Movies to help you through a breakup – better to see once

15 Best Movies to Watch After a Breakup

Let’s be honest, a breakup is never easy to go through. Whether you caused it or your partner, it’s hard on both parties and not many people want to go through one. Heartbreak spoils the mood for a long time, and you just can’t forget about it. However, there is a cure for sadness. For example, time. You can turn to friends and family for support, or you can just create a special mood with movies about breaking up. A good picture can transform your life. You get to watch the characters’ experiences and share their emotions, and you get to see from the outside why your relationship was unsuccessful. Don’t let yourself live in the past, don’t give up – pick a movie from this list and you’ll get through the breakup a lot easier. You can do it!

“Annie Hall.”

If you want to find the perfect movie to help you deal with your sad mood, this classic film from Woody Allen is for you. In the film, Wooley plays Alvey, who falls in love with Annie. The role of Annie is played by Diane Keaton. The characters do start dating, they have a good relationship, but they also have difficulties. As a result, they decide to break up, and Alvie has to analyze every part of their relationship alone to figure out what exactly led to the disastrous end. Of course, no unequivocal cause is ever found. Alvy, already prone to neurosis, comes to realize how hard it is to live without love. Breakups are hard to get over; there is no easy way to deal with the emotions.

“500 Days of Summer.”

This movie will make you think about how sometimes all the effort you put into getting someone else to fall in love with you turns out to be completely useless compared to the love you receive in return. Summer’s character, played by Zooey Deschanel, doesn’t believe in love. The non-linear plot, built on flashbacks, unfolds around Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character. This film received very high marks from critics and became popular with audiences for a reason.


This film is a free adaptation of the novel by British Nick Hornby, only the action here takes place in Chicago, not in London, as in the book. John Cusack is a music fan who has problems with women. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he decides to go back to his exes to figure out where things went wrong.

“Breaking Up.”

This romantic film starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston is about a couple whose relationship begins to fall apart. Gary makes mistake after mistake, and Brooke feels that she is not too appreciated. She decides to teach her partner a lesson, but then realizes that the breakup hurts herself as well. This is a very sweet and romantic movie.

“Exchange Vacation.”

This is one of the best romantic films that allows you to remember the different types of love that exist in the world. In the film Kate Winslet plays the role of Iris, a woman who falls in love with a man who cannot reciprocate her feelings. Cameron Diaz also plays in the film – her character Amanda experiences her boyfriend’s infidelity. Amanda and Iris decide to switch houses for a vacation and realize that true love is much harder to find than it seems. This is one of the best movies for moments when everything in life seems to be a complete failure.

“To Promise is Not to Marry.”

This movie has become a true classic among romantic films. In this comedy, the plot follows the lives of five different women and four different men from Baltimore. The dynamic development of the plot is instantly captivating, the viewer empathizes with the characters and understands their emotions. The film makes you ask yourself some frank questions and helps you understand a lot. It’s a great film if you want to dig into yourself after a hard breakup.

“In the Fly.”

This is more of a comedy than a romantic movie, so you can probably laugh even if the breakup was really hard. Jason Siegel and Kristen Bell star in this film. Their relationship comes to an end, but Jason tries everything he can to take the breakup easier. It’s a great story that will lift your spirits well.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

This is one of the movies in which Jim Carrey has a serious role. But be warned – this film may convince you that the one you love is really your soulmate. Kerry plays the role of Joel Barish, the guy who dated Clementine – played by Kate Winslet. They realize that their relationship didn’t work out, after which they decide to erase their memories. But then they meet again and fall in love! Nothing can change fate.

“Party People”

This is a very popular movie. The main character, Mike, decides it’s time to make a change in his life, breaks up with his girlfriend and moves to another city. Months change and he realizes that the breakup was a mistake. He still can’t cope with the pain of separation. If you need some positivity after a tough breakup, this movie is for you.

“Jerry Maguire.”

Tom Cruise played brilliantly in this classic romantic film full of emotion. Jerry Maguire is the main character whose life begins to fall apart. He loses practically everything, the only person around is his fiancée. With her help, he returns to his former life.

“The Wedding Singer.”

This is a comedy classic, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The characters realize they are attracted to each other, but, as is often the case in movies, both are already in relationships. It’s a traditional plot twist, but the movie still turns out great. As the plot progresses, the characters realize that they are destined to be together and their relationship grows stronger and stronger. You will be uplifted, filled with hope and laughing at the jokes.

“Chasing Amy.”

Young Ben Affleck plays Holden McNeil in this romantic film, who, along with a friend, is very passionate about comic books. Suddenly he falls in love with a girl – but she turns out to be a lesbian. Holden tries again and again to win her over. What will happen? Will he succeed? This is a wonderful movie that everyone should see.

“Sleepless in Seattle”

Another terrific classic movie – it’s been popular for years. Tom Hanks plays widower Sam Baldwin, who gets on a national radio show to find couples – he is signed up there by his son, who wants his father to find a new wife. He gets an answer from a girl played by Meg Ryan. She wants to see if Baldwin would be a better match for her than her fiancé. This is a great romantic movie with a great plot that doesn’t lose its relevance.

“Notting Hill.”

This movie tells the story of William Tucker, owner of a small bookstore. A famous actress walks into his store – and a series of chance meetings between them begins, during one of which William invites the actress home. As a result, they fall in love with each other, but are forced to break up – but happiness still awaits the characters at the end.

“Real Love.”

This movie is perfect for the holiday season. It is built on the stories of different couples who are connected to each other. All of the actors in the film are of the highest caliber. You will get a deeper understanding of the essence of love and will definitely feel better about yourself. This film is inspiring because each viewer feels a part of what is happening and shares the experiences of the characters. This is just what you need if you are going through a hard breakup and want to feel better.

12 Movies to Get Over a Breakup

For me, movies are the best conversationalist: they ask questions but don’t require answers, you don’t have to feign laughter at bad jokes, and they also teach you about life without lecturing or judging. I watch at least one movie every day, so there are plenty of ingredients for cocktails to suit the mood.

What to watch when you’re hardcore, sad and resentful? Personally, I identify 4 stages after any breakup: shock, tears, anger, and “arividerci.” For each of these, I will recommend 3 movies with an argument as to why I chose them. I will warn you that this synopsis may contain spoilers, so watch out!

Stage 1

Usually on the day you decide (or have decided for you) that you’re all in, emotions are as mixed as possible. You’re either happy, or you’re overwhelmed with thoughts that it was a mistake, or you just forget that anything ever happened. It lasts anywhere from 48 hours to a week, but during this period you should avoid anything with a love line.

“Shoal” is a rather silly movie about a surfer girl fighting a shark for her life. It carries no intellectual load, its job is to let you laugh at dumb moments, admire Blake Lively’s beautiful body, and get all giddy.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is the funniest of the Marvel movies. I love Tyke Waititi for his off-the-cuff humor and understanding of situation comedy. So this exhibit on a Sunday night can be watched with friends or on your own.

“Moana” is a beautiful cartoon about a brave girl looking for her way. Thank you, Disney, for starting to produce pictures without being tied to romance. Good soundtrack, bright colors, island scenery – distracting as we can.

Stage #2.

The next stage is sadness and worry. They may wake up on their own or after a couple of cocktails at an aperitif bar, but it will definitely happen. This is where it’s best to let yourself cry out and let the feeling go.

“Last Love on Earth” is a sci-fi drama about how people around the world began to lose one feeling after another. There are a lot of questions to the picture, but for crying, it fits very well: there’s the potential for flashbacks of your fights, the sad thoughts that people don’t appreciate anything, and on and on down the list.

“The Pianist” is generally my secret weapon when I need to let go of longing. First, the plot, which a priori evokes very strong emotions. Second, the soundtrack. Even without the visual accompaniment, Chopin’s 20th Nocturne makes me sad, and here it hits several points at once.

“La La Land” is perfect to watch after facing reality. And it is that not all dreams come true and not all romances end well. So stock up on tissues and snacks and listen to Ryan Gosling play jazz.

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