Men’s love psychology – let’s consider thoroughly

Men’s psychology in love and relationships – 7 tips from a psychologist

Men and women are like heaven and earth, water and fire. Their characters are opposite, but at the same time they complement each other. We can even say that they can not live without each other.

But often one can meet a stereotype that men are afraid to get married and avoid it by all means. On the part of the weaker sex, on the contrary, there is an excessive interest in creating a marital bond.

How can the lovely ladies to understand this issue? How to understand the male psychology of love and relationships? Let’s sort it out together. From this article you can learn the secrets of building the right relationship and become a better understanding of the male half of humanity.

Often women wrongly interpret the behavior of his chosen one. Sometimes they behave too suspiciously and see treason, where there is no or consider the “lull” in the relationship as that her husband fell out of love. They start to throw tantrums, call their girlfriends in tears. But all to no avail, because girlfriends as well as you do not know the psychology of men, but based on their assumptions.

Statistically, 20% of men have a female mindset and only 10% of women have a male mindset. So you should learn about male psychology from experts to have every chance of a happy and long marriage, not a war of the sexes.

The subtleties of male love

There is a perception that love for the stronger half of mankind is not so important. But in fact it is far from that. The male sex is not so emotional compared to women, not so open and vividly expresses his feelings. But this does not mean that they do not dream of finding happiness in the face of a beautiful wife.

A guy with strong feelings wants his beloved to be always with him. And to achieve this, he is ready for the most reckless acts.

But on the other hand, what is clearly not vital for most men is romance. When the lady of your heart is already conquered and rightfully considered his, the incentive to give flowers and sing songs at night is already gone.

The male needs a break. So if you have long been without romantic dates and surprise – this does not indicate that it is cooling to you.

For women, love and romance – the concept is inseparable. But the males do not have time for romance, especially when after a busy day at work, they are looking for a quiet resting place for their loved one.

If the partner did not notice the new dress or different styling – it does not indicate his coldness and indifference. After all, men often do not notice the little things and details, their attention is focused on you as a whole. For them, it is much more important that your beloved was in a good mood and gave happiness and peace.

If a woman is dissatisfied and not satisfied with something – it’s a stone in his garden, because he can not provide his woman a comfortable and harmonious life.

How to understand that a man is in love?

The manner of behavior in a relationship with a woman a man adopts from his relationship with his mother. If his mother loved her son, dote in him and did not use excessive pressure in the upbringing, then he will treat you with respect.

If the relationship with his mother was far from ideal, then you will be sent in your direction unspoken complaints and resentment. Therefore, we can say there are three people involved in building a relationship.

According to observations by psychologists, there were several clear signs of male crush:

  1. He is looking for every opportunity to communicate with you. If you didn’t get to see him today, he will definitely write or call you.
  2. Sees only positive traits in you and your surroundings.
  3. Is ready and does not shy away from living together.
  4. Tries to protect you from everyone and everything.
  5. Wants to spend more time together, walks you home and meets you from work.
  6. Also demands reciprocity and attention.

Gestures, revealing admirer

You can tell that a man is in love and his gestures. When a person has feelings, with all his soul seeks you, and gestures also show it. He is in an open posture, he does not hide his hands, and his palms are also open – all this says that the guy is “in love.

If, on the contrary, he crosses his arms or legs, hides his hands in his pockets, touches the tip of his nose when talking or rubs his earlobe, covers his mouth with his hand, then most likely his words are not sincere and his feelings are not that deep.

Mimicry that denounces love

  1. Appearance of a blush.
  2. Dilation of the pupils
  3. Raising of the eyebrows.
  4. Nostrils slightly flaring to the sides
  5. Facial expression is kind and friendly
  6. Tilt of the head pointing to the side

What are the dangers of female equality?

Of course, the character of every man is individual and unique. But still there is a tendency that any of them much more pleasant to feel in a relationship with a woman leader. So, dear ladies, do not fight for the right to dictate their conditions and run things.

Be softer, wiser and your demands will be met. Even if in fact you are the leader of your couple is not worth the extra mention of this and put emphasis.

Above all men value their success, wealth in life. Therefore, next to a woman who is constantly rebuking and criticizing will not stay even the most amorous specimen. Or your once confident husband will turn into a hunted and frightened kitten. Do you need that?

Case study:

Alexandra came for counseling, a young woman of 25. She wanted to divorce her husband as he no longer satisfied her requirements and ambitions.

– Alexandra, tell us more about your problem.

– I married for love, three years ago. Together we were going to conquer the world and start our own business. But in the end I do not see my former lover in the person I live with now. Today my husband is a total sissy and weakling. He can’t even work for his uncle, let alone run a business.

– Have you told him that? Do you talk to your husband in the same way?

– Of course I did, but that jerk didn’t give a damn. How could I marry such a loser and have a son. If I see his obvious problem, I always say it right to his face, so the man has a chance to improve.

This is a case of disrespecting your own husband. Surely he is not as bad as Sasha describes him. It’s just that his constant nagging made him believe it.

So Alexandra got the result, what she so insistently wanted to prove – her husband didn’t shine in his career and business. The universe always adjusts to our desires.

Male psychology in love and relationships – communication

Nature has endowed men with a few words. But this should not be seen as neglect, or as coldness to you. Men show almost no emotion when they communicate and are less open. This is due to the fact that they are always trying not to fall in the mud.

Think about how a man would look, emotionally pouring out his feelings and experiences in others? For the stronger half of mankind only dry facts are important. The rest takes time and wastes energy.

So when he interrupts you and says “shorter …” do not react with resentment. After all, in this way he’s trying to help you and solve your problems. In this article you will find psychologist advice in a relationship with a man .

How does Al Pacino behave under stress

Men are used to solving their problems silently, thinking and analyzing each step. So if your spouse is thinking and went into himself, it is not because he dreams of another and rushes to find an excuse to sneak out of the house.

At this time in his head are making grand plans and developing ways to solve difficult situations. He is thinking through all the steps and possible outcomes. Therefore, now it is better not to disturb him. When he’s ready, he’ll start talking, and you just have to rejoice in his unsurpassed support and care. Or there is such behavior, when he sits for hours at the newspaper or switching channels on TV, not even paying attention to what is on. Playing cards with a buddy and seeming as if he doesn’t care about family difficulties and trying to distance himself from everything.

In fact, it’s his way of finding the right decision and thinking through the pros and cons.

Men don’t take hints.

The most common female mistake in behavior with a partner is hinting. Remember once and for all: men do not understand hints. Only specific requests and offers.

They are not particularly developed intuition and the ability to guess your desires and thoughts on the intonation of the voice or facial expression. So, dear ladies, learn to express your thoughts clearly.

The head of the family or a cranky baby?

Even in the strongest and most self-confident husband sits deep inside a child who craves feminine tenderness and affection. And if he did not get enough of it in childhood from his mother, then this desire is in it twice.

Give warmth, build trust, and add a little motherly care. Just do not overdo it, otherwise he will look for a wife somewhere else.

Secrets to women, how to behave in a marriage

So, below will be presented tips based on male psychology. If you want a strong, friendly family – arm yourself!

No one likes sullen scowling people. Especially when it comes to women. A smile says without words that you accept your chosen one, approve his behavior and reciprocate.

It is good if you can smile to your beloved in a special way, with more warmth and tenderness in his eyes than to other people. This will be able to support him in a difficult situation, for example, in an unfamiliar environment, and will simply inspire him to new feats.

Men really like it when they look smarter than their date. This boosts self-esteem and gives confidence. Never try to interrupt him and say that you already know it all.

Give recognition to your man, listen to him with attention. Especially if you are really lucky with your life partner, and he has something to tell you.

This, as in the previous paragraph, will show your respect for him. Even if honey tells a hackneyed joke, it is worth sincerely laughing at him. Otherwise, he will suspect that you are not interested and can not make his beloved laugh.

To create a trusting relationship you need to know your loved one. Superficial representation – this is not what you need in this situation. Ask him about his childhood, youth, hobbies, habits.

If something comes up that you both love to do, that’s a great reason to do it together. Joint hobbies and hobbies bring people closer together.

The view that men do not need to give gifts is wrong. They also like women love pleasant surprises. It does not have to be something fancy and expensive. Suitable and thing made by your hands. This is even more emphasize how much you care about him.

There is a category of women who take gifts and courting for granted. This position is fundamentally wrong. There is no need to swoon and be overly embarrassed by the attention, but also not to notice it is not the case. You have to show that you enjoy the attention of your loved one so that he wants to give it again and again.

Men are very fond of approval and praise in their address. If you like something about him, be sure to say so. And then he will try to make you even more happy.

Men appreciate their freedom. If you put a ring on his finger, it does not mean that you command his life. Excessive jealousy and the desire to control his movements will only alienate the loved one.

On the contrary, your confidence and trust will show you a good side. He himself will begin to think that you shouldn’t leave your beautiful wife alone too often.

Emotions are what separates women from men. And men like open and sensitive individuals. But despite this, you should be careful with emotions. Especially such as anger, resentment.

Since ancient times, a man was the breadwinner and provider of the family. Therefore, a career and work is very important for him. And in order to have success at work you need time. Your calls and texts every hour will not allow him to concentrate on business.

All the time to give your person he just physically can not, so be patient and wait for him in the evening when all his attention will be yours.

  • Do not be afraid to let go on vacation with friends.

Women have an opinion that if the husband went fishing with friends, he will not do without the company of other women. In fact, members of the stronger sex like to rest alone men. If the relationship with you will not be flawed, then he will not seek to go to the “side”.

Men do not like women’s activities, especially going shopping. He certainly does not have the strength and patience to bypass all departments twice to choose the most “cool” outfit.

If you notice that your favorite likes a certain type of girl, you can dare to experiment with the image. But you should never forget about your own individuality.

After all, just because of something that is only yours, he fell in love with you and chose out of hundreds of other girls. Therefore, it would be unwise to regroup and change yourself dramatically.

Whatever happens, keep a positive mindset. Complaining about fate and moaning more like grandma-retirees. You and yourself will be very useful skill positive character.

When you enjoy life and find the bright side in any situation, good luck is turning to you, and people begin to reach out to you.

No matter how upside down the modern world is, bad habits and girls are incompatible. Smoking, excessive drinking, and a love of strong language are not good for men either.

But as for such refined natures as girls – it is unacceptable. If you have such preferences, try not to talk about it and gradually get rid of them.

Self-love is an important factor in everyone’s life. All in their own attractive and individual. Your task – to play up the advantages and not to accentuate the disadvantages. And for this you have to sincerely love yourself and your personality.

Your insecurities will be visible and over time will come out. The sooner you deal with your relationship with yourself, the better your chances of keeping your family cozy. And here you can read how to improve your self-esteem.

Don’t play the role of proud queen and be too independent. Let him take care of you and accept help. Otherwise, the lover will find another who will need it.

In conversations with friends do not speak ill of the chosen one and do not show his faults. Someday these rumors may reach him, and you will have a hard time to justify.

When you talk about the weaknesses of a loved one, it is regarded as a betrayal. Especially do not mention his mistakes in front of him, do not reproach, to make him feel guilty.

Tales about your former lover will not bring confidence in the new relationship. And he should not ask for details about his past intrigues. It is better to start from scratch.

So, we looked at the male psychology in love and relationships from different angles. Now you have a complete idea of what is worth sticking to in order to find common ground with his soul mate.

If you still have questions, you can always consult a psychologist online. Together we will solve any problem, and you will definitely become happy!

Women’s and men’s psychology in love and relationships

Men’s psychology in love and relationships is significantly different from women’s, they live in their own world, where you need to be strong, conquer the top and impress the beautiful ladies. Yes, love is a stimulus for development and success, but it is far from being the only value in life. Women’s love is the whole world, they tend to live in love, directing their thoughts constantly in the direction of the loved one, do things for the sake of love and thanks to these feelings, find meaning in them all life.

The psychology of men in love

The most important question for women: are men able to love, the psychology of love. Let’s try to understand the main differences, to find a way to understand the world of men’s feelings and emotions. Male psychology in love and relationships has special origins and manifestations. In men, the stages of formation of feelings of love have a different sequence.

The genesis of male love

There is the following scheme for the emergence of love:

  • The girl is attracted physically – beauty, gait, grace, there is an emotional interest
  • Intellectual attraction – the need to learn more about a potential lover (tastes, interests, hobbies)
  • Spiritual attraction: a feeling of being related, common interests, free communication

Thus, for the beginning of love, the relationship must go through certain stages, and the young man must get to know the girl well enough, then real feelings are possible, with the rapid development of events only a short fling is possible, the mutual interest will not develop to the level of love.For women, on the contrary – first attracts the intellect, the spiritual side of personality, and later there is attraction at the physical level.

Harmony is created by combining all points – friendship, intellectual, mental connection and physical attraction. As a result, a stable relationship is formed, similar to the soul mate or meeting of two halves.

However, without physical interest in the man can not love the woman, only friendship. And with women? Everything, perhaps, goes on the development, intellectual interest and intimacy can pass into physical.In the absence of one of the components in the relationship – harmony, a woman has a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction, desire to get what she wants from other men: communication, support, understanding, attention.

Why do women complain that men do not know how to love? Maybe it’s all in the different approach to love. In the family, the stronger sex considers the main thing – material security and fidelity. For him, it is a guarantee of a lasting union and a manifestation of love, forgetting about the spiritual closeness, a woman’s need for communication, understanding, romance, not just physical gratification.

So how does an intimate relationship develop, the stages of relationship development:

  1. The attraction in men is physical and in women it is intellectual.
  2. Uncertainty – a period of doubt, a temporary fading of interest in a man, you should not rush, you need to have patience, a natural process.
  3. Desire to be the only one – a conscious choice, a man feels the desire to be together with one woman, to continue the relationship.
  4. Spiritual intimacy – full trust in communication is manifested, the man is ready to open his soul and heart, there is no need to rush to reveal all the complexities of the character, lovers more easily perceive the shortcomings.
  5. Engagement – the stage when people are moving towards marriage, planning to live their lives together, but even here there is an opportunity to reflect on everything and decide whether they are ready to get married, the relationship can end or move on to the next stage of development.

Male psychology in love and relationships has a different development, a smart woman should understand: do not rush to force events, to go to persuasion, should develop a spiritual closeness to form a strong relationship, a family union in the future. The mistake of men – the desire for speedy physical intimacy, girls take longer to fall in love, they need to go through all the stages, even going towards it, will not be happy. Of course, men also know how to love, there are really happy couples, which allows a woman to feel – she is loved and desired, the only one.

The most important qualities of the man

  • Responsibility – the ability to be responsible for his actions, the family, to be a reliable companion in life, to fulfill promises and obligations.
  • Patience, calmness – patience, understanding – the keys that open any door, you need to learn to appreciate the important things in life and not to lose your temper over little things, even the loss of a fortune is not worth the loss of a loved one. Patience helps to obtain the favor of the beloved girl.
  • Sensitivity – attention to the concerns and sorrows of a loved one is very important in a relationship with a woman who lives in her own emotional world and needs support.
  • Confidence – the participation of a woman is useful for the development of this feeling; if there are constant doubts on her part, the partner loses confidence, and next to a calm and wise woman, he will gain faith in his own strength.
  • Purposefulness – the presence of plans, aspirations in life are a sign of a strong man.

Determination to achieve goals fascinates and makes a strong impression. Purposefulness should be in the subjugation of women and throughout life, attentiveness and gallantry is always nice.

Male psychology in love differs, above all, the fact that a man’s life is aimed at the outside world, and love is a break from work and worries of life, for women it is life.Love men in psychology is seen as a desire to possess and desire to protect the beloved woman, so the strong sex like feminine girls, producing the impression of a need for a strong man, and with businesswomen more difficult to build relationships, there is competition.

Often women have a question: Can men really love? It all depends on the man, his understanding of love, the ability to express feelings, often men are inclined to do deeds and actions to prove love, beautiful words spoken more often Lovelace, it is worth watching the man to understand the true relationship – whether he cares, seeks to help, support?

It happens, women have a feeling that true feelings – more a woman’s manifestation, and the male half likes to win and possess, they ask: “Why do not men know how to love? Perhaps such girls have not met true love, when a woman is a queen, worthy of respect, recognition and care. How to determine whether there is love from a man?

Male psychology in love and relationships has the following features:

  1. The male half is characterized by restraint in the manifestation of feelings, if the partner does not fall asleep with compliments, it is not yet an indicator of the lack of love, you need to look deeper.
  2. All men have their own tastes and preferences in love, there is no single ideal, for any girl there is a soulmate in this world.
  3. Most members of the stronger sex tend to appreciate these qualities in the beautiful half – a kind attitude, femininity in behavior, the presence of sexuality, positive character and flexibility in behavior.
  4. In love.
  5. In women attracts confidence, tenderness, intelligence, beauty, the presence of self-esteem.
  6. Male half of the young man is always looking for ways to be near the girl he loves, seeks meetings, spending time together.
  7. Silence – a manifestation of character and not related to his feelings, men find it difficult to combine thinking and talking, sometimes they need to be alone and solve current issues.
  8. Men like to win women, available women do not cause sincere feelings, often become the victims of Don Juan.
  9. Men are attracted to mysterious women who have a special charm, can maintain intrigue throughout life and not be a book read.
  10. Men like a quiet relationship without constant quarrels and recriminations, prefer to clearly understand the expectations of the partner, it is better to be direct about the wishes, do not wait for the beloved to read his thoughts, it is not peculiar to also need support, and the girl who can believe in them – will be the best and most faithful friend of life.

Thus, the question “Can men love?” – there are different answers, girls determine the opinion based on life experience. Getting into the essence, we understand: often feelings are stored quite deep, which is not always clear, but what about “I love you” … Yes, it is important for girls, but a young man will not do anything for the unloved, sacrifice interests, find time, solve problems.

Man, relationships, psychology, showing love are the most sought after issues among girls and women. How often there is a lack of understanding in the psychology of men, and everything is perceived from a female point of view.

In today’s world women have become more active, they often choose themselves, to lure men, but do not force the events, the young man should feel like a conqueror, and hints at the wedding before the time – an encroachment on freedom, men are very precious to her, it is better to gradually lead to the right idea. For example, when the desire to live together arises.

Male psychology in love and relationships

Why is it commonly believed that men tend to gravitate to diversity, and in Muslim countries, even polygamy is the norm?

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Lack of love, monotony, boredom and formality of relationships . You can not settle down, think that the man belongs to you forever, it is possible with the constant maintenance of the fire of love, respect, support from the spouse.
  2. Complex forty years – during this period, men feel the arrival of old age, there is a desire to prove their own worth as men, the ability to attract girls, novels are possible, which leads to the collapse of the family, although in a harmonious relationship and love in the family this does not happen.
  3. Infidelity as revenge is encountered in situations of his wife’s infidelity, inattention, constant quarrels, lack of attention and understanding in the family.
  4. Psychological compensation – failures in the career, a way to improve self-esteem and the endless search for a muse.
  5. Narcissistic males with inflated self-esteem, tend to conquer women with high status, but quickly lose interest and seek adventure again, satisfying their interest.
  6. “Males” consider it normal to have affairs on the side, perceive it as part of a normal man’s life, on a par with bars and drinking.

So, the psychology of men in love says: in a normal situation, if there is love and understanding in the family on all major issues, it makes no sense for a man to seek other women, he is devoted to one single woman.

And the question: “Do men know how to love and feel in general?” – rather rhetorical and depends on the woman and her inner mood, unequivocally – can, but not so brightly show feelings, but with the inner certainty that “around goats,” no wonder that these situations are often attracted to life. It is worth being attentive to thoughts and attitudes.

Women’s psychology in love and relationships

The psychology of women in love is much different from that of men, women are emotional, impressionable creatures, love is perceived in a more romantic light, there is often an idealization of the loved one.

How to determine the signs of the love of women, the psychology of love allows you to find an answer and better understand your loved one:

  1. A girl in love blossoms, becomes more beautiful – her eyes shine with happiness, she takes care of herself (makeup, hairstyle, attire), love cheers and gives strength.
  2. She is in a good mood, smiles more often, is happy about life, friends, especially the person she loves – calls, messages.
  3. Strives to spend more time together, and most importantly – to communicate, women have a great need for communication, understanding, getting to know your loved one.
  4. A girl in love always considers her beloved as a potential spouse, making plans for the future, the main thing is not in a hurry to tell the young man about it.
  5. The woman is ready to help the loved one, support, sometimes even to the detriment of her own interests.
  6. Words say a lot about feelings – tender and affectionate, radiating warmth and attention.

It is difficult not to notice that the girl is in love, remember the “Office romance”, the heroine has changed dramatically, even younger due to love, indeed, this feeling works wonders, has a beneficial effect on women.

Women’s psychology in love and relationships is different romantic, especially in young years, any woman wants to find a prince at heart, sometimes we look for a long time and not always find him. Probably, it is difficult to have high criteria. Therefore, among successful and beautiful girls are found lonely and unhappy – there are few strong and worthy men in life, and the beautiful half needs a support and a strong shoulder. Most of all in the strong half of the girls appreciate the desire to be sincere, loyal, reliable, to show responsibility, to protect the beloved.

Female psychology in love and relationships is associated with a high need to be heard, accepted, understood. A woman is a mystery that you can unravel all your life.

However, men value, above all, such qualities:

  • Sense of dignity – a woman is confident in herself and knows that she is worthy of attention, there is an internal system of values and beliefs.
  • Insight and sensitivity – the ability to understand and feel another person sometimes without words at the intuitive level, women – magicians, they strongly developed similar abilities.
  • Benevolence – the ability to take and give in return, a sense of gratitude for a man’s help, presence in his life.

An interesting fact is that men do not like to save the unhappy, they can help a self-sufficient girl to become happier. Therefore, to attract attention, you need to be on top in every way: externally (look great, watch out for beauty), internally (find happiness in the soul, believe in yourself).

Women are created for love, for admiration, so why do not all develop relationships, and men have doubts: Can women love? Often there are situations where a beautiful couple in love can not live together and a couple of years, relationships collapse, feelings go away. Who is to blame? The reason for this is to be found in both partners.

The largest mistake of women is increased self-sacrifice, they don’t think about personal interests, take care of the family, losing their own self, health, strengths, and the result is a negative attitude towards others, unwillingness to live together, or a man looking for an attractive partner.

The second situation – increased demand for a man, the lack of need for approval and recognition, a real woman knows that she is worthy of help and can calmly ask, politely communicate.

The main mistake men: they believe that finances and loyalty – the basis for success, but they forget that a woman needs understanding, communication, approval, joint conversations, walks, family time. Often women suffer from lack of attention, roses wither if they are not watered, and the beautiful half – from lack of love, attention from men.

Why women do not know how to love after marriage

Of course, women know how to love, they change when they feel inattention, lack of opportunities to realize themselves in the family. By nature, the female half is designed to receive, and if she has to give without reciprocity, feelings go away. The issue does not apply only to material goods, there is a need for respect, admiration, understanding, compliments (kind words), symbolic gifts.

The psychology of women in love is aimed more at the emotional sphere, we have a different language for expressing love. For example, a man needs intimacy, and a woman needs love and affection, a man needs recognition, a woman needs understanding, care. In difficult times, women need to speak out, and a man – to be alone with his thoughts, to be quiet. All the family difficulties arise from a lack of understanding of the differences in the psychology of men and women.

Female psychology in love differs in the need to combine incompatible concepts. The ideal man is “my affectionate and gentle beast. A woman is attracted to physical strength combined with tenderness, care, loyalty. In life, this combination is extremely rare.

Female psychology in love and relationships and male psychology in love and relationships are completely different concepts. The only thing that can unite – the desire to be happy, to find the other half. Everyone wants to remain a person, not to lose his personality, it is dangerous for both, with time comes disappointment, the desire to break free.

There must be an element of freedom in a relationship:

  • the opportunity to meet with friends
  • Have personal hobbies, interests.

Then communication will be more interesting for the partners, exchange of ideas and impressions. Loyalty is an internal choice, it is impossible to force a person to be faithful.

People say: a foolish woman follows her lover, and a smart woman – herself (beauty, mood, words). There is truth in these words: a woman’s beauty and love for her contribute to a happy life together.

What is the main difficulty in relationships?

Everyone knows how to love, the peculiarity lies in the expression of feelings in different ways, have different needs. There are, there are people deprived of the ability to love, but it is already an abnormality in the psyche or increased selfishness.

Women’s psychology in love and relationships is simple – a young man is expected to love, affection, care, responsibility for the family. The classics say: “A woman does not need to understand, it is enough to love” . The main thing is that each partner must put an equal amount of effort into building the relationship. Any imbalance leads to a breach of harmony and there is a “paradox of passion”, when one of the partners more in need of love.

Male psychology in love and relationships has basic manifestations – men love women, but tend to be wary of their character. The ideal woman is loving, sexy, understanding, non-conflictual, cheerful and cheerful. For the sake of such a fairy men are ready for feats. Everyone has a need for love, tranquility, only with the years comes the wisdom – the family is not a battlefield, and the quiet harbor of happiness and rock the boat is not worth it.

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