Sagittarius man Taurus woman

Taurus woman and Taurus man: compatibility of signs

Male Taurus and female Taurus are too different to have a lasting romance or get along side by side. Their compatibility, with the exception of the intimate sphere, leaves much to be desired. There are isolated exceptions, though rare.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in love

Girls born in the element of the Earth approach the issue of relationships seriously and judiciously. Natural conservatism does not allow them to even think about love at first sight or sex after a couple of dates. To enter into an alliance, though not binding to anything, the lady needs to know the man closely.

Representatives of the element of Fire hold opposite views: they are impulsive and straightforward. If the Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman felt attraction, the first to notice this will be the guy. He will also hint that it would be time to dot the communication.

The compatibility of these signs in love is 23%. It’s all because of these people’s views on life: a young person who is patronized by Jupiter is difficult to force himself into frames. He likes free relationships, carefree existence and constant fun. Sagittarius is lazy to prove the seriousness of his own intentions in both work and love affairs.

Signs cannot find a compromise in this matter, because Taurus is looking for reliability and stability in the partner. For the “horny” companion is the groundwork for the future, support and further destiny. Although Venus protégés are not dreamy, but they have an affair and hope for a wedding, children and relationships until old age.

Girls of this constellation are not inherently dynamic emotions, so they do not think about infidelity. Having cooled down to the current favorite, they leave, in order to continue to search for “the one”, but do not suffer from the doomed union, taking their soul away “on the side. Betrayal of the Taurus can be pushed by a strong resentment, as the lady of this sign is vindictive and vindictive.

As for Sagittarius, in a relationship with representatives of the element of the Earth, he does not shine with fidelity. Seduction of another “victim” and love behind his partner’s back is part of the game for the son of Jupiter. In this way he gets a thrill, which he is proud of. Good treason this sign of the zodiac does not hide, and boasts of them in front of friends and even unfamiliar people. Uncover his meanness is easier than ever.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in marriage

Families of those born in the element of fire and earth are rare. Sagacious “archers” are difficult to drag into the marriage, and if we are talking about Taurus, it is almost impossible. A girl can be persistent, persuasive and reasonable in her arguments, but there is little use when she is not listened to. As a percentage, the compatibility of the mentioned signs in marriage is 34%.

There are also exceptions, when a patient lady, gradually “brainwashing” the beloved, inspires him that he himself wants to create a family. Such tandems are not distinguished by durability and peace of mind, and later they even file for divorce.

A male Sagittarius and a female Taurus look at relationships and cohabitation differently. A girl can be a perfect hostess, cook a new gourmet meal every day, polish the house to a shine, but her spouse will not even notice it. If the stamp in the passport connects guys belonging to the fiery element with “horny” ladies, they show the worst qualities.

“Manly” household chores the son of Jupiter will refuse to do, citing well-being, fatigue or workload. At the same time, he will also add to the mess: scattering socks, stacking dirty dishes, walking with shoes on the newly washed floor. Sagittarius himself does not see this as a problem and blames his spouse for his excessive irascibility.

Taurus should prepare for the fact that the beloved will easily exchange them for friends. On the day of the wedding anniversary, he will shamelessly go fishing or play soccer, and then ask in bewilderment why his beloved is in a depressed and aggressive mood. What is interesting, the man will refuse to take a companion to such gatherings, just to feel freer and more relaxed.

Another problem of families where Sagittarius and Taurus met is a regular change of workplace. Having achieved success in one organization, the “fiery” guy realizes that he is bored with this type of activity or is disgusted with the face of the boss. Persuasion will aggravate the desire to quit – Jupiter’s protégés love to do things to spite those around them.

Children will not be saved by this kind of relationship either. At first, the happy parents feel that the desperate move had an effect on their marriage like duct tape. Later comes the realization – the effect was temporary.

The Taurus mother gives all the care and love to the offspring, patiently pushing them towards education. Education entirely falls on her shoulders, so the lady refers to the case with responsibility – read books on the subject, trying to look into the soul of the heir, so that time to help.

The father in tandem performs the role of the animator. He is interested in having fun with a new member of the family, showing him funny ways to piss off those around him. At the same time, the representative of the element of Fire does not forget about his comrades, periodically disappearing from home, but returning with gifts for the child.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in sex

Intimate life of Sagittarius and Taurus is hardly the only bastion of tenderness and mutual understanding. Despite the fact that the representatives of the signs do not behave in bed in the same way, their views on sex complement each other. Slow and patient madam only excites the desire for active and fussy chosen one.

The daughter of Venus gets tired of coitus much faster than the one born in the element of Fire. He brings his partner to pleasurable exhaustion with his assertion, but he does not stop there and demands more and more. Over time, the girl herself gets a taste for it, imbued with the passion spurting out of her partner.

At first, the intercourse of the mentioned signs looks boring from the outside: the guy tries his best, but his mate feels as if he feels nothing, refusing to cry out loudly and in general to react to what is happening. With each new time the representative of the earth element is filled with initiative in sex and already offers her own experiments, poses and even new locations.

It does not do without problems. Sometimes the children of Jupiter can neglect the desires of the partner, focusing on themselves. In this case, the girl simply does not get pleasure, because she is turned on much longer than the chosen one. However, this happens rarely and mainly in unions with a large age difference. In general, the sexual compatibility of the signs is estimated at 78%.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in friendship

Male Sagittarius and female Taurus are able and can be friends. This type of relationship reveals their positive qualities, but does not confront their interests. Cheerful and kind “archers” share positive emotions and ease with “horny”, and in return receive motivation and valuable advice. The daughter of Venus will not once reprimand a frisky companion, so that he does not get new problems.

In this area of life, the representative of the fiery element protects and supports the companion. Thanks to him, the shy, but stubborn girl begins to understand the world around her and learns to interact with it without damaging her own ego and emotions. In the future, this will repeatedly help the lady in moving up the career ladder.

In addition, Sagittarius, due to communication with a person born in the element of the Earth, becomes more serious and responsible. She also acquires a bit of his madness, the ability to relax and “break away”. The son of Jupiter literally changes the character of the familiar, opening to her new horizons and colors. The compatibility of the representatives of the constellations in friendship is 67%.

Sagittarius and Taurus: compatibility in work

The horoscope guarantees the success of work teams, in which Taurus and Sagittarius are present. In this case, the guy becomes a source of boundless energy and crazy ideas, and the colleague shows him the right direction. Such employees complement each other and often make a joint decision to leave the organization to take up a common business.

“Fire” man is the possessor of a clear mind, active and assertive, but he does not know where to apply his own work. Children of Venus, on the contrary, know where to find the right people, how to interest a client and where to invest money, but they are rarely able to give out an ingenious plan, and they are also afraid of failure, so they keep their knowledge idle.

Sagittarius, once in a high position, lives in motion – his vocation is in business trips and informal meetings. If there is a Taurus girl among his subordinates, it is her he will entrust to monitor the situation in the office. Such ladies can boast of hard work and fidelity to their word, which the boss feels. He knows that the employee can and should be relied on.

However, a male Sagittarius and a female Taurus will not be able to avoid conflicts if the latter ends up in the manager’s chair. “Archers” need to be controlled in the work, as they are able to “unintentionally” violate the agreement or forget about the obligations, which pisses off the strict female boss. If you consider all situations in the aggregate, the compatibility of the signs in the work activity is 55%.

Compatibility of Sagittarius man and Taurus woman in love and marriage

Taurus man and Taurus woman: compatibility in love

The compatibility of a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman is quite complicated and there is not much chance that it will last long enough. Taurus prioritizes quality, while Sagittarius is much more important in terms of the impression he makes on those around him. And even if at first the partners turn out to be charmed by each other, disappointment comes quite soon. Sagittarius male relentlessly “ruffles feathers” and makes promises, but their fulfillment still has to wait. Taurus woman at first is just waiting for everything to come true, but in the end she decides that she was cheated. Sagittarius is a highly intellectual sign, he gets bored with such a simple and straightforward Taurus. All this combined leads to the breakdown of the relationship. Even if the marriage lasts for a while longer, the Sagittarius male will lose what is most important to him: his freedom. At the same time, the Taurus woman loses her confidence in the future, which is also extremely important for her.

Taurus man and Taurus woman: compatibility in sex (in bed)

Perhaps the only thing that can help in the compatibility of Sagittarius man and Taurus woman is the bedroom. Here the Taurus woman and Sagittarius man easily find common ground and excellent compatibility. Both Taurus and Sagittarius appreciate sex, though in different ways. The Taurus woman treats sex as one of life’s most beautiful joys. The male Sagittarius appreciates sex for the sense of freedom it gives him. In any case, an active sexual relationship brings the partners many happy moments. Taurus woman attracts Sagittarius man with her sensual earthy beauty, while Sagittarius in turn ignites Taurus with the fiery power of his inventive passion. All in all, this couple has a lot to do in bed.

Taurus man and Taurus woman: compatibility in work

In business compatibility, the cooperation of a Taurus woman and a Sagittarius man promises wonderful and unexpected opportunities, provided, of course, that Taurus accepts the development proposed to him by Sagittarius, and will do so consciously. Sagittarius is capable of opening to the simple-minded Taurus such horizons that he could not even dream of. At the same time Taurus woman, with her thoroughness helps Sagittarius man to consolidate the results. Then again, it is the turn of Sagittarius, who seeks to make the activity more versatile or to expand it in some way, and Sagittarius knows how to do it.

Taurus man and Taurus woman: marriage compatibility

Marriage compatibility between Sagittarius man and Taurus woman is good. The male Sagittarius immediately causes sympathy in the Taurus women for their cheerfulness, indefatigability and, of course, intelligence. For all that, from the outside he seems to be a small and immature boy, over whom it is so pleasant to take custody. Sagittarius man is an intellectual, a philosopher and a great conversationalist, wasting around himself a vibe of charm. At the same time he is incredibly sincere. However, this sincerity has a downside. For example, if he’s going for a walk in the company of one of his old girlfriends, he will say nothing offence and will not mean anything bad – after all, they just go for a walk in the old memory, why not? Your resentment in this case will be completely incomprehensible to him.

Compatibility of Sagittarius men and Taurus women: overall score 6.9

The evaluation of the compatibility of a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman is not high. Taurus and Sagittarius are absolutely opposite signs, in character, temperament and goals in life. They live in different worlds, seeking to achieve different things, but despite this, are sometimes able to find happiness in a couple with each other.

The Taurus woman and the Sagittarius man are a very difficult and contradictory combination. The Taurus woman – sensible and practical, prefers stability and confidence in the future, the Sagittarius man – ambitious and volatile, thoughtless of finances, and like hell runs away from any obligations, including marriage.

Future Chances of Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

In order for the Sagittarius man and Taurus woman compatibility to have chances for the future, you, Sagittarius, need to understand that the Taurus woman is determined to become your only and lawful wife. She will not be content with the fate of one of several girlfriends, this is not for Taurus, it is the sign of the possessor. So in compatibility with the Taurus woman, she will not torment you with jealousy scenes, especially if she does not have sufficient reason to do so. But even a hint of treason she will never tolerate. Taurus woman does not like to talk much, but she is a great listener. She does not make hasty decisions, in order to think everything through and come to a conclusion, it may take time, but if that decision is made, then change it will be virtually impossible. On the other hand, Taurus woman is characterized by a high patience, soft-heartedness and sense of humor. Taurus rarely goes on a rampage, but it is you, Sagittarius man, who especially easily manages to bring her to a white out.

How to keep love in a relationship Sagittarius man and Taurus woman

The compatibility of Sagittarius man and Taurus woman is ambiguous. Taurus woman is practical and thorough, Sagittarius man is independent and fidgety. In general, it is difficult to find more dissimilar characters for compatibility. They have very different goals in life, and the rhythms in which they live, do not coincide. Does such a union have a chance? Strangely enough, yes. And if a female Taurus and a male Sagittarius felt the mutual attraction at their first meeting, then in any case, it is worth trying. If a female Taurus will not limit the freedom of a male Sagittarius and keep him within four walls, after all, it is possible that such different characters will complement each other and come together like puzzle pieces.

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