Removal of spoilage by egg – study in detail

Cleaning with egg – how to remove the evil eye and spoilage by yourself with a raw egg – 2 methods from the healer

Hello, friends. With you is Oksana Manoilo. In this article I will tell you what egg cleansing is. How to remove the evil eye and spoilage yourself with a raw egg. How to perform cleansing of subtle bodies, purification of energy with an egg.

I will tell you step by step what, how and why to do rolling out the egg. I will attach photos for clarity and a better understanding of this issue. I will give two methods.

When is egg cleaning done?

In this article you will learn:

Most often, the egg is used to remove the evil eye. You can also try to remove spoilage, but it does not always work. Remove spoilage better cast on the wax or refer to a good specialist. Details about casting a spoilage on the wax I told in this article //

The evil eye is a negative influence of another person. So someone looked at you the wrong way and punctured your energy. Of course, to avoid this, you need to keep yourself in a good, healthy energy state. To do this, you must be in harmony with yourself, live according to your conscience, think positively, and do self-development.

The evil eye can be applied consciously and unconsciously. There are people with “hard eyes. It happens so that when they look at it, it makes the milk sour)). That is, a person has a very heavy energy and he can easily harm another person, to put an evil eye on him, so to speak.

Remove spoilage by yourself at home with an egg

Spoiling is a serious problem with a person’s energy. When I work with a client I look at the person, his energy cocoon, in case of spoilage I see mostly holes, gaps, cracks in it. But if the person has the evil eye, the cocoon is just concave in places, deformed, but there are no holes yet.

I.e. the spoiling is much worse for a person, the influence of the negative is stronger and more pernicious. It is worth noting that it can be both at the same time. Then a person will have trouble after trouble and if you don’t take action immediately, then later it will lead to health problems.

But it is necessary to understand that the evil eye and spoilage are exactly energy and it has its own density, volume, color and sometimes even smell.

The energy is dark, strong, negatively charged, destructive, destructive. It gets on the human biofield and immediately begins to destroy it, thereby bringing harm. Consequences can be very different. Up to the development of fatal diseases, of course this happens over time.

I will not go into details now. I have a detailed video about the evil eye and spoilage, here at the link look at // . In it I clearly show how it all looks like on the subtle plane. Now we are talking about something else, how to remove the evil eye and spoilage by yourself with a raw egg and in what cases it will help.

Method one – rolling out the spoilage and evil eye with an egg

An egg can be used to roll out both adults and children of any age.

Salvation for children – cleaning with an egg

Very well egg helps children. By the way, often grandmothers do not undertake wax castings for children under 7 years of age, and here it is just possible to resort to eggs. For many mothers, it’s a lifesaver.

Dear readers, take for yourself these methods of cleansing: rolling out the egg and a glass of water and egg. After all, the methods work 100% and are very simple. If suddenly your child is naughty, can’t sleep, nervous, tense, overexcited. In these cases, egg cleaning is very good help.

Babies in infancy are very vulnerable to the sights of strangers, their energy is easy to penetrate. Infants, young children, are under their mothers’ protection. One biofield for two for the mother and the baby for a long time after birth. And mothers often sleep little and get tired. And consequently their natural protection weakens and it is easy to jinx them, both mother and child are vulnerable.

The egg is a very good helper in this case. Cleaning with egg works wonders right in front of your eyes.

It happens that children scream at night, arching, becoming on a bridge, somewhere to run all night, spinning. In such cases, too, you need to urgently use the egg to clean the child.

Older children may fall under the evil eye and begin to behave inappropriately: to be mean and aggressive. If there are already neglected problems in the energy, they may urinate. In these cases, it is also necessary to urgently restore the child’s energy. One of the options is to clean it with an egg.

The evil eye is a negative energy, which can damage the energy of the person, regardless of age, and lead to serious problems. It is necessary to restore the energy of the person urgently by any available means.

It can be done by casting a wax, using the egg cleaning or you can ask a magician or healer for help, then surely the result will be.

How to remove the evil eye and spoilage by yourself with a raw egg?

It is necessary to take a chicken egg. Preferably live, i.e. fertilized, homemade, so after the rooster. But if, suddenly, you need to clean an egg urgently and there are only store eggs, farm eggs, then you can use them. To be more exact, it is better to cleanse with at least some eggs and remove at least a little bit of negative energy than not to do it at all.

Rolling an egg

We take an egg in our hands and address it as a living thing. Ask for help.

“Egg, take on yourself spoilage, evil eye, all black, dark energy from the child of God….. and say the name.” What exactly to say, what prayers to use download here//

Then, with these same words, repeating them over and over again, begin to roll the egg on the person.

First one leg. From the bottom of the foot and up. Roll it out, turning the egg clockwise and saying the right words.

Then the other leg. From the bottom and up.

Then hands in turn, from the hand and up.

After that the back. From the pelvis to the neck. Roll out the spine.

After that, from the front, start rolling out, from the bottom of the belly and to the neck.

And the last one is the head. We start cleaning the face and the back of the head, and finish with the top of the head, the spring. Special attention should be paid to the Spring. Also it is possible to put the egg to the spring for some time, so as more negative energy could be gathered in the egg.

When you have finished. Say the words: “Let it be so!

Evaluate how we cleared with the egg – is there still an evil eye?

After that, you need to evaluate your work, the result of cleaning with an egg.

Take a half-liter glass jar. It must be clean, transparent, without labels and stickers.

Pour into it ¾ of the room temperature water and break the egg with which you removed the evil eye. Now watch carefully.

Cleaning with an egg against spoilage – deciphering

If there are bulbs, cobwebs, hairs, fibers, bubbles on the surface or in the jar itself, it indicates that there is a problem with the energy. The egg has taken on some of the dark energy, but there is still the evil eye.

It happens, in rare, severe cases, that the yolk breaks, bursts and spills. In this case, it is better to immediately contact a specialist.

The burst yolk indicates that the situation is not simple, strong evil eye or spoilage. Write to me at, attach a photo and indicate your name. Briefly explain your situation. You can also write to me if you just need help or have questions.

I still need to do a similar egg cleansing procedure.

How many eggs do you need for the scouring?

You may need 2-3 eggs if the evil eye is light and it has only just happened. But 10 eggs may not be enough if the energy is very badly damaged.

It is necessary to clean and roll the egg until the water is completely clear and clean and the egg should be smooth and whole.

The second method – how to remove spoilages with the help of an egg and water

This method of cleaning with an egg is also quite simple and effective, but it cannot be used urgently, instantly and instantaneously. If you need quick help and quick results, it is better still to use the method I wrote above.

This egg cleansing is suitable for both children and adults.

You can restore the energy after jinxes, spoilages and other unpleasant energetic influences.

Take a clean, transparent glass. Fill it with water at room temperature. Pour almost a full glass of water, leave about 2 centimeters below the edge. Next, take a live egg, which means described above in the first method, and break the egg in the glass with water.

Put the glass with water and the egg under the bed of the person whom we are going to cleanse from spoilage or evil eye. This should be done at night, before going to bed. Put the glass with the egg and water in the headboard all night long, while the person sleeps.

There is a nuance. If somebody else sleeps in the room, besides the person who needs to be purified, it can happen an overlay of information from the energy field of the other person. And when reading in the morning, the result may be misinterpreted.

Reading the result from the egg and water in the glass

If in the morning there are bubbles on the surface or in the depth of the glass, if there are white stripes, stretching fibers from the egg, any formations of different shapes, then there is a problem in energetics and procedure should be repeated.

How many days to put the egg under the bed?

As many as required in your particular case. It depends on the complexity of the situation and how badly the energy is damaged. Jinx goes away faster, and spoilage can be removed in this way. And it is very important who does this deed. The strength and power of that person is important.

Sometimes it happens that a person tries to help himself, it is certainly commendable, but if the problems are serious, it is unlikely to be solved by oneself. Most likely there will be barely visible improvement. But in order to radically change the situation, it is better to ask for help from a specialist.

How often can you remove the evil eye or spoilage with an egg?

Egg cleansing can be done every time the need arises.

If it is often necessary to do this kind of egg cleaning, it is likely that there is a serious disturbance in the person’s energy. In this case, it is better to make an energy diagnosis by photo and I will tell you, as an expert, what the reason is, why you are often penetrated.

Email me at, attach a photo, and give me your name. Briefly explain your situation. I will suggest the best way out of the situation in your case.

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Egg Spoilage Removal.

Over the centuries, magicians belonging to various witchcraft traditions have created countless spoiling programs and rituals. Fortunately, at the same time, ways of removing magical negativity were developed. You should also remember that a person who is not a spouse or a guardian is not a spouse. Among them are very popular methods such as salt cleaning, recitation of protective prayers, and in recent years specialists have mastered even method of sound removal of negative words based on principles of meditation and scientific data on properties of human body.

However, most reliable and popular method of purification is still withdrawal of spoilage with an egg. Everyone has heard about this “ancient” method of damaging the spoilage or evil eye but not everyone knows what rules are necessary to follow in order to really remove the all induced negative energy from the affected person’s biofield of magic attack.

Removing spoilage with an egg: definition of negativity, associated symptoms, ways of rolling out

Spoiling is a third-party energy impact. Most often the destructive program is intentionally and consciously introduced into the subtle body of a person or the space around him, although rarely there are cases of involuntary evil eye or curse. One way or another, you should not expect that negativity of this level will dissipate by itself: spoilage must be removed, and it is best to do it using methods proven in practice.

However, although cleansing and belong to the category of “light” rituals, they cannot be applied thoughtlessly. First of all, make sure that the magical influence really took place and succession of various troubles, fallen on a man, is not due to concurrence of various circumstances or his own actions.

Remove spoilage by yourself with an egg: deciphering by the state of the embryo, options for diagnosis with an egg

Not always a person who suspects the presence of spoilage on himself, has the opportunity to promptly get qualified advice from an experienced specialist. Therefore, it is useful to take note of ways of self-diagnosis of the state of the biofield.

Self-diagnosis and remote detection of spoilage

To carry out the simplest diagnostic procedure, you will need a fresh egg, and a jar or a glass with smooth, even walls. Place the container with water at the head of your bed. Before going to bed, read any prayer, and then carefully break the egg in water. In the morning, one should examine the egg: by its condition one may judge about presence or absence of energetic negativity.

Remote viewing of another person is done in approximately the same way. Many spoilage programs contain so called “spellings”: the person subjected to magical influence loses critical thinking and refuses to admit that he needs help. In such cases, the diagnosis is made by photograph.

One should take a fresh egg and for ten-twelve minutes, rotate it in circular motion over the photo, reciting aloud the Lord’s Prayer. Then the egg is broken in water and its appearance is evaluated. After finishing the ritual, you should immediately pour the water down the drain and wash your hands thoroughly.

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Evaluation of the condition after the cleansing or diagnostics

When removing a spoilage egg and water interpretation of the results of diagnosis is of paramount importance, because all the subsequent actions of the healer depend on it.

Possible signs of magical negativity:

  • visible dense film – a strong program, for the destruction of which other, deeper methods of cleansing are required
  • torn yolk – practitioner has not put enough energy; the ritual must be repeated
  • cloudy yolk – jinx or spoilage was put by someone from the victim’s close environment
  • black, greenish, grayish dots or spots – ritual for death; such curses can not be removed by yourself, it’s a job for professionals
  • well-defined cloudy columns in egg structure – generic curse, burdened karma
  • small, barely perceptible columns – weak jinx or spoilage, which cannot be removed easily
  • large white octopus-like formation affecting yolk – spoilage for bad luck in personal life, including destruction of family ties
  • cobweb – weak action, performed by a novice (even if a malefactor performed the “blackest” ritual of illness or death, he didn’t have enough power/experience to create a full-scale program)
  • seals in the form of hemispheres – at the top of yolk: overlap of creative abilities; at the bottom: weakening of financial channel
  • Bubbles scattered on the surface of protein – the victim’s defense mechanisms were able to minimize the damage caused by spoiling; a simple cleaning will be enough to normalize the biofield
  • specks similar to blood drops – thorough ritual for serious illness or death; such spoils can not always be removed by egg
  • yolk similar to boiled – one of the spoils, restricting freedom of action (for example, to close the roads)

If the prognosis is favorable, the ritual can be performed immediately, immediately after diagnosis. Having completed the cleansing procedure, it is necessary to check the result again: if after rolling out the broken egg gently sinks to the bottom of the vessel, maintaining its shape and normal appearance, then the cleansing turned out to be successful.

The condition of the person during and after the cleaning

A “cleansing” is a very serious process of healing that is comparable with a physical therapy: even if it is for a good cause, a person may still feel various sensations during the treatment and not all of them may be pleasant.

What are some of the symptoms of a curse removal that may indicate that the process is proceeding normally? During the cleansing process, a person may experience unreasonable anger, mood swings are not excluded, when the victim suddenly goes from being cheerful to apathetic. Feelings of loneliness and impotence are also considered normal. Often practitioners note the occurrence of physical ailments in clients – drowsiness, weakness, headaches, and nausea. Negative symptoms are explained by interference in the work of subtle bodies, because removal of spoilage can be compared to a surgical operation. Therefore, taking into account the patient’s condition, of course, is necessary, but in general it is still better to be guided by objective diagnostic results.

After removing the spoilage, symptoms improve: a purified person feels a burst of strength, optimism and confidence. He begins to make plans for the future, communicate more with people, and deal with current tasks. Usually favorable changes become noticeable in the first three to seven days after the end of the cleanse, but in severe cases the process may last for a few weeks. However, even a gradual improvement of well-being is an evidence of a well-done work on removal of negative energy.

Rituals for removal of negativity with the help of a chicken egg

And now let’s consider several rituals for the removal of spoilage with an egg on their own, at home. We will consider techniques suitable for different cases: self-cleaning, rolling out in the presence of the patient or working by photo (for those cases where the victim can not or does not want to be present at the session in person).

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