NLP psychology of relationships – set out in detail

Practical methods of NLP: lessons influencing a man

Knowledge of the psychology of human behavior and the ability to use it in practice work wonders. One of the popular techniques today remains neurolinguistic programming (NLP). This method combines both verbal and nonverbal modeling of behavior to achieve success in different areas. It can change not only your consciousness, but also the attitudes of those around you. NLP techniques can show tangible results in communication with men.

Everything is more or less clear with the use of neurolinguistic programming techniques to achieve success, for example in business. But how to use NLP in a relationship with a man? To do this, you need to understand how love relationships are constructed. As a rule, they include three stages: acquaintance, communication, love. It is in the first two stages, you can resort to methods of NLP to influence a man. They will help attract the attention of a man he likes, to interest him and to build a relationship that later may grow into true love.

When the contact enters the stage of strong long-term relationships, the methods of manipulation is better to forget – ethically speaking, it is unacceptable.

NLP in love: techniques for women

Every love begins with falling in love. It is at this stage, a person feels a strong attraction to the object of admiration. In the first place are feelings, not reason. Experiencing bright emotions is caused by the production of a number of hormones: dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. A person experiences a rush of energy, a state of euphoria and happiness from an excess of these substances, literally loses his head and is ready for extraordinary actions. The goal of NLP in a relationship with a man is to achieve this state, which in the future should pass into a stronger and more conscious feeling – love.

To understand how to fall in love with a man using NLP, you must first understand the basic principles of this method. The creators of this direction introduced the concept of “presuppositions” – are certain axioms that make NLP the most effective. If you accept and convey to the consciousness of their genuineness and fairness, any of the following NLP techniques, how to fall in love with a man, will be most productive.

  1. Body and mind are one. Our thoughts shape our condition. Good thoughts can sometimes cure a person, and anger in the soul can exacerbate existing diseases. This applies not only to health, but also to life in general. All doors are open to a good person who believes in his success.
  2. Our nervous system is the storehouse of experience. Everything that happens to us, starting from birth, is stored in the subconscious. The accumulated experience is the starting point, the initial data of the life scenario. The past is a source of resources, and the successful present of successful people is a motivation for a happy future.
  3. There is no such thing as defeat, only feedback. Every experience is for the good, it teaches us, helps us draw conclusions, become stronger and more successful.
  4. Communication for response. When we come into contact, we get feedback by seeing the person’s reaction. We draw conclusions from this, so that in the future our communication will be most effective and help achieve the desired result.
  5. The universe is abundant. A person’s abilities are limited only by his or her own boundaries, that is, we have what we allow ourselves to have.

In order to win someone’s heart, you must first of all want to. The following are NLP techniques that explain how to make a man fall in love with you. Believe me, any woman can cope with this. The main thing – tune in positively and believe that our intentions are able to induce the universe to give us everything we really need.

Conquering the man you like should start with calibration – determine the state of the man and blend in with him. You must become a single system–this state is called rapport. Perhaps everyone has experienced it when communicating with people close to you – trust, empathy, comfort, mutual sympathy, interest. Rapport is necessary for a man to want to communicate with you in the future, to enjoy it and look forward to the next meeting.

To get into a state of rapport, you have to pay attention to every detail: gestures, poses, facial expressions, gaze, voice volume, manner of behavior. Adjustment can be empathic, that is, “empathetic,” or analytical, more elaborate and complex. In the second case, we trace all elements of behavior and copy them. In order to gain a person’s trust, it is necessary to “mirror” him: to repeat the posture, the volume and speed of speech, the rhythm of breathing, facial expressions and some gestures.

Important: A person’s subconscious perceives communication more subtly, 80% of information in a conversation is transmitted non-verbal. Use it in attracting the attention of the object.

  • Technique of “anchors”

The essence of the technique is to hook the desired object with the help of conditioned reflexes. Here’s a simple example of anchoring a man to himself: on a successful date, a certain song starts playing at the most romantic moment. The next time the partner hears this song, he will remember a pleasant evening, you, and experience the emotions that were present at that moment. That is, pleasant memories will pop up in his memory. This song will be considered an “anchor.

How do you set an “anchor” yourself? There are three rules to follow:

  1. You must set the “anchor” at the peak of pleasure, at the most pleasant moment.
  2. The “anchor” must be unusual, memorable, associated specifically with you.
  3. The stimulus should be reproduced as precisely as possible.

In order for this method of NLP influence on the man to be the most effective, it is very important to know the type of personality of the object. You can determine it by the person’s behavior, the words often used, the communication style.

People who have good hearing, like music, demanding of their own and others’ speech, no doubt, are audials. They often use in their speech “auditory” phrases: “listen to me”, “I heard”, “I heard”. Such men can come up with an affectionate address or some word or phrase that will become an “anchor”.

Visuals have a good imagination, they pay attention to the appearance of others, more easily perceive information in the form of charts, diagrams, photographs. The most frequently used phrases are: “look”, “I noticed”, “pay attention”, “look”. For such people, “anchors” can be images and memories.

Kinestheticians care about tactile contact. When communicating, they touch the person they are talking to, they fix their clothes or hairstyle. The distance with a communication partner is usually small. They are emotional and restless. The key to a male kinesthetic’s heart is a special touch that will be associated specifically with you.

The process of anchoring a man to himself is as follows: catch a time when your partner is feeling happy and euphoric. At that moment, place the “anchor. Complete the anchoring by changing the topic or action. Repeat the process several times to keep the association with pleasant feelings in the man’s mind. Once the conditioned reflex has solidified, the “anchor” will cause a surge of positive emotions.

  • The perfect first date

Making contact with a man you like is not an easy thing to do. Our emotions can fail us at the most inopportune moment. To avoid this happening, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Eva Berger, bestselling author of “NLP for Happy Love”, advises to visualize the meeting before the first date to the details. This method of NLP impact on the man has two purposes: to tune in the right way and be ready for the unexpected.

In a tense state, a man is not able to behave confidently. To relax, take a comfortable position and imagine in detail what would be your ideal first date with a man. Think about what you will wear, what he will look like, what you will order at the restaurant, what you will talk about. Such mental preparation will help you mentally prepare for the meeting and relieve psychological tension.

In order to avoid confusion at the first pancake, it is important to think through all the awkwardnesses that may occur during the meeting. And most importantly – to find solutions in advance. When you are mentally prepared for any trouble, you are able to react more soberly to negative issues.

A confident woman is always admired. Eliminate all awkwardness and clamps before the date, and it will go flawlessly.

  • Motivation is the key to success

If you had a negative experience with the opposite sex – forget about it! Thank your “failed” partners for the opportunity to meet your ideal man. Now you are ready for it. Guy at a subconscious level should feel that you are set up for a positive outcome. If you are motivated to succeed, the man will feel it too and become yours.

  • The rule of three “Yes!”

This psychological trick allows you to hear “Yes” when you need it. It is proved that if a man answers the first three questions in the affirmative, then with a high probability you will also get a positive response to the next question. Use this NLP technique in communication with men to get what you want.

  • Acknowledgement of faults

Perfect people do not exist – more often remind yourself of this. No need to consider yourself unworthy of the man you like just because you can not cook. Sometimes you can go for a little feminine cunning – to focus on the shortcomings of the charmed man himself was glad to try to debunk them. Resorting to such a method, you should be careful: choose the flaw that your lover can easily disprove. Your goal – to achieve not pity, but a compliment.

  • Breaking the stereotype

In order not to become “one of”, you have to be remembered by the man you like. Surprise him, break stereotypes about women. Let you be the only girl who on the first date (…) – then come up with your own. The more original will end with the previous sentence, the better.

  • Tactile Contact

It’s hard to win a man by building an unbreakable wall in front of him. You can have a very long conversation, visualize perfect love and copy his gestures and facial expressions. But sooner or later will need to go to action. Tactile contact for the stronger sex is especially important – so they are built. Try to kiss, gentle embrace and all that follows, fascinate your favorite man finally. Let the course of all their charm, experience and sensitivity, so he was intoxicated by you.


Neurolinguistic programming – a universal means of practical psychology, allowing not only to succeed in society, but also to build love. The main thing – to use NLP methods to influence a man correctly. Remember: the universe is abundant, and if you really want to charm the guy you like, you can do it. One has only to use the feminine charm and NLP techniques.

Practical methods of NLP: lessons influencing a man

In love, as in war, all means are good, so think women in love, trying by all means to attract to his favorite man. Meanwhile, psychologists are known NLP techniques in dealing with men, which help to achieve their location.

Wishing to attract a man, a woman is ready for all sorts of tricks

What is the technique of NLP

In general, neurolinguistic programming is to influence the subconscious. Although the official science does not recognize this direction, nevertheless, practicing psychologists use linguistic techniques in relationships. They do not do any harm to the body, on the contrary, they help to achieve a certain goal, including falling in love with people.

For the record. In nlp how to fall in love with a man manipulation techniques are based on a linguistic model of changing the thoughts, emotions and behavior of the partner as required by the girl.

Ways to avoid manipulative influence

Specialists in this field take advantage of a person’s temporary weaknesses (chronic fatigue, lack of attention, lack of motivation, subconscious fears, tension, neuropsychological exhaustion, complexes).

Information about your moral and physical state can easily be found out by swindlers from social networks. This is the best way to virtually explore the subconscious of man and begin to manipulate him. To protect yourself, it’s not necessary to learn a lot of techniques and tricks.

It’s enough to comprehend your inner world, strengths and weaknesses, to feel your personal “I”, and only then will you program your own thoughts, set the tone of events and create a life scenario.

How you can use in a relationship

Practical psychologists claim that NLP is a synthesis of the techniques of hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy and family psychology. Therefore, they can be successfully applied to the situation of falling in love. For example, the use of visualization (a detailed representation of thoughts, emotions) helps build a relationship in love. Or manipulation, where the principle of the three yeses is used when influencing the other. If you know nlp techniques in love, it is possible to interest the man you like.

The use of NLP techniques helps to build relationships with others

Important! NLP is not a universal tool, but a pointer of direction where to go. How the love events will go further depends on the man himself. This means that the work on building a relationship should not stop even after the attraction of the guy.

How to make a man fall in love with you

How to fall in love with a man – relationship psychology, is it possible to win a guy When there is a goal to fall in love with a desirable man, it is worth mastering proven techniques. According to experts, the more effective nlp techniques for happy love are as follows:

  • Anchoring – attract emotions, feelings that the partner once happily experienced, such as childhood memories or love situations. When such experiences are recreated, a close partner relationship is built.
  • Adjustment, a popular NLP technique, establishes intimate contact with the partner. There is a copying of the behavior of the beloved, repeating his gestures, facial expressions, the rhythm of breathing, that is, “external” adjustment. Having established external contact, the transition is made to further “conducting,” for example, through smiles, affirmative gestures. Adjustment to values is effective: in order to find a common language with the partner of the opposite sex, it is necessary to look at the world through his or her eyes.

An effective nLP technique of “tweaking” makes it possible to establish a close contact with a partner

  • Joining and mirroring help to join the male behavior. You need to understand how the guy perceives the world around him: through sounds, images, or feelings. For visuals, the priority is eye-to-eye communication to catch a glimpse. Audiologists want to talk, to discuss important issues, for them it is important to find the main words. Kinestheticians prefer to communicate through emotions. They need bodily contact.

Important! To attract the object of his love, it is necessary to understand what type he refers to, so the contact “mirror” his favorite words, emotions, gestures.

The impact with the help of NLP methods on the man

How to fall in love with your husband again – is it possible to interest him again For those girls who dream of a strong relationship, psychologists have prepared special “female” nlp methods in relationships with a man.

The most effective are considered:

  • The technique of “perfecting the first date”, when the first meeting with a man is important in the period of falling in love. Almost everyone worries on a first date. Inner tension affects the situation, things can go wrong, and the date will turn out crumpled. Visualization will help to avoid problems. Before meeting with your loved one, you should imagine the ideal date: the appearance, the first words and looks, even awkward moments. You can use tips from the audiobook by J. Baker, “NLP for Women, or how to make anyone crazy.
  • The technique of “three yeses” is necessary when you need to move a relationship to the next stage. In psychology, there is an axiom: if you say “yes” three times in a row, then the fourth time the intuitive answer will be the same. The main thing – all the key phrases to pronounce loudly and confidently, so that the man answered positively.
  • The technique of falling in love with a man is disarming. It helps to anticipate the possible behavior of the partner, for example, if he wants to break the relationship. It is important to disarm your partner by admitting that you need to renew the relationship. Key words – another chance is needed to fix the situation with consideration for mistakes.

The right investment of resources

The second extremely important component is the investment of resources. The golden rule of relationships is that the one who tries the hardest is the one who needs the most. So if we want a man to be in love, it is important that he try. The three main resources he has to invest in a relationship are time, money and emotion. The first thing that starts things off is emotion, and it also pulls up all the other types of resources. For example, when a man remembers how good it was, when he dreams of a future encounter, plans, fantasizes, etc. This also includes emotions with a minus sign, when he worries, for example, why the girl does not come to the phone.

Emotions entail a time resource: the man thinks about her, he wants to meet the girl more often, to talk on the phone. Any help, any joint action is an investment of time, that’s why it’s important to provoke a man to give her more personal attention: not to call a cab, but to take her himself. And the third element is money, when a man spends on a girl. The more money involved in the relationship, the more valuable it is to the man. When he remembers how much effort, time and money he spent on the girl, he no longer wants to give her up. A girl needs to quickly assess which resource is the most scarce for the chosen man to provoke him to invest the missing. But it is important to do this delicately. For example, a student may have a lot of emotions, time, but little money. He is ready to spend days with a girl, but even a bouquet of flowers can be quite a big expense for him, especially if it is a large expensive bouquet. An established man, who is engaged in business, may be fine with money, but he catastrophically lacks time. It is easier to give someone else to help the girl than to try to do it himself. In this situation, it is necessary to provoke him to invest his free time as much as possible.

How to influence a woman with the help of NLP

NLP techniques will also help a man if he wants to make a woman fall in love with him

It is much harder to make a woman fall in love with you if she thinks she doesn’t need a guy. Nevertheless, there are nlp techniques for all types of girl images. All of them are based on playing with the feelings of the weaker sex: responsiveness, duty, desire to love and be loved. It is only important to use these levers of pressure correctly with techniques:

  • The plus-minus technique for rocking a girl’s emotions means amplifying the positive in the relationship with a little negativity. For example, to compliment the other woman, that is, “minus.” Then immediately address the compliment to your beloved as a “plus”.
  • One consent – the reception is similar to a woman’s “three yeses. The essence is simple: say an important phrase, then ask about the distractions. The woman, having subconsciously answered the obvious “yes”, will agree with the first statement as well.
  • Choice without choice implies agreement to an uncompromising version of events. For example, when arranging a date, ask: “When shall we meet, in the evening or tomorrow?” Such wording implies not discussing, but only specifying the meeting.Is it possible through NLP to influence at a distance For the adherents of NLP, the influence at a distance is not discussed. Almost everyone has at least once encountered a situation where the thought of calling a loved one, he or she has already called a couple of minutes later. Such situations are not uncommon and serve as proof of long-distance compulsion.

For the record. This kind of connection, like a telepathic correspondence, occurs between close people who are emotionally attached to each other. Therefore, a man and a woman who are connected by intimacy can feel each other at a distance.

It is believed that thoughts are material, have great power, contained in the energy of brain impulses. There are techniques based on verbal and visual transmission of information. With certain skills, it is possible to use the methods of NLP to influence a man at a distance, even if the inspirer is quite far away.

On a side note. Make a man to fall in love from a distance is impossible. With the help of technology can only cause a desire to think about a woman, to inspire positive emotions, to interest yourself.

Pull emotions and feelings, that is, “anchor” a man, it is possible only with direct contact.

The rule of one “yes.

In sales, there is a rule of three “yeses”, the essence of which is that the seller must obtain from the potential buyer three positive responses at once.

With girls, this is quite difficult to accomplish without preparation.

However, no less effective and the rule of one “yes” (tested by practice!), when you only need to hear one consent to one of the questions.

Example: “Let’s meet you free time and have coffee! Do you like latte?” That is, we first make a suggestion and, without waiting for an answer, we ask her if she likes latte coffee (acting as if she has already agreed). Very often the girl answers either yes or no.

But the point is not that she likes it or not, but that by answering the second question, she automatically agrees to the meeting.

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