Movies to get out of depression: consider the essence

Life-affirming movies for depression

Many people have dealt with stress, bad moods, but in some people the state of depression and longing gets worse.

It turns into depression, which is already more difficult to treat and requires treatment. Specialists use a variety of methods, including film therapy.

Film therapy – the way out of moping and despair

Viewing movies during psychotherapy used since the advent of the cinema. Initially, psychologists drew attention to the educational role of films. As a therapeutic tool they were considered by psychiatrists in the 50s. Actively studied the reactions of patients to certain films.

Scientists have established the relationship of the demonstrated on the screen with the emotions arising from the viewing – excitement, fear, laughter, etc. Psychoanalysts conducted experiments, including films in a group and individually. Over time, psychologists have found that people tend to empathize, to feel real emotion for the characters and events occurring in the movies. Therefore an opportunity emerged to correct the reactions and behavior of patients using this method.

It should be understood that film therapy is only an auxiliary, not the main method of combating depression. In no case should in the acute phase of the disease be limited to the viewing of life-affirming films. As well as to appoint yourself a diagnosis and treatment. Only a psychotherapist or psychiatrist can adequately select methods of therapy.

Film therapy goes hand in hand with medication. But this, of course, depends on the appointment of a specialist. You can easily improve your mood after a great movie, such as a comedy genre. Movies help to alleviate the condition of a person who is depressed and even depressed.

By depression we mean a mental disorder that includes a set of symptoms:

  • A depressed, depressed state.
  • Feeling of anxiety for no reason.
  • A fearful or indifferent mood.
  • Reduced capacity for work.
  • Inability to experience pleasure in previously favorite activities.
  • Decreased appetite, disturbed sleep, etc.

Depression is different simply from moping, fatigue. Sadness and melancholy go away in a short period of time, while depression stretches for weeks. It causes physical symptoms and body aches and pains.

Films can reveal the underlying causes of depression. After all, most often the patient does not realize why he is in this state. Tracking the reaction to certain events in the plot will help to establish the root cause. The person learns more about himself or herself by looking at a similar or traumatic situation from the outside. And thereby find a way out for himself. The main thing is to choose an appropriate movie.

A genre that encourages you to go forward

The genre diversity of films in the modern world is great. If you just want to cheer yourself up, comedies will do. To switch emotionally, suitable even horror or thriller, which will withdraw from moping. If you’re tired of the daily grind, then fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales – the best choice. Sports movies teach overcoming pain, possible losses and injuries, the ability to set, see and reach goals.

In the case of more severe conditions, films answering topical, specific requests are suitable: about love, friendship, life and death, philosophically meaningful. There are many movies about loneliness and overcoming it. About how other characters have coped with similar problems. That includes dramas and tragedies. The release of emotion through tears is also therapy.

Selecting a movie can aggravate the condition. It is better to read the descriptions and reviews of the movie beforehand, if you are not sure about the choice. If necessary, consult a psychologist.

What to see – a list of the best films

The list of great movies can be endless, in front of you the top 10 best:


These include :

  • “Harry Potter.”
  • “Lord of the Rings.”
  • “Alice in Wonderland,” etc.

They take the viewer to a completely different space than usual. Immersed in a world where the characters have their own difficulties, requiring a solution.

In these stories, the characters are sure to come to the goal, good will defeat evil, whatever it may be, and a happy ending is just what people in depression need.

Magic Land , 2004

Barry was a failed writer until he met a widow with four children. His friendship with the boys inspired him to create the famous tale of Peter Pan. It’s a movie about overcoming loss, finding faith in yourself . The child characters grow up physically and emotionally. And the adult characters have spiritual growth, personal development.

Forrest Gump, 1994

Gump is a kind-hearted guy, a bit silly and slow. As a child he could hardly walk, for which he was attacked by bullies. But the boy found strength in himself and discovered a talent for running. The most life-affirming film of the collection about a man who knows no obstacles and fears.

Forrest moved only forward even when his legs would not listen to him. He is unrequitedly in love with his girlfriend, but remains faithful to her after she rejects him. His character is an amazing example of fortitude, courage, optimism.

Reaching for Heaven, 1997

Two strangers meet in a hospital and learn about incurable diagnoses. They react in a similar way: they refuse to give up and humbly wait for the inevitable. Instead of despair, the characters grab someone else’s millions and embark on an adventure that may be their last.

Films about people with terminal illnesses help you survive the impending inevitability along with the characters. To understand that no matter how much is measured, it is important to live each moment, to enjoy it.

The two heroes would not have embarked on a perilous journey full of excitement if they had not been ill. But it was this adventure filled their lives with bright colors.

The Most Charming and Attractive, 1985

Nadia is an activist, a successful engineer, but unmarried. A classmate helps her friend to find a worthy candidate for a husband, using science.

A motivating picture, on the one hand, and on the other, it makes you realize that the pursuit of happiness can be pointless.

Sometimes it is enough to look back and see that it was there all along. And not imposed from the outside, but the true happiness.

Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001

Smart but not pretty Bridget is in love with an attractive boss, but he doesn’t pay any attention to her. Jones keeps a diary, deciding to make changes for a man: getting rid of excess weight, bad habits. The picture teaches :

  • Accepting oneself;
  • to gain confidence;
  • coping with loneliness.

Always Say Yes, 2008.

Carl suffers from depression and therefore constantly refuses his friends’ offers to go anywhere. One day he agrees to say only “yes,” and a lot of bright impressions come into his life. A revealing film about a man with a depressive disorder.

The comedy consists of hyperbolized situations necessary for humor, but there is reason to think. The hero finds something really important that resonates in his soul that he would not have been able to achieve with his previous attitudes.

Eat, Pray, Love, 2010

Elizabeth suddenly realizes that she is not living the way she wanted to. Her husband has left her and the woman decides to take a great journey. The road and impressions will open up her inner resources and bring a lot of new emotions. The heroine let go of an unloved man and an unhappy life and set her sights on change. The spiritual search for the best for herself is an important element in the fight against depression.

Simple, seemingly simple things – food, prayer, love – can awaken the present self, discover something new, and inspire.

The Wrestler, 2008.

Randy is aging, survives a heart attack, but continues to work his ass off – performing in the ring. A sports drama about a man who lived for himself, but re-evaluates the whole journey after his illness.

1+1, 2011 г

Rich Philip loses his ability to move after an accident. Nothing makes him happy until Driss becomes his assistant. Released from prison, he is a totally unsuitable candidate for supervision, but Philippe sees in him a zest for life that he lacks. The men become friends.

The movie allows you to look at the situation from a different angle and find the pluses even where it was impossible.

Ten more pictures to help you cope with the disease

There are no less useful for depression and similar conditions movies that can lift your spirits.

It Doesn’t Get Better, 2015

An unsociable writer is annoyed with everything around him, which makes him lonely. But one day a man is given the responsibility of caring for a dog, and he learns simple things from a loyal pet. The kind movie teaches him to overcome his own negative attitudes about communication, the perception of those around him.

Blonde in the Law, 2001

Elle is a hottie, a first in the university, dating the best guy.

But it turns out that he is not going to marry her, considering the girl stupid and unfit for anything. Woods decides to prove otherwise. The comedy about the bright blonde allows you to look at the world from an unexpected side.

At the same time, it motivates to achieve more, not to stop on the achieved and not to listen to the envious.

Operation Y and Other Shurik Adventures, 1965

The awkward “nerd” Shurik finds himself in unexpected difficulties, but comes out of them with ingenuity and resourcefulness. A light comedy helps to relax and take troubles with humor.

Soul, 2020

Music teacher Joe dreamed of the big stage as part of a jazz band. One step away from fulfilling his dream, he dies. Once in the afterlife, his soul gets a chance to return… Teaches him to pursue his dreams in time, without giving up options for the acceptable.

In another, 2020.

Martin is going through a midlife crisis. Nothing pleases him: his job is boring, his wife doesn’t notice, his children don’t respect him. At a friend’s anniversary party, he suddenly realizes all his worthlessness and succumbs to the general idea of drinking a little to be happy. Four teachers go for an interesting experiment.

In the film, the lonely, depressed protagonist finds a not-so-subtle way to fight back, which shows the progression of events.

Captain Fantastic, 2016

The eccentric father lives with his children in the woods and teaches them everything they need – languages, physics, philosophy, and the basics of survival. Dad is afraid to let his offspring out into the big city, to social networks and other dangers. This is a family story about an unconventional upbringing that allows you to look at the world from a broader perspective, without fear of temptation, and while maintaining your inner core.

Goats, 2013.

Two children have been brutally molested at a camp, and now they are running away from their torturers and the police. They dream of a life just the two of them. A movie about an uneasy childhood in outcast status who, despite humiliation, do not lose faith in goodness and friendship.

The Race, 2013

Nicky Lauda and James Hunt struggle on the tracks of Formula 1. Irreconcilable rivals perfect their cars and exhaust themselves to outdo each other. A sports story about never giving up and betraying your dreams even in a hopeless situation.

Dead Poets Society, 1989

Teacher Keating doesn’t tend to stick to rules in the construction of a lesson. He teaches young minds to express themselves without fear of judgment. Together with his students, they create a secret society. The drama gives hope that everyone can be heard.

Legend #17, 2013

The legendary goalkeeper Kharlamov prepares for an epochal confrontation against the Canadian national team. The stern coach Tarasov has a lot of influence.

Useful video

Additional list from the author of the video clip:


With depression, film therapy is possible, but as an additional method of combating the disease. It alleviates the condition of the person, but does not relieve the symptoms. Watching a movie allows you to find answers, a way out of a difficult situation, to experience a similar state together with the characters, to get out of depression, to improve your own well-being. But you should not neglect professional help.

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Psychologist and psychotherapist, is engaged in individual and group counseling of children. Priority area of work – solving problems of child-parent relationships, child neurosis, disorders of psycho-emotional development, difficulties in the relationship between mother and child.

Movies to get out of depression: consider the essence

“I realized that life really is as exciting an adventure as it seems. I also realized that if we are true to ourselves-we can go home, tame our inner demons, and they will leave us when we can explore the world again.” Aubrey Gelsha, Facebook*


“Amelie helps me cope with everything. Literally – EVERYTHING. If you’re frustrated, this movie will cheer you up, if you’re feeling like a “black sheep” it will help you find the positives. The film is good for anyone who feels bad for any reason.” Lee Jenkinson, Facebook*

“My Boyfriend is Crazy.”

“The way the characters in this movie deal with their problems and admit their guilt made me feel like I could do it too. And the amazing dance scenes got me off the couch and made me live an active and active life again.” talknerdy2me,

“Difficulties of Translation.”

“Without a doubt, this is a movie for introverts. The music in this movie is very soothing. There’s a lot to think about in ‘Difficulties of Translation,’ and sometimes that helps me. Yes, it’s not the funniest movie, but I love it.” Amy Joyce, Facebook*

“Lilo and Stitch.”

“There’s nothing sad about this cartoon at all, it’s all about love.” Phoebe Bunting, Facebook*

“New York, New York.”

“I think this film spoke directly to my soul about depression and existential crises – and spoke such a bitter truth that I felt I was “plugged” into its source. I felt that I was not alone in my terrible avalanche of feelings.” Withering Moonflower, Facebook*

“Pride and Prejudice” (2005)

“Elizabeth Bennett’s grit and independence have always inspired me. The music in the film and the way it’s shot have a calming effect.” Erin Lightner, Facebook*

“Legally Blonde.”

“The main character proved that being a girl has no effect on your mind or your work ethic. Through this film I was able to feel much more confident, even if it was in an environment where I had been told otherwise all my life.” ashleyf441d31191,

Harry Potter movie series.

“I felt too tired to reread books, on the cusp of depression, so I watched movies and ‘escaped’ from a world where I had to worry about my problems.” Sarah Whetley, Facebook*

“Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“I know it sounds weird, but I associated myself with Jack, who everyone else thought had everything, but who was actually very lonely.” Matthew Secor, Facebook*

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

“I don’t know why, but I watched this movie hundreds of times during my depression.” Jessica Keyes, Facebook*

“Cool Runnings.”

“This movie is my good fortune: I’m 7 again with it, and all is right with the world.” melyssaw2,

“127 Hours.”

“I first saw this movie five years ago. After that, my life completely changed for the better. I was terribly depressed, I even turned to self-harm. But “127 Hours” helped me realize how valuable life is, how important people close to me are, and how important it is to never, ever give up.” Jess Prime, Facebook*

“Boyfriend from the Future.”

“I thought this movie was just another love story. But it’s more than that. It teaches you to appreciate the little things and understand that there are bad days, but they pass and you don’t have to focus on them. When I’m sad or lonely, I watch this movie.” finklestein15,

The first “Star Wars” trilogy.

“Life turned out not so bad when I knew that at the end of the day the Rebel Alliance would defeat the Empire again.” Brittany Catherine Wildgus, Facebook*

“Lego. The Movie.”

“I’ve been struggling with depression for five years now. I feel like I’m a nobody and will always be a nobody. The idea of “Lego. Movie” gave me hope. I am special. We are all special. Humans can achieve incredible things.” janeaustinite6,

“This Wonderful Life.”

“When George Bailey sits in a bar, praying and looking so desperate, it’s just cathartic.” Jenna Clayton, Facebook*


“On my worst days, I watch the movie “Austenland.” It reminds me that when life seems boring and monotonous, things can change at any moment.” Becca Loudon, Facebook*

“It’s good to be quiet.”

“He made me believe in myself again – and that I could be a beautifully written story.” Carina Garcia, Facebook*

“Lars and the Real Girl.”

“It’s an odd choice, but for me it’s obvious. When I was disconnected from everything and everyone around me, I would look at these people with a lot of problems and smile at least a little when I looked at them.” ennathinks,

“500 Days of Summer.”

“It made me realize that life can seem very sad, it can seem like it’s never going to get better, but the possibility of happiness at the same time can be right around the corner, and you can just reach out and take it.” Emily Weir, Facebook*

“The Princess and the Frog.”

“This cartoon has always made me feel comfortable and familiar. And who doesn’t love Disney cartoons?” Hannah Ledger, Facebook*

“It’s a very funny story.”

“It’s a Very Funny Story” helped me realize that I’m not the only one with certain feelings, that I’m not alone.” Libby Adams, Facebook*

“Alice in Wonderland.”

“Constantly questioning yourself about who you are and being confident in yourself helps you focus on the really important things.” Ellie Henkel, Facebook*

“Faun’s Labyrinth.”

“I’ve watched it a million times, but I still cry every time.” Mackenzie Olivia, Facebook*


“When I’m sad, I watch ‘Birdcage’ because I know this movie is sure to make me laugh.” Colin Dietrich, Facebook*

“Almost Famous.”

“When I’m feeling really bad, I watch ‘Almost Famous’ and cry, but they’re tears of happiness.” Amy Boutenhof, Facebook*

“Donnie Darko.”

“This movie makes me so overwhelmed with emotion that I usually cry – and it’s tears of deliverance and relief that are enough to get me through the next day.” hyphenw,

“A haunting world.”

“Rarely do I associate with movie characters so strongly: Enid is neither good nor bad, but she suffers. Usually high school movies portray depression in a melodrama style, but this movie managed to make me believe it.” Russell Kesley Jr., Facebook*

“Into the Wild.”

“It calms me down in any situation.” Dom Hansson, Facebook*

“When Harry Met Sally.”

“I somehow feel stronger with this movie. I can’t explain it.” Sarah Caitlin Pralier, Facebook*


“Whenever I watch it, I believe that even the darkest days will pass.” Hetty Murfitt-Pierce, Facebook*

“Gone with the Ghosts.”

“I never miss a chance to delve into this cartoon.” Fraser McLean, Facebook*

“The Evil Dead 2.”

“When I had a terrible weekend, I would just watch Bruce Campbell movies and I would feel better. I met him a few years ago and told him about it, and he treated me with compassion. Now they mean even more to me.” nettysgirl,

“Where the Monsters Live.”

“This movie is so much more than just an adaptation of a children’s book.” kathyp4a5eb1356,

“2001 Space Odyssey.”

“I received a copy of this movie as a gift and have been reviewing it over and over again.” t44ce0b7d1,

“The Tenenbaum Family.”

“This movie has always helped me through my worst days. There’s something special about each of its characters.” laurenl4303251a8,

The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

“This movie gives me hope that in the midst of any darkness there can be light.” Annabelle Hines, Facebook*


“The pure joy of these songs helps me rise after any depression.” Rebecca Keesey, Facebook*

“Stay With Me.”

“This movie taught me how to deal with my psychological issues. I will always love it.” jessicaashley1313,


“This movie taught me that it’s okay to be sad and allowed me to accept myself for who I am.” lizz4e0a3009e,

“Man on a Rope.”

“I think this movie saved my life. It gave me the meaning of life, became a source of hope. Life is beautiful.” anyaaa,

“The Perfect Voice.”

“At my worst times, I watched it at least twice a week. It made me happy.” kirstya43b0a70e0,

“The Producers” (1967).

“I grew up on this movie, like many people grew up on Disney. Something still breaks in me when I watch it, even though I know it by heart. I always smile when I watch it.” Crystal Watanabe, Facebook*

“A Life Interrupted.”

“The movie showed me that you shouldn’t associate yourself with your mental illness – no matter what you’re struggling with.” mackenzief42719fb7e,

46. “Les Misérables.”

“This movie gave me hope to go after my goals. If I have the motivation, I can do anything. I may be hindered, but at least I’ll try.” tyishasasham,

47. “Back to the Future.”

“This movie made me laugh and distracted me from my gloomy thoughts for a good hour and a half.” maddyg4d9180e8a,

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