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In a relationship, the beautiful time of falling in love can be replaced by a period of conflict and misunderstanding. To avoid this happening, it is important for girls to avoid certain actions. They are the ones that can entail a negative development of events.

Relationships will develop only if each partner is willing to work on them. Efforts should be made to ensure that your couple was strong and it could not be destroyed by either external negative influences or internal conflicts. It is important for girls to know that there are some basic mistakes that they make in relation to their partners. This knowledge will help you avoid most conflicts and misunderstandings.

1. Stop checking up on your lover

This rule can probably be called the basic one. Mistrust kills relationships at an unbelievable rate, hurting both partners. Never try to look into his phone, read his social pages or make an interrogation scene mixed with jealousy. Do not dare to rummage through personal belongings, because it is not only ugly, but low in relation to the man you chose. Mistrust ruins your connection, filling the negative energy of the mind and feelings. Stop not trusting your lover in everything, so as not to destroy what you have created together. If you feel that your partner is hiding something from you, talk directly about it. Spying on his back will not lead to anything good. In the end, if you don’t believe it, you should consider ending the relationship and not fraying the nerves of yourself and your significant other.

Eliminate Jealousy

Jealousy is a bad companion to a relationship. Jealous girls have to get nervous on any occasion, and their chosen one – constantly have to justify and convince the companion in fidelity. If you do not stop trembling his partner, the scandals and conflicts will not be long. Remember that your relationship is beautiful and you chose each other. There is no point in gnashing your teeth about the fact that your chosen one said hello to a familiar girl. After all, he’s in a relationship with you, not her. The same goes for friends. Everyone needs a break, and if your lover wants to meet his friends for a while, trust him. Keep yourself in control so you don’t ruin the relationship with silly nagging. Find the reason in yourself. Maybe you just aren’t sure of yourself, so you suspect your boyfriend of cheating.

If you don’t know what’s going on in your relationship, don’t get upset.

Partners know a lot about each other, which is why disputes and conflicts often turn to memories of faults or shortcomings. In anger, people have little control over themselves, so you shouldn’t turn to hurtful phrases. If you feel that anger is overwhelming you, the best thing to do is to start breathing in a measured way. Learn to manage your anger, otherwise you will simply argue, and not find out the important issues. Scandals do not strengthen relationships, even to quarrel properly. So you will solve problems together, and not argue in vain. Never solve conflicts by pressuring and pointing out your partner’s weaknesses. The conflict will end, but the resentment will remain for a long time.

4. Don’t bring your problems to everyone’s attention

Everything that happens between partners in a relationship should remain behind closed doors. Do not complain or discuss your lover even with close relatives. Remember that you can make up and your relatives will be left with an unpleasant residue after what you have told them. Learn to keep your relationship a secret, so once again do not provoke anyone to jealousy or envy. All the “dirty laundry” should remain between you, so do not even think about discussing every wrong move of your partner with girlfriends or in social networks.

5. Do not try to remake your partner

Make a man “comfortable” is possible, but then it will not be your man. A rare member of the stronger sex will tolerate if they try to change him. Even if you do it in good faith, think a hundred times. In your relationship there should be care and a mutual desire to change for the better. If you are not happy with something, you can always talk. If you are constantly disappointed in the behavior of your chosen one, think about whether you made the right choice?

6. Think about what you say to your loved one.

Talking can be different, but try not to bore your partner with conversations on subjects that do not interest him. Sure, you can be a great conversationalist, but do not overload the lover talk about the things in which he does not know. If you urgently need to share the news with someone, call your friends or discuss it with those who share your interests. Leave topics about fashion shows, cosmetics, new boyfriends of acquaintances for your social circle. With your lover, you’ll find lots of interesting topics that won’t bore you or him.

7. Forget the comparisons

Compare your partner with his former boyfriends or girlfriends’ boyfriends – it’s detrimental to the relationship. If you are constantly talking to your chosen one about other men, and even more so comparing him in a negative way, then the scandals and even breakup you can not avoid. A self-sufficient man will not tolerate such behavior and may not be outraged at his chosen one.

Your romantic relationship should begin with confidence and mutual respect. Remember that scandalous and squabbling girls are little perceived as a life partner. If you dream about a long and happy life with your boyfriend and imagine him as a husband, then try to change for the better. Otherwise, your negative character traits will lead to separation.

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Women’s mistakes that kill love. What are the most common

Relationships and psychology

Women’s mistakes in relationships with men

Women’s mistakes – what are the most common and can lead to the breakup of a relationship?

In order for the relationship to be strong and happy, it is very important at the beginning of the relationship not to make mistakes that can affect the further relationship:

  • One of the most common mistakes women make is trying on the role of “mom” in relation to their partner. It is unacceptable to overprotect your loved one, to control him and pick on him for nothing, to solve his problems. It should be understood that over time, such an attitude will lead to the fact that the man will cease to be independent and will need to be in excessive care all the time. And the man in the family should be a support and protector;
  • You must not forget your own interests and devote your life completely to your beloved. Over time a woman will cease to be a person, stop communicating with other people, and stop paying attention to herself. You should not expect that sacrificing yourself to your beloved man will be appreciated by him. Usually such a relationship ends in divorce. It’s important to remember that you are also a person with his own interests and goals, and for you a career as well as for your partner is important. Do not forget that a normal relationship is built between equal partners;
  • Put psychological pressure on your partner: Every woman should be aware that she can inspire a man or, conversely, put pressure on him psychologically, humiliate and beat his brains out. Support your loved one, admire his successes and talents;
  • Do not doubt your chosen one and think that somewhere there is a man who is much better than he is. If you believe in him and consider him to be the best, then he will be;
  • Relationships will be doomed. If a woman will not support her man, will not pay attention to his interests, to give him an example of a more successful neighbor;
  • And if the partner behaves unworthily, insults, beats, it is inadmissible to remain silent in this case;
  • Forget about jealousy – it can kill any relationship.

5 women’s mistakes in the development of relationships

“The weather in the house” depends on the woman.

What are the typical mistakes women make in a relationship with a man?

  • Humiliate him. Do not forget that the man next to you, you create. So do not act like a bitch. If a man made a mistake and did something wrong, do not insult and humiliate him;
  • Demand a lot. The psychology of women is constructed so that she believes that if we are together, so desires and interests should be common. But this is one of the main mistakes. You have to understand that the man – a man with his dreams and goals. So you have to know the measure of their demands, to respect the desires of his chosen one. If you are too insistent, the man may turn around and leave;
  • Overly intrusive. This manifests itself in many ways. For example, the woman never stops talking, asking too many questions, demanding that he spend all his free time with her only. You need to be more tolerant, do not try to provoke a man to a scandal.

In any situation, you need to be guided by feelings such as understanding, respect, love. Only in this way you can keep strong relationships.

What mistakes women make when dating

Many women after meeting with a man they liked begin to behave incorrectly. After this, the relationship often comes to naught. The main cause of misconduct is the inability to control their actions and desires.

This happens if a woman does not know what kind of man she needs and what kind of relationship it seeks. And in this situation it is very problematic to understand a man, and even more so to impress him.

Other reasons also interfere with the building of relationships:

Women’s mistakes that do not bode well for a happy relationship

Try not to make mistakes that doomed in advance the relationship to failure:

  • Do not remake yourself to please a man. If, for example, the man offers you to lose weight / weight gain, it’s not your man. If he doesn’t accept you for who you are, then don’t try to please him in everything. Just know that if a man loves you, he will not put conditions on you, he will be quite happy with both your shortcomings and your virtues;
  • Don’t think you can keep a man with sex. Some girls think, “If I don’t sleep with him, he’ll go to someone else. So let him go. Why would you want a man who only wants sex from you? So his relationship isn’t serious. Even if he gets his, then – still leave. Develop, increase intelligence, to make you interesting to a man;
  • Do not try to impose, to find out about the relationship, to call, to say that you love, if a man moves away. The psychology of men is that if he leaves, you have to let him go. If he wants to, he will come back, and if he doesn’t, it means he is not the man you want;
  • Don’t get attached to a man prematurely and don’t serve him as your husband. Men do not get too attached to their partners, and it is much easier for them to end the relationship with them. Be friends with many men, surround yourself with admirers, but keep your love and affection for the one and only one who will prove by his actions that he is worthy of your love;
  • Do not idealize your chosen one. When girls fall in love, they do not see the obvious and lenient to the disadvantages of their chosen one. They think that they can fix it for the better. But if he did not try to change during the courtship, he will not change after the wedding. You should have in your head a list of those qualities that you are not willing to put up with.

Women’s mistakes that lead to the breakup of a relationship

Mistakes made by a woman in the beginning of dating can lead to an early breakup:

  • A man is by nature a conqueror; he must conquer women. If a woman is hanging on his neck, telling him how much she loves him, blows his mind talking about his feelings, this will most likely lead to a breakdown of the relationship;
  • You can not forget about yourself and live only the interests of your beloved. In this case, he will lose interest in her;
  • Do not run to him at his first call. He will feel his power over her and can turn her into a “runaway girl”;
  • Do not talk about the future, especially on first dates, about marriage and children. Such conversations strongly repel men;
  • It is unacceptable to tell men about their former relationships. A woman is a woman, and there should be some kind of mystery;

Top 10 mistakes in relationships with men

Some men turn from gentle lovers and close people into complete strangers, strangers who are annoying and sometimes hateful.

Do not think that only men are to blame for this transformation. Undoubtedly, there is their fault, but part of the blame lies on the woman. So if you do not want your lover to wave goodbye to you and went to look for someone who will understand him better, you need to understand the reasons and take steps to eliminate them.

Men and women are very different. And the main mistakes are made from ignoring this fact.

How to avoid tension in relationships and avoid conflict situations? It is necessary to know about the frequent mistakes and ways to avoid them.

What kind of mistake?

  1. You are gnawing with vague anxiety, but you don’t tell your man about it. “Why was he late for our date?” “Why didn’t he bring flowers?” “Why is he going out with friends and didn’t tell me?” You try not to give importance to these thoughts, but sooner or later you still – “burst”. And the man may consider you hysterical. Do not break your head, and ask him directly, and then all doubts will disappear.
  2. You hope that the man will magically guess what you want at the moment, instead of telling him. No, he won’t, because he can’t read minds;
  3. You don’t have a lot of information about your chosen one, and you are trying to fantasize. He seems upset, and you begin to wonder, “What if it’s because of me? “Did I do something wrong?” And you think about it all day long. And the problem – it’s just that a good deal fell through. If you are overwhelmed by doubts, just immediately clear up the situation;
  4. You’re upset, and when asked, “What’s wrong? You answer, “Nothing. If you’re really hurt, just say so;
  5. You are talking when your chosen one is watching his favorite program. Man is specific and single-tasked. And if he is busy with something, all of his attention is devoted to it. This means that you should talk to him only after he will manage. Only then he will be able to hear you;
  6. The woman says to the man: “You’re always late”, “You never listen to me. As a rule, the man begins to defend himself and look for excuses. No need to put him on labels, and discuss what you at the time it does not suit;
  7. Do not try to remake the man. He may want to change for the sake of his beloved, but forced to do so is impossible. It is necessary to take it for what it is or abandon the relationship with him;
  8. No need to dissolve in a relationship with your loved one. Be a person and be yourself;
  9. Do not attack him with frequent calls and sms – messages. Men’s brains are not capable of perceiving a large flow of information. If you want to talk, talk to your girlfriends, to your mother, but do not overpower your man with long phone conversations. With him you can discuss the movie you saw, plans for the future, but everything should be in moderation. Call and write only for the case, explain briefly and clearly;
  10. Everything that your chosen one does, you take for granted. You don’t have to do this.

The most common reasons for the rupture of relationships are conflicts, which often occur against the background of banal misunderstanding.

Fatal Women’s Mistakes

A wise woman understands that in the family and relationships will be everything that she wants. Unwise woman thinks that she knows everything and does not try to work on them.

You have to understand that everything we get in life is natural. Whether you will be happy or unhappy depends only on you.

What fatal mistakes does a woman make in a relationship with her beloved man?

  • Suppresses him psychologically;
  • Doubting her man;
  • Does not support his ideas and goals;
  • Does not know that sometimes it is necessary to be strict;
  • Completely controls him.

You have to understand that you have to bring up a man with love and carefully, so as not to “break down”.

Women’s mistakes in marriage

Marriage is a familial bond between a man and a woman, often enshrined by law and in some cases spiritually.

Source Wikipedia

It is primarily a relationship between two individuals.

Unfortunately, it is common for people to make mistakes and there is no getting away from it.

What mistakes do women make in marriage?

  • Some people think that marriage is the ultimate finish line, after which there’s no need to stress. If a man got married, then he’s not going anywhere. But this is a mistaken belief. Everyone knows that the old feelings will be difficult to return, so you need to take care that they do not fade away. Remain an attractive woman, so that her husband loves you, not because you are his wife, but also because you are attractive;
  • Lack of communication with your husband. Marriage is a life of two, so it is necessary to communicate with each other. Lack of communication cannot strengthen the union;
  • Quarrels can arise from – for the distribution of household chores. To avoid disagreements, it is necessary to agree on who should do what and when;
  • Criticizing your husband in public. This should not be done under any circumstances. This behavior hurts his wife’s self-esteem and will not lead to anything good;
  • You should not show your superiority over your husband, especially when it comes to men’s affairs. For example, driving a car or fixing it;
  • You should not flirt with your husband’s acquaintances and just with men. Husband, of course, notices everything and it does not bring him joy;
  • Criticism of her husband. He does not like it, but he is especially sensitive to criticism of his friends, relatives;
  • Manipulation. Women are very often manipulated by men, but it suits both sides, as long as the man believes that he makes all the decisions himself. But if manipulation becomes too obvious, it comes to tears and reproaches, it is another mistake that can negatively affect the relationship.

To keep family relationships strong, you need to control your behavior and try not to make mistakes.

Video 10 Women’s Mistakes in Relationships with Men

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I tried to tell in detail what mistakes women make in relationships with men.

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