Movies to get out of depression: study together

Film therapy: the best depression and depression movies

If your mood hasn’t changed for the better, get comfortable in front of the screen and go through this list thoroughly. The characters in our selection know what it’s like to be depressed, and they’re sure to have a thing or two for you on how to get rid of your moping once and for all.

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“Joy” / Joy (2015) 16+

A biopic of director David O. Russell, who worked on “My Boyfriend is Crazy,” “The Fighter” and “The American Affair.” The plot is based on the biography of a single mother from Long Island who became famous for inventing a self-extracting “miracle mop.” Thanks to this household appliance, the American was able to establish a profitable company with sales of over one billion dollars. The title role in the movie “Joy” brought Jennifer Lawrence a Golden Globe Award.

“Tully” / Tully (2017) 18+

A mundane drama about the hardships of single mother life starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis (“The Martian,” “Blade Runner 2049”). Marlowe is exhausted raising three children – and there’s a fourth on the way. Not surprisingly, the most appropriate gift for a struggling parent is Nanny Tully. The girl will still take some getting used to, but she’s worth the work.

“Collateral Beauty (2016)

David Frankel’s poignant drama about the experience of loss. After the death of his daughter, Howard Inlet, owner of a successful advertising agency, stopped coping with life. For two years, he withdrew almost completely from business and began spending his days building domino structures that are so satisfying to destroy. During this time, the hero’s partner decides to sell the company, but for the deal to be successful, he needs to prove Howard’s incompetence.

“For Once in a Lifetime”/ Begin Again (2013) 12+

Musical drama by American director John Carney, known for “Once Upon a Time.” Out-of-print music producer Dan, who is gradually losing the meaning of life, meets a talented singer named Greta. To avoid studio costs, the musicians record their debut album right on the streets of New York. The characters become enormously close, discovering in each other new and surprising qualities. The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Song (“Lost Stars”).

“The Tenenbaum Family / The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) 16+

Films where depression swoops over the heads of the main characters are not necessarily grim and depressing – some directors, without detracting from the seriousness of the disorder, manage to look at the problem from a comedic angle. Perhaps the most famous master of turning ennui and melancholy into a two-hour matinee for adults is Wes Anderson, and the most “depressing” film in his collection is The Tenenbaum Family. The wacky characters in this funny drama fall into a prolonged slumber like a magic wand and sluggishly crawl out of it throughout the entire screen time, while managing to charge the audience with just the opposite energy.

“Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 16+

Another film designed to prove that in the most hopeless moments of despair and disappointment in life one must find the button responsible for self-control and optimism. The plot is built around a large American family, each member of which has all the prerequisites for regular visits to the district psychiatrist: a loser father, a mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a gloomy as a Monday morning son and a sensitive uncle suffering from unrequited love. And if such conditions visit you more often than friends, hurry up and turn on the movie and go with the eccentric family on a journey that will be a sobering cure for any neurosis.

“Helpless” / Numb (2007)

Sometimes in life, there are moments when you don’t want anything, when you’re tired of everything and you don’t even have the strength to lift your body off the couch. Such a feeling of indifference to everything can last a day or at most a week, because the black stripe is to be replaced by a white one sooner or later. But for the hero of “Helpless,” everything is much more complicated – he suffers from a rare disease called “depersonalization,” in which the patient loses all emotions and feelings. He turns to psychologists, pills, unconventional medicine, but all efforts are fruitless. Until love once again proves its healing properties.

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Depression can occur at any age, let alone adolescence, when even the smallest problem seems like a tragedy of universal proportions. It was this adolescent urge to make a big deal out of it that was the leitmotif of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s tragicomedy. “A Very Funny Story” tells the story of a 16-year-old boy who encounters typical puberty problems, but chooses a rather drastic measure to solve them – a week-long “vacation” in an adult psychiatric ward. In the end, after meeting the local wacky patients (one of whom happens to be comedian Zach Galifianakis), the hero finds not only the drive to live, but also true love.

“Cake” / Cake (2014) 12+

The appetizingly culinary title of the film can be confusing – no, this is not a sequel to “Julie and Julia: Making Happiness by Prescription,” but a poignant drama about a woman who survived a terrible car accident and fell into a hopeless depression. Jennifer Aniston’s scarred heroine attends psychological support courses, eats tranquilizers like M&M’s and is constantly looking for ways to end her life. The director is not trying to gloss over her depressive outlook, but instead wants the viewer to follow the main character everywhere and live through the dark times with her. After all, the life-affirming finale will lead us to the idea that anything is possible to survive.

“Taste of Cherry” / Ta’m e guilass (1997) 16+

Abbas Kiarostami’s simple yet profound parable teaches us that we should never give up – there is always something worth living for. The film tells the story of a man who decides to go into oblivion, but cannot commit suicide, unacceptable according to the Koran, and is looking for a man who is willing to help him do it for a decent fee. The search for a guide to the other world, however, turns into a philosophical road movie that, with each turn of the wheel, empowers him to rise above his troubles and return to life.

“It’s Good to Be a Wallflower” / The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) 16+

Stephen Chbosky’s indie drama about the reality of a shy teenager who bites hard and inventively. The 16-year-old introvert’s youthful moping is fueled time and again by the transition to high school, the death of his aunt, and the strange suicide of his best friend. But luckily, the protagonist quickly finds a way to cope with it – because when you have Emma Watson’s heroine in your friendzone, you start to believe in magic. The recipe, which is carefully written out by the creators of this film, is simple – avoid loneliness and make new friends, because communication is a sure way to free your head from bad thoughts.

“Side Effects (2013) 16+

Steven Soderbergh’s psychological thriller paints a picture of clinical depression in the most realistic colors possible, at times even frightening in its authenticity – the main character suffers from excruciating insomnia, walks on the edge of the platform with wet eyes and shows an unhealthy interest in sharp objects. We owe the therapeutic effect of this truly bleak spectacle not only to the story, presented in the format of a medical history, but also to the stellar cast – the magnificent play of Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law significantly sweetens the pill.

“The Beaver (2010) 16+

A inventive and uncompromising tragicomedy that reveals the extraordinary story of depression and its cures. The story centers on a toy company owner (played by brutal Mel Gibson, which adds another hundred points to the film’s inventiveness) who is plagued by persistent neuroses. He sleeps all day, develops addictions and looks at his wife and two children like a wolf. But in a moment of utter despair, the hero finds a long-awaited salvation – a beaver puppet. Putting the toy on his hand and giving her a second self, the 50-year-old neurotic begins to rapidly go to the right. Conclusion: you only need to find your inner beaver to escape chronic moping.

“Lost in Translation (2003) 16+

A wise man once said that depression is simply a period of acute need for happiness. Such an emotional hunger was once experienced by the melancholy characters in Sofia Coppola’s tragicomedy “Lost in Translation,” who meet in a Tokyo hotel bar. He is a retired Hollywood actor; she is a young girl bored in a foreign land of forced inactivity. In each other’s company against the backdrop of neon Japan, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray’s characters finally find the harmony they seek. Perhaps in search of a band-aid for mental trauma, too, you should change the scenery and find the right interlocutor.

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Life-affirming movies to help with depression for women and men


During depression, it is recommended to watch life-affirming movies that help get rid of homesickness.

Any movie can be an occasion to learn about yourself and others – and therefore to heal, self-improve, and improve your quality of life. As part of film therapy, it is recommended to watch a variety of movies – including ones that make you cry.

Life-affirming movies for women

Of movies for depression, you can watch a comedy, a light melodrama, and a thriller. The most important thing is to avoid watching heavy movies with a depressing atmosphere.

There are no special depression movies for women, because individual factors always play a role in terms of choosing a movie. Not all women like melodramas or stories about simple country girls who find love in the big city, just as not all men like action movies with Stallone.

A still from Avatar.

You don’t have to watch everything. The condition can only be normalized by strictly following a plan.

It looks like this:

  1. Have a good cry. When a person is in pre-depression melancholy, he does not want to cry at all. Therefore, to alleviate the condition, he needs to “sob” – so that then feel relief. One of the best films for depression is “The Secret of Coco. After watching this Oscar-winning cartoon, over which the whole world wept, the soul becomes calm and good. You can also watch the movie tale “Don’t Leave,” and enjoy not only the interesting, deep plot, but also the wonderful performance of the wonderful Soviet actors.
  2. “Turn off” thoughts. During depression, a person thinks differently than usual. Heavy, gloomy thoughts go in circles, and the patient cannot concentrate on anything. In order to “turn off” this endless maelstrom, you need to watch some kind of superhero movie. For example, “Avengers: Infinity War.
  3. “Be transported” to another reality. An ideal movie during depression at this stage is Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoon “Gone with the Ghosts. It helps to escape from reality for a while, “to change the picture. The main advantage of this cartoon is that it guarantees complete immersion.
  4. Scared. The next step is shock therapy, an adrenaline storm. This will help shake you up, experience strong emotions, and rejoice in the fact that you will never find yourself in similar circumstances. Here you have to choose based on your own fears. But the best option is “The Curse” with S.M. Gellar. This movie will scare anyone.
  5. “Turn on” your senses. Next, an urgent inventory is required-it helps to stop feeling as if “through absorbent cotton” and seeing the world as through a foggy glass. After shock therapy, a “feel-good” movie is required. One of the films that will get you out of depression is “Only Lovers Survive” by D. Jarmusch. The feeling of worthlessness and uselessness is required to nip in the bud. This will help the cartoon “How to Tame the Dragon. This is a movie about true friendship, and that unnecessary people in the world.
  6. Inspire. It takes motivation to break out of the dark matrix that sucks a person in with unprecedented force. One of the best life-affirming films from depression for women can help – “1+1”. The main character is a completely paralyzed man, under no circumstances loses either his sense of humor or his desire to live. You can also watch a movie, or series about a strong woman. An ideal example is the American series “Homeland,” the main character of which is a CIA agent who suffers from bipolar disorder.
  7. Immerse yourself in love. One of the best movies about love is the Czechoslovakian fairy tale “Three Nuts for Cinderella.” It’s a kind, cozy fairy tale with an interesting protagonist who builds her own life and boldly walks toward happiness.
  8. Motivate yourself – and move on. At this point, the only movie that helps from depression and sets you up to go forward is “Forrest Gump.” There is no alternative to this genius antidepressant.

Movies to help men get out of depression

When depressed, you can watch any movie that can get a man out of his cocoon for a while. A list of movies that potentially help men:

  1. “Reaching for Heaven.” The main characters in this movie are two terminally ill men. After learning of their diagnoses, they decide to escape from the hospital.
  2. “Areas of Darkness”. An interesting thriller about a miracle drug that can solve all problems.
  3. “Street Cat Named Bob” This is one of the films that relieves depression and motivates to go forward. The movie is based on real events.
  4. “Life of Pi”. A poignant and simultaneously philosophical film about a young man who, after a shipwreck, was forced to drift in the ocean. The picture can be perceived both as a parable and as a very interesting drama.
  5. “127 Hours”. The film helps you understand the value of life.
  6. “Terribly Happy.” This Danish neo-noir, unfortunately, is almost unknown to domestic moviegoers. The main character is a cop from Copenhagen. Having committed an official crime, he is sent to a remote province, where he encounters rather strange things. The atmosphere of this unusual film is reminiscent of the TV series “Twin Peaks”.

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Films for Depression

Top movies that set the mood to go forward

At a certain stage, movies that help you get out of depression should be motivating.

The genre of the motion picture can be absolutely any – because people are different. Some people are motivated by biographical films, others by science fiction.

These movies have one thing in common – after watching it, you want to develop, make discoveries, learn about the world and move towards your dreams.

The list of movies to get out of depression looks like this

Movies that lift your spirits

In order to get rid of melancholy, you can watch a good comedy or a simple melodrama. The most important thing is to choose light movies that will definitely end well.

No need to watch movies that can be traumatic. For example, if depression developed on the background of a difficult parting with a loved one, you should avoid movies on a similar theme.

The list of movies that lift the mood when depressed looks like this:

  1. “Exchange Vacation”. A light melodrama about women who manage to completely change their lives.
  2. “Va Bank”. A comedy about beautiful, graceful revenge.
  3. “Slumdog Millionaire”. A beautifully poignant and fabulous story.
  4. “Didier”. A kind movie about a dog who once became a man.
  5. “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”. An adventurous film about people who win a huge jackpot.
  6. “The Devil Wears Prada”. A funny “office” comedy starring Meryl Streep.
  7. “Pokrovskie Gate”. A light film about love and friendship, played by an ensemble of distinguished Soviet actors.
  8. “Eat, Pray, Love”. Tape about a man who once realized that he was living someone else’s life.

Tapes for Autumn Depression.

People who have a hard time with the departure of summer, should pay attention to comedies and sharp plot pictures. The list of films for autumn depression looks like this:

  1. “A Fish Called Wanda.” An adventurous comedy about burglars.
  2. “The Princess Bride”. A kind fairy tale-parable about true love.
  3. “Always Say Yes”. A movie about an unusual wager.
  4. “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. A good movie for women of all ages.

It is not recommended to try to knock out the wedge with a wedge, and watch atmospheric fall pictures – full immersion will not be, and the mood will become even worse.

How to get out of depression on your own

Depression forces a person to think and behave in a certain way, which becomes natural to him. As a result, habits become trunk nerve pathways.

The person wishing to recover needs to learn a more constructive way of life than the one he or she knew before the illness.

The basic steps of self-medication are:

  1. Learning to process one’s feelings.
  2. Practice mindfulness meditation regularly.
  3. Taking care of yourself.
  4. Learning to seek help when you need it.

How to Help a Person Come Out of Depression

In order to help a person come out of depression, you need to:

Depression after alcohol.

Treatment is done in a substance abuse treatment facility. The therapy process uses:

  • medication;
  • psychotherapy;
  • Non-drug methods.

Patients are prescribed antidepressants. If the patient has insomnia, sleeping pills are prescribed. In parallel, detoxification therapy is carried out, psychological help is provided.

Treatment of depression

If the degree is mild, individual or group psychotherapy is carried out, the goal of which is to return the patient to a stable emotional state. If the pathology is severe, then the patient needs antidepressants, which are taken with long courses.

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