Mistakes men make in relationships: covering carefully

Mistakes men make in relationships with women

On the topic of mistakes that men make in relationships with women, you can find a lot of information, after reading it, you get the feeling that it is laid out by women.

It is as if a doe who has escaped the chase of a hunter would publish an article on why the hunter never managed to catch up with her.

If a man – not the last egoist on the planet, he is confident enough to stand on his feet, does not suffer from the syndrome of “mama’s son” or “miser”, is a motivated person and, most importantly, his girlfriend really like him, the problems with a strong male shoulder, compliments and other necessary attributes will not arise.

Wis Vitalis, author of “Woman. Where’s Her Button?”, shares his perspective on the mistakes men make in relationships with women.

The main recommendations are.

1- Be a fatalist.

In your relationship with a woman, let things happen as they happen.

You shouldn’t try to chase someone, change someone, and tear the hair on your head if something has gone wrong.

If you evaluate yourself, the woman and the world around you correctly, a girl will not be able to put you on the spot.

The same woman in dealing with different people can be completely different.

And it’s only up to you and how you put yourself that will determine how your relationship will develop.

2. You don’t have to take a woman seriously. She’s not worth it.

You’re going to have problems with a woman if:

  1. You’ve endowed her with mythological qualities and think she’s really helpless and unadaptable, conniving, unpredictable, romantic and bashful.
  2. You think a woman is worthy of serious experience.
  3. You still haven’t figured out that they’re almost the same and each next one is easier than the last because experience builds up.

If you make these stupid mistakes, your life will turn into a continuous chain of problems and worries. Lovely ladies are sure to take care of that.

Women are capricious little children who use a simple and standard set of naive tricks, so:

  1. Treat them condescendingly.
  2. Don’t take them seriously.
  3. Don’t get too attached to any of them; this is rarely a good experience. Be clear about what kind of attitude you won’t tolerate from a woman and be able to clear your life of people who aren’t suitable for you.
  4. Value yourself more than the woman: you are alone and there are many of them. As time passes, your value increases and hers decreases. Every year the range of women who would be happy to be with you gets wider, she has the opposite.
  5. Be cool and don’t overvalue any one woman or their entire species. Again: appreciate, but don’t overestimate.
  6. And, of course, try not to get into trouble. To do this you just need to understand what this woman wants from you, and try not to make mistakes! And we make them often.

Basic errors

1. Overestimating women (fear of women).

I mean, you think of her as better or worse than she deserves:

  • You think she’s a super being or a filthy creature.
  • You fear that she sees right through you, or you think she’s a complete fool.
  • When you look at her angelic appearance, you attribute to her an angelic character.
  • Or vice versa, you think that she is incredibly cunning and conniving just because she is a woman.

Of course, both of these extremes are ridiculous. You don’t have to be afraid of women or overestimate them: they are quite simple mechanisms with standard features and a standard set of functions.

Once gained experience will help you drive different models with ease, so when you look at the body, don’t think that under the hood is something that can particularly delight or disappoint you.

2. Trust in a woman.

Male naivete is a scary thing.

While you have a more critical mind than your girlfriend, get ready to swallow any lie from her because you trust her.

And believe me, women take advantage of this far more often than you think.

Of course, you shouldn’t live in an atmosphere of suspicion, but just don’t hang your ears out for any reason.

Take any suggestion or statement from a woman critically, especially if it involves you or affects your interests in any way.

No matter what the woman says, remember: she will never play on your side.

So trust, but verify: a woman always acts in her personal interests, and even if sometimes your interests coincide, do not attach importance to this accident.

3. S*xual attraction to a woman (fear of losing her).

One of the most important tools in a woman’s pursuit of her goals.

S*xual or psychological dependence on a woman (and it can happen to anyone) has the power to make a wimp out of you, no matter how strong you are.

Women know this very well, feel it and use it. Manipulating a man with s*x is a woman’s favorite pastime.

The schemes “I’ll give or don’t give; be a good boy – you’ll get a candy; I’m offended, don’t come near me,” etc. – This is a classic.

The way to avoid this is as simple as genius: it’s better not to get hung up entirely on one woman, unless, of course, it’s your only love and you’re still able to look at other ladies.

In that case, why, as they say, put all your eggs in one basket? Let you have several girlfriends, and if one of them decides to suddenly start manipulating you, you just shrug and go to another.

Eugene Likhodievsky.

Author and founder of extraMan. Visit our male forum EXTRAFORUM.RU – ask questions and talk. Go to the forum →

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What can you do, life is not sugar

Yes. That’s exactly what you should do. And stay young and healthy all your life so there’s no one to take care of you in sickness and other adversities. And you think of the little bit of good you might do for her that will warm her soul and keep her from leaving you when you are unbearable and have been a burden for a long time. Don’t you men have a self-preservation instinct? Only the instinct of reproduction? So you’re not interested in reproduction either – you usually don’t care about your offspring. Not astute advice.

Natasha is worried that she’ll have a few less personal coeds, hurry up and see.

Brother, one day you will love a girl who will be similar in character to your mother, you will close the problem of not being loved and stop talking nonsense and breeding heresy)

As for me fundamentally wrong position: “critical thinking”, “the woman is not on your side” – I think you need to be easier and trust the man. And most importantly, find a man with whom you will just be fine, I think you will feel it will be simple and easy:)

If you do something for a woman, it does not mean that I do it for her, I do it for myself and my own doubling that I have made a little bit happy person who I care about. And I do not need to get something in return from someone when I did it for myself, and when I will need tutelage, my life is not good, and tutelage will not give me even the helpless, do not wear me on the neck :)) As to self-preservation – everything is right, a man should not have this instinct, it is enough for him to have the opposite – the feeling of fearlessness, courage and resolution.) If a man is around, it is only because he needs me, if he does not need me I do not keep him and do not even want him around. It would not do me any good to give someone what he does not need, much less open up my soul to him. it means I do not have what he wants from me. why would I share what he does not need for nothing, but it may come in handy to someone! The only thing I could require from a man is not to try to break me or provoke me to what is not acceptable to me, if he is not able to, then our ways are different, and I am much better off without him than with him (woman) If a woman has no strength over the temptation to disturb my soul and play with it as a toy, it is better to stay away from me, in any case it is impossible to resist it near temptation to have my soul for the favorite toy, even a minimal hint of such desire will be very unacceptable to show on soul of such person . Although physically there will be nothing for this person but he will have to cure his traumatized soul long time mixing up the soft sponge with a hard stone trying to play mental soccer That is why for the good of man I always say clearly what he should not do and where the line is between the wide field and the abyss, as they say; warned means armed, how to use weapons is up to man, whether he is a monkey with a grenade or the keeper of peace with a lucid mind :))) The temptation is always great when something is forbidden.

What men are, after all, most of them are a bunch of cocksuckers. Serves you all right! You deserve what you have…

Men’s mistakes in relationships with women. What a man can not do in a relationship

Relationships and psychology

Mistakes in relationships

Many men make mistakes in relationships with women. What are the main male mistakes in a relationship?

There are 5 main mistakes that can lead to the destruction of a relationship. One of the main is the violation of a man’s given promise. If this happens, the woman stops trusting him and can no longer rely on him. She has the feeling that a man can let her down at any time. And this contributes to the accumulation of anxiety, which can lead to a scandal or a tantrum.

Also, the most important mistake is to show him disregard. It is necessary to reckon with the woman’s opinion, and not to do everything the way he wants.

A man should have such a quality as the ability to take responsibility. This means that a mistake will be unwillingness to take responsibility for a woman.

A common mistake among men is not noticing that something is going on with a woman. Some men, seeing something incomprehensible in a woman’s behavior, do not want to get into it, and simply run away without finding out the reason.

And another purely male mistake is leaving a woman unsupported. If a woman is in a difficult situation and asked a man to help her, and he did not support her and did not take care of her, then there will be no trust in him.

Other common mistakes made by men in relationships

In addition, men in relationships with women allow other mistakes:

  • Indecision;
  • Jealousy;
  • Constant whining and complaining;
  • Lack of interest in a woman’s affairs;
  • Does not appreciate her actions;
  • Controls all of her actions;
  • Relationships are not important to him at all.

Let’s talk about each of these in more detail.


At first, a man hesitates to call a woman for a week. Then he asked her out. After that, a month he wondered if he needed it at all. Decide for yourself what you want and start to act, without delaying anything for later.

Even if you’re not sure that a woman will reciprocate, take a chance, come up and try to talk. It’s possible that she will blow you off, and maybe not. You’ll never know if you don’t take the risk.

Women love confident men. And, if you show her your insecurity and fear, the relationship between you won’t work out.

Unbridled jealousy.

Any woman can be pleased if she is a little jealous. But if a grown man checks her phone and social networks and then rolls up a scene of jealousy, it’s not funny. And such a person, except for pity, causes nothing but pity.


A man should be a man and solve his own problems. Of course, you can, occasionally share with a woman her experiences, but so that she would not even think to call you a whiner.

Not interested in the woman’s affairs

For any woman it is important to understand that her loved one is interested in her affairs, helps to solve problems. Do not think that to solve her problems, she has friends. Builds a relationship with you, so she should discuss their problems with you too.

Does not appreciate the actions of a woman

A large number of men quickly get used to the fact that a woman is doing something for them. But you have to understand that she does not have to do anything. You don’t have to think that she’s a wife, so she has to. She does what she wants to do for herself. And very often a lot of people don’t appreciate that, and only begin to appreciate it when they lose it.

Remember, she doesn’t owe you anything. And at least tell her thanks for what she does for you. Then she will want to do for you much more. Effort from your side a minimum, but a good result.

Take control of a woman’s life.

Everyone has a right to a private life. Agree, you will be unpleasant if, having gathered for a meeting with friends, a woman will start to flood you with various questions: where you go, when you come home, how many people will be there, what will be doing, will there be women.

So why do you think you can control everything a woman does? It all comes from insecurity or a lack of trust in a woman. And why continue a relationship with someone you don’t trust?

You need to work on the relationship

To build a harmonious relationship, will have to work for both, and it is a long and hard work.

If you see with a woman your future and want to continue the relationship, you will have to do something about it.

Men’s mistakes in relationships with women

There are no perfect people, everyone has flaws. Often people make mistakes that they have to regret for life. But it is important to know how to fix them and maintain the harmony in the relationship.

Harmony is internal and external consistency.

Source Wikipedia

How is it unacceptable to behave around the woman you love?

What are the main mistakes men make in relationships with women?

This is a purely feminine opinion:

  • Lack of desire to help her in solving problems. A man needs to be strong to protect his chosen one from the hardships of life. To make the relationship strong, you need to take care of your partner, to help her in solving life’s problems. You do not need to wait until she asks for it herself. If you see that she has difficulties, help her to solve them;
  • Every woman likes it if they say compliments, admire her. You make a big mistake if you do not say affectionate words to your girlfriend. This can affect her self-esteem. In addition, she may decide that you are no longer interested in her;
  • In a relationship with a woman you need to be decisive, confident, responsible. She must be behind you, as a stone wall;
  • It is wrong behavior when a man is not interested in the life of his chosen one. It is necessary to show interest, otherwise she will feel useless;
  • A big mistake – to lie to the woman. She will still feel your insincerity. And if the lies will continue often, she will stop trusting you;
  • It is unacceptable to have complete control over your partner’s life, to monitor her every move. She shouldn’t feel trapped, like in a cage. She should have personal space, her own friends, interests, favorite occupation;
  • It is necessary to have life goals and motivation. Develop yourself and improve yourself;
  • Do not think you are perfect and be sure that your partner should be grateful to you just for the fact that you are in her life. Such arrogance can drive her away from you;
  • Don’t try to remake the woman to the image you invented. She may not be able to stand it and leave you;
  • A great mistake a man makes if he tries to use a woman as his “vest”, to seek her comfort, telling her about his past problems. It should be understood that in the case of difficulties in life, it is best to consult a psychologist.

If the relationship is just beginning

At the beginning of a relationship, mistakes can be made by both men and women.

What men should not do:

  • Be too intrusive, often call and ask where the partner is, what she is doing, with whom she is spending time;
  • At the first meeting it is unacceptable to incline her to intimacy;
  • Not to tell about their past unsuccessful relationships, or about victories;
  • To complain about his difficulties in life;
  • Behave with a woman in a rude manner;
  • Show your discontent for any reason and be in a bad mood all the time;
  • Ask inappropriate questions;
  • Do not give a lot of expensive gifts. This can lead to her needing only gifts and not you;
  • Don’t lie, even if you are trying to make a good impression on the woman.

How to keep the relationship alive

It is necessary to adhere to several recommendations in order to keep a good relationship with your partner:

  • Try to avoid quarrels, and if you cannot avoid them, learn to find a way out of conflict situations;
  • A man must take responsibility not only for himself but also for his beloved;
  • You have to believe in yourself and not hope that your partner will help in your endeavors;
  • Take care of her, support her, take an interest in her life;
  • Be gentle and affectionate. A woman should feel loved and desired;
  • Accept her as she is, do not try to remake her;
  • Don’t control her every step for fear that she will make mistakes. You learn from mistakes, and they will become her invaluable experience;
  • Be with your beloved in times of worry;
  • Protect your relationship, don’t try to find someone on the side;
  • Show a sense of humor, always be in a good mood;
  • Do not lie, be honest.

The main mistakes of women in relationships with men

The relationship between a man and a woman very often depends on the mistakes that one of the partners makes.

What are the wrong actions of a woman?

  • Do not try on the role of the mother and treat the man as a child. You do not have to control him, custody, to solve his problems. You have to understand that this attitude as a result will lead to the fact that the man will cease to be independent and will constantly need to care. And it was he who should be a support in the family and her defender, so he needs independence;
  • Do not devote your life loved one, do not forget about themselves and their interests. You can not be happy if you live only for the sake of a loved one. As a result, you will stop communicating with your friends, give up on yourself. Do not hope that a man will appreciate your sacrifice. Very often such a relationship ends with separation. Remember your interests, find yourself a fascinating hobby, improve. And know that a full relationship will succeed only between two equal individuals;
  • There is no need to put psychological pressure on your partner. You have to understand that the partner can inspire the exploits or put down psychologically, to make him unhappy. Do not oppress your loved one, support him, admire his successes;
  • Do not doubt your partner. If you believe in him and consider him the best, that’s exactly what he will become;
  • Do not be silent if your spouse behaves inappropriately, insults, uses physical force. You can not tolerate such behavior, otherwise you will forever remain a victim;
  • Do not be jealous, trust your beloved.

Video: Men’s mistakes in relationships and ways to solve them

I suggest watching a video on how to fix mistakes in a relationship and maintain harmony.

I tried to tell in detail what mistakes in relationships men and women make, how to avoid them and maintain a harmonious relationship.

If you still have questions, ask, and I’ll answer them.

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Good luck to you, dear readers, and see you on the Woman Without Limits blog!

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