Psychology of a man in relation to a woman: consider the essence

Peculiarities of male psychology in a relationship: what should be prepared for

By studying the peculiarities of men’s psychology, you can build a long and happy life with your chosen one. And be prepared for a long relationship with any member of the stronger sex should be in advance, sparing no effort and patience.

It simply makes no sense to rush headlong into a maelstrom. This is like buying clothes in a Chinese online store. With a high probability you become the owner of a thing, not suitable for you in size, even though beautiful and similar to what you wanted.

The main differences between women’s and men’s psychology

The nature of the behavior of the male and female representatives are different. Within the framework of psychology, differences are explained by differences in hormonal background, the work of the brain and the worldview. Genetic characteristics influence a woman’s perception of the world and her ability to bear children.

Socio-economic factors, such as rules of conduct in public places and social roles, have a certain impact on the personality of each person. Let’s break down the main differences between the peculiarities of male and female psychology.

The construction of the thought process. Men tend to be logical and rational, which sometimes makes them too straightforward. Women, in turn, prefer to trust their intuition, she tends to vividly express their emotions. This difference in thinking is often the cause of conflicts in relationships.

The importance of a career and success in business also has different meanings. Men prefer to fulfill themselves by making money. Women, on the other hand, focus all of their attention on strengthening their families and having children.

One of the main features of men’s character is individualism, due to which they aspire to take leadership positions, and they like risk. For the stronger sex, hobbies and interests of friends are important. Women are constantly looking for support, worried that something could go wrong. Here you have all the resulting differences between the sexes. When a man is rushing to the arena to watch a sports game, interested in how modern technology works, the fairer sex prefer to stay at home in comfort and spend the evening watching TV or in the company of friends. Ladies are characterized by excessive fuss, excitement and mistrust.

Psychological characteristics of females and males have a significant difference in interpersonal relationships. Male representatives are determined and courageous, the opinion of society will not stop them on the way to the plan. Ladies also tend to change their opinion depending on the situation, adjust to the environment, they find it difficult to take their own decision. However, despite such uncertainty, they are extremely disciplined and responsible in the implementation of plans.

Specifics of thinking and abilities also vary by gender. Men are rational, they prefer to analyze the situation and go confidently to the goal. Women are characterized by verbal thinking, this is the main reason for their tendency to constantly communicate with their girlfriends.

As paradoxical as it may seem, but ladies possess high stress-resistance thanks to their emotionalism. Brightly expressing his feelings, they throw out the accumulated negative. Man carefully hides his feelings, because it is considered an indicator of weakness. But even in the calmest representatives of the male sex emotions sometimes burst out and are often negative. The psyche, exposed to the accumulated negative can lead to a number of unpleasant diseases.

The difference in the psychological characteristics of men and women is also manifested in unusual circumstances. Once in such a situation, male representatives adapt quickly and find a solution, this mobility is due to their natural impulsiveness and aggression. They can get off balance. Despite the fact that it is easier for the lady to adjust to new conditions and adapt, they cannot react as quickly to non-standard situations as a man. It is difficult for them to focus on one thing, scattering their attention to numerous factors. But since different traits can manifest in either of the sexes, in certain situations, their difference should not be overestimated.

Peculiarities of the psychology of men in love and relationships

This topic should be dealt with separately. The differences are not so significantly pronounced if we consider the representative of each sex separately. And being in a relationship or in a marriage, a man and a woman can be a striking example of the individual features of the sexes.

So a lady should be prepared in advance for what awaits her.

Failure to recognize one’s own wrongdoing.

Mistakes are made by everyone. Men really don’t like to agree with them. Of course, if he sinned in front of the lady, he will apologize, but the rest of the mistakes will be blamed on anyone, whether neighbors or unfamiliar people. Try not to poke his nose into his faults, otherwise all of your terrible expectations will become a reality.

Male psychology is characterized by a feature not to recognize his wrongdoing. So ladies should make a choice – to continue stomping his foot and insist on his own right, or look at the situation from a different angle, from his point of view. Choosing the second option, you can achieve a happy relationship in which he will put out to the full, making all your hopes come true.

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The psychology of a loving man: what you need to know about the feelings of the stronger sex

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The psychology of a loving man is fundamentally different from that of a woman. Why is this so? Among men it is considered that girls are incredibly mysterious creatures, and their logic defies explanation. However, among the fairer sex are many of those who consider men to be enigmatic creatures themselves. And this is not without reason, because men are “from Mars” and women are “from Venus”.

To build a harmonious relationship with his chosen one, it is important to understand the peculiarities of male thinking. In addition, we should clearly define the stages of the genesis of love in men, because this process has its own structure. About this we will talk in our article.

Stages of the beginning of feelings in men

First, a man evaluates the girl’s appearance (figure, face, gait, grace), that is, how attractive she is to him.

Next determines the intelligence of the fair sex, what she likes to do, her preferences and interests.

At the final stage there is a union with her beloved on a spiritual level. Common interests and free time are already taken into consideration here.

After the man goes through all these stages, he defines for himself whether his future with this girl is possible and what it will be (friendship, a short-term relationship or developing until marriage). If one of these points will be missed, there will be disharmony and misunderstanding between the partners, which will bring communication to a dead end.

Once a man begins to fall in love, the relationship goes through the following stages:

First of all, the man feels physical attraction to the girl, there is sympathy. This is where the stronger sex differs from the weaker sex, as women experience intellectual and psychological attraction.

Then comes the stage of fading, when the man is in a state of uncertainty and doubts. Here the girl will have to wait a little while for this stage to pass.

The man comes to the realization that he wants to be the only one for this woman.

A unity arises, both spiritually and psychologically. At this stage, the man fully opens up to his beloved and begins to trust her.

The final stage is the engagement, that is, the man wants to enter into a legal marriage with the girl to live with her for life.

It is necessary to understand that there is no need to rush, everything should go its own way. Only by going through all the stages, a man will reach the ultimate goal, which is a happy marriage union.

Many members of the stronger sex are well aware that in order for the relationship to be happy, you need to be patient, reserved, able to take responsibility, as well as help a woman in the household and be attentive to small things. However, we must not forget that the understanding of love in the stronger and weaker sex are different. For example, for women, love is a family, which is the essence of existence, and for men it is the possession, ownership and protection of what he has.

The 7 main stages of the genesis of feelings according to the psychology of men

You have to understand that the female and male sex fall in love differently, and in terms of speed as well. If you stick to the “hunter” pattern, you are likely to wait a very long time for your other half. Once you give up the “prey” role, the chances of a serious relationship will immediately increase. However, this requires an understanding of how men fall in love.

Stage 1: “I like you.”

The first thing a man pays attention to is a girl’s physical attractiveness. Unlike women, who can fall in love with an unsightly representative of the stronger sex just because they respect him, for a man it is impossible in principle.

Some time ago in America, there was carried out an interesting experiment, which consisted in the following: a girl and a guy with attractive looks made beautiful photos and posted them on a dating site, but they went on a date in a special suit, which made it seem that they were overweight.

As a result most of the guys, who came to meet an attractive girl (judging by the photos on social networks), after seeing a rather heavily obese lady, almost immediately asked her about her weight and left.

As for the girls, they were more favorable to the guys, allowed to kiss them on the cheek, hug them during the meeting and farewell, and spend the whole date together.

In the West, the fair sex, who have gained extra pounds after divorce from the man they love, begin to actively exercise to get back to normal. After that, they are much faster to find a new partner. For women, everything is simple, if she does not “nag” a man and has a slim figure, it is easier to find a life partner.

Representatives of the fair sex need to remember that in the first place the strong sex is paying attention to the physical body. Do not delude yourself into thinking that the guy came to you to get acquainted because he liked your character.

Of course, each man may have his own taste in women’s beauty. Some like big breasts, others like small breasts, some like thin ankles, long hair (straight or curly), long fingers, narrow or wide hips. Thus, everyone likes his own type of girls. In this case, some members of the stronger sex can not name a particular feature that attracts them, but it does not mean that it does not exist.

If a man sees a woman as his “type”, she immediately evokes his sympathy. However, this does not at all indicate that he has fallen in love with her.

Stage 2: “Exploration.”

More often than not, a man is interested in several representatives of the fair sex. Therefore, to decide, they are scouting to see which one of them will respond to his attention. And only after a man receives a positive response from the girl, he focuses his attention on her.

Such “advances” from a man cannot be called courting or flirting, they just help him understand that something can work out if he starts courting you. At this stage, the guy is still indifferent to the girl’s reaction, that is, he does not care whether she accepts his advances or refuses, even though he likes her. He easily survives the loss and quickly switches to another. There are, of course, exceptions, such as horny men who go crazy, but adequate members of the strong sex still feel that way.

Stage 3: Stalking.

What girl doesn’t like men to chase her.

If a representative of the stronger sex notices even the slightest positive reaction from a woman to her “advances,” he immediately begins stalking. In some cases, the guy even presents a positive response.

When a man feels sympathy from the female sex, he does everything to get the girl’s attention. He takes any steps to make the woman realize that he likes her and pay attention to him. In some cases, the lady is already falling in love with the man by this point. As soon as the guy gets a positive response from the girl, such as a message or an invitation for a date, he immediately moves on to the next stage.

Stage 4: “Making an impression.”

At this stage, the man is not yet thinking about feelings, while the woman is already in most cases falling in love with him. The stronger sex does everything to impress the girls and appear in the best possible light in front of them. It can be gifts, dates, etc., that is, anything that will make the companion happy. As a rule, if the girl has not yet “given up” so far, at this stage it happens.

Stage 5: “Winning Your Love.”

In response to all the investment, a representative of the stronger sex expects love from the girl. This is an achievement for him. The man is not thinking at all about whether he fell in love or not, but about whether he was able to arouse that bright feeling in the girl. A representative of the stronger sex may even show his readiness for a serious relationship, the main thing that the woman saw in him a potential partner for a long-term relationship. At this stage, girls are often already seriously in love with a man, but he is not.

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