Men’s attitude towards women: sorted on points

How a man should behave in a relationship with the woman he loves

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Every woman thinks about how a man should behave in a relationship. The right idea of roles and guy behavior allows for healthy, happy marriages to form. When a man treats his partner with dignity, she also reciprocates and a strong strong bond develops between them.

Rules of behavior of a man in a relationship

Observance of the norms of decency, compliance with the wishes and needs of the woman are inherent in a decent partner, which all girls are looking for.


Men often perceive a woman only as a sexual object and look at her with lust. If you listen to what people talk about in purely male groups, there will be no place for life values, but there will be plenty of talk about available girls and variations on this theme: jokes, fables and stories.

A man needs to learn to control his feelings and raise them above his instincts. Therefore, a serious young man should have a relationship with one woman to whom he gives his time, attention and feelings. And discussing other options is unacceptable.

Not only must a man not allow himself to insult a woman or speak rudely, but he must also shield her from the judgment of relatives, acquaintances and other people. Some women allow even physical abuse in a relationship. This kind of behavior causes a man to degrade himself even more, since he allows such behaviors toward a woman.

She needs to become smarter, not only for her own sake, but for the sake of the man himself. Her purpose in life is to show him that this is not the right way to behave, and to do this she must limit her access to herself.

It is also not worth letting go of the situation when the man you love has been used to achieve some goals of his own. What to do in such a situation, read further at the link.


A man should be polite, so that it was pleasant to appear in society with him, and not have to constantly reproach him for his behavior, rudeness or inappropriate appearance.

Confident and strong.

These qualities are inherent in a real man, the way he was created by nature, because the main energy of a man is his strength, which he can show to a woman. He shows confidence in his decisions, he is strong in his actions. To become physically strong, the best solution would be to play sports, go to the gym. Not everyone is given the innate talent of a hunter.

A man keeps his word.

If a man is a blabbermouth and does not answer for his promises. A woman with him can’t relax and trust him, she will be in constant tension. Therefore, there should be no lies.

A guy should take his words seriously, this is in any of his promises. For example, a man made a girl a proposal, but is in no hurry to carry it out. He wants to get married, so he should facilitate the event.

A man must consider the woman’s goal

The task and dream of any member of the weaker sex is to continue the relationship into a family with children. If a man thinks that he does not need it, then you should not give false hopes to the girl and immediately outline his priorities. If the guy is not going to marry the girl, then living together and continuing the relationship for more than 3 years is categorically not allowed, and after 30 years the probation period is 1 year.

Since he has no right to take away a woman’s chance to be happy. Upon learning that a girl is pregnant, a man should not, even if he does not want a child, offer her to have an abortion. In order to avoid this situation, it is better of course to protect yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

The man is the backbone of the family.

He has to be the main person in the family and make decisions. In a relationship, a woman wants to feel that she can always count on her boyfriend. The man should support her in any circumstance.

And if they share children, even if he has a mistress and will divorce, support the woman (especially until the child is 3 years old). The financial well-being of the family is an important part of a man’s concern. He himself will be satisfied if he can support his woman. And to please and pamper her with gifts – this is a wonderful contribution to the relationship.

But how to understand – whether a man loves or uses a girl only for a temporary relationship, we will tell in the next article.

A man cannot yell at a woman

This is the behavior of an unworthy man. To adopt the manner of female behavior is wrong, if there are two women in the family by gender roles, the relationship has no prospects. He should be romantic, attentive, caring and give signs of attention to his woman. Show your love

It is very important for every woman to feel loved. When a girl knows she is loved by a man, she feels beautiful, confident. A woman’s self-esteem is built in most cases precisely on the attitude of her man. She becomes inspired.

If a man wants to get something from his partner, such as having her do some chores or any other services, he needs to convince her that he loves her. It is important that he supports her and listens to her.

Satya Das, a family relationship psychologist, says that you should take at least an hour every day to listen to your woman. Because she just needs to speak out. Pay attention, to care for a woman to any stage of their relationship.

Attitude towards his wife.

How a man should behave in a relationship with his wife? Marriage – is the logical result of the relationship between a man and a woman. And when the husband sees in it not only the object of sexual pleasures, a person who is tasked with the maintenance of the house, household problems, raising children and solving all matters of beautification, the girl is not a threat to happiness.

A wife is also a person who needs to be cared for, supported, provided for, and forgiven for her shortcomings. A man should allow his woman to be weak and capricious. But you need to keep the line so she did not perceive the man as a slacker.

A man can be harsh sometimes, but every action must be taken on the basis of love.

How a man learns to treat a woman right

The model of human behavior is laid down in childhood by family and society. Most often a child absorbs information as he grows up, he behaves according to this model, which he saw in front of him in his father or in other men around him. Rarely, on the contrary, does the child strive to be different from his parents. As an adult, a man can change his attitudes on his own accord through the following actions:

  • Develop spiritually. And this means to see in every person first of all the soul, for example, in older women to see the image of his mother, in the younger – the daughter. And treat people accordingly. They are just souls that we meet on our way in life.
  • Pay attention to self-development, study the laws of the universe. A man, who works on his features, on his character and self-esteem, is able to understand what makes a man better, and in consequence behave better towards a woman, too.
  • Find your purpose in an activity. Everyone should do what he likes. Business, which inspires, energizes. Then in a relationship with a woman, he will also be positive and will guide his beloved on the right path.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that you have to give up all temptations completely, but abuse of alcohol or drugs has never added zest to a romantic relationship.
  • Know how to make money. This means that a man should be generous to himself and to the woman. If a man can provide a decent life, then he becomes better in his own eyes and of course in the eyes of his partner.

Now you know how a man in love behaves in a relationship. Alexander Dumas said: “A woman becomes a complete person only when someone loves her.” If a guy really loves a girl, he will try to make her happy.

Cynical, but honest: how men assess women among themselves

Many women would like to be invisible and infiltrate the male company. Why? To find out what men really say about the ladies and how they evaluate them. After all, often the information that reaches the ladies is not at all what it is born in the circle of the stronger sex. So, we offer you to find out the truth – how do men really evaluate women among themselves.

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Appearance: naturalness and neatness is most important.

Of course, the appearance of a woman is important for men, especially at the stage of acquaintance. Only later, after some time, he will appreciate her character traits, but first of all, the strong sex is guided by impressions of the image of the lady.

First of all, men like well-groomed women. Healthy hair, skin and nails, neatness clearly come out in the lead. In this case for the stronger sex the naturalness of a woman is preferable to artificial gloss. Despite the still popular trend to increase the lips or other parts of the body, his followers are not particularly attractive gentlemen.

And men also notice the ability of women to dress. Elegance, a sense of taste and relevance of clothing is always appreciated. But the excessive pretentiousness or, on the contrary, grayness, make the suitors move away from the person.

“Men, first of all, assess a woman by her appearance, her grooming. What we initially see – hair, face, then a man evaluates a woman by the way she dresses and looks in general, then a man evaluates a woman by her mind, by her character, and then a man evaluates a woman by her behavior and her actions,” shares the opinion of a forum participant.

“Let me tell you, as a man. I always assess an image as a whole, and I either like it or not. Yes, some individual moments can cause disgust, but this disgust, if there is one, will kill the entire image. That’s why many men can’t see what’s changed there, as long as the woman is in the form that they like. I do not look at the shoes, the quality and price of manicure, I do not appreciate expensive jewelry or cheap costume jewelry. A woman either likes the whole thing or not.”

“Men do not have any prohibitive requirements in terms of appearance. Only fetishists like the claws. All those false eyelashes, pumped-up duckfaces rather repulsive. So is perfume. A woman should not be dirty and stinky. And if even a long beautiful hair, then, in general, the candy.

Age: the younger, the better.

The age of a woman – a relative concept, especially in our time. Everyone knows that it’s not the numbers in the passport that are important, but how old a person feels. Now the fair sex carefully look after themselves, so a woman of 40 years can easily give a head start to the twenty years.

As for men’s preferences – here everything is simple. In most of the cavaliers prefer younger ladies. After all, youth is always beauty, freshness and vitality. In Russia, the most preferred age of women for men is 25-30 years.

“Youth, beauty and freshness attract a man in all spheres of life, including the sexes. In fairy tales, heroes risk their lives to gain youthfulness in order to pick poured apples rather than dried fruit. A new car with no mileage and no owners is far preferable to a shattered bucket with nuts falling off it. It’s the same with women. A man who has a relationship with a young girl pulls himself up, gets younger, in order to match his date. That’s why they often choose beauty and youth”, – says the forum participant.

But not uncommon when men can not resist and the lady of older age. She is chosen for her wisdom, self-confidence and ability to understand.

“Men love mostly mature women. It’s the age of 35 to 45 years. Because there are ladies that even at 45 look like at 30, if they take care of themselves. I myself, when I was 16 years old, frankly loved and suffered for my young teachers. And now that I’m much older than the 45 year olds, I continue to like women of that age. At this age women are the most beautiful, the most attractive, the most experienced and know how to be the most charming and attractive, “- wrote the participant of the forum.

Habits: one wants to marry well-mannered women

Women’s habits – is also an important parameter for men to assess the beautiful sex. After all, it is the behavior and character traits of the lady in the end that are most important in the decision of the man to tie his life to her.

Of course, potential suitors like positive women. There is nothing more valuable than a lady who is able to treat life with optimism, smiling and not irritated by trifles.

“Constant bitterness, hysteria, and other such things cannot be plastered on your face with any expensive cosmetics. That’s what men appreciate in the first place. And it’s usually useless to portray the opposite when communicating.

“Men judge women by their clothes, figure, and facial expressions. If she is gloomy, they will try to pass by. If cheerful, they want to get acquainted, to make her happy.

The stronger sex also pay attention to the woman’s mannerism, manners and propriety. It is unlikely that someone will like a person who snapped back and did not know how to behave in society.

“Well-mannered women are more interesting. Such a woman attracts its hidden beauty, which you want to penetrate and discover for yourself. Well-mannered women, in most cases, are intelligent and more gentle than those who actively behave in everything. Such women have a more pleasant and natural appearance. And maybe with a well-mannered woman there will be a better chance of creating a happy family, and such a wife will not cheat, and will bring up her children as well as her parents brought up.

The stronger sex has its own criteria in assessing women. And sometimes they are too different from what the ladies themselves think. But in any case, in the first place is always well-groomed, cheerfulness and the ability to gratefully accept this world.

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