Needing a lover for a wife: a general overview

Why for married women, having a lover is a vital necessity

The legitimate desire of women to find love. And this desire is not always fulfilled with the advent of her husband. We tell you why women need a lover, who he is, and what his duties are.

Lover – is it good or bad? There is no single answer to this question. All people are different, as well as life situations. Everyone chooses for themselves. In any case, the existence of a lover is an undeniable fact. By the way, doesn’t it seem strange that the words “lover” and “love” have the same root?

  • Why women need a lover
  • Lover: who is he and his responsibilities
  • Risks for a woman with a lover

Why women need a lover

  • Carnal satisfaction. If the intimate life with the husband leaves much to be desired, then the salvation becomes a lover. Situations can be different: impotence in the spouse, his low libido, the inability to give pleasure, the rapid onset of orgasm, long business trips.
  • New sexual experiences. If the husband you hesitate to offer something new, such as BDSM, role-playing, various fetishes, you can always find a lover for this.
  • Increased self-esteem. A woman wants to feel wanted. She needs to know that someone conquers and worships her. The best tool for this is a new man with sexual attraction.
  • Conception. If the husband has trouble fertilizing, you can enlist the help of a lover to get pregnant.

  • Practical benefits. The lover can provide material assistance, promote the career, give expensive gifts.
  • Communication. If a woman has a lack of communication, she can find a lover to make up for her need for intimate conversations. In this case, intimacy becomes an excuse to talk.
  • Psychotherapy. If there is a personal or family crisis, then for many women, the only therapy is to “go crazy” in a beautiful affair with a lover.

Lover: who is he and his responsibilities

A lover is an object of love attraction, a man, a sexual partner who enters into an intimate relationship outside of the official marriage. In terms of psychology, women are used to romanticize the image of a lover and associate this man with real feelings, love and passion.

The main duties of a lover in the eyes of a woman:

  • To feel passion for a woman and to show desire. Always and everywhere.
  • Be able to give a woman maximum satisfaction. Intimacy should be such that the partner “was in seventh heaven. Be patient and fake in bed with her husband.
  • Talk to the mistress only about pleasant things, such as how beautiful she is. He should not talk about his problems. There is a wife for that, period.
  • Should spend time with the woman. Five minutes of sex in the office bathroom is not a pastime. With a mistress, for example, you need to celebrate all the holidays, of course, let not a day in a day, but still there should be a joint romantic time outside of bed.

These are the main tasks of a lover. If he does not cope with them, it is worth looking for another candidate. At the same time, material assistance and solving women’s problems is not the duty of the lover – this is the husband’s domain. Of course, if the sexual partner has a desire, he can give such a bonus, but it is not worth demanding additional “care” from him.

Risks for a woman with a lover

  • Bacterial vaginosis and STDs. With a lover, you should use a condom to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, such as unwanted microflora, which provokes vaginosis and thrush. There is no guarantee that a man is only intimate with you, is there? He could contract an STD from another partner and not know about it himself until symptoms appear.
  • Uncertain paternity. An intimate relationship with a lover can lead to an unplanned pregnancy if contraception is accidentally violated, for example, a condom breaks. In this case, how can you determine who the father is if regular intimate relations with both?
  • Family breakdown. If your spouse finds out about your love affair, it is possible that he or she will want to file for divorce.

Thus, lovers can be not only a source of hatred and a catalyst for disintegration, many psychologists believe that they can save the marriage by becoming an excuse to renew the relationship with your spouse. But still, if you have a lover, you need to take all measures to minimize the risks of meeting with him.

Does a woman need a lover?

Relationships outside of marriage can be found very often. Why? Over time, husbands stop noticing the virtues of the wife, sex does not bring pleasure, and mutual understanding and relationships are not the same as before. After all this, many girls begin to think about a new partner who will make life brighter and help to forget about all the problems. Do women need a lover? Where to find a lover? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.

What the statistics says

To begin with, it is worth considering statistical data. They are compiled with maximum accuracy. So what do the numbers tell us:

51% of women who cheated on their husbands fell back in love with their significant other and resuscitated the family relationship.

Girls who work in offices most often want to find a young lover. Statistically, 49% of women from office jobs have cheated on their husbands. Girls in other jobs look for a partner on the side much less often, only 25%.

Many relationships fall apart precisely because of the facts of adultery.

Searching for lovers is required in order to keep the process under control. If the search for a partner does not happen, it does not mean that the man will not find you himself.

9 Reasons for a woman to have a lover

With statistical data sorted out, now it is necessary to break down the main reasons. As a rule, after the appearance of a lover, a girl changes her behavior, but husbands do not notice this. Each woman has her own reasons for cheating.

Not enough sex. In a relationship should always slip something new – this also applies to sex. Over time, intimacy ceases to be as it was at the beginning of the relationship, there is no passion, playfulness, excitement. Old poses and movements no longer bring pleasure. Because of this, girls look for lovers to satisfy sexual needs with new sensations. That’s why you need a lover in the first place.

Not enough communication. Not always the reason for cheating lies only in sex, many girls elementary not enough communication with their significant other. Women love to talk, learn something new and interesting, but many married men prefer to relax with friends, stay at work or watch TV. Because of the lack of communication young ladies begin to look for intellectual brain charging on the side with other partners.

Personal crisis. There are times when you don’t want to do anything. It seems that life is lived in vain, wasted, there are no personal achievements. Many girls after such thoughts turn for help to psychology, but there are those who are looking for a way out with the help of relationships on the side.

Crisis in the family. Many married couples experience this crisis, but for everyone it ends differently. Over time, the woman simply begins to doubt her partner, because after a long relationship, the spouse changes and ceases to be gentle and caring. Because of this, resentments and grievances begin, which turn into cheating with another man. As a rule, such a relationship lasts only until the end of the marital crisis.

Boredom, lack of thrills. Entertainment on the side is one of the popular reasons for adultery. After marriage, husbands cease to be active, not invited to the cinema, cafes, restaurants. Joint pastime with their other half is reduced to almost zero. The girl begins to seek entertainment and thrills with other partners.

Curiosity Almost all women are curious, they always want to know something new, for example, where to find a lover. Sometimes cheating is done just to compare her husband and her lover.

The financial side A luxurious life and constant expensive gifts, who will refuse such a thing? Wealthy married lovers often seduce girls who are unhappy in their marriages and want a different life.

Prestige In the circle of friends young ladies often brag about their husbands and partners, in order not to fall in the mud and not to disgrace themselves in front of their friends, women are looking for men who will match her status.

Infidelity in love occurs spontaneously, in most cases, it was not even planned. All because of the charm and allure of the man, before which it is impossible to resist.

Revenge for treason Girls always want to take revenge on their husband, who constantly cheats with other ladies. They just want to show how they felt and put him in his place. It is also a kind of hint that the wife will not suffer about it and will quickly find a replacement.

Lover after 40

How to find a lover after 40 years? This question is asked by many girls. To have an affair on the side can not only a young young lady, but also a mature woman. There are a large number of cases where cheating in the family happens at this age, and often it happens precisely on the part of the fair sex.

The main thing is not to lose faith in yourself and always be loved, and then you will radiate confidence in your own attractiveness, and the desired relationship will find itself.

To feel a second youth – that’s what you need a lover for young ladies after 40 years. This has a positive effect on health, because sex is useful at any age. In addition, a lover at age 50 is a chance to once again experience all the charm of a relationship, which includes romance, flirting and falling in love.

Pros and cons of a lover

There are positives and negatives to any relationship. If a woman has decided to have a lover, then she will only see the pros. The positive side of a lover:

A chance to feel wanted, loved and irresistible.

This is a chance to take a break from boring everyday life.

You can always go for experiments during sex.

This is a great opportunity for every girl to live the life she really deserves.

Of course, there are downsides as well. There’s the constant feeling of anxiety and the chance of ruining your marriage. But if you approach this relationship wisely and always know when to stop, you don’t have to worry.

Is it worth it for a woman to have a lover? It is up to each girl to decide. The website can help with this. This service provides a variety of options for men for all tastes. Now you know how to find a lover at any age!

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