Men about love – explain in detail

Men about love – explain in detail

How do men show their love? Signs of a man’s love

Over the years, between a man and a woman have built a difficult relationship. This is due to the fact that the representatives of different sexes think differently, so everyone faces the problem of misunderstanding at different stages of their lives. In order to understand your partner, you need to learn to identify his principles and desires. Women want to understand what a particular man thinks to determine his attitude. This is not always easy and simple.

Men rarely talk about what’s going on inside him. Sometimes this is due to the upbringing, temperament or simply the inability to express their feelings. Therefore, many people wonder how exactly a man shows his love. Let’s look at this question in more detail, so that every representative of the fair sex could say with certainty that this man is not indifferent to her.

What are the signs that indicate that a man is in love?

1. The man insists on meeting, shows signs of attention. It often happens that a man at a certain point in the relationship disappears, the woman is trying to convince herself that everything is normal, he just does not have time. In fact, the problem is that the man is simply not in love. If he insists on continuing the relationship after several dates, regularly calls and invites to spend time together, then he has quite serious intentions.

Do not waste time on a man who disappears after the first date, stops calling and does not respond to your messages. A man in love will want to be with you, to communicate with you, to spend a lot of his personal time on you. If you notice that a man is bored, regularly calls and makes a date, it means he is in love.

2. When a man is in love, he gives gifts. If you are in love with a man, you should first give him a gift so that he will understand why you are choosing this method over another. If you received a gift from him, it means that he wants to win you over. Loverboys differ from ordinary men in that he is not willing to spend his own money on women. A womanizer will be generous with compliments, will take you on a date under the moon, but he will not spend his money on gifts for the next lover. If a man constantly gives you signs of attention in the form of gifts, it means that you are too much for him.

Absolutely no matter what the size and value of the gift will be, the most important thing that he spent his own money to make you happy. Women mistakenly believe that men who are generous with gifts, do so absolutely with each of his beloved. But in fact it is not, because almost all members of the stronger sex inherently pragmatic. This means that he is not ready to invest his money in another “project”. So if you noticed in a man generosity towards you, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him.

A man in love demonstrates emotional rapprochement. He will find a free minute to call and see how you are doing, want to spend the evening together watching an interesting movie even if there is absolutely no chance of intimacy. For men it is important not only the appearance of the beloved, but her soul, so they are willing to spend a lot of time to get to know her better. The representatives of the stronger sex, who have plans only for an intimate relationship, will not waste time on communication with a woman to whom they do not feel anything.

Soulful intimacy is really important, but only for the one who loves. Women pay little attention to what a man asks them, what he says about himself and how he tries to find common ground. In fact, sometimes it is important to listen to what a man you like says. If he praises himself from all sides, be sure that he is not in the mood for anything serious. But if he asks about you and your hobbies, talks about his, shares his opinion, you can safely suspect he is in love.

4. A man in love lets you into his life . Another point worth paying special attention to. A man who is serious about a relationship with an interesting woman will try to connect her to his life. He will introduce her to his parents, bring her into the company of his friends, tell her about his work and his plans for the future.

From this point on, he will draw his life, connecting it with a particular representative of the fair sex, and try to imagine his life with her in the future. If a man has been dating you for a long time directly on neutral territory, you still do not know any of his friends, do not count on anything serious. Only a man who loves you is willing to introduce a woman into his life, after all, he won’t introduce his parents to an unknown number of his girlfriends. Watch how he talks about his friends, whether he actually has a good relationship with his parents, and whether he’s willing to share that information with you.

5. A man in love cares . Even in the simplest and nicest of relationships, there are certain times when your partner needs help. It may be a problem at work, a conflict with your family, or some personal worries. If the man who is near you, ready to share your problems, be sure that he is serious enough feelings. To demonstrate his love for a woman, a man sometimes lacks words, but his concern will always give it away. If he notices that a woman is bad, she can not sort herself out or find a common language with her loved ones, he will come to the rescue. He may not be able to support with some specific actions, but he will be there and lend a helping hand.

6. A man in love is willing to make concessions . Any good relationship involves mutual support, help and the ability to give in to a partner. A selfish narcissistic representative of the stronger sex who only wants to spend a stormy night with you, will not go over himself in something and betray his principles.

Of course, immediately you can not determine it, but after some time you will notice how much he listens to you, whether he is ready to do something and how he acts in conflict situations. Everyone has his own principles and view of the world, but only a loving person is ready to step over himself and try to understand his partner.

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How does a man’s love manifest itself? A man’s perspective from a psychologist

A man’s love for a woman is different than a woman’s love for a man. And every woman who wants to love and be loved needs to know: what exactly is a man’s love.

In this article we will talk about how to manifest the love of a man to a woman, how it is arranged, what its essence.

Rather than talk about love itself, but about men’s love abilities, manifestations and characteristics.

The psychology of man’s love for women.

Let’s start with the main thing – men’s love is due solely to the man’s capabilities (capabilities in all senses).

Most often these capabilities depend on the age of the man, and therefore we can talk about a certain age nature of man’s love.

After all, a man in his 20s and 30s will not be the same as a 35-50s man. In other words, age does not always play a major role here, although more often than not. You will see this for yourself a little later.

A man’s age is not determined by specific numbers, but by his achievements and life experiences. Some men remain children until the end of their days.

It is clear that men change in one way or another. They gain some qualities, and lose others. This is why there is a difference in the understanding of “love”. For example, a physically healthy and successful man, who occupies a high position in society, sees love differently than a sick, poor loser. This example is extreme.

But in life, we rarely have to face extremes. Not all men become strong in the first place. What is meant is a man’s physical strength and physical health. Not everyone becomes rich or strong.

When a man says that all ages are submissive to love, it means that at any age a man is capable of loving, but at each age he loves in a special way.

The Difference between the Love of a Man and the Love of a Woman

Globally, love is the same for both men and women.

In essence, love is about satisfying a certain set of needs of one’s partner.

Needs are not only different in kind:

But also different in priority for each person as well as for gender (men and women). And this is where some difference lies. What is more important and self-explanatory for women is secondary and unexplanatory for men. And vice versa.

That is why M and W will always misunderstand and piss each other off (unless, of course, they learn to understand each other).

Women’s love

The feeling of love consists of two components:

The need to love;

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As you understand, these are two very different needs. To love is to give, and to be loved is to take. It looks different for men and women. So the question is, “What is primary?”

For men, the primary thing is to be loved . They are a little selfish, consumers of a woman’s love. They want to get love and feel loved. That’s the question, when a man walks away, a woman should ask herself, “Did the man around me feel loved?” If not, he will leave.

But when a man gets that “To be loved.” he gives love back to the woman. How? A man’s love.

But a woman first gives her love, she loves a man in a woman’s way. Then she receives from the man his manly love.

So what is this male and female love?

A woman’s love is emotionality, sensuality, warmth, affection, tenderness, a state of contentment. Yes, a woman should be satisfied.

When a man sees a contented woman, he also increases his mood. For example, he came from work, and he is met by a satisfied wife, and then he understands that all is well and his self-esteem goes up. And who comes home and sees a wife who is not happy, his self-esteem goes down.

Women’s love is the ability to ask. That is, women have to state their feminine “I want.” And the man fulfills it, receives the woman’s gratitude, joy and happiness. He, too, begins to feel happy.

What is the difference of love in M and W?

Three differences between the manifestations of love of a man and a woman:

For a woman, the emotional state always comes first. Women are forever hunting for emotion and therefore give attention to the little things. For a woman, love is feelings from his actions. For men, facts and comfort are important. Therefore, love for a man is concrete actions that satisfy his comfort.

For a woman, love is about caring . Caring for her emotional, financial, sexual, physical state. For a man, love is believing in him. When not helped, if not asked for and just verbally supported – “You can do it! You’re strong! I’m proud of you!”. It’s a recognition of his strength.

For a woman, love is not about respect . She may not respect, but she can love (=care). A man cannot love if he does not respect and cannot love if he is not respected. Respect is even more important to a man than love.

This can be briefly explained by the main messages that M and W want to hear and feel:

She wants the “I will never leave you” message from him. That is, I will care and act for you.

He wants to get the message from her, “I’ll follow you where you go.” I.e., I will give you the right to choose, take risks, make mistakes, draw conclusions and choose again.

Signs of male love

Have you ever wondered what is the sign of a man’s love?

So a man’s love is in those very little things that we sometimes do not even take seriously, men they do not know how to show their love as women do.

Men’s love :

is coming up to hug from behind;

is a kiss before leaving home;

It is cooked his lunch or dinner, (for which he should be praised and told that he is super-good, and it turned out very delicious);

It’s a text message “I love you” when he goes somewhere for a long time;

it’s the “let’s do it together” text;

when he brings home his paycheck.

In general, these are the very actions that we do not even notice, or it seems to us to be their duties.

How should a man love a woman, so that she is sure that she is really loved

“I wonder if he loves me.” – women often ask this question, and they rarely realize what to look out for.

How does a man’s love manifest itself? To get the right answer, you have to learn to understand male psychology:

A man declares, “This is my woman.” When a man is in love, he seeks to show you to the whole World. So that everyone knows who this beautiful woman belongs to. Understand that the way you are presented to society, the title you are given, is what you are to a man. In private, he can say whatever he wants, as long as he gets what he wants. In society he takes responsibility – claims the right to you and your future life. So, if you are dating long enough, you profess love, but you have not yet become familiar with his surroundings, it is time to think about it. Do not let him play on your feelings.

A man provides. This is his vocation. A man doesn’t feel complete if he can’t feed and provide for his family. He will want to know if you have enough. He won’t wait for you to ask for it. Help with finances, if there is a need. He will give gifts. Remember: a real man wants to make sure that his loved ones, family, children receive enough attention and all the good things. So they do not need anything. If you have not, then it’s time to think about your future. Get to the bottom of the situation.

A man always protects those he cares about. You will be protected from danger, sorrow, care for your health.

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