Relationships between men – let’s study carefully

Relationships between a man and a woman

A relationship between a man and a woman is a colossal and painstaking work of both partners in order to achieve a long and happy union. Every couple in love goes through hard trials, quarrels, arguments, conflicts, reconciliations, and resolving insurmountable problems. Relationships lead to both insane happiness and heartache.

When building a relationship, the main mistake every partner makes is imagining an ideal image of the beloved with the best qualities and deeds. Not matching the ideal causes disappointment, resentment, and pain. To build a happy relationship, you should learn the basic psychological aspects that will help to create a happy relationship between partners.

Psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman

Representatives of the male and female sex in their inner world have significant differences between them. Men hide their own feelings from others and their beloved. They try to keep a certain distance from their women and are afraid of a serious relationship. Fear and selfishness cause them heartache.

Most men at the very beginning of a relationship try to win a woman by any means. However, if the relationship becomes intense and rapid, they are seized by fear, which later leads to the breakup of the relationship.

Such men’s actions are related to the fear of losing their own independence and masculinity. These men avoid relationships with girls who are too demanding and provoke guilt in their partner for not meeting their needs and does not match their ideal image.

The psychology of male-female relationships

The difference between male and female psychology is that men seek to find a solution to the problem, and women want to listen to their point of view. In cases where men are unable to solve a problem on their own, they turn to their woman for valuable advice.

The upset woman at this point shares her feelings and experiences with the man, and he thinks she has found a solution to the problem at hand. As a result, the woman begins to distance herself from her partner.

The main mistake men make in relation to women is that they perceive their lover’s rejection as consent. Men see women as overly emotional and demanding. Women, in turn, try to surround a man with warmth and caring that they just do not notice that they are deprived of their free space.

Representatives of the female sex feel resentful and lonely because the man does not understand the reason for their depressed emotional state. When a woman tries to start a conversation with her chosen one about feelings and relationships, it leads a man to anger and irritability.

Women view men as insensitive and cold individuals who do not seek to create long-lasting and lasting relationships and who are not interested in the feelings and desires of the beautiful female half. The strong sex tries to avoid conflicts, quarrels and to discuss unpleasant situations. Men in a relationship with a woman rely on their own mind, while ignoring their feelings.

Intimacy in the relationship between a man and a woman is an integral part for the creation of harmony and marital happiness. Sexual life brings partners closer to each other. To create a strong, long-lasting and happy relationship, it is necessary to strengthen not only sexual intimacy, but also to learn to trust and understand your partner.

The relationship between a man and a woman

The relationship between a man and a woman begins with a suddenly inflamed feeling that they think will never go away. However, after a while they begin to realize that they were mistaken in their chosen one, who at the beginning of the relationship was ideal. Disappointment in the partner causes irritation, resentment and anger. In psychology, there are stages of the relationship between a man and a woman, which are classified as follows:

Falling in love is characterized by a short-lived and romantic relationship. However, it is this period that is the attractive stage for many. There is a growing interest between a man and a woman in each other, which develops into an attraction. As time passes, people notice that they have met the main and important person in their lives. The state of being in love is caused by an overwhelming surge of emotions and hormones, which have a significant impact on the perception of real events and brain activity.

Satiety is characterized by a decrease in the passion of the partners and a calm attitude towards the situation at hand. The lover is still of interest, but is no longer a significant object in life. This stage in the relationship is due to the fact that people are beginning to realize that, besides their chosen one, there are other interests in life. Sometimes there is a longing for past passions, reminiscent of the romantic events experienced.

Rejection is the stage of realizing the positive and negative traits of their partner’s character. It is at this stage that all the most interesting things begin. Infatuation arose to his chosen one because of his virtues, and the flaws began to emerge later. Over time, there are doubts about the faithfulness and loyalty of his partner. Disillusionment sets in, which is simultaneously mixed with a sense of lying and betrayal. Often people have no desire to strengthen and maintain a loving relationship. The ideal for them is to break up with the person they love than to try to preserve the existing union.

Patience in a relationship between a man and a woman means the ability to calmly accept situations as they really are and not try to change them or accelerate current events. You must learn to accept your partner completely, without dividing them into virtues and flaws.

Mutual respect is a stage in the relationship between a man and a woman characterized by respect for each other without committing a specific deed or displaying a positive quality. Over time, there will be trust in each other and true love will revive.

How to correctly build a relationship between a man and a woman

The ability to correctly build a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman is the way to a happy and harmonious union.

A relationship between a man and a woman begins with falling in love or mutual sympathy. The main reason for the development of a lasting and serious relationship is the conscious desire of both partners to start a family.

At any stage of the relationship between a man and a woman, the main aspect of harmony is trust, respect, love and mutual understanding. It is important that lovers feel inner peace and give each other joy.

At the initial stage of the relationship with a partner should observe their own feelings. If in the process of developing a relationship discomfort, frustration, lack of joy in meetings, it is worth thinking about whether to continue such a relationship.

The development of the relationship of a man and a woman

The development of the relationship between a man and a woman should provide both partners with joy, happiness, which in the future will be the foundation of a strong and happy family. Relationships between a man and a woman are divided into: partnership, domestic, matriarchal, patriarchal, inspirational.

  1. Partner relationships are built on equal rights between both partners. They are characterized by a calm situation in the family, the ability to agree with each other and come to the best solution to eliminate the existing problem. In such a relationship, a man and a woman are very active and show increased activity and initiative. Between husband and wife there is a certain agreement for the distribution of household and family duties. In such a relationship there is no common family budget. Over time, such a relationship may turn into a purely material need.
  2. A domestic relationship is a close relationship between a man and a woman, in which love is in the first place, and daily chores and household problems are in the background. In such a relationship, career, success, self-improvement, realization of plans are not the main aspects of this union. People in such relationships are sensual and emotional natures. In the absence of personal hobbies, activities and responsibilities – partners may experience boredom and domestic difficulties over time.
  3. Matriarchal relationships are characterized by the dominance of a woman who is a purposeful, strong and active person. The spouse in such relationships has a soft and patient character, seeks to make his own career, prefers the comfort of home and a quiet environment in the family. Solving difficult problems and tasks is the wife’s job. However, if the woman will strive to create a strong and happy family, she will do everything possible to make her spouse a leader in their union.
  4. A patriarchal relationship is a union in which the man dominates. The spouse is the head of the family in this relationship, and the wife creates the comfort of the home. The man makes the important decisions, the wife runs his errands, and she devotes enough time to family members.
  5. An inspirational relationship represents the inspirational position of the woman, who becomes the muse and ideological inspirer of her man. The husband will do everything possible for such a wife to make her happy and not need anything. A woman, as a rule, in such a relationship is a capricious and demanding nature.

The love relationship of a man and a woman

A loving relationship between a man and a woman is the key to a happy and lasting union. Many people confuse the love relationship with sexual intimacy. The love relationship is a deep, serious and exciting area in the relationship between a man and a woman. Of course, the intimate relationship is a component of love, but it is not essential to building a strong family.

Happiness in a family relationship is presented differently to each partner. For women, a happy marriage is a gentle, caring and responsible husband who does not notice other representatives of the fair sex and is serious about the requests and wishes of his beloved. Women dream that men completely fulfill the desires and satisfy their own needs. However, all the desires of his beloved man is difficult to implement.

Men have a hard time talking to women about their feelings and love. They have no idea what they can expect from them in a week, a month, a year. For a man, happiness in a love relationship is an obedient and attentive wife who does all his errands without question.

The woman must show love and care for her chosen one, to be always calm and patient, forget about their acquaintances and girlfriends. Such requirements of men in relation to women is a serious problem in creating a strong and happy relationship.

It should be remembered that in order to build a happy and lasting relationship, you need to show respect, trust, understanding and love for each other.

How a man behaves at the beginning of a relationship – what do his words and actions say

Good afternoon, glad to welcome you on my guest! I think that every girl, no matter what age she was interested in the true motives of the behavior of a young man especially at the beginning of relationships. Only women who have been in a close and trusting relationship for a long time know what his actions say, or lack thereof, or rather they may know exactly how much a man has allowed himself to open, that is how open and sincere he is in the couple. As a rule, at the beginning of a relationship, young people are just beginning to learn about each other. Two personalities, two different Universes, speaking and thinking in different languages, trying to find something in common.

A woman is inherently curious and it is important to feel the sympathy and attention of the second half, or at least to start to understand the peculiarities of men’s psychology. Let’s analyze some criteria in the behavior of men that indicate that he really goes the way of the heart in his actions. This article describes only signs of the manifestation of love, about the anti signs will write a little later, but for now about the good. But in order to make this article not look like a pink snot at the end there is a sobering section. Let’s go!

What is the beginning of a relationship in a couple – what can be characteristic of the candy-boquet period

Ideally, the beginning of a relationship is felt (by the body and emotionally) at least as a slight euphoria and enthusiasm, and at most as something super-powerful and crazy. The second variant of events reflects a powerful internal response, an internal transformation in the energetic sense of the word. Different temperaments and destinies, I can say that there are absolutely no identical algorithms for living feelings, but the general global scenarios for all couples are identical. It’s like going out to the woods from a crowded city and breathing deeply in the fresh air. Always in the beginning both are very attentive and sensitive to each other. Physiology also plays a role, butterflies.

The woman walks around so radiant and radiant, a little bit immersed in herself. It is at this time her friends begin to understand that affairs of the heart begin to take hold of her. The man also glows in his own way, though a little less noticeably than his girlfriend, often forgetting where and why he went and why he did something, forgetting things. When talking to his girlfriend he gets confused with words, i.e. his tongue gets slurred during the conversation. Lovely ladies – do not think he is drunk. He’s kind of drunk, but not from wine. It’s endorphins and a cocktail of hormones raging through his body. If you must know, love and falling in love as a condition is recognized in official medicine as a disease. Apparently such a cleverly designed genetic disease for the purpose of reproduction.

Sober perceptions, diamonds in the sky, and “I’ll get you a star out of the sky” statements. In a word, romance. It is at this time a man wants, can and somehow finds money even while being in a financial hole for beautiful flowers and gifts, can run away from work for a date. In general, behaves like a normally-unusual man in love. And if that’s the case in your situation, congratulations. Do not break his wings unnecessary criticism, let the situation go.

The beginning of a relationship is considered a certain point in time from which the couple began to consider themselves a couple. That is, the format of the relationship from familiar and friendly turned into a close one. Ideally, the man himself should want to take them to the next level.

Is it worth starting a relationship – an important question of setting priorities for each girl

In some cases, it happens that a man is in too much of a hurry to start this relationship, in fact, he jumps over his head, such behavior can put the girl in a stalemate. Especially if she has not got to know the young man well enough, or maybe she is not ready right now to change the format of the relationship into a more intimate one. It is worth paying attention to how quickly the partner offered “to be more than friends”, his behavior may well be guided solely by physiological needs. This is neither good nor bad in general. But, in particular, if physiological needs are the only criterion that drives the process of starting a relationship, then there may be different variants of events.

The algorithm of behavior for the girl is very simple – without stepping on your own throat in a soft and calm atmosphere, you can tell your emotional state. You can say that it has been too little time and we do not know each other well enough to become very close. Close in every sense of the word. It’s corny, but honest and not pretentious. Under no circumstances should a girl get into a relationship until she decides she’s ready for it. And that’s okay.

All representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are persons with a subtle and sensual nature, every girl has the right to choose. By the way, do you want to know what role the macho sees you in? Reject him, in case he offers too early to go into a close and intimate relationship, including . If he feels something for the girl – he will wait, because not only biological instincts are the engine, but he is interested in your personality. And if he suddenly ( oops) disappears or starts throwing accusations. As if surreptitiously trying to persuade, dear ladies know – you timely cut off the attempt to make you an urn for need. In these cases all a guy needs is sex. And as soon as possible.

There is no emotional sympathy or infatuation here. I often make fun of guys in these situations. Depending on the correctness of the proposal, I usually suggest possible courses of action, including giving the address of the nearest brothels, the approximate cost of the service, and the possible undesirable consequences. And so I express my thoughts and my deep conviction that he can start going there right away. Everything there is fast, professional and there is no need to wait. Usually a male manipulator is quick to merge right away. It’s a shame.

I apologize if anyone finds this way of acting too straightforward. It’s just that I’m against men behaving towards me in pursuit of solely lustful instincts, that nuance sort of has a place – but it’s not just the body that should attract a man in a woman. There’s nothing to mess with normal girls. Sorry, I don’t go into a relationship just for a fat wallet in my pocket, right? If you are one of the brave girls – you can try my version. Always very effective and understandable and without unnecessary emotions.

Man’s behavior at the beginning of the relationship – what signs and actions can talk about falling in love on his part

As already mentioned above, the man shows to the girl:

Attention (here we mean exactly sincere manifestations), care, genuine interest in her personality, easily agrees to help, seeks to spend as much time together as possible, is capable of support and sympathy. In the presence of real, genuine feelings, there is no irritation. He doesn’t pick on her accent or minor missteps, doesn’t make excessive demands, doesn’t swear in the girl’s presence, boasts to all his friends and relatives that he has a relationship, gives gifts and flowers. He literally begins to feel the woman.

I have not listed the list of ideal habits of a man in love, and of course this behavior does not happen in all couples. Someone is overly fearful and closes down, perhaps there have been some traumas in a past relationship, and there are many variations of behavior on this topic. But if the man’s energy is clean, there are no special blocks on the main energy centers and he has dealt with his former relationships without putting his projections from the past relationships on you, then you can watch these impulses in his behavior from a man in love.

Men can love, yes they love differently, but they are capable of strong and mature expressions of feelings. It is true that it is very easy to destroy this infatuation. In fact, in spite of all the power and strength, a man’s essence is a very fragile structure. So if you want your good attitude to continue strengthening, you must learn to be grateful. I mean it. By simply letting the man know that you appreciate him. And a man is valued primarily by his actions.

Is it worth it to start an ex in the midst of a new relationship – or what to do if an ex wants to return?

There are cases when some girls literally “complain about their ex-boyfriends,” complaining that the boyfriend who was previously very close to her suddenly appeared on the horizon, just after you started dating another young man. Now I’m referring to a classic, common breakup a few months apart. The behavior of exes is usually not of a benevolent nature. There may be recriminations, completely unfounded on the basis of jealousy, or vice versa – a sudden alleged insight with apologies (apologies they squeeze out of themselves, even sounds unnatural).

Do not panic and calm down. First of all. The ex’s train has long gone. It is quite possible that communication with him may not have been interrupted permanently. And he showed up in your field for a reason, but because, as sad as it sounds, he “put you on the spare list. And then it turned out that the bench was suddenly empty. Everyone has their dark side, men are no exception to that. Anyway, being an ex-girlfriend of such a macho man, I wouldn’t want to be his puppet again. There are some men who will never change.

By the way, there are a large number of men with mental deviations: sadists, sadomasochists, narcissists who are empty from the inside and assert themselves at the expense of others, etc. And this cannot be cured without the active desire of the man himself. So all attempts to change something will be in vain on the part of the girl. And endless adjusting to men of this type is guaranteed to lead the woman to a mental disorder. He does not love, he does not care. Endless transformation destroys the girl thoroughly. There are a lot of such cases in reality, be careful when choosing a partner.

Ideally, you need to consider a lot of factors in such situations with former macho men, but in general – the idea of resuming and restoring the idyll of the former relationship is very doubtful, just by the fact – that the boyfriend appeared at the beginning of a new relationship. Honestly, a man who loves and has feelings for a girl – yes he will let anyone near his beloved girl and will not wait long after clarifying the relationship, and he constantly will loom, may apologize – this is an indicator of the truth. Everything else is just bullshit.

Will the ex come back or how do you know if an ex-boyfriend wants to come back?

Who the hell knows if the ex will come back or if the ex won’t come back. I write articles strictly at the request of possible readers, not without humor, but to lift your spirits and release positive energy. The question is from the category: – “Is there life on Mars”. If seriously, the question itself smells a little bit like fear, or fear of loss mixed with a desire to get back. Or vice versa – the fear of return, which is called, well, I would not like to, I read between the lines. In a good way, anyway, parting itself symbolizes an ending or an interruption.

If there are no problems with personal boundaries, then after a while there is a kind of INFLATION of the former relationship. That is, it shouldn’t matter if they come back. And any transformational requests to return or not to return indirectly indicate that the girl herself is not over and has some emptiness. It is quite possible that an internal dialogue is going on, i.e. she has not yet let go of this relationship. Here each girl should sort herself out, for her own good. 8- )

What is the best way to avoid in the early stages of building a relationship.

There are a number of mistakes which girls make in their inexperience when romantic and pure relations based on trust are only beginning to take shape. Unfortunately, a large part of the population of our country is completely uneducated about the polarity between a man and a woman. The only good news is that the old models of relationships no longer work, which means that the demand for transformation and the search for new ones is just around the corner. Yes, the old institution of the family is ruined, but who is to say that something new cannot be built in place of the devastating ruins? If only there were a will. Now closer to the subject of the question.

Perhaps the most important thing is to let things run their course. That’s what the beginning of a relationship is all about, just getting to know each other. This is the best time to ask questions about different topics. Find out about each other’s interests, leisure activities, accomplishments. It’s cool if both in the couple don’t drain each other of resentments about previous partners, there are friends, psychologists and a reasonable approach of the individual who is seeking to develop, transforming and recognizing personal mistakes for these purposes. It can also be so that it is great to be quiet together. Questions about plans for the next 100 years will be superfluous, especially if the girl starts to develop this topic.

This talk about a serious relationship and responsibility is best suited when the relationship turns into a family relationship. Criticism as such is not particularly perceived by anyone, but the feedback can and should be given softly and without nadrya, at least in the form of feelings, watching the partner, whether he listens to them. After some time, drunken perception will greatly reduce the speed and those same touch points can be a start for further study of each other.

The first alarm bells, or when you begin to realize that your partner is not right for you

Sometimes, and admittedly this happens not infrequently, people really do not fit together. Now we are not talking about hypocrisy. Maybe someone wasn’t ready for a relationship. And someone hasn’t fully figured out himself and many, many things like that. A lot of people just don’t know how to build one. The bottom line is that no matter what kind of potatoes were bought to fry in a pan, if the girl can’t cook – you can’t have a delicious dinner. Signs that these two, well, not on their way can come not only from the inside, but space itself, the Universe if you want can and regularly warns us. On the level of inner feeling, this can be expressed in :

Excessive aggression both on your part and on the part of your partner. Irritability in the presence of the person, the most interesting thing is that it is not at all clear why you feel this way. Scandals can be literally on nothing. At the level of the body you always feel some tension, discomfort. You want to shrink, you feel some kind of internal protest to everything that is happening. Remember, the body never lies, and if in the presence of this person you feel terrible discomfort instead of relaxation. This only indicates that in the future there will be big problems in this couple. At a minimum – different perspectives on life. Sometimes it happens that someone in a couple is just not yet mature enough in spirit to have a normal relationship.

As for how space makes it clear that there is no need to meet this “Petya”, by the way, a very interesting observation that I have witnessed in my own experience a hundred times. As soon as it comes to the meeting: at home something very necessary of household items begins to break. Pets can get sick and behave very strangely, as if not let out of the house. The battery on a brand new and quality phone dies very quickly. It’s sort of like, say, “the spirit of the phone” keeps the owner safe.

And this happens only when the mister with whom you started dating appeared on the horizon. At all other times – all right and the cats do not get sick and the battery on the phone does not run down. I am currently writing a book on how to learn to read the signs of the universe. Very useful stuff, I tell you. The world is full of riddles and mysteries, but it is very friendly in its essence to those who deserve it, and very fair in its cruelty to absolute opposites.

How to behave a girl at the beginning of a relationship – a simple formula for love.

The easiest and the hardest part is just remembering that this is the BEGINNING of a relationship. This is not seven children on the windowsill, he is already and still far away you have no husband. This means that you do not have to make especially high demands. This, in turn, means that you give him the freedom to choose. And so should you, and so should you, until both of you decide that, yes, we are suited for each other, yes, I can take more responsibility. And that, even gives me pleasure. That is, always allowing time for decision making and awareness. In general, to build a relationship so that both in the couple literally grow before my eyes. At this point, according to my observations, there are two types of people:

The first are those who change the space around them from the inside out. Have a powerful inner core and principle and many other qualities. And those who are literally kicked by external space: laws, religion, the system, that is, space forms them and such personalities are at the end of the line in all spheres of development. My point is that if you are the leader in a couple and macho does nothing – it’s better to stay just acquaintances. Maybe an example is harsh, but if an alcoholic doesn’t want to stop being an alcoholic, he will go through treatment, but after discharge he will start all over again. In this type of relationship there will be no equal exchange, it is perpetual vampirism. In a healthy relationship, there should always be an equal exchange.

I won’t say goodbye at this point, there are many more informational articles to come, you can never have too much knowledge. Feel free to leave comments or suggest topics for future articles, that would be great. On how and where you can leave a proposal for an article topic or sign up for a consultation TARO you can read the sections in the table of contents.

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