Men who don’t like women: laying it out point by point

Women-haters: where do they come from, how to recognize and how to make contact – a male perspective

Of course, there are many reasons why, a very small percentage of men have taken it upon themselves to dislike us women. Regular columnist Yaroslav Samoilov told in detail what the clue lies, and explained how to make contact with misogynists and whether it is possible to change their attitude towards the beautiful sex.

Have you ever met a man who authoritatively asserts that all women are fools, inferior race and in general the words “woman” and “trouble” are synonyms? Those are the misogynists. There are only 2% of them so far. They seem to be few in number, but they still manage to project their negativity onto guys with a normal outlook. And women are increasingly asking, “Where are the real men? Are they extinct like dinosaurs or are they still being taken apart as puppies?” For misogynists even coined a special term – misogynists. Many people think that they pathologically hate all women. My opinion is that they don’t like people in principle. There are two types of misogynists:

In fact, they don’t even hide their position. Such a man has all the women bitches, and he is white, fluffy and just handsome. There are also true fanatics who bring up this topic in any company and foam at the mouth to prove their point.

Hidden, or latent.

They do not talk about their feelings. They hate silently, waiting for an opportunity to make a woman some kind of disgust. Especially hard going through, if the lady is above them in position. For the self-esteem of such men it is a knockout.

Psychologist, relationship expert, founder of the educational online platform

Misogynists don’t die a virgin at all. Many of them get married and turn the girl into a domestic slave. Laundry, cleaning, cooking – the whole life of such a woman will be subject to the desires of her husband. And there will be a lot of them. You did not have time to cook your favorite borscht? Then do not be offended. Physical abuse in such families is commonplace.

“Kitchen, nursery, bedroom” – the misogynist clearly outlines the circle of women’s duties. And if she pretends to something more – automatically goes into the category of bitches. After all, by its logic, a woman should not have their own opinion.

Where do misogynists come from? Psychologists do not consider this hatred as a pathology, rather, it is a phobia. And look for its roots in the past of a man.

Perhaps the boy had a strict father, from whom everyone (even his mother) got a beating in the face. As he grew up, he began to value his physical superiority and considered weak women second-rate. The second possibility is that he is being overprotected by his mother. If she, like a hen hen, was shaking over her child, did not allow him to make a step without control, to make his own decisions – the boy develops an inferiority complex. He hates his dependent state and then transfers this feeling to all women.

And again they are related to women. I was a pimply teenager, tried to meet a girl from another class – she refused, laughed, and even told her friends. Then try number two – and failed again. The guy concludes: why do I need these women, if all they do is fear, ridicule and humiliation? Dislike can arise in adulthood. For example, the man’s wife left him for a lover. And he pampered her, cherished and carried armfuls of flowers in the morning. She did not appreciate, did not understand. And disappointment and resentment transformed into misogyny.

Mom – the first woman in the life of every man. Either she becomes an example, a model, or the biggest disappointment. Boys who lacked a mother’s love grow up not understanding how to build a normal relationship. It’s easier to close up and say, “Why do I need all this calf tenderness? You have sex, and that’s fine,” than to try to win the girl you like. Yesterday he was an unloved child, today he is a solid businessman in an expensive suit. But that same unloved boy is still there, which means that his behavior hasn’t changed.

“You’re a total zero in bed,” “Three minutes and that’s it?” – These phrases create a huge inferiority complex and hurt your self-esteem. Then there’s the fear: “What if I’m embarrassed?” But no relationship, no pain. Man will not show his vulnerability and will do anything to make a woman selfish and mercenary bitch. It makes him feel better.

Yes, it happens. A man can be greedy, aggressive, overly resentful, boring … It repels women. And not to look for the reason in himself, he starts blaming the fair sex: “They all just want money”, “All women are selfish”.

If a person has an incorrect sexual behavior program, it can manifest itself in different ways. Latent sadism, craving for men, masochism… Relationships with girls do not give him the pleasure he desired. He transfers his inner conflict to those around him: the guy thinks that everything is fine with him, it’s all around him some kind of inferior.

Symptoms of a misogynist

There is no “Beware, misogynist!” label on such guys, but there are a number of signs by which they can be recognized:

– They hate all women. Without exception. There is no such thing as a misogynist singing dithyrams to someone and bypassing someone else. He is contemptuous of any lady he meets.

– They praise the qualities of men and devalue the qualities of women.

– They never acknowledge a woman’s success. Became a director – then a rich lover, a new car – “daddy” gave it to her. The logic is clear.

– In a relationship, the man behaves like a tyrant. With him you can not expect an equal partnership. He easily breaks promises, is rude and rolls real jealousy scenes. But such behavior in relation to his person does not forgive. Monogamy is also not his strong side, he does not consider it necessary to be faithful to one woman.

– All of his actions are aimed at humiliating a woman. Even in bed he takes a dominant position and does not particularly care about the pleasure of his partner.

Can a misogynist be fixed?

Only if he himself wants to. In most cases, such men are sure that everything is fine with them, which means that the problem does not exist. For them, this is the norm. Although much depends on the persistence of the woman – even the most impregnable fortresses fall under such an assault.

You need to start by working through the problem, and only a psychologist can help you find its origins. Preferably a man, a misogynist will simply refuse to go to the girl, because “she will not say anything clever. Only the solution to the problem can drag on for years, and sometimes it will not give results. And if time passes, and the relationship has not moved from the dead point, it’s time to ask yourself: “And what do I get from this union? His benefits are clear as day: constant sex, pressed shirts, homemade food. What does he do for me?”

If a woman doesn’t feel loved, wanted, happy in a relationship, she doesn’t need them. Then she has the wrong man by her side. You don’t have to be patient and give the best years of your life to someone who doesn’t need it. There is sure to be someone who will carry you in his arms. Just give him a chance.

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Why some men hate women

Good afternoon, dear readers. In this article we will talk about what are men who hate women. You will learn what such people are called. Find out why this happens. Understand in what exactly it manifests itself. Find out if you can somehow oppose it, to convince a man to change his views.

General Information

Misogynists have a scientific name – misogyny. Translating the term from the Greek, “misogyny” is hatred of women. Its manifestations are directed at the female sex. It is expressed by the following signs:

  • A feeling of dislike;
  • a negative attitude;
  • humiliating actions;
  • neglect;
  • excessive control;
  • Sexual objectification (a girl is seen as a partner for sexual gratification); .

Not long ago, misogyny was seen as domestic tyranny. Nowadays, it leaves the framework of relationships within the family, penetrating into various spheres of society.

You can communicate with a man who will be quite gallant, courteous, considerate, generous with compliments, tactful, and you will not even think that such a man is literally exploding with hatred for the female sex, feels disgust. By the behavior of the man you can not always tell that he despises women, feels hatred for them. A misogynist can be kind and reserved, hiding his true attitude. This is due to the fact that there are two types of misogynists.

  1. Open. A man does not hide his hatred, publicly humiliates, insults, ridicules female representatives, doubts their intellectual abilities, actively supports any negative statement directed at the female sex. Happy to spread his conviction to the masses.
  2. Concealed. Makes the best impression on women, who do not even suspect that he is a misogynist. This type is more dangerous, because the girl manages to find out the true face of the man during the relationship, and not infrequently after marriage.

Possible causes

A strict, overbearing mother who resorts to physical punishment can influence the development of hatred of women

Let’s look at what factors can influence the development of resentment directed toward the entire female gender:

  • Lack or lack of emotional contact with the mother;
  • The presence of particular religious views within the family;
  • Being bullied and humiliated by female classmates and peers;
  • lack of close relationships with girls due to physical defects in appearance;
  • a family upbringing in which the female role was devalued;
  • Unsuccessful first experience of sexual life, open mockery of the partner;
  • Abusive treatment by female relatives, especially the mother, corporal punishment;
  • betrayal of a beloved woman, infidelity.

In the majority of cases, misogyny begins to form in childhood, when there is no formed world view, and there is emotional instability.

Characteristic manifestations

How exactly a man who hates women will behave affects whether he is an overt or covert misogynist. We will consider the signs that can basically characterize a misogynist.

  1. He carefully studies a woman, her behavior, carefully hides his true intentions. The girl has no idea that she started a relationship with a misogynist. He makes a favorable impression, charming. But over time, the gallantry and kindness is replaced by impoliteness and rudeness.
  2. The young man makes unbelievable promises that he has no intention of keeping. At the same time, when he promises something to his male friends, he always keeps his word.
  3. He behaves disrespectfully, is late for business meetings with women and is late for a date. He is always punctual in a male environment.
  4. Often ambitious, reacts sharply to a woman who is more successful than he is, treats this fact as a personal insult.
  5. Almost always behaves insolently, self-confidently patronizing. Being close to a woman, he emphasizes a high opinion of his person, pointing to his own superiority.
  6. In all spheres of his life he demonstrates a biased attitude towards women, indicating who is the boss.
  7. He easily hurts female representatives, can manipulate, publicly humiliate, and make insulting jokes about the girl.
  8. During intimacy, in the first place, care about satisfying his desire, often ignoring the needs of the woman.
  9. Cheats on his partner with ease. Does it not because he is polygamous, but because of the fact that all the girls are treated with disrespect, with disregard.

It is necessary to understand that your particular misogynist will not have all of the above signs. Sometimes such a person is even difficult to discern.

On the fact that a woman lives with a misogynist, may indicate the following manifestations:

  • Controls all her movements and actions;
  • Forbids to see her friends, restricts the circle of communication;
  • Does not allow his partner to work, as he believes that she should only care about the whims of her man and in no way be more successful than him;
  • criticizes the girl’s appearance, pointing out flaws in her figure, hair color, nose shape, makeup, etc;
  • treats her achievements with derision, depresses the rudiments of creative potential;
  • strictly refers to violations of the rules, to her partner’s mistakes;
  • not infrequently turns to psychological violence, manipulates his lady, reminds her of her shortcomings and past mistakes.

The main goal of the misogynist is to destroy the woman as a person. The misogynist gradually rocks his partner’s psyche. Even if she becomes compliant, performs all his whims, he deliberately provokes a conflict to feel his power, makes a woman suffer.

Is it possible to change her mind

By themselves, women can not remake his partner, there is only one way out – to run. If feelings for the man is very strong, you do not want to leave him, you can try to convince him to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. A specialist will be able to identify the causes that influenced the development of hateful attitudes aimed at female representatives, will dig into childhood memories, conduct psychotherapy sessions, in time to get rid of misogyny.

Now you know what they call the male representatives who hate women. As you can see, the formation of such a belief is preceded by some events, often they come from childhood, provoking a similar attitude toward the female sex. Remember that only an experienced specialist will be able to change the man, to prove to him that he was wrong in thinking that all women are terrible.

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