Psychology of men books: consider in order

The best books on male psychology for women, review with description

When a woman faces problems in her personal life, she seeks help from loved ones, looking for answers to her questions in magazines and the Internet. “Be strong,” advises her mother. “Show softness,” says a friend. How can you not get confused?

Psycho/Logic has compiled a list of the top nine books for women about men that will help women sort out their personal lives and find harmony with themselves.

A woman’s self-esteem depends a lot on her personal life. When something does not go well with a man, self-esteem drops, a woman begins to feel unhappy, and it becomes more difficult to establish a relationship.

“Saving” the situation, someone begins to look for a new love, and someone tries to resume previous feelings with a former partner. The main thing is not to commit rash actions. In order to “not to break a tree,” we turn for advice to the authors of books that clearly understand the subject.

A book about understanding, John Gray, “Men are from Mars, women from Venus.”

Women and men, are creatures inhabiting different planets. Their approach to problem solving is very different, and a “special” language is needed for mutual understanding. There are plenty of books and advice that can help with this.

One such is John Gray’s great contemporary bestseller, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

. It is a kind of guide in the relationship between a man and a woman, which will help to better understand each other. In any problem, you need to understand everyone’s motivation. It is important to find mutual understanding, to establish trust and respect for each other. The book has changed the lives of many couples, “glued” more than one cracked relationship.

Books about men for women

To understand a man can be difficult. In love a woman tries to please, but often receives reproaches or indifference. Sometimes – unwarranted jealousy. The representative of the stronger sex is shy, hides true feelings. A woman has to manage the relationship, to take the burden of responsibility. To understand your beloved girl can help books:

  1. “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” by R. Johnson. After reading the book, women will gain confidence and learn to understand their partner. Manual covers in detail the changes in the worldview of the stronger sex, the peculiarities of age categories, methods of interaction, ways to create a strong union.
  2. “How to Survive with a Man” by I. Khmelevskaya. Through specific irony writer reveals the essence of men, tells what to expect from them to correctly build a line of behavior. The writer gives a lot of practical advice based on personal experience.
  3. “You Know Nothing About Men” by S. Harvey. The book reveals men’s secrets that they prefer to hide. Using concrete examples, the author explains how to keep a lover, help self-actualize, and create the right relationship that suits both of them.

Using clues from the bestsellers, women will be able to better understand the psychology of their lovers’ actions. They will anticipate behavior, manage them, but not interfere with their development.

A book about finding your dreams, “Rules. How to Marry the Man of Your Dreams,” by Ellen Fain

Some women, with the arrival of a new relationship in their lives, do not know how to behave properly. They terrorize their loved ones 100 times a day, swamping them with stories in colorful detail from their past personal lives and more.

How to behave properly and without losing your “I”, you learn in the book Ellen Fein and Sherry Schneider – “Rules. How to marry the man of your dreams.”

Every woman dreams of finding the perfect man for herself. The “rules” in this book help you realize that goal. Thanks to useful tips, you will learn how to solve conflicts and come to a compromise in disputes with your soulmate.

He just doesn’t like you: the whole truth about men

Authors: Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccilo.

The authors of the book reveals the secrets that interest many members of the weaker sex.

Why sometimes it happens that a woman does everything to please her beloved man, quits his career or school, goes to the ends of the earth for him, changes his appearance, but the desired result and still does not get.

The answer is simple: it’s not your man, you should not waste energy and time on those who do not need you. But how to find your man? This is what the book is about.

“The Book of Tasty and Healthy Relationships. How You Can Cook Friendship, Love and Understanding.”

A book on the psychology of men for women recommends approaching the complexity of building a relationship like making a daily menu. A man who cares about his health refuses to eat unhealthy foods. Relationships with others should be approached with the same yardstick. A man should maintain a relationship only with women who radiate positive. Ladies, constantly provoking the emergence of serious conflicts, it is better to try to avoid.

In building relationships with others to be guided by a rational approach. Then in the circle of communication men will be exclusively “right” people, which will help make his life measured and full of happy events.

List of useful books that will help to understand men

How to understand a man? The answer to this question almost every member of the fair sex probably dreams to find. And it can be obtained from books written by gurus of psychology or just smart people who were able to learn the secrets of the stronger sex. We propose to find out what works can be very useful.

Top 10 books that will help to understand men:

  1. “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man.” This book was written by Steve Harvey, who is a popular American presenter. He explained why sometimes self-sufficient beautiful women remain unhappy in relationships and sometimes don’t understand their partners. He found the snag in the fact that many people turn to women for advice, while men are much better at understanding their sex. Steve also gave answers to topical questions and told what can and what cannot be demanded from a partner, how to determine the seriousness of the other half, how to quickly expose the “mama’s boy” and so on.
  2. “The Men’s Guide . This book should be read by all women who want to learn not only to understand men, but also to attract and seduce them. The author of the book, Belle de Jour, is a member of an ancient profession who has become incredibly popular thanks to her blog. Her diary has made the Internet aflutter and attracted the attention of millions of girls and women all over the world, including the shy and strictly mannered. Belle knows a lot about different men and is happy to share her experiences. She tells what are the representatives of the strong half of mankind, how and where it is best to look for new acquaintances, at what point you can start to get close. Readers will be able to take a test and determine their type, as well as get a practical guide to seduction.
  3. “You Know Nothing About Men” . This is another successful creation by Steve Harvey, written by him after the success of the first book discussed above. Here the author goes on to give away all the secrets of the stronger sex to women and help them get to know their partner better, regardless of age or character. Harvey tells how to understand what you can expect from a man in his twenties, thirties, forties or fifties. And the author offers to expose the representatives of the stronger sex with the help of… CIA interrogation. The writer will also give advice to mistresses and civilian wives who dream of a stamp in their passports. And he will also help you learn how to achieve harmony in family relationships, the overall budget, in bed and even in the kitchen. So if you don’t understand men yet and haven’t met the one, then reading the book will definitely be useful to you.
  4. “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” , John Gray. When listing the most useful books in the category in question, it is worth including this one as well. And it is worth reading for both women and men. The author talks about how different and different thinking of the two sexes. And if many people had this information, then millions of couples would not break up, and were able to save their relationships. The work has become incredibly popular, and the author’s success can be attributed to the fact that it can be considered a detailed guide that really helps women and men better understand each other and, importantly, accept partners with all their flaws and imperfections.
  5. “He Just Doesn’t Like You: The Whole Truth About Men.” Liz Tuccillo, Greg Behrendt. Many women suffer because they are unable to understand and soberly assess the intentions of their chosen one. They try to explain the behavior of men, looking for answers to pressing questions, and sometimes justify certain actions. It’s time, finally, open your eyes and look in the face! Maybe the man is not afraid, not waiting for the right moment and is not trying to figure out his feelings, and just do not have such strong feelings for you, which could lead to a wedding and a “happy ending. Perhaps he doesn’t like you. And the author of this book can help you determine that it’s time to end this relationship and start a new life!
  6. “He. Deeper Aspects of Male Psychology.” Author Robert Johnson explained what it is like to be a man and to exist in his body. Much attention is also paid to the place of a woman in the life of a member of the stronger sex. The work turned out to be very unusual, but in it you can find answers to various questions. By the way, the information will be useful not only for women, but also for men looking for themselves and trying to find the meaning of life.
  7. “To promise is not to marry” . The same Liz Tuccillo and Greg Behrendt, who, by the way, are the writers of the legendary and beloved by women all over the world series “Sex and the City”, offer a detailed guide for the fairer sex. Greg is considered an expert on men, and he realized that even wise women do not always understand the behavior of partners they like. Together with co-author Tucillo Behrendt decided to break down all the tricky questions and ridiculous cases that usually lead to a dead end. The book turned out to be frank and witty.
  8. “How to Fall in Love with Anyone. A Short Theoretical Course and the Most Complete Practical Guide to the Psychology of Romantic Love” . Lail Lowndes knows her way around romance. After years of searching and trying, finally became known the main secret of feelings. Now you can learn what intensifies and rekindles love, what destroys it, and what can make it almost eternal. The book has the most real universal formula that will help build relationships and get out of the most difficult situations. Readers will be able to turn a colleague, a casual acquaintance, a client or even a friend into a lover. The author will tell you how not just to meet the ideal, but to get close to him and not to miss your happiness.
  9. “A Story of Ups and Downs” . The title is disconcerting, but author David Friedman didn’t just talk about the main sexual organ, but did a large-scale study on the impact of “manhood” on the development of society and civilization. This book has a lot: the revelations of the stronger sex, historical facts and excursions into history, psychological sketches, analysis of the achievements of science, intimate details and witty witty comments. And all this is addressed to both men and women. The fairer sex, thanks to Friedman’s work, will be able to uncover the mystery of a man’s relationship with his main organ and find out who governs whom. Men, too, will find and learn many interesting things.
  10. “Men on My Couch” . This book is worth reading for every woman who dreams of discovering male nature. The author is Brandi Engler, who works as a psychotherapist in New York City. The vast majority of her clients are men, and when she delved into their revelations, she was stunned and surprised. Her perceptions and knowledge of the opposite sex changed: Brandi was able, after years of mistakes, to get rid of rose-colored glasses and finally understand what men want. She made a real journey into their subconscious, their thoughts, their erotic fantasies. Her impressions and conclusions about the findings the author is happy to share with ordinary women who do not have access to the intimate secrets of men.

If you can not understand men, try reading at least one of these books!

A book on male psychology by Robert Alex Johnson

He: The Deeper Aspects of Male Psychology is written by a continuator of Jung’s teachings. The book on male psychology is based on the myth of Parzival. The work is an interpretation of the ancient story of the young knight’s formation. In the book you can see a large number of statements from the Bible, special symbolism. Robert Alex Johnson managed to analyze in detail the peculiarities of the psyche of the strong sex. Particular attention in the book on the psychology of men is paid to the role of the chosen one in the life of the partner.

Books for Men in Psychology: A Journey Inside Yourself

The methods of most modern psychologists are aimed at making money off their clients, based on the knowledge gained in three-month courses. Superficial analysis of information is based on guilt and digging up childhood problems. For this reason, we immediately exclude from the list of recommended books all authors of psycho-trainings and similar pseudoscientific researches. To obtain knowledge about one’s true self let’s turn to treatises of true masters of the genre, who study not only the real world, but the world of dreams, in which there is a direct dialogue with the subconscious. Consider below books for men whose psychology reveals the veil of the true human self.

Sigmund Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams, The Psychology of the Masses and the Analysis of the Human Self.

Sigmund Freud was born at the end of the nineteenth century in what is now Bohemia. He was a prominent psychiatrist and psychologist who developed his own independent branch of science based on the study of the human libido as the root cause of most behavioral reactions. He focused his attention on the individual’s subconscious, which is capable of entering into a dialogue with a person during a dream. He interpreted virtually all dreams in terms of the creative energy “eros” and the destructive energy “thanatos,” based on an experiential study of the libido as the human sexual energy. In this regard, most interpretations lack a multifaceted view.

Carl Gustav Jung: The Red Book, The Metamorphosis and Symbols of the Libido

Unlike psychological interpretations, the associative series, in this case, is not based on objects and phenomena, but on a regular chain of events.

Gustav Hindman Miller, The Dream Book or Interpretation of Dreams

Gustav Miller was also a psychologist and lived at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The essence of his writings is reduced to empirical observation and focuses on examining the immediate details and objects rather than the holistic nature of the night’s adventure, that is, it is all about symbolism.

Peter Ludwig, “Defeat Procrastination.”

Each of us has put off important tasks, delaying them as much as possible, doing instead anything, unable to explain to ourselves why we do so, and then tormented with feelings of guilt because of the broken deadline and the fact that we again have failed someone. The author of the book, witnessed firsthand the insidiousness of procrastination, a comprehensive study of the problem, identified the causes of its occurrence and suggested some simple and effective ways to combat it.

There is only one way to become a cultured man – reading.

A. Morua

Ten books that should definitely read a man

Today we’ll look at what men really want. Ways to achieve the goals will prompt the books, reading which will help touch the fibers of the spirit, elevating it to unprecedented heights without the use of peyote, and give life guidelines. Below are men’s favorite books and books that are sure to become favorites if they are not already in your personal library. Let’s look at the rankings: books for men top 10.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” . Quote: “If you want to climb high, use your own feet! Don’t let yourself be carried, don’t sit on other people’s shoulders and heads!”
  • Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence . Quote, “Man has a dark side, and it is called stupidity.”
  • Howard Lovecraft, The Ridges of Madness. Quote: “Life is a frightful thing, and by the occasional devilish hint that reaches us from the abyss of the unknown, we can guess that things are in fact a thousand times worse.”
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “The Gambler” . Quote: “Money should be beneath gentlemanliness to the point that it is almost not worth caring about.” In the category of books for men, the classics are far from last.
  • Irvine Welsh, “On the Needle” . Quote, “We should ban soccer on TV so that those fat, lazy chumps will get their asses out of their chairs and go to the stadium.”
  • Mario Puzo, The Godfather. Quote, “A man who makes no time for his children has no right to be called a real man.”
  • Edgar Allan Poe, “The Raven” . Quote: “Away! Give the soul back its expanse!”
  • Strugatsky, “Picnic by the Side of the Road.” Quote: “You have to make good out of evil, because there’s nothing else to make it out of.”
  • Chuck Palanick, “Fight Club” . Quote: “Shoving a feather up your ass doesn’t make you a peacock.”
  • George Orwell, Animal Farm. Quote “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

These are 10 books a man should read during his life to develop his strengths.

What he meant or 5 books to understand men better

A collaborative piece with MyBook: a selection of books to learn more about male psychology. A gift awaits you at the end of the article.

Why is he jealous without a reason, does not understand the hints and does not call back after a date? Read these books and learn more about male psychology.

Cognitive Psychology Course.

You’ll learn where anxiety comes from and when it stops being the norm. You’ll find the thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself. Learn to understand your emotions and feelings. You’ll understand how to overcome unnecessary anxiety, to become more confident and not depend on others’ opinions.

Why men behave so, and not otherwise, what they think about the opposite sex and the world at large? These and other questions have always interested women. Thanks to a selection of books by famous authors, you will finally understand what men mean when they talk to you. Learn more about their psychology.

Women all over the world never tire of looking for answers to questions about men’s actions and words. Together with MyBook, a service of electronic and audio books on subscription, we have compiled a selection of cool books on the psychology of relationships that will help you better understand men and make your relationship happier. A pleasant surprise awaits you at the end of the article.

1. “Men As They Are,” Gibson Tyreese, Joseph Simmons

The authors of this book are American music and movie stars, and Joseph Simmons is also a practicing minister. Yes, there is no psychological analysis of this or that man’s actions, but there is something else: the male perspective on relationships, honesty and frankness of the authors, their truthful account of feelings and emotions.

At times the book “Men As They Are” reminds me of the advice of an adult friend: “When you meet a new man, the first thing you must do is to set your own boundaries and rules. You have to strictly control what information you give him about your former partner.”

And sometimes it sounds like a heart-to-heart conversation with a fun buddy: “I won’t hide it, I’ve also had moments in my life when things ended a little earlier than I had planned. Not in the first round, but certainly not when I would have liked it to. And it should be noted that those moments almost always happened when I was truly in love with a woman.” If you want to know what men think about women, relationships, and themselves in the first person, this book is the way to go.

“No matter how strong your love is, wait six months before sharing your weaknesses with a man. I’m not saying you shouldn’t date him, have sex with him, or love him. If you feel like it, do it. But keep him out of your emotional pockets until you really understand what his goal is. Is he going to break your heart into a thousand little pieces? Or is he going to love you and protect your feelings?”

2. “What Men Don’t Talk About, or What Men Really Want from a Relationship,” Authors Collective

“I appreciate everything you do!” – How often do you say this to your lover? And after all, it’s important for him to feel needed. And that’s just one of 8 phrases that American coach Rick Riedl believes will help avoid arguments, misunderstandings and generally make a couple’s relationship better.

“What Men Don’t Talk About…” – is a collection of the most useful and interesting articles on male psychology from Psychologies magazine. Here you will learn why men do not like to talk about their feelings, what they really think about intimacy, why they cheat. The authors included in the book the revelations of the stronger sex about what they value in the fair sex, and what ladies’ deeds or phrases run without a glance.

“He chose you regardless of what you think is imperfect in your appearance. Even if you have gained a little weight, he may even like it. The main aphrodisiac that attracts a man is your confidence. The worst thing you can do is in his presence to discuss extra pounds and complain that you have become bad-looking.”

3. “Man and Woman. Universal rules,” Andrei Kurpatov

Andrei Kurpatov – probably the most famous Russian psychotherapist, who in the early 00’s hosted popular shows “All things considered with Dr. Kurpatov” (Channel Home) and “No Problems with Dr. Kurpatov” (Channel One). “Man and Woman. Universal Rules” is one of Kurpatov’s books, where he talks about the peculiarities of male and female psychology, illustrating it with examples from personal practice, scientific research, literature and even from children’s tales.

For example, you will learn that a man makes decisions because he is interested in the result, while a woman, on the contrary, is interested in the process. In order for a man to understand you, you should learn to present your thoughts in a reasoned way, and to understand him a woman should listen carefully to what he says, because every word he says means exactly what it means.

“If men do foolish things, it is not at all because they want to do a foolish thing or out of spite, but simply that this act of theirs seems right to them; it comes from not understanding what a woman is and what she really needs.”

4. “Forgive me if I call you a b*tch. How to Learn to Play by Men’s Rules and Win in Love,” by Mirko Spelta

“To win a woman, you have to pass a brain facial inspection, and in the case of a man, you have to win the eyes and the senses,” Mirko Spelta is sure. In his book he translates in a very straightforward, but interesting and humorous way from the “male language” to the female language what we can never understand.

What is the first thing a man pays attention to: his butt or his breasts? Why is intimacy his first priority? Why the hell doesn’t he take a hint? If you’ve ever been unable to sleep asking yourself these questions, or spent hours of meetings with your girlfriends trying to answer them, this book will unlock the secrets of the “male universe” for you. But be warned, it’s written in a manly way: no violets or unicorns.

“Even Monica Bellucci and Pamela Anderson, those two women, after the thirtieth (okay, fiftieth) time, no matter how you spin them, will remain themselves. I will draw a very down-to-earth but accurate parallel. It’s like eating lobster for a year. At first you just can’t believe it: you feel like the happiest man on earth; then it’s just fine, then it’s good, then… at the end they become the most delicious food in the world, which nevertheless comes out of your ears.”

5. “You’re a goddess! How to Drive Men Crazy,” Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo, one of the most successful personality coaches in the world, believes that if you stop focusing on love, you will attract it into your life. She has written a guide on how to love yourself and how to start living in the here and now, enjoying every day.

Her book, “You’re a Goddess! How to Drive Men Crazy” inspires change and helps women better understand men. “Every moment, the universe gives us a clean slate so we can start life anew,” insists the author. Marie believes you have to stop wishing for problems to be solved, and then all the troubles will lose power over you.

“I want to say that a man in a woman is attracted not only and not so much appearance. It’s how he feels around you that attracts him. Next to the woman who got rid of the complaints, a man is pleasant to be near, because she feels great herself.

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