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Mysterious and vulnerable: the characteristic of the Cancer man

The characteristic of the Cancer man becomes clear already when we find out what planet patronizes this sign. It is ruled by the mysterious Moon and therefore keeps a lot of mysteries. On the surface, as cold and indifferent as the eternal earth satellite, this man conceals a sensitive and vulnerable nature.

But it is hidden so deeply that only a truly sincere and reverent partner can discover it. True love reveals this man, he deserves to be called the most diligent family man of the zodiacal circle. And if the feelings are strong, it is you who can find out the most complete characteristic of the Cancer man.

The full characteristic of the male Pisces

The characteristic of a man of the zodiac sign Cancer is quite contradictory. He can be both romantic and creepy pragmatic at the same time. It perfectly combines both strength and vulnerability. At one moment, this man can be fun, the soul of the company, but in a moment change and close in on himself for no particular reason.

The nature of men of Cancer has a lot of facets, to learn about all the possible only really close people. Family and home are very important for the male Cancer, here he feels secure, protected from the vicissitudes of fate.

For unfamiliar people, he is always closed, as far as possible is removed, shows its pragmatic side. It will open only to the man from whom he feels tenderness and care for his side. Among relatives and close friends of the Cancer man relaxed, emotional, because he feels comfortable. In a working atmosphere, before colleagues and, especially, in front of the boss, he is always collected, reasonable, one can say – aloof and cold.

Perhaps this condition helps him to make informed decisions and achieve rapid career advancement. In addition, he has a very sharp mind, aimed at analyzing and forecasting, which is very valuable in any work.

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The disadvantages of such a man are not insignificant. The influence of the Moon has a particularly acute effect, which makes him more irritable, and later leads to despondency and apathy. Another unpleasant thing about the character traits of the Cancer man is his wastefulness. His family will not be deprived of finances, but sometimes quarrels may arise due to his stinginess, frugality in the negative sense.

It can also be difficult to figure out what offended him. He instantly withdraws into himself and make him talk, finding out the real reason for the offense, not everyone can.

However, many people forgive the men-Racs for their good nature, love for their neighbors and sparkling humor. It is important to create a comfortable atmosphere for him, to show him a friendly, open and honest with him, then he will repay in the same way. It is difficult to join the narrow circle of his loved ones, but those who were there, provide affection and care from him.

These men do not seek to draw attention to themselves in any way, rather the opposite, they are very comfortable on the sidelines, communicating with a couple of nice people. He always behaves modestly at parties, does not show bright emotions, and is somewhat slower than the others. He does not need to make himself known once again, because he has already formed his own circle of communication and is ready to protect it, to do everything possible and impossible for the happiness of his loved ones.

In any case, to give an accurate characteristic of the male Pisces, you need to have complete information about him, including the date of birth and full name.

Characteristics of the Cancer man in love, relationships and marriage

In love

The characteristic of a Cancer man in a relationship can be described in one word – a perfectionist. Girls will not be so easy to fall in love with such a man. He will not pay attention to the untidy and promiscuous maiden, will not be enchanted by the vibes that exude the female vamp. His ideal is a romantic beauty, gentle and kind, caring and affectionate.

Her appearance should be natural, her dreams should be bright and her thoughts only the most positive. Then the Cancer man will take the initiative and come up to get acquainted. It is important to make him feel like a dominant party, otherwise the contact will not work.

Such men choose women immediately for further marriage, to build a strong family, to have children. If the lady also dreams about it, then it will not be difficult to conquer the heart of Cancer. It is very important to establish a good relationship with the family of his chosen one, he appreciates and loves her very much, he listens to the opinion of his relatives.

In sex

Characteristics of the male Cancer in bed – a real macho. He is a cherished dream, seductive and gentle, able to give the lady a true pleasure. However, the complex character also manifests itself in moments of intimacy. He is too selfish in this regard, thinking more about himself than his partner, and the slightest rebuke can lead to a quarrel.

His mistress must be romantic, gentle in the moments of intimacy, because that is his classic idea of sex. Candlelight dinner, slow music, massage is his ideal, and experimentation in bed, hard romance – cause a sharp disgust.

In relationships and marriage.

A strong family is what the Cancer man strives for. He will be a faithful spouse and a very caring father, because he treats these values very respectfully.

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Yes, the choice of a life partner can be delayed, but when the bachelor’s life comes to an end, he will surely already say goodbye to his turbulent youth and be happy in a marriage with his beloved. It is very important that his partner shares the views on the family life of the man-Racus: spent more time with her husband and children, was a good hostess, welcomed his relatives (who will be frequent guests).

It is important to be wise, to show that there is no thought of being a rival to your spouse’s family members. Only in this case, the wife will share with her husband’s relatives the honorable top step on the pedestal of honor in the heart of the man of Cancer.

This man is very attached to the family, so giving him a choice between his wife or relatives, you need to be prepared for the fact that the choice will not be in the direction of the woman. It happens that the feelings have cooled, but he still does not leave and to the last man keeps the appearance of a relationship, so that it was calm children.

Compatibility of male Cancer with women of other zodiac signs

Characteristics of men of the zodiac sign Cancer by horoscope and their compatibility with representatives of the zodiac circle allows you to build an adequate relationship with your partner:

  • Male Cancer and female Aries : such a union does not bode well, because their temperaments and life rhythms are too different. They will have to change, which not everyone can do.
  • Partner – Cancer and Taurus lady: this union can develop successfully in the future to grow into a happy couple, as they easily find a common language and give in to the partner as needed.
  • Male Cancer and female Gemini : will only be able to build a family if they are a little more tolerant of their partner’s character.
  • The Cancer partner and the Cancer lady will be able to have a happy relationship because they share similar interests and goals. Touchy or moody mood swings of one or the other may be an obstacle, but they will surely make up over conversations and common activities.
  • Male Cancer and female Leo: the character of these people is polar, and therefore the relationship will be short-lived. To stay together as long as possible, they need to forget about their differences and love each other with all their flaws.
  • Male Cancer and female Virgo: these people are literally created for each other, about them they say “soul mates”. They will work out fine in family relationships and in joint activities, no matter what they are.
  • Male Cancer and female Libra : ambiguous union, because the passivity of the partners can ruin everything. In this case, the man should take the reins and be the real head of the family. However, a woman should not command, it will lead to more scandals.
  • Cancer man and Scorpio lady : in the long run, these people have a good marriage, as they share similar ideas about the world. In addition, mutual respect and trust of the partners increase the chances of a strong union.
  • Male Cancer and female Sagittarius: they will have a hard time, as there is a misunderstanding of the lifestyle of his companion, and the characters of these people are too dissimilar. Only constructive conversations and a strict division of responsibilities can save the situation.
  • Man-Cancer and Capricorn woman: These people also have very little compatibility because there is a mutual misunderstanding. You must learn to let your partner go, not to put pressure on him, to give him freedom of action.

  • Male Cancer and female Aquarius: This union is almost impossible, because the characters are completely different. To save the situation, you need to stop paying attention to the shortcomings of the partner, and better yet, engage in some common cause, perhaps to create a joint business.
  • Man- Cancer and a woman – Pisces: Both in this union are well aware of the desires of each other, make concessions, live in harmony. This is a great, happy family.

How to attract and retain the Pisces man

The exact compatibility of the male Cancer in a love relationship with other zodiac signs can be found out only when sorting out each specific pair, and you need to consider everything from a to z, including the psychological characteristic.

Cancers of the stronger sex are very sensitive, vulnerable, so the behavior of the lady should not be overly persistent, defiant, rude. Get to know the man better that way will not work, but only create a big gap between you.

Cancer often withdraws into themselves, so try to give him signs of attention. You want him to feel that you really care about him, that you value him, and that you love him. This may surprise and even touch your partner.

Next to himself, he sees a gentle and reverent young lady, because deep down in his heart he is a hidden romantic. Also, do not forget to establish a relationship with his family right away when you first met him. This will greatly increase your chances for his favor.

Mood swings without a good reason are absolutely normal for the male Pisces. At this point, do not overly annoy him, be sensitive, show tactfulness. Show that you have a mystery, and only a better partner can find the answer. He will immediately want to become the one.

At the stage of the relationship leading up to the wedding, it could happen that because of the next change of mood the Cancer man suddenly starts to pull away from you, and even begin to disappear somewhere. It is better not to procrastinate, and immediately find out what is going on. But without arguments, scandals, without reproaches and claims. Just tell about your true emotions and worries, be sincere with him.

There is no need to cause the man to feel sorry for himself, for his situation. Such women are not to his liking. He is attracted to balanced ladies with a stable character. If you feel guilty before such a man, tell him right away, be honest and open. If something secretly revealed later, it could be a real tragedy for him, then break up the relationship is unavoidable.

With such a man, life will be happy if the partner will take into account all the problematic aspects of his character. It is necessary to remember about his sensitivity, excessive resentfulness and some emotional instability. Despite some negative aspects in the characteristic of a man of Cancer, he is a truly loving husband, father, and in general a wonderful family man who can provide both moral support, and physical, and ensure financial stability to his family.

The character of the man of Cancer from A to Z

Zodiac signs

Hello, you will learn the full characteristic of the male Cancer. What is the character of the Zodiac sign, weaknesses and virtues, what he is like in love and marriage, how he refers to money.

Male Cancer is complex, mysterious, sometimes shy. Like a prickly bush with strangers, but turns into a cute teddy bear with friends and family.

Character of the Cancer man

Cancer is the most emotionally sensitive sign of the Zodiac. However, he lives in a world where men are not supposed to feel this way.

Therefore, he has to hide real feelings, sometimes appear harsh, irritable, sarcastic or aloof. But this is a mask that hides a gentle, kind man.

The Cancer man likes to be in the center of the community at work or at home. But he needs his own space, a refuge from the world, to recharge his batteries.

He perceives the world through his heart. Can let his feelings influence his intellectual and social pursuits.

Known for perseverance and diligence. Seeks the satisfaction that comes from strong social relationships and accomplishments.

In relationships, is devoted, attentive. His desire to show concern for his partner is absolute.

He is driven by a desire to benefit a cause or movement that benefits the world around him.

Trust and loyalty are especially important to him, which often causes him to react negatively when betrayed.

Intuition helps him understand your needs, this zodiac sign solves your problems before you voice them.

He is ruled by his emotions and heart, not his intellect. Therefore, he is usually very gentle, thoughtful, intuitively understand the feelings of others, especially those he cares about.

Home and family are important to Cancer.

Cancer thrives on stability, security and comfort. You will feel loved with your Cancer partner. Men of this zodiac sign become faithful, supportive husbands, kind, patient fathers.

Cancer is very close to his parents, best friends with his brothers and sisters, and has many friends.

He is generous when it comes to helping others. But will not want to inconvenience others by asking for help. Will stubbornly fight alone.

Cancer’s element is water, which flows, fitting into any place or shape. Cancer is also flexible and adapts easily to any situation and sometimes to others. Shrewd, refuses to give up, fights to the end and gets what he wants.

Sometimes takes some of the features to an extreme, turning some of the strength to a weakness. Sensitive, but in practice often becomes hypersensitive.

Doesn’t mind change, although he holds on to things that make him feel safe.

Vocation is important to him, but only if Cancer feels he is working on something in accordance with his values.

Cancer has a long memory and never forgets anything bad. So make sure you don’t leave unresolved issues between you.

Cancer loves nature. He is drawn to the water, loves boating, walking, river camping.

Another key trait that makes Cancer men stand out is their love of animals. Animals relate to this Zodiac sign in a supernatural way.

This is due to the empathic abilities of the sign. Wild animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and deer come close to Cancer men without a bit of fear.

Cancer men just love helping wounded animals.

Cancer is more strongly influenced by the Moon than other signs of the Zodiac.

Cancer men reach their emotional peak during the full moon. They are prone to mood swings during this small period of time.

Ruled by the Moon, they also have a powerful intuition and are good judge of people and situations. Trust their intuition when making decisions.

Positive traits

  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Nurturing
  • Patient
  • Empathic
  • Persuasive

The Cancer man is a loving, attentive man. However, he saves these qualities for family and close friends. Strangers seem cold, aloof, but it is only a defense against negativity.

Cancer Man knows which course to follow to ensure success. When he decides to talk to someone, he is clear and convincing.

In a relationship, communicates the needs and desires of the beloved, while trying to better understand what will give her pleasure.

The Cancer man is passionate, responsive, and loving. Likes to build a home and protect loved ones from the bad world outside. This zodiac sign craves security and comfort, generously bestows them on those around him. Patient.

Family and friends can count on him to reach out to them, to be there when they need him.

A supportive and sentimental Cancer man will listen, boost your confidence, and give fantastic advice.

Will never forget your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. True, he will also never forget or forgive you if you hurt him.

Negative traits.

  • Anxious
  • Capricious (irritable)
  • Depressive
  • Grouchy
  • Angry
  • Jealous
  • Vengeful

His compassion and concern for others can sometimes degenerate into total control.

The zodiac sign is easily vulnerable, capricious, and often deals with bouts of insecurity.

If the Cancer man is prone to fits of jealousy or harbors a grudge, you won’t be able to reason with him. He has to work through his emotions on his own.

Cancer seeks stability and permanence, when these things are lacking, he may be gripped by a longing for a time long past.


If you ever get in the way of Cancer, don’t be surprised if he becomes a little petty or vindictive.

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Zodiac sign likes to get their way with kindness and unselfishness. But if that does not work, ready to get revenge for what you made him suffer.


Refers to the type of guy who reacts badly to other guys commenting and liking you on social media.

The slightest show of appreciation from another man will make him suspicious.


Can misrepresent facts or use secrets to achieve his goals.

The Cancer man may use social and emotional relationships to exert pressure.


May behave in unpredictable or irrational ways, especially when under stress.


Believes that the end justifies the means. Uses dishonest or dirty tactics.

If he decides to take revenge on someone, he will try to cause that person deep emotional suffering.

The Cancer man is cunning and can make plans and intrigues for a long time before he acts.

Characteristics of the Zodiac sign in love

Vulnerable, sentimental, floating in the ocean of his dreams and thoughts. This is the Cancer man.

You would think that this Zodiac sign runs away from responsibility, avoids a serious relationship. In fact, the guy is looking for the perfect match.

Once the Cancer man finds the ideal, he will gift her with deep love and endless tenderness.

Nothing satisfies the Cancer man like a happy family with himself at the helm.

The Cancer man is sensitive, but also strong, masculine.

In a romantic relationship is devoted, loving and caring, so he needs a woman who can give him everything he gives her. He will not stop until he finds his other half.

Needs lots of physical contact, emotional displays and reassurance. Make sure you never ignore your man.

Cancer is loyal, romantic and generous. However, expects the same unselfish treatment in return.

Prefers a stable, long-term relationship. But still enjoys independence, likes to focus on himself from time to time.

Sometimes tends to sacrifice his own health or beliefs for the sake of a relationship or home.

Because of this, some members of the aquatic zodiac sign can get stuck in unhealthy partnerships.

How to attract Cancer

Be kind to his family and friends. Family is important to Cancer, and he often views friends as part of the family.

One of the best ways to be welcome in his life is to get to know his family and friends.

Be empathetic, communicate with him on an emotional level.

Be vulnerable, be open. This is the key to attracting Cancer. He is instantly attracted to people who need help and support.

The best way to get his attention is to make eye contact. If you notice him looking back and making a connection, that’s a good sign.

Once the conversation starts, just be yourself. He will use his symbolic pincers to gain insight into you, primarily through questions.

Cancer, as the water sign of the zodiac, will sense a lot from your touch.

Often with a Cancer man, you will have to make the first move because he is afraid of rejection. Show him that you care about the same things he does: home, family, beauty, romance.

The Cancer man loves femininity, so wear a flirty dress and perfume on dates. Cook for him. Never try to make him jealous. He will retreat into his shell from which he cannot be lured out again.

Signs that a man likes you

The Cancer man is eager to learn as much as he can about his potential spouse before opening his soul. Pay attention to the eloquent signs that say a Cancer man likes you more than a friend:

  • Spends more time with you.
  • Cooks dinner.
  • Wants to know everything about you.
  • Takes you shopping.
  • Introduces you to his family.
  • Shares your innermost thoughts.

Read more about all the signs of falling in love in this article.

When he finds “the one” and feels safe, he becomes a romantic. Will shower you with gifts, invite you to dinners, grant wishes.

Relationships and marriage

Cancer is a natural born family man. Relationships mean a lot to him and have a strong influence even on the formation of personality. He considers time spent with family and close friends precious.

This man is willing to do everything possible and even more to make sure that loved ones have everything they need and are protected. This zodiac sign will not stop taking care of children even after they grow up.

You can safely trust him to take care of children while you build your career. There is no one more compassionate, caring and devoted than Cancer.

He loves and respects his mother very much. If you want to be with him for life, it’s important to build a relationship with your mother-in-law.

Cancers are made for family life because they measure success according to the well-being of the home.

Make the home a safe, cozy refuge from the outside world, filled with sentimental mementos, artwork and comfortable but stylish furniture.

Spoil him with candlelight dinners, bubble baths and massages and compliment him often. Emotional support and approval are very important to your Cancer husband.

Best Couple for Cancer.

The best sign for a Cancer man would be a Cancer woman. She is his doppelganger. When they get married, the whole world won’t be able to stop them.

However, they are not perfect. There are things they will have to work on.

The Cancer man and the Pisces woman understand each other well. The Pisces woman feels things just as deeply. The romance between these two will be both sweet and intense.

Pisces will reflect some of the traits of Cancer because Pisces is a volatile sign. Arguments between the two water signs of the Zodiac are rare.

Pisces will easily handle the Pisces man’s mood swings during a full moon.


The Taurus woman is down-to-earth, practical, and will help the Cancer man stand firm on his feet. She’s reliable, loyal and will give him the security he craves.


Both are empathic, intuitive and intellectual. Scorpio will help Cancer overcome anxiety.

Read about Cancer’s compatibility with other Zodiac signs in this article.


This Zodiac sign often has a small, close-knit group of friends with whom it is truly open.

Most Cancers will have friendships that began as a child.

However, gaining his trust takes time. He is able to tell who is sincere and who is fake.

If you speak openly to him, he will trust you. Try to hide something, he will know right away. All water signs have this ability.

Cancers don’t take criticism of people they care about well.


Cancers are careful with money. They are not impulsive spenders and are not the type to spend a lot of money on the latest gadgets.

The only exception may be home-related items.

They like to live in a safe, restorative and comfortable environment. They love spending money on furniture and appliances.


Analytical, patient, and caring, Cancers thrive when they can lean on intuition, communication, and caring.

They are happiest at work, which also gives them a sense of fulfillment.

  • Teacher.
  • Professor.
  • Counselor.
  • Physician.
  • Veterinarian.
  • A nurse.

Finally, Cancers are born writers or journalists. Although it may take them a while to discover this gift, once they do, they succeed.

Cancers work especially well at home to be closer to family. However, if a man is single and lives alone, he is better off working outside the home.

The reason is simple. Cancers unintentionally isolate themselves. If they don’t socialize, they become vulnerable to depression.

Cancers work well in groups. If you have a Cancer man on your team, he will do everything he can to help the group succeed.

This zodiac sign has a tendency to overdo it, trying to do too much without help, so he often suffers from burnout.


In general, Cancer men have good health. Problems arise because of their anxiety. These include:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Ulcers
  • Colitis
  • Spinal problems
  • Weight gain
  • Alcohol abuse

If the Cancer man can use his strengths effectively and show restraint in his emotions, he will succeed and become a caring husband and loving parent. You’ve read the full Cancer profile. Discovered something new? Share in the comments.

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