is gone, and with it, so am I.
  • I’m sorry, but I’m not your soul mate. Find the one that puts a bright smile back on your face.
  • I can’t be around for one more day. It’s hard to want to leave, but to stay by necessity. I won’t bother you again.
  • Don’t look for a meeting with me, we have no future anymore.
  • Our beautiful feelings, unfortunately, have not stood the test of strength. But that’s all right, you will be happy. Just not with me.
  • Our romance has come to its logical conclusion. You are the best man, but I am not the woman who should be around you.
  • I’m not perfect, but there’s no such thing. I hope you find what you didn’t find in me in another girl. And I’ll find my boyfriend.
  • You’re better off without me. I’m not holding anyone back. And I mean well. And those are not just words. So says my heart.
  • The passionate dance of love implies a pair of well-sensitive partners. Alas, that is not us.
  • I never imagined we’d be touched by a breakup. But it did. Let’s not glue the broken cup of our love together.
  • It’s time for you to learn to live without my words, eyes and lips. Farewell and be happy.
  • No one needs a lot of extra words when parting. A kiss of farewell and then we’ll go our separate ways.
  • I’ll regret leaving you more than once. You’re an amazing guy. But you’re not what I want.
  • Your heart no longer beats loudly when I hold you. I don’t want to impose on you. Be happy.
  • I respect your decision, but I can hardly forgive you for leaving. Maybe it’s for the best. I need to be the only one, not one of many.
  • I wish our best days were behind us. We both know we’ll never get that feeling of happiness back. Good luck with that.
  • Thanks to you, I have achieved a lot. Your faith in me has kept me moving forward, even through the dead end. Thank you for everything.
  • Fairy tales come to an end sooner or later. Our relationship was a fairy tale. And here’s the bottom line. Sad, but there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Maybe it’s some consolation that you were the happiest I’ve ever been with. I won’t soon forget you, but that’s the way it is. I’m sorry.
  • In spite of our passionate feelings, we could not maintain a beautiful relationship. Apparently, we lacked something. Be happy.
  • When you leave, leave. Wounds heal, but the scar will remain. So will the memory of our happy story.
  • Disappointment and parting always walk by the hand, I think. It’s just that I’ve exalted you too much in my fantasies. It’s not your fault.
  • Too pretty words are not my strong suit. It’s just time to say goodbye and part ways. I hope you’ll remember only good things about me.
  • Remember when you read those horoscopes and said we weren’t right for each other? And I laughed at you. You shouldn’t have. Turns out the stars were right.
  • I know you’ll be happier without me. It’s too hard with me. You deserve better.
  • There won’t be another like you. But our passion has run out of steam. No interest, no warmth. Only polite presence. That’s not for me.
  • Let’s break the bond that does you and me no good. I’m sorry, but I can’t go on like this.
  • Even if I have to cry for the first time without you, I won’t say a bad word about you. I just can’t go on seeking your love. I am leaving.
  • Thank you for the joy and happiness you gave me! As it happens, our paths are parting. But I will remember you even years after we parted.
  • I didn’t want to live together, but you thought your strong feelings were enough for two. It wasn’t. I’m sorry.
  • It’s like time has stopped. No energy, no thoughts. Everything’s gray and sad. I’ll get over it, but I don’t want your arms and your eyes and your hugs right now. You’ve become a stranger.
  • We decided to take a time-out and check our feelings. And here’s the result. You don’t want me. And I suffer, even if the conversation in the company is about you. I can’t do this anymore. I want to get rid of my addiction.
  • I don’t feel comfortable with you anymore. That’s not what a healthy relationship should be. Forget about me.
  • I think we’re just too different. Your girlfriend will idolize you and listen to every word you say. I won’t be able to obey and wait for orders. Two captains on one ship is too much.
  • It was a moment of forgiveness and goodbye. Exactly. No unnecessary emotions and insults. Only pleasant memories and wishes.
  • You are a special person. It was you who awakened the best and brightest in my soul. That’s why I wish you no harm, on the contrary – be happy, my love!
  • My eyes used to glisten with happiness, now with tears. That’s hardly what you wanted. We just couldn’t get along. That’s all right. It was a mistake. Let’s close that door and go our separate ways.
  • The lovely bud of our passion has withered and dried up. We’ll yearn, but it’s best not to prolong the negativity. Remember the best about me, please. Don’t hold a grudge.
  • We won’t run in the rain or smear cake or do a lot of other stupid things anymore. But that’s okay. Don’t be sad. It’s time to grow up. And our romance is just a transition from passionate youth to mature self-confidence.
  • You’re the greatest. My world is brighter and more interesting with you. Let’s break up, but let’s be friends.
  • Time does not heal. Or not much of it has passed. Sad, but I’m sure we’ll get through the breakup. Just like we went through all the troubles together. Only now alone.
  • Believe in the best. With or without me, you deserve to be happy. I sincerely hope that your soulmate is waiting for you. Try to find her sooner.
  • It’s time for me to give up our strange relationship. Indecisiveness and gentleness are not the qualities of a man, though it is nice at some points. I’m sorry, I have to set the record straight.
  • With you I have learned what it is to be wanted and the best. How much and how little it is when we can’t be together. It’s hard to suffer next to each other and at the same time understand that there is no future for us. Do not torment me and yourself. Goodbye.
  • I am sorry, but we shall not see each other again. I’m just tired of uncertainty and worrying. I wish you success in your plans.
  • Don’t be sad. Neither of us thought that such a passionate, beautiful romance could fade quickly and for good. We just got what we wanted. No more desires.
  • See, I haven’t even dared to make eye contact about the breakup. I’m afraid I might change my mind. But you have to leave in time. Sorry for everything and goodbye.

A goodbye letter to a guy when breaking up.

Whatever the reasons for breaking up with a man, the words are better to choose neutral and calm. Without insults and claims. It is desirable to put his thoughts in a short message. Such a farewell letter to the man will put a point in the relationship, and also allow you to remain not so much friends as good acquaintances.

  • It seemed that our beautiful feelings were like a bubbling mountain river. Now it is a depleted stream. I alone cannot bring it back. Since you have other plans, I can only wish you luck.
  • I wish we had learned to appreciate our former love in time. Emptiness has replaced bright feelings. Indifference has replaced passion. I wish you find your soul mate.
  • I can not and do not want to break up with a loved one in person, so a goodbye text is the only thing I can do now. I can’t find the words. Memories are still warm, but there is no fire in my eyes, no warmth in my hands. Farewell and forgiveness.
  • Let us part, but let us not be sad. Remember how good we were together. I will not write another line, I will not call, I will not come. But I will remember you.
  • I’m sorry we can’t be together It’s nobody’s fault. We’re just not the right kind of characters for a love story. I hope everything works out for you.
  • I’ll remember your strong arms, piercing gaze, and warm embrace. From the day I first met you and still think you’re the best guy. But our paths are different.
  • Love is too fragile to be mistreated. We didn’t save it. It’s time to say goodbye. You’re bound to have a good life. I’m sorry if I hurt you.
  • All the good things that have happened in my life are tied to your name. If you need me, I’ll always come to you. As a friend, nothing more.
  • Thank you for the happy moments. I can’t think of pretty words. Just say goodbye.
  • Don’t be sad. Sorry we have to end our dates and stop seeing each other. There’s no point in continuing.
  • Love, like a mirror, reflected our best qualities. And now it’s shattered. The pieces can’t be reassembled, can’t be glued back together. Period.
  • It’s so hard to know that tomorrow I will begin my life without you. The smell, the voice, the hands… It won’t be there. But the decision has been made. It could have gone differently, but it did.
  • My heart will not forget you, no matter how hard I try. I don’t think I’ll ever love you again. I wish your dreams and aspirations come true. You deserve it.
  • How much happiness we have given each other! We learned to make peace, to forgive. And then ignore, ignore. I don’t know how it happened. But I can’t and don’t want to.
  • Let’s say goodbye in a beautiful way. Positive and with good wishes. Fortunately, an adult man and woman can even be friends after a breakup. And it’s not just words.
  • Let what we had in common remain a bright memory. I am grateful to you for making my life bright and interesting. It’s a pity that something we had in common disappeared, and instead there were a lot of disagreements.
  • My heart no longer hurts. But you hurt me too much. You can’t forget something like that. Thank you for the beautiful tale. Too bad it has come to an end.
  • The higher we climbed to the clouds in our feelings, the more painful it was to fall into real life. And so it did. It hurts for you and for me. But it will pass. Have courage. You can do it. You’re strong.
  • The book of our love has come to an end. We’ve both read the last page. It’s time to close it. Let each find a new and interesting story.
  • I thought it would be different with you. Like heaven. But in reality, living together is not so sweet and cloudless. The fire in your eyes has gone out, only regrets remain.
  • I will not describe your virtues long and beautiful. You are the best. And that says it all. But you are not mine. Not for me. Find your love and be happy.
  • Unfortunately, we have no future. The memory of you will keep me warm until I forget how good it was. But an indifferent relationship is not what I want from you. Goodbye.
  • It’s like my wings have been clipped. But how I flew with you! Thank you for making me believe in my strength, to find my way. I’m strong now. I can survive your final departure. Don’t come back again.
  • It was too good for us for this state to last. Higher powers were jealous, or we messed up, but we can’t stay together anymore. Don’t save grudges, forgive, and goodbye.
  • You’re special. Always have been and always will be. I’ll keep only good memories in my heart. Thanks to you I blossomed and believed that happiness and love existed. I hope I can find them even without you.
  • Before you decide to say goodbye to your boyfriend beautifully, choose the right moment. In a way that will cause a minimum of pain. The right words will reduce the blow to your partner’s ego and allow for a civilized end to the relationship.

If you know other ways that will help beautifully and painlessly break up with the guy, share your experiences in the comments.

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