Sad letter to the guy: consider from all angles

A sad letter to a guy. A letter to your lover in separation in your own words

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My darling, why are you so far away? We are apart…

“How do you survive a long separation from your beloved?”

So hard to endure the pain of separation that words have learned to speak in silence. In this letter to you, my beloved, I will write about many things…. The main thing is that you have enough patience to read and reread everything! Those letters of yours, by the way, which you wrote to me…. I still have them intact! I put them in my school diary. I keep diaries too, by the way. I don’t have the heart to throw away something so dear to my memories.

I wait for you every night on the Internet. And I want to wait at home, with romantic kisses and a romantic evening…. When are you coming back already? Time…. I hate it! It must be flowing so slowly on purpose.

How are you, my love? I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me. I can’t figure out what. Or are you so “sluggish” because you feel bad without me? Well, what can you do, if this is your job (which involves business trips). It’s a pity you don’t want to change your job. Can you imagine how good it would be if we spent more time together!

I understand that you are a man. But you also understand. We are different. And I’ve always compromised with you. Maybe it’s time for you to compromise, too. I’m not going to cheat on you, of course, but don’t play with my feelings like that. They’re the real deal…. Don’t ruin them or break them, please! If you treat them carelessly or cruelly, they will perish and dissolve into a fog of doubt.

You have found a very interesting approach! For his “inventiveness” I appreciate you very much. You write me both e-mails and paper letters. And their content is very different from each other. It’s so romantic…. Thank you!!! Now I’m getting scared that my inbox might get blocked someday. So I copy all your letters and save them in separate folders.

Honey, cut the distance! Destroy all this forced separation! I don’t have the strength to fight myself anymore, honestly…. I’ve been trying really hard, but I’m kind of weak at it. Because I’m weak (in the moral sense). And I’m not getting any stronger….

I have no idea what to write to you now. And I’m afraid to offend, and I’m afraid to “gush” on the lines, too…. Anyway, honey, come on over! Don’t let me live in constant fear!

I’ve already had so many nervous breakdowns of all kinds at your mercy! I love you I do, but there’s no need to take advantage of that! Otherwise it won’t end well, to put it mildly. I’m not blackmailing you, I’m not threatening you! I’m just tired of this life, in which you are, but you are not in it…. Oh, I’m confused about what I just wrote myself.

I’m very sleepy. And the tears will soon “cover my eyes. I’m tired of waking up alone and falling asleep! We urgently need to change our life so that it is not ruined. I can’t “steer” everything. I need your help and support. Okay, if I get it from you in a reasonable combination.

I really need you, believe me! I see no one else beside me. And I never will, for you’re all I need. For now, and then, and always. If you want to be with me, it’s either me or your job! She’s keeping us apart. Don’t you feel that? You may not fill me with messages of love for three months, but I can live with that. For the sake of you to understand the depth of my soul!

It’s hard for me at the moment, but I’ll continue my letter. You are so great! That’s why I still put up with so much. And it makes me want to drop everything and change! I’m weak…. Sorry for repeating myself. What else could it be? I can’t just cut you out of my life.

Listen,sweetheart…. Why don’t you cheat on me with some pretty girl and admit it to me? Then it would be easier for me to leave you and leave you…. My God, what nonsense I’m writing! I myself then regret a million times that I write such a thing! But I’m not going to erase anything. I will leave the letter in its original form. It would be more honest! My own honesty would drive me crazy. Yes! How can I fight it? And for that quality of mine, I’ve already paid for it more than once….

I feel so terrible without you that there are no words to express it in full….

I am invited to a wedding. I do not want to go there alone, so it would be great if you could come. I want to catch the bride’s bouquet! You know what that omen means…. By the way, if you go to the wedding with me – catch the garter, please! Then we’ll definitely get married soon (I’d really, really like that).

Why are you so far away?! We’re apart. I do not want to remember this distance, this separation. But I have to. You fly to me in my dreams…. You fly to me! Because I call you an angel. It’s such a beautiful word…. angel…. So nice and beautiful, just like you.

If you don’t come, I’ll come for you myself! Do you understand what loneliness is? I feel it when you’re not around, my darling! Be more human! Or have you completely forgotten what we agreed on? Yeah,i guess i forgot….. But I won’t be mad at you now so I can continue my letter normally….

Love you angel! So much I wanted to write…. But something somehow nothing really comes to mind and does not fit. All that I wanted to leave on the lines, mixed up, like ingredients in cooking.

Don’t laugh! It’s not that I have such a bad memory. I worry when I write all this to you. I’m very worried! You don’t believe me? Take your time and write me something like that!

I like to write first drafts. Then I sit back and enjoy correcting all the things I didn’t like. It’s nice, isn’t it? I confess that I dream of getting a similar, similar one from you, too. Write one letter. I’ll keep it. I promise I won’t show it to anyone. I’ll only brag to my children and grandchildren about what a romantic you were.

If you don’t write an e-mail, I’ll be very happy with an attractive envelope! I collect all sorts of – different things like that. I don’t remember if I told you about this….

Sweetheart, give me a call! Or text me if you’re very busy. I’ll understand either way! And you understand that I need your attention!

I’m writing you…., my beloved, a letter. And I think, “How can I survive the separation from my beloved? I can feel your breath. It’s not mystical. It’s my amorous imagination playing out while I’m apart. And I let him do everything, just as I let you. You’re the best, the best, the best! I love to write nice things to you. And I’ll keep doing it, if you don’t mind….

Sincere letters to your lover. –

How do you get over being separated from your lover?

If you haven’t seen your boyfriend for a long time, a letter to your loved one in your own words will help rekindle your feelings. With its help, you can brighten up even a long separation. This way of keeping the fire of love alive since ancient times.

How to start a letter to your loved one when you are separated?

The beginning of your message can go something like this.

My good man… I’m writing you my message. Read it to the very end, and try to understand me and my whole inner world…

I don’t know where to begin… this whole situation and my silence on the phone prompted me to write this message. I won’t look for excuses or excuses, I just want to try to explain to you what’s going on inside of me.

My good man, you are my boyfriend, and I hope you still are. Because at the slightest hint, or the slightest phrase about breaking up, I get all twisted up. I can’t imagine myself without you, without your kisses.

I can’t imagine myself without your smile. Especially when you start talking about love or very nice words for me, when I start to feel embarrassed, those moments stay with me forever, and also your smile is special. And our walks, though always with some adventures and misunderstandings, but they are memorable. And personally, I really enjoy remembering them.

Romantic continuation of the letter in my own words

We have a lot of nice moments to remember. I wish I could list them all. But that would take a lot of time. I’m not even talking about the pictures on the wall in my apartment… I can’t bring myself to take them down after seeing the look on your face when you first noticed them.

My friends really like you. And every time they ask about you. I don’t always tell you that. But I do. They’re always wondering how you and I are doing… And so, when I think back on it all, I realize that you’re a dear person to me. You’re like a member of my family to me.

I went through your pictures three times today, and you know what? You’re an insanely handsome guy. I don’t understand why I’m so lucky to have you at all. You’re so cute, you’re just so cute. Your eyes are big, your lips are soft…

I’ve never known anyone like you, and I probably never will. I cherish and appreciate you very much! I don’t know what’s happening to me now, why I’m acting this way. But I am very sorry about it, I am insanely ashamed of myself. I am ashamed when you say that you are bored with me, ashamed when I deceive you, and I am not even ashamed before you, but before myself…

And then I think what an idiot I am for doing this… I guess I thought that you would never leave me, that you would always be there for me. But today I got an electric shock. You could leave me at any time for no reason, and you’d be absolutely right. And no one would blame you for that. Darling, I don’t want to lose you. I love you madly! You may not believe me, but I can prove that I do! And you’re sure to trust me, you’ll see.

Coming to the end.

The conclusion of a letter to your beloved boyfriend in separation can be a mention of the difficulties and overcoming them. For example, you can write the following text:

Unfortunately, we are far away from each other now, but I will definitely wait for you! Every day I remembered you, and I will remember you. If I somehow miss you, I will never forgive myself. You are always thinking of us, not of yourself, but of us. You don’t see yourself and me separately, for you there’s only us, and I like that a lot.

Yes, it takes me a long time, sometimes too long, but it will come. And we won’t be bored anymore, I don’t want this domesticity, and that’s not because you told me to, but because I want it myself.

I want you to be happy when you see me. I want you to always be around me smiling with all your teeth. I will try to make you the happiest you can be!

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Longing to be apart. What and how to write to your loved one that you miss?

Your loved one is away right now…. Okay, sweetie, let’s be “you” so you don’t feel stiff. Your beloved is away on a so-called business trip or something… He’s gone, you miss him, you’re thinking of him….

And you write a letter! One that would help him get back to you faster. Even in love affairs you need an incentive. Create it yourself. With your creativity, your hands, your imagination. In short, everything, and yourself. Will you try? Look – there is a model! You, looking at it, be sure to come up with (to think of) something. It is – that, of course, and not difficult, but it’s hard to think when your thoughts are occupied with your beloved man.

Sample letter

“It’s only been a few days since you left, and it seemed like an eternity to me. I hate eternity. And probably myself because I let you go. I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t even start, like a calculator, counting the number of miles separating us. I wanted to. I even dreamed of rushing to you as a surprise, but you didn’t tell me the exact address. I love you, darling, I love you more than life. And you feel it, even being very far from me. I wrote a sea, which I dedicated to you. I will give them to you when you come to me. I’ll give you all my warmth, all my caress, all my soul…. I will give you all that you want. I write and know that my heart is with you. Forever! It still won’t beat without you. It’s nothing if you’re not with me. Please come soon. I know how to wait, but time drags on so long that I want to stop it altogether. But it won’t stop just because it benefits me or is very necessary. Please come, so that I don’t hate waiting.

This is a snippet of a letter. Complete it as you see fit. The words and phrases are many. And any “many” will be nice for you, and for the person it’s addressed to. If your boyfriend is around, but you just want to surprise him with letters? – Surprise him!

You can start your letter to your lover like this:

“Hello, my dear and beloved little angel! It’s summer now. And it’s winter in my soul. It’s just that I haven’t seen you for four hours. It seems like years. I wish I could see you every minute, every second. Even more often. There will never be enough time for me to fully enjoy you. I want some kind of eternity. Maybe that won’t be enough for me either. I want to always be with you alone. And you see that. You notice all my desires, dreams, frankness and secrecy…. Guess me all the way through. Until you realize you’ve learned everything you want to know about me. I won’t mind. We haven’t seen each other for hours. I don’t want to remember or think about the minutes you weren’t there. I can cross them out, of course. Like with a chalk or a marker or a pencil. But it doesn’t change anything: the moments you were away will still be between us. This is how life works. Honey, just a little while longer, and we’ll be together again. I hope that the moments we have without each other will halve or triple. I want to believe it! Come, come, come, come. I’m waiting for you, kitten!”

Did you have a fight? Well, what can I say…. It happens! Lives don’t just consist of positive things and moments. But it’s possible, not at all, to color the bad moments with words.

See how it’s done:

“I was wrong. But I love you. Can you forgive me? I admit that I am not a present. In fact, I admit a lot of things. And I tell you this sincerely. Do not you believe me? I really, really, really love you. Always and for a long time. And my love will not fade. You are the first person who has reached so deeply into the depths of my soul. I don’t want to lose you. No quarrel should separate us from you. I couldn’t live without a wonderful man like you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m sorry….. I’d be on my knees begging for forgiveness too, honestly. If you let me, that’s what I would do. I would do anything for your forgiveness. Forgive me even if I am not guilty of anything. Oh, how important your forgiveness is to me! I’m picking up the phone now. I think… messages to shower on you, but I don’t want to seem intrusive. I can be like that when I miss you, I remember. But I want, as a matter of urgency, to get rid of that very bad quality. I love you. Please forgive me, my love.” ….

Fix things with words so you can turn them into reality later:

“I don’t show up on time for my date because I want to be the prettiest for you. I’m sorry I’m so unpunctual. How much I haven’t learned about this quality – it doesn’t work. Yes, you can not learn this, I guess. Sorry, honey, I will try very hard not to make you wait, because I myself do not like all these expectations. They tire as much as any idleness. I love you. For the sake of feelings, my kitten, I’m ready to get over myself. And I’m already doing it little by little. You’ll notice soon enough, I promise. I promise I won’t upset you, I won’t argue hard with you…. How many promises are worth your forgiveness? I will fulfill whatever you ask me to fulfill. And I say again, “I promise.” Do you believe me? Believe me please. This is very important to me.” ….

A love letter to the man I love…. So much romance goes into my soul when I talk about this. So many things you want to say. So why give up such uncomplicated pleasures? Speak, write…. Let him know how you love, how you wait. He will be so pleased that he will call you to marry soon. If he does, will you go? Well, think about it while there’s time. No one is rushing you, and no one will rush you.

One request:

Be careful with every word. Don’t write anything unnecessary. The thing is, you can blame yourself for a single letter. Why torture yourself over superfluous or far-fetched reasons when you can avoid them? That’s what you should do: think about every word, and what it consists of.

All that will help you is faith in yourself, love for yourself (and for him), courage, stubbornness, striving to achieve goals. Everything is not that hard. Harder is the very, very first step. You’ve already done it! Keep going, with no regrets or excuses. Letter by itself, by itself, can not be written …

Farewell texts to the man you love, in his own words to tears

The reasons for breakups can be different: misunderstandings, resentment, accumulated gradually, infidelity, just a feeling that love is gone. Many stories have a good start, not all are able to leave love, to put a point. It’s hard to take your thoughts in your fist and say, “Sorry, we have to break up.”

At this point, your voice may tremble a little, and tears may flow. If you still have to break up, then you should try to write a farewell letter to your loved one. Girls are fragile creatures, however, at times they have to pull themselves together and say goodbye. In this form it is easier to do it, although it is, in fact, hard.

Don’t forget to write the letter well.

Because writing it isn’t everything. If you write it sloppy, crooked handwriting – even with all the desire – he will not understand your letters.

That’s why you have to write correctly – without mistakes – and neatly. And if you perfume the sheet on which you wrote – it can even add to your pluses. Many girls go further – leave a kiss – a kiss mark with lipstick.It’s still important to guess with the color of lipstick.

You can put some kind of paper flower in an envelope. And discreetly pass it on. Better yet, if he finds it by chance – it must be addressed to him. Otherwise he will think that it does not concern him.

A farewell letter to a beloved man

Forgive me, dear, that I can not tell you everything to your eyes. I am worried that I can’t manage to find the right words. I thought of writing a farewell letter. You know very well that I have always loved you. Every day I think of those moments we spent together, your frequent calls. At that time I felt the happiest man in the world. I would give anything now to recreate that time.

I would miss your mighty and gentle hands a lot, be sad for your gaze, and want to find myself in your arms again. I think daily of the time we spent together. Our first meeting is on my mind. I’m sorry, but we will have to part. There will be warm memories of us in my mind.

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It’s over!

Spread the word – send a farewell text to your loved one.

  1. By the time this text message reaches you, you’ll be erased from my life … I’ll survive the pain! I’ll be able to open up my future, and you go away…
  2. Not so long ago I was burning with your touch, and now I can’t even think about it… Dreams will remain dreams, my boy. It’s over!
  3. I’ll get over it. I’ll get bogged down in my work, as usual. I’ll get over it and forget it. Thank you for the time when we were happy. But there won’t be a second chance, goodbye…
  4. This text is my last link to you. And it has already been cut. Goodbye and be happy… without me.
  5. I don’t know why we have a relationship anymore… I guess it’s time to end it.
  6. I’ve been blessed with a lucky ticket to realize there’s no future with you! Farewell…
  7. Let the other fool suffer with you. I’m getting too tired of it. Good luck finding another soul mate…
  8. You ripped my wings off and stomped them into the dirt… I don’t know what I was counting on when I gave you a second chance.
  9. When the desire for loneliness defeats the desire to be with you, that’s the end!
  10. Our air castles have broken… goodbye, kitten.
  11. I remember the fire burning inside me when it all started… Damn your fire extinguishers.
  12. Any past is just past. Now you are my past…

One last letter to the man I love

I never thought about the fact that you don’t seek to treasure our feelings and relationship. We used to understand each other with half a word. I wonder if we have even a little bit of love left, or if we need to start life over from scratch.

After all, you feel that my love belongs to you. Your constant calls, our first date I will remember for a long time. To be indifferent to our relationship I am not going to be. I have told you so little about my love. I was always worried about the fairy tale ending. I will remember you always. You are forever in my heart.

What to write in a message to a man

Ideally, a letter to a beloved man about love should not contain vague arguments and talk in detail about your suffering. After all, we should not forget that guys and men are more rational than girls and women.

If you don’t talk about anything in particular and just write about how bad you feel without him, it’s unlikely he’ll like and understand your feelings. So if you want to get from your loved one a certain response and specific actions through a letter, try not just express your feelings, and try to make your message at least a little meaningful and understandable.

How to write a farewell letter to tears

Beloved, I’ve wanted to tell you my thoughts for a long time and I decided it was time to share them with you. I don’t want to hold it back any longer, I need to know what you think about our relationship, how you feel. I live every day with deep thoughts about our future. You know yourself that you are in my heart and that parting with you is simply unbearable.

In my head there are always thoughts of our meeting, of your stories and calls. The most important thing for me is that you are my favorite man, but I am not the one you want. If everything is as I say, at least say something, because the separation is getting harder and harder. Whatever decision you make, I’ll take it all.

It’s time.

Not everything that’s broken can be repaired. Take a hint from your boyfriend – a goodbye text to your lover who doesn’t want to admit the obvious.

  1. Do you remember how we swore each other eternal feelings? What idiots we were.
  2. I’m tired. I’m leaving. Forgive me…
  3. Our love is not sick, it’s already metastasized in the last stage… Goodbye.
  4. I will remember you all my life… remember you as a pleasant memory that made my life a living hell!
  5. The pain will pass in time, don’t worry. Things will get better, we’ll be happy… but not with each other.
  6. Your indifference has ruined us… I thought you should know that. And now goodbye…
  7. I know you really loved me… but that’s enough.
  8. Wanting to climb the wall in pain… What an asshole you are! You ruined the best part of our lives…
  9. I’ll live. I’ll laugh… And you’ll be sad and smile through the pain.
  10. I told you I’d never chase after you… Well, I didn’t. Good luck, darling…
  11. Stop calling me… It’s over, be a man and go away.
  12. You know it was coming… Goodbye, kitten.
  13. Leave the past in this text message. We were, we loved, we forgot…
  14. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to… Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. This time it was you.
  15. I don’t want another to taste you, but what can I do about it? Farewell…

A beautiful farewell letter from my wife

“My dear husband! I was finally able to pull myself together and dare to write you a letter in which I wanted to express my feelings. Our love has turned into something else. The fact that I am trying to turn our life into a fairy tale is not helping. You stopped calling, our meetings have become rare. You have to understand that I am a girl and I feel everything.

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It has become hard for me to pretend. Let me cry and worry, but I’ll try to get over it. I want to let you go, be free. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you the happiest person. May you do well with another. I’m sorry, goodbye!”

Letter to a guy in the army

My darling! My darling! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. At this time you have probably already left to serve. Well, the separation is meant to strengthen our feelings.

I promise I’ll try to be optimistic and keep myself busy with useful things to tell you about. And you hang in there. Be a strong and brave defender of the Fatherland.

I will write to you again tomorrow. Correspondence will help me to brighten up the cruel lonelty. I love you and I am waiting for you very much. I hope to hear back soon.

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A farewell letter to an ex-male

With you I became able to love. You taught me to enjoy every moment. For all the time of our relationship, you became a part of my soul. Every day near you, I will remember. I realize that tomorrow I won’t see you, touch you, smell you. It pains me that you won’t be there.

I realized that you were mine. You didn’t want to change for me. And I, in turn, am not going to wait long. I don’t want to suffer and worry anymore, I hope you get this letter and read it.

Poem to my ex-husband

To the hop of freedom, sweetheart, danke schoen! I’ll tell you, we’ve been drinking my ticket to the ex-wives’ club till morning, and the girls have been showering.

In a bitter drink that smells of bedbugs (I don’t like cognac, but it’s a good cause) I drowned my love, like Mumu, – My tears drenched the kitchen curtains.

“Like ships at sea. ” – to my right, You – to your left is still more usual, Hare. But what to do about the hole in my heart? I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t need to ask for a reprieve, I can’t hope to get it back. Let’s leave the past alone

I loved you too much I thought it would be a long road Of tenderness and passion But it all fell apart

I don’t know who is more sinned against And I have no remorse for the past. Love that once warmed us Is gone without grief, without return.

We parted like ships at sea. But I don’t regret a bit, not one bit! At first I thought we had grown apart. And without you I’m just numb.

But as time went on. I got used to it, I got used to it. Now I’m in awe of another. I’ve refreshed, I’ve blossomed. He makes me feel better every day!

My ex-husband! I thank you! For betraying me and not appreciating me once. Now I sleep very soundly And I know The stars will not bring us together Twice!

We’ve played our parts And there’s no turning back now There’s so much pain In my soul, you’ve shown me Heaven and hell.

I still love, but I know, I’m learning to live alone! From the bottom of my heart I wish you Nothing but light and goodness!

I’m not afraid of pain anymore! I’ll be gone by sunset beautifully And I’ll dissolve at dawn!

We never forgot our life together, We never crossed out the memories, We knew how to love sincerely, We were together a long way off.

Let it live in our memories, We’ll never be strangers, Though we’re not together now, We’ve been together for years.

I ask you, when we meet, don’t look away, I mean you no harm, believe me! When you knock, I’ll open the door To whatever lies ahead.

These rings could bind us, As they once did. What happened back then, I don’t know which of us was to blame?

For another I buy flowers from work and make supper for another, But in my ears there are only the clinking of shards of dreams And what was called love.

We became “exes” A long time ago, And our paths parted. Life flashed by, like in a movie, And you forgive me.

I still bear in my heart the warmth That has passed, all has passed, But I am drawn to the fire.

To the fire of long-forgotten phrases, To the fire of former love, Though it’s not blazing now, But it’s warming in my blood!

Dear ex-husband, Like you. Enjoying your freedom? Cognac, girls. # And the glitz and the glamour? # Eating fast food and sandwiches, I suppose.

What do I care, though? I try, my ex, not to think, Who marks your back with his fingernails, The mark of the madness of your ardor,

Whose body, in love’s tempest, you’ve been living under the cover of half-light. I am no longer jealous, I can’t even weep for resentment.

I can’t bear to weep No more, but my memory’s faithful executioner Tears me to sleeplessness: You come in, open the door with your key, You kiss me again till I moan.

A farewell letter from a mistress to a married man

“Beloved, but not my man. I find it hard to write these lines. I was not allowed to love you, but I could not restrain myself. Surprisingly and you did not resist me. Our relationship was like a sweet dream.

But as bitter as it was, we are going to have to part ways with you. You’re a married man, I’m not going to break up your family. It will be hard and difficult at first, but it must be done for our own good. Be happy with the one you call your wife. You loved her before, you can love her again. I don’t want to bring any more misery. I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

Farewell to coworkers when quitting in verse

Leaving the staff, I want to say to you, “Thank you For your support, for your participation – There was a lot of happiness with you, A lot of disputes and serious conversations. I’ll remember with sadness our team and … miss it!”

I’m leaving the staff, I’ll say, colleagues, thank you For your help, for your support, for the correction of errors.

I’ll miss you so much, I’ll remember your kindness, What a team you are, In the new place I will not forget.

What can I say to you, colleagues? What can I wish before I go? To demand more privileges And a higher salary. Not to burn like candles at work, To enjoy life, Not to wait until evening to crawl into bed!

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It’s my last day at work today, And I’m a little sad about it. Thank you colleagues for your care, I wish you all the best. I will remember you with warmth. You were like family to me. I’m leaving, but I’m taking the best of you with me. Goodbye, friends!

A letter to the man who left

“My darling! Forgive me, I cannot call you otherwise, for I love you. Now I feel resentment to the depths of my soul. Previously your hands warmed me, now bitter tears of resentment, of disappointment. Earlier my heart was glad.

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Now it feels like it was ripped from my chest. You left without explaining anything. You just disappeared. I’m sorry, I’m not ready to forgive you, even if you want to come back. Be happy.”

Farewell words to colleagues when they quit their jobs in prose

Dear colleagues! Many productive years and wonderful days we walked together on the great road of our common cause! There was everything: defects and misunderstandings, victories and defeats, offenses and joys. But the most important thing was your tactfulness, respect for my mistakes, which we corrected by joining together as a friendly team of allies. Your lessons will not go to waste! I promise you this for sure!

Dear colleagues, the time has come to part. I am happy and sad. Ahead there is new work, impressions and experience. Here I leave a piece of my soul. Thank you for everything, for being with me in difficult moments, helping me, supporting me in word and deed. I wish you to remain the same friendly staff, a close-knit team and good friends. I will always remember our work together with warmth.

Colleagues, we spent a lot of time together, and our relationship has become almost family-like. And although it is so natural to change jobs, somehow there is a bitter sense of loss in my soul. Of course, we will continue to communicate, but things will be different. Thank you for cozy and cheerful atmosphere that brightened up everyday life, helped to cope with problems and melancholy, inspired to work and grow!

Dear colleagues, today is an exciting day for me, I’m leaving you. And I’m a little sad about parting with you. Your friendly team gave me a lot. Your patience and partner support helped me to stand firmly on my feet. I express my deep gratitude to all of you and take with me my fondest memories. I wish your team continued prosperity and well-being to each of you!

A thank you to colleagues from a retiring employee – humorous prose

Good representatives of my now former team! I’m quitting my job tomorrow! Do you think: worried? Not at all… Happy as a new nickel! Can you imagine – freedom awaits your colleague! And also laziness, sleep and TV! Hooray!

Today I say goodbye to you, my dear colleagues. I want to thank you for the good jokes, hundreds of cups of coffee drunk together, the funny “smoke breaks”, useful advice, and “dirt” in the form of pictures and videos of our joint holidays. I wish you a happy stay, remember me only with a smile, do not hold grudges and resentment. I love, respect and will miss you all very much.

Colleagues, it was easy and pleasant to work with you – I am one hundred percent satisfied! But, as you know, a fish where there is food, and a man – where there is more money, and in human terms you can understand my leaving. It is not easy for me to part with you, but what prevents us to communicate in Vyber, correspond in social networks, to give each other likes? It’s a full-presence effect, so there’s not going to be any global change.

I can see, dear colleagues, how impatiently you are waiting for me to leave. Be patient for a while. Yes, I have been a thorn in the side of the team that has not let anyone rest in peace. But I think you will miss me. Who will tell you jokes now, borrow rubles till payday, shoot cigarettes and play pranks on the first of April? In the meantime, goodbye, colleagues, miss me, call me. Thanks for everything, don’t mention it.

Words of gratitude to colleagues on dismissal – funny poems

I’ve lived long in the collective – I’m leaving on a positive note! If I’ve got hands and feet It means I’ll have something to eat! And I’ve saved all the money in the world, I’ve spent every penny, I’m so tired I can’t stop, I’m quitting! I say hello to you all!

I’m leaving you guys, Good-bye, my beloved staff, We’ve been through more than one test And more than one corporate meeting.

I have always been rescued deftly From the claims of “on the carpet”. Thank you for everything, colleagues, you have become dear to me.

I’m always ready, to work hard, to pant and groan all day long, Without noticing anything around me. And now I’m off to the winds with an arrow in my bosom, Ready to make my own adventures a hero!

It’s my last day on the job, and everyone’s in high spirits. I’m in a good mood, – It’s my last day on the job. And I am saddened by the joy of it all. I hope they will see I was still a good warden When another will come to take my place.

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