Respect for women – sorting out all the nuances

How to treat a woman with respect

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Unfortunately, women don’t always get the respect they actually deserve. Some men refuse to respect women, and some just don’t know how to do it. Read this article and you will learn how to respect women. Just remember to show respect to all of the fairer sex, not just one or two.

Establish eye contact. When talking to a woman, look into her eyes. Talking to people you know, we often forget about this little thing, and in vain.

Do not interrupt her. Let her finish her thought, and only then speak for yourself, even if you guess what she wants to tell you. If a woman says something, it probably means that it’s important to her. If you listen to her, then by doing so you’ll recognize that what the woman says is important, including for you. If you don’t listen to what the woman is saying, you might miss something important.

Make valid arguments. If you’re talking about a particular topic, make a strong argument about all of the issues raised. Even if you know the woman doesn’t own the issue, you don’t have to sarcasm her and ridicule her for it.

Give constructive compliments. If the woman has done something that has benefited the cause, be sure to tell her about it. You don’t have to do it publicly (only if it’s not just her credit, but the credit of the whole team). Praise her work verbally or via email.

Ask her opinion on something important. There’s nothing more gratifying than having your opinion asked by someone in a higher position than you, when they listen to you and thank you for your contribution. (This applies not only to women, but also to men). Even at home, a woman needs to know that her opinion is important to you, that you consider it.

Don’t be lazy to give flattering feedback. If you used her advice/opinion, and it helped you a lot, be sure to tell her about it later. Praise motivates for new achievements and even more productive work.

Do not neglect her presence. If you are talking to other men in the presence of a woman, then do not act as if she is not there, ie, watch your words. This is very important! If a woman enters the room, introduce her to your interlocutors and, if appropriate, tell her the topic of conversation. You can also ask her opinion.

Understand that women have very different needs than men, so accept and respect those needs. Whether it’s family life or some other relationship, remember that you and the woman next to you may need completely different things at the same time. So keep this in mind when you’re planning something. It is even advisable to ask what the woman wants.

Say “please” and “thank you” to her. Good manners are a manifestation of a respectful relationship with a woman. Watch your words and actions even more carefully in the presence of a woman.

How to treat women

It would be nice to define the attitude towards women. They are worshiped, scorned, hated or feared. But how to treat them correctly? How to treat the fair sex and to protect their interests?

– In the past, men did all kinds of romantic nonsense for the sake of women – climbed through windows, fought duels, sang serenades …

Speaking of emotional security. It’s very important. Once I came across a note in the diary of a lady about her former rich man. She was indignant, he was a fucking oligarch, he got through his channels, found out that she was on vacation with another man, and broke off the relationship. I’m not even talking about the meanness of what she did by dating several men at the same time. I’m talking about how right he was in not trusting a woman blindly, but checking her out, controlling her behavior. Not letting control of the situation out of his hands. He took care of his emotional security. After all, if he trusted, bonded, loved, such a woman of the “bitch” system would surely betray and set him up. She would hurt him. She would take him out of his workplace. And on the stability of the emotional state of the boss is the well-being of his firm. All of his employees and their families depend on him. It’s a huge responsibility to them.

Emotional security is the security of his personal life. Safety of health. Financial security. Safety of people for whom we are responsible, business partners and employees, relatives. All this turns out to be directly related to the reliability and adequacy of our sexual partner. And the higher the level of the game called “life” the more we are obliged to treat our sexual partner as part of the business. Counting the money, calculating and controlling the situation. It’s a matter of responsibility and self-respect.

How to treat a particular woman in a particular situation. It all depends on the specific situation. How far the dominance of the woman goes. How tough it is. Whether the man’s pain threshold is exceeded. In some cases, it’s better to divorce and look for a more suitable companion. In others – you can bargain, and, with patience, gradually change the relationship. Third (for example, sorry to abandon the children), you can change your attitude towards the relationship with the woman. Stop taking them too seriously and expect the impossible from a dominant woman – friendship, support, kindness, reliability and other mythological attributes, to stop “sweating and get upset. Begin to treat women as some kind of domestic creature, which has little in common with a man, which is what they really are. For example, if we get a dog, we know that she has fur, she smells, she needs to be fed, walked and trained. And we don’t expect her to have a beer with her and discuss a soccer game, much less worry about it. “A woman is a woman, what can you take from her,” our grandfathers used to say, and they were right.

Is it necessary to respect a woman? First of all, let us define what respect is. To be precise, respect is nothing other than an instinctive recognition of status. Position, position of an individual in the group hierarchy. For example, if we feel the emotion “respect” in relation to our boss, it means that our hierarchical instinct recognizes his right to rule us, considers the decisions he makes to be correct. By respecting, we place the boss either above ourselves or at the same level with ourselves in the hierarchy. Highly primitive human beings in conditions of a pyramidal social hierarchy have only innate criteria of respect: “fear means respect”. They respect only the power, the conflictual stability of the high-ranking ones. However, in different types of hierarchies, the upbringing instills respect for other elements of the hierarchy. The law, the court, the police, the official, etc. That is, the individual forms the recognition of a particular hierarchical structure. Thus, in a liberal society, respect for the individual in general is cultivated. In the structure of high-tech production, a superior can cultivate respect for a subordinate who is highly qualified and therefore valuable for production. In a partriarchal society, a man with a family is respected. In matriarchal society, respect for women as such and disrespect for men in general are cultivated in every possible way.

There is a serious catch in this respect instilled by the matriarchy. We read in Freud: “… Man’s expressions of love in our modern cultural society in general have typical signs of psychic impotence…; man almost always feels constrained in expressions of his sexual life due to his feeling of respect for woman and shows his full potentiality only when he deals with low sex object. What is the point here? Why does respecting a woman make a man impotent? Let’s get to the bottom of it. By recognizing a woman as superior, above himself in the hierarchy, a man thereby positions himself as a low-ranking male. And reproduction of low-ranked males is not provided for in nature. The genetic line of the weak one should not be continued. Therefore, the reproduction of low-ranked males is blocked by all possible means. And a woman doesn’t want a low-ranker, she dynamites him. And the low-ranked man himself is sexually unsuccessful, his potency is lowered. And the dominant woman is sexually unattractive to the man. Several mechanisms are involved at once, decreasing the probability of mating. This is why many European women and Russian women prefer to go to third world countries and mate with men who despise them. And their compatriots, brought up in the spirit of respect for women, are left alone with this respect or, in turn, go to Thailand to copulate with women they do not respect.

In general, it’s up to you, but from my point of view, wanting and loving women is much preferable to respecting them. But here, too, we must understand that love is different. There are very different emotional states called by the same word. There is love for a woman as a supreme being. There is love-service-worship-respect. This is the love of the low-ranking. So-called platonic love is from the same group of emotions. It is this kind of love that kills the libido. And then there is love for a woman as an inferior being. It’s love-care-care-guidance-guidance. The love of the leader. It’s the opposite of libido-enhancing. A model-looking girlfriend of mine complained that decent men are much more likely to tell her they respect her than they love her. And they are afraid to approach her, to take the initiative in a relationship, to start courting. Or they love her from afar, sighing and not daring to approach her. If she herself shows the initiative, such men get scared and run away. And the only ones who show initiative are drunken thugs, insolent and inconsiderate. She was very offended by this.

To recognize a woman’s place in the male hierarchy (to respect an emancipated woman) is possible only if she occupies this place according to men’s criteria of right. That is, if she has earned a real professional or business reputation, and not because she stole her husband in the divorce, made eyes at the boss, slept with the boss, or holds a position on a legislative quota sold by feminists. Recognizing a woman’s place in the female hierarchy (respecting a woman who bears children and provides a man’s rear) is easy, no problem. But again, as long as she is doing her job properly. That is, if the home and children are fine and her man is happy. It is this type of respect, respect for a woman-mother and keeper of the home, that is widespread and cultivated in the balanced societies of the planet. It is only to be respected for something. It is only to be loved in spite of common sense and in spite of real merit. However, it does not follow at all that women should be unreasonably rude or demeaning to them. On the contrary, it is necessary to be polite and discreet. And put it in place only if necessary, if a woman first overstepped the boundaries of the permitted. Besides, nobody cancelled love to a neighbor, that is altruistic higher instincts. So love women as females and as members of your society. And respect only if there is a reason for it, if it is a great professional or a good mother. Respect your wife for the fact that she is good at raising children and making great borscht. For the fact that she completely satisfies you in bed. But it is a mistake to respect a woman as such. And really, what’s there to respect a glamorous fool who dreams of selling expensive access to her painted and perfume-laden carcass? Absurd!

If you don’t have a couple yet, you are young and have difficulties already at the dating stage, then study the experience of pickup artists. Pickup is a movement of young men who purposely learn to imitate in their relationships with women the behavior of a high-ranking male. And it works. The inhibitions instilled by a matriarchal upbringing go away. And the man gets the skill of proper interaction with a woman. This movement emerges as soon as there is a matriarchal distortion in society or its upper strata. The basics of antique pickup were described as far back as Ovid in his Science of Love. Such connoisseurs of pick-up as A. Pushkin and M. Lermontov are widely known. Today, modern pick-up techniques can be found on the relevant sites on the Internet, in trainings and in numerous books. Pickup artists invade the holy of holies of females – mating control. Many women hate and berate them for this. It’s a legitimate thing to do. But don’t pay any attention to it.

But as the classic said: “…Praise and slander be received with indifference and do not challenge the fool. So just learn and do what you think is right.

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