Protection against envy at work: good to know

All about jealousy at work

Everyone can at any time experience a feeling of envy of a colleague or feel a similar negative reaction to his address from a colleague. Often, envious people prevent others from moving up the career ladder, spoil their reputation.

The main signs and causes

The subject of envy can be the talent of an employee or his ability to get along with the boss. There are also other reasons:

  • Competition for position;
  • Jealousy of the success of a colleague;
  • Jealousy of a high salary.

Sometimes an employee achieves great success at work, gets a well-deserved promotion. But then notices the strange behavior of others. Colleagues suddenly begin to show restraint in relations. More and more often they have to catch envious glances. Discontent can be guessed in the insincere smiles of coworkers. A successful person begins to feel uncomfortable at work.

Female envy in the workplace has some peculiarities. Female colleagues often look askance at the beautiful, well-dressed ladies. Envious employee strenuously builds intrigues to annoy her subject. Detractors love to emphasize the undeserved status, illegitimacy of money, unfairness of any benefits. Envious people always show annoying interest in other people’s lives and constantly compare themselves with others.

Envy is often disguised as familiarity or jokes.

To understand that colleagues are jealous of you, you can by the following signs.

  • The unexpected appearance of a large number of competitors means that your success has a strong effect on those around you. They want to get ahead of you by all means.
  • Unreasonable criticism and unreasonable nagging from co-workers become your constant companions. For example, the management gets you a new computer. Colleagues disapprove of it. Some make silly jokes, others grudgingly snicker. Other people’s joy is unbearable for envious people.
  • One of the signs of envy is the appearance of gossip. You have always existed quietly in your collective. You have never heard any rumors about yourself. Suddenly you realize that everyone is gossiping behind your back. Denunciations to superiors become more frequent. The reason for this is the desire to disgrace you. An impressionable person is always very upset because of any gossip. And then the desire of the envious person achieves its goal.
  • Often envy manifests itself in an attempt to ignore or avoid the successful person. The employee begins to feel like an outcast. Those around him do not communicate with him during lunch breaks, trying not to let him spend time together. The achievements of others are so irritating to some individuals that they are ready to completely abandon any communication with the successful person.
  • Colleagues come up with all sorts of tall tales in their attempts to smear you. They make the assumption that the promotion was due to a biased attitude of the head to you, but not because of your talent and tenacity. Envious people suggest to everyone that you got into the category of lucky people by accident.
  • Detractors always seek to diminish the significance of even minor victories. Instead of sincere joy and encouragement from coworkers, a person hears phrases like, “Big deal!” or “What’s the big deal?”
  • Most envious persons begin to copy the manner of communication, style, habits, habits of the subject whom they envy. Imitative behavior indicates a desire to be close to the idol, to bathe in the rays of his glory.

How to cope with envy in the team?

Rarely are there unenvious people. Completely absent this unpleasant feeling can only be a person with a very high level of spiritual development. Never brag about their successes and high pay, but do not complain. Talk less about yourself.

If the female part of the team envies your exquisite style and beautiful clothes, then change your closet to match the specifics of work.

Find for yourself a modest, but elegant style of a businesswoman. Do not intensify your beauty with bright cosmetics.

In this case, and the boss will pay attention to your professionalism, personal qualities and achievements at work, but not on the external data. You should not fight with the management. You are initially in an unequal position. The requirements imposed on you should be fulfilled. Suggesting a particular plan of action to your boss, be sure to wait for his approval or his corrections.

What to do if you are jealous?

In envy lies unprofessionalism and immaturity of personality. You should not lower your own self-esteem. Calm your willingness to hurt the other person for fear that he will surpass you. Do not stoop to various gossip.

So that others’ successes do not fill your head, remind yourself of personal achievements more often. Take on the merits of a distinguished colleague, try to reach his level.

Take someone else’s success as a motivational sign for you. This means that it’s time for a personal change: get new knowledge, master modern technology.

10 signs that you are jealous in secret and how to protect yourself from envy

Useful tips

When we hear the phrase “white envy” in someone’s address, it does not bother us at all, but when such an expression is addressed to us, it immediately begins to cause some tension, and somehow the question arises, whether white envy is really so white?

The fact that our acquaintances envy us indicates that we are fine and that we have something that other people would like to have as well. But, as a rule, the envy of other people, we have some anxiety and concern, and somehow suddenly begins to creep a kind of suspicion that everything good is about to end, and everything will change dramatically for the worse.

It does not matter whether one believes or not that the sight of someone else can really bring misfortune, one way or another, the word “jinxed” itself causes anxiety and a bad feeling. Plus, one knows what real nastiness can be expected from a person who is jealous all the time.

The evil eye is a tool not only of dangerous people, but also of those who are completely unaware that they can do it. The evil eye can be obtained even through unspoken envy. And so, for those people who are truly troubled in this area, it will be very interesting and useful to know exactly how to protect yourself from the evil eye of an evil person, neighbor or gypsy.

1. You hear insincere compliments

The first thing people do when they are jealous of you is to pay you compliments, which can sound both sincere and secretly angry. But, for example, as soon as you leave the room, such people immediately begin to roll their eyes.

In all likelihood, people who are jealous will pretend not to be jealous at all, but they will never say it out loud or show their emotions. In this situation, there is one very good way, which perfectly helps. It is necessary to praise the envious person himself when he began to have something really good. This your behavior in some way curbs the feelings of the envious person, and will help people see you as a sincere and good person.

You should never take the words of an envious person seriously to see if they are flattering or sincere, because they may be hiding secret intentions towards you. This way you can minimize the fact that the seemingly sincere compliments from these people may in fact turn out to be duplicitous.

2. Envious people flaunt their success

People who envy you usually begin to flaunt their own success, and usually to a greater extent than they actually are. These people start bragging even more at the very moment when you are celebrating your achievement. What usually happens is that it is at your wedding that they announce their engagement. Why do these people do this? Most likely because they are not as successful as you are.

3. Your accomplishments are not taken seriously.

If you have worked long and hard to achieve a goal and you had to do a lot to get results, your jealous will always act as if you have not made any effort, as if you just got lucky.

It is commonly believed that people who are jealous of others are usually very curious about what their envy is aimed at. And it is better not to go along with them, so as not to provoke negative conversations about your personality. Do not lose confidence and it is better to control yourself. In front of people who may envy you or who are already jealous of you, do not flaunt your success, because it can only increase the negative emotions toward you.

4. When Envious People Rejoice Over Your Defeats

When you fail or something does not work the way you want, your envious person feels very happy about it. These people carefully hide in fact these emotions, but they are very satisfied in their hearts with your situation.

You need to learn to be calm about your mistakes. And you can always answer your jealous people, that we all learn from our mistakes. It is important not to show your frustration in any way, so that people who envy you cannot enjoy your defeats.

5. When you feel hatred for no reason

If you feel that without any reason you are hated, then you are definitely jealous. And it can be quite a challenge to realize that you are hated because of envy.

You probably even have a desire to please your rival, but most likely you will fail. In fact, such a person should be simply crossed out of your life. Try to surround yourself only with those people who carry positive emotions. You absolutely do not need all this negativity, and probably these people themselves are not happy about such unjustified negativity in relation to others, so just let them go.

6. Gossiping behind your back all the time

Jealous people secretly always try to discuss you and your behavior in every detail. And in fact, this is not funny at all, because they can spread very bad rumors about you. You can confront them directly in order to stop these people.

As a rule, people who spread rumors behind your back out of jealousy are not actually hostile towards you, so sometimes one serious conversation may be enough to make them stop spreading rumors about you.

7. When they start to compete with you.

People who feel jealous are constantly in a struggle for leadership because their pursuit of success is actually permanent. These people may even be dangerous, or they may be overly arrogant and want to appear better than others.

You may feel the urge to put your envious person in their place. If he tries to argue with you about promotion, try to tell him that you are not competing with him. After all, such people immediately lose interest in competing with you as soon as you stop going along with them.

8. When they start imitating you

The people who are most likely to feel jealous try subconsciously to appear better than you and begin to emulate you in all possible ways. These people feel better about themselves only when they totally copy your style of dress or manner of communication.

Do not get upset because of this, it is better to try to inspire them to go their own way. And the moment they try to do something on their own, encourage them in every way possible. Try to show them that you don’t have to imitate you to be yourself.

9. Inconsistencies in behavior.

When people around you begin to show obvious insincerity toward you, or a violent, usually uncharacteristic emotionalism, inconsistency of words spoken and body movements, and an obvious contradiction of gestures and facial expressions, then it’s worth thinking about the reasons for such behavior and about the ways to protect yourself from negative energy.

10. Start envying your envious self

Such an unusual way may seem paradoxical, nevertheless it works very well in practice.

People who envy us feel worse because of their own powerlessness, and begin not just to be happy about your successes, but to really suffer from their feelings of inferiority. For these people, envy becomes a habit, and their merits, they just cease to notice. But there is something good in every person. It is only necessary to find it.

And if such person cannot define his/her own qualities, help him/her find them and sincerely “envy” him/her, in other words, express your admiration for those qualities that you found in him/her.

Boomerang Method

It is necessary to remember that our own intentions and thoughts the world reflects around us. And the more you send him a positive energy, the more for you will return the good things. Never give in to the provocations of the anger of the envious people – it is necessary to protect your soul and mind from the destruction of the negative energy. And what they feel towards you, let it stay with them.

Ways to protect yourself from envy

In order to safely get rid of the negative energy in the future and to restore the protective energy shell, envy and various diseases can be prevented. It is worth remembering that even an unintentionally spoken word of an envious person can disrupt the way of life of an unprotected person.

Important rules:

1. Never talk about your own plans.

2. Try to share some of your joyful events only with people you trust exactly.

3 Never advertise any important, recent activity until it is over.

4. Avoid scandals and quarrels with those around you.

5. To avoid becoming a victim of an envious person, try to spread information about yourself as little as possible, and don’t share your happiness. You have no idea how jealous you can be when your eyes are shining with happiness.

6. Not everyone knows that there is a sentient mind, and not everyone can develop it within themselves. If you set free our emotions, they can change the world around us. This is especially true of those people who can cause great destruction with just their mental sendings. And so, try to behave so that people around you will not be annoyed by your statements, then you will not receive in return an energy lightning with an evil message.

7. The most unprotected place of the person is his/her back, so try not to turn to the maliciously tuned person by that place. Evil words that are said in the back can break through the energy shield and do you harm.

8. Take as a rule, never judge other people behind their backs, because if they find out about it, it is still unknown what kind of blow of energy you can get from it.

9. Try to forgive your ill-wishers. After all, when you forgive them, a powerful protection comes into play on the energetic level. Remember, your detractors will surely return their own thoughts wishing evil, and for you, a blessing will return. This is actually tested over the centuries, the main thing is that it is necessary to forgive people wholeheartedly.

10. Wear mirrored jewelry. Ordinary glasses with transparent lenses have the property of avoiding the evil eye and will help you to keep your energy. This is also true for any other person who has an influence on you, for example, a spouse or a close friend.

This piece of pin should help you to protect yourself from envy and spoilage by pinning it on the inner side of your clothes. This pin can protect a person from negative energy.

12. This way, you will be able to protect your spiritual heart and soul against evil and spiteful people.

13. If the person has a good relationship with you, he or she will have a good relationship with you. They, as well as your joint photos together, can be your talisman of well-being and happiness.

14. The most popular method of protection from human envy and evil eye is the method when it is necessary to close the solar middle chakra with your hands. Such a method is very common among businessmen, politicians and other public people.

All that is needed to close this place is to cross your arms over your chest. Thus the solar plexus is closed. If you don’t have such a possibility, it’s enough to cross your fingers. Everyone known figure of three fingers, called fig is actually an effective and excellent way to protect from different energy vampires and from jealous people. Just keep the figure in your pocket.


It should always be remembered that there is no person who is loved by everyone and envied by no one. The older and more successful a person becomes, the more likely it is that he or she will have envious people or even enemies who will try to harm him or her in every way.

In order to protect yourself from envy, try never to reveal your soul to envious and evil people, especially to unsuccessful people who dream about family life or children, but do not have them. In this case, no envious people will be afraid of you. Everyone has the right to happiness from birth. Wish your envious people well and it will surely come back to you.

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