Pisces man jealousy – outlining the main thing

Jealousy of a Pisces man

Pisces men are unique in their nature. They are patient, balanced, reserved and sensitive. But even they are sometimes enveloped in jealous feelings. Even these quiet and sensual men are capable of jealousy. And believe me, it is better not to give such a man, even the most insignificant reason for jealousy …

How it manifests itself

Jealousy of Pisces men is manifested in each case differently. In one case a male pisces may become jealous, criticizing his chosen one and starting to look for any flaws in her. At the same time, the very flaws that he found, can not play a special role for him, but the reason for his dissatisfaction, they certainly will. And in other cases a representative of this zodiac sign will not give any visible signs of jealousy – will simply be silent for the most part, will withdraw into himself, begin to spend most of the time alone, away from his beloved. This is how the jealousy of Pisces manifests itself.

At the same time, it should be noted that the Pisces men never put his mistresses hysterics and scandals. Such a man will not roll up jealousy scenes and talk about his offense directly. But at the same time, all his species will show that something is wrong. Although, according to his behavior and so it is easy enough to understand when he is jealous. The main symptoms of jealousy is insecurity, attempts to work on themselves, changes in behavior and the “return of the bonbon-bouquet period” in the relationship.

Pisces men do not arrange their women’s interrogations and do not ask to report on all the actions, this gentleman will not keep his other half under control. But do not think that this will make you feel better – it may not be as fiercely jealous, as would be jealous in this case, Aries or Scorpio, but get rid of his jealousy will be even harder than in the above cases. Make a fish again trust and stop jealousy is not every lady under force.

But representatives of this sign of the zodiac are the category of men who will not fail to act in case of jealousy. Some men are arranging their women scandals, others are trying to interrogate, some just start to get hysterical, and the Pisces will work on it. The logic of these men is simple: “If there is a competitor, it means he is better, and therefore it is necessary to work on himself! And then events have already developed under one and two directions – or he will get his and become perfect, or just leave his woman.

How to lead

  • Try to prove to him that he is the best for you;
  • Tell him lots of compliments and support in everything without exception;
  • More often compare him to other men, elevating him above them;
  • Do not allow “coolness” in your relationship with him;
  • Do not give any reason to distrust.

How to get rid of jealousy

One of the main ways to get rid of the jealousy of a Pisces man has already been named above. It lies in the exaltation of the man against the background of the other representatives of the stronger sex. You should always praise him, support in everything, show your admiration for his every even the most insignificant action, do everything to ensure that he thought that you think he was the best in the world. By doing so, you inspire him to believe in himself, and because self-confidence is just the same thing and keeps most cases of jealousy.

Of course, one of the prerequisites is a factor of communication with other men. Your communication with other members of the male sex should be kept to a minimum. In this case, not just stop communicating with them – you also need to talk about the reasons why you do so. Reasons like, “Why do I need them when I have the best one? Plus, try to find flaws in other men and talk to Pisces about them.

And, of course, you need to pay more attention to communication with him, compliments, intimacy, and, moreover, we are talking not only about physical intimacy, but also about spiritual, mental, moral and psychological. He should see and know that you are with him well, like no one else.

How to achieve

But to provoke a feeling of jealousy in a man born under the patronage of such a zodiac sign as Pisces, it is easy. One only has to show his dissatisfaction with his habits, manners and behavior, to say a couple of “caustic” phrases that hurt his manhood, and as the saying goes, “it’s in the bag. Logic Pisces is simple: “If I’m bad, then there is someone better than me! And then it’s all along the line – jealousy, resentment, withdrawal, attempts to change, and all that sort of thing.

Plus, there is another equally effective way to get jealousy Pisces man. It is worth it just to start giving communication with him as little time as possible. Infrequent lovemaking, reduced communication, criticism, secret meetings with girlfriends – cause for jealousy in the case of Pisces can be all without exception.

Everything you need – dorisuyu: How to behave a true Pisces in a fit of jealousy

Astrologers admit that Pisces is one of the most difficult signs in the system. It’s easy to love them, but in life together they show vivid emotions and often react unpredictably to some small things.

In order not to cause unnecessary jealousy, it is worth learning how to behave correctly with representatives of this zodiac sign.

General characteristics

Pisces are representatives of the water element. Such people are endowed with deep feelings, strong emotions. To love the way Pisces loves, no one else can do it.

They are very romantic, focused on personal relationships and try in every possible way to please their partner. In truth, they expect the same in return.

Any negativity, criticism, dissatisfaction are too painfully perceived. They have low self-esteem and, therefore, Pisces always doubt themselves, that they need someone that they can love.

These are very insecure people who need constant attention from their partner and a reminder that they are loved and needed.

This sign is gifted by nature with many talents.

They are not adapted to the ordinary life, office work, some complex schemes to achieve material success, but they can draw stunning paintings, sing, create amazing musical compositions, write romantic poems and fantastic books.

But their imagination sometimes fails their owners. For example, very often they have images in their heads of how their partner is establishing relationships with someone else, flirting, starting a second family on the side.

How a Pisces man gets jealous

A lot of women fall in love with such a sensual and romantic man. He really conquers with his ability to satisfy any demands regarding feelings and emotions.

Pisces men are better at romance than other signs. Therefore, such men often do beautiful things that every woman dreams of.

But any flirting, coquetry, looking at a friend, a neighbor, a man in the street, a colleague can be seen as a threat to him.

After all, the man-Rybian is very insecure and afraid that his chosen one will choose another, someone more courageous, strong, wealthy, etc.

And if you give him a reason to be jealous of the frank behavior in relation to others, or begin to compare it to some acquaintance, admire the skills or character of a colleague, it will lead to a violent scandal.

Pisces is not able to hold their own emotions inside themselves for a long time, they need to give them an outlet. Therefore, any reason for jealousy causes a storm of emotions that will result in a major scandal.

How jealous is a woman – Pisces

These fragile and gentle creatures win the hearts of men and cause a desire to care for themselves. Such women are:

  • Sensual;
  • soft;
  • gentle;
  • weak;
  • love very much and begin to build their lives around their partner;
  • caring;
  • kind;
  • charitable.

But at the same time they themselves need their partner to provide them with comfortable conditions of existence. After all, they are not able to work in an ordinary office, be a saleswoman or a teacher.

They need a man who fully organizes the practical side of life.

And the only thing that can destroy the ideal relationship in such a couple is the jealousy of the Pisces. A woman born under this sign of the zodiac is characterized by sharp fluctuations of emotions and moods.

She is able to see a threat to the marriage, where there is no threat, and make a huge scandal about it. Prove that the flirtation between you and your neighbor was not, it will be difficult.

How to get rid of Pisces jealousy

And although such a sign easily begins to be jealous and see a threat to the relationship in any wrong look or word, yet it will not be difficult to calm them down.

To do this, it is enough to resort to one of the reliable ways:

  • Devote personal time to your Fish partner as often as possible. Spend more time with him/her and he/she will be calmer.
  • Constantly prove your love with attention and beautiful actions.

Always please your partner born under this zodiac sign with the things he/she likes.

  • Shift your Pisces’ attention to something that will interest them more – some creative work, a new project or even go on a romantic trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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