Meditation to develop intuition – laying it out

How to develop intuition

The specifics of today’s dynamic life require us to quickly solve different problems. And in this, intuition comes to our aid. Our “sixth sense” quickly finds the right answer to a question. Everyone has it, but not everyone is sufficiently developed. But this can be remedied. This ability can be improved through training. A person can learn everything if he wants to.

Intuition: the concept and importance.

What is our proverbial intuition? It is the ability to directly see the truth, to comprehend it without reasoning and evidence. The right answer, the solution to a problem, each person with a good intuition finds, connecting the conscious and subconscious. “The sixth sense” works on the principle of generalizing all the data received from the external environment and the inner world. This can be positive, negative, random and purposeful information.

Attentive, open, confident and self-respecting people have a well-developed intuition. If a person does not have a balance of these qualities and is subject to all kinds of complexes, then his “sixth sense” is simply blocked. It really needs information from a sense of reality and a correct perception of it. A person must have the right thoughts, and he must trust his senses. If he makes a decision on an intuitive level, it is not at all guesswork. Although many of us think this way. Intuition means a lot to all of us. It helps us make the right decision as quickly as possible when we don’t have time to use logic and experience. That’s why developing intuition is so important for everyone.

What other hidden possibilities we have

Any difficult situation awakens in a person his hidden capabilities. They come in different forms:

  • Reading other people’s thoughts – involves working at the level of feeling other people’s emotions, understanding and grasping them, it lends itself well to development;
  • Influence on the environment by words, thoughts and actions – inherent in leaders, they are able to awaken confidence in other people in their own strength and also easily harm them;
  • forecasting, prediction of the future – is an excellent ability to transform one’s own thoughts into reality, as well as the previous capabilities can be developed in oneself.

Ways to develop intuition

The ability to understand, touch, and feel information without connecting the eyes, ears, nose, senses, and taste buds is supersensory perception. Many people define our intuition by this concept as well. There are a few tips, the use of which will teach you to listen and hear your “sixth sense”, how to develop intuition:

  • It is necessary to look for signs – paramount is the ability to recognize what intuition says with its unobtrusive and silent voice. Each person has his own communication with this feeling. It can be a visual message in the form of a picture in your short-term vision or a long clip. Or it can be as a fleeting thought, goosebumps on your skin, a feeling of some lightness. And sometimes it’s like a certainty and deep knowledge in the soul. We must not forget the abilities of the subconscious, which are not always under the control of the mind. We must trust the signs we receive, because they are sent for a reason, but for our good. Pay attention to such messages.
  • We need to practice meditation-it helps to clear the brain, the mind, to establish a more effective connection with our intuition. Also, meditation can help you think more clearly and positively. Start meditating and see positive results. Thoughts are often clouded by what is going on and from this we are sometimes unable to hear what our intuition is saying.
  • It is necessary to ask – intuition does not like passivity. Ask questions, and the answers won’t take long to come. It is important to be specific and clear about what the person wants to know. And the important thing is to write down the answers. Neurologists claim that it takes 37 seconds to catch an intuitive idea, and if possible, to write it down. If you don’t have time, it disappears and doesn’t come back.
  • There must be a diary – so that your intuition doesn’t waste your wise answers, you need to write them down in a diary. This is a very effective technique for communicating with your inner voice.
  • Quick reaction is necessary – by quick actions in response to the voice of the “sixth sense” we open the passage that exists between consciousness and subconsciousness wider. And this helps to be rewarded as a simple timely recommendation for action at the intuitive level.
  • It is necessary to believe in yourself – belief in your intuition contributes to obtaining more information. Which will help to make the right decision in a certain situation, achieve a goal faster, solve an important task, etc.
  • It is necessary to live today, now – it is not necessary to worry about past actions and thoughts, intuition craves from a person to focus on the present moment. Thinking about past events can cause different feelings, including pain, guilt, disappointment, which prevents you from hearing your wise intuition. The same goes for thoughts about an uncertain future. Developing your “sixth sense” without concentration is difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Exercises and techniques for developing intuition

The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition. This means that by improving its work, you can possess a developed intuition. Developed a lot of practices for training and improving this ability. Here are a few of them:

Training for the right hemisphere of the brain.

There is a contact of the hemispheres with the hands in our body. We are interested now in the right hemisphere, and it is connected with the left hand. So in developing our intuition, it will help us to train the work of the left upper extremity. It can be any action performed by it.

2. Exercise with guessing the location of a coin.

The exercise assumes that there is another person who should be hiding a coin in one of the hands behind his or her back. And you have to guess where it is. It should be at least 10-15 tries. Then you should analyze your feelings at different moments and write down the results. Listen to your feelings, and you will notice that each time it is easier for you to guess.

3. Guess the card.

You should draw some cards from the deck and put them upside down. Then you should try to guess what the cards are (suit, color). There is no need to rush. It is better to close your eyes. It helps to focus. It is not necessary to use logical thinking here. If you do not succeed immediately, do not despair. Practice will yield results. In addition, you can play solitaire, anticipating future events.

4. practice before going to bed.

This technique involves forming a new habit before going to bed. Before falling asleep, it is necessary to first release all of the negativity received during the day and relax completely. Then move on to communicating with your subconscious mind. Ask the questions that concern you the most, in your mind, ask them to be answered with a dream.

5. Learn to hear your inner voice.

It is necessary to listen to your inner self in a state of tranquility, Before doing this exercise it is necessary to relax completely. To do this, you can do any activity that brings you pleasure. Active activities may also be selected, but only those that allow one to receive only positive emotions.

6. Training the five senses

The development of intuition is promoted by improving the familiar five senses. It is necessary to imagine any objects and try to remember the detailed characteristics, details, including a smell, a feeling at touch, features of an appearance, etc. Five-minute intervals for a single object. Daily practice will yield results.

Sitting on the floor with eyes closed, it is necessary to draw mentally the future place of your stay. For example, a beauty salon or a cafe, and you can assume that it is an art gallery. It is necessary to imagine the feelings that are experienced when visiting the place at a certain moment. That is, it is necessary to predict your emotional state. Then, having found oneself in such a place, we compare the results of the imagination and reality. This exercise trains one’s presentiment. Frequent practice will allow one to draw the details of fantasies more accurately. Thus, a person will not guess, but can learn to feel what awaits him or her in a particular place.

8. Phone call.

Another effective exercise is guessing who is calling you on the phone. To do this, when you hear a tune or ringing sound from your cell phone, take the time to look to see who is calling. You have to guess each time who decided to bother you. After practicing this for a few days, you’ll feel the ease with which most calls are identified. Having honed this skill, you can make the task more difficult. The next task is to guess not only who wants to talk to you, but also the purpose of the call.

9. How the spy feels on the task.

Reminiscent of the exercise of guessing the location of a coin. Your helper (friend, family member) should hide some thing behind his back, a photo. You have to try to make a description using your five senses. Difficult, but possible. You should start with simple objects. Each time it will be easier and easier to hear the voice of your “sixth sense. Close your eyes. It helps to focus on the details. You can use your artistic talents and draw on paper whatever your imagination shows.

The way to your success is to practice regularly at every opportunity. Check your intuition at every opportunity. And you will see that this feeling will improve with each time.

Good intuition – the solution to all problems (how to develop intuition)

Hello, dear reader, welcome to the reality of yoga! Today I’m going to tell you about the most important quality to achieve happiness and success, both in yoga and in any area of life. Let’s talk about intuition.

What is intuition? How does it work? Why do we need intuition? How to develop intuition?

It’s great to know where to go in all circumstances and at all crossroads of life! To know what to choose so that the result would be the best! To always make the right decision without unnecessary delays and doubts and to feel confident in it! How life is simplified then!

And all this is possible if intuition works. If it exists and a person follows it, then life will be successful and happy one way or another, if intuition does not work or a person does not follow it – unnecessary problems cannot be avoided.

In order to understand what intuition is and why – it is a panacea for all problems, it is necessary to remind the first point of the article The most important in yoga – yoga unequivocally believes that a man is far not only a mechanism of mind body; for brevity here we will say that a man is a soul, which has a body. Warning. Not you have a soul, but you have a body, because, first of all, you are a SOUL.

And you, as a soul, are already your true nature – Sat Chit Ananda (Eternal Consciousness, Eternal Existence, Eternally New Bliss), in short, you have the quality of omniscience. If the connection with the soul of the body-mind mechanism is good, it costs nothing for the soul to direct its physical body in the way that is best for the whole structure.

The soul and the body-mind mechanism are somewhat like two friends, one of which is wandering through a labyrinth and the other one is elevated above the labyrinth and sees the first one very well, sees perfectly well where he goes, because he can see better from above!

If there is a cell phone, then guiding one’s friend through the labyrinth, the soul can easily lead him out of the difficulty. But if for some reason the friend in the labyrinth does not want to pick up the phone and follow the advice of the soul, and wants to wander longer, or maybe even die, then what can be done? Yoga is for those who want to walk through life without too many difficulties, you can’t save yourself from everyone until you reach the eighth step of Patanjali. In order to avoid as many difficulties as possible, we need the help of a friend who is higher and can see better. And it’s not a friend at all – it’s your soul, your Higher Self – that’s the true you.

So, to make the topic of intuition clear, the first thing you have to at least try to realize is that you are not a body-mind mechanism, but a soul. And intuition is the connection between the soul and the body-mind mechanism. A good connection means good intuition. Bad connection means that intuition is absent and a man has to live, wandering in a maze of doubts and false values, without a chance to be really sure of anything. Real certainty is simply there, it does not need proof – it is absolute calm knowledge – this is the manifestation of intuition.

So what does the science of yoga say about intuition?

In Sanskrit, the sacred language of the ancient yogic sages, intuition is referred to by the word Viveka, a distinction between true and false. In yoga, viveka is one of the most valuable qualities. If the term intuition in the modern world is mostly understood as the ability to feel how events will unfold further, which option will bring more relative good, then viveka, first of all, calls to see which layout of events will bring more good absolute, eternal, which is what true yoga is interested in. Intuition should not only help to determine what choice to make, so that it would contribute to the improvement of life in that spiritual horizontal plane which one occupies, true intuition – viveka – helps to increase the level of spiritual development, to bring us closer to our true nature Sat Chit Ananda, and to make all actions, thoughts, words corresponding to the basics of yoga and any spiritual path – Yamam Niyamam. It is through true intuition that one expands consciousness and realizes the simple fact that one is far more beautiful and perfect than one is used to think of oneself when looking at one’s reflection in the mirror. This is exactly what happens when one attains the eighth step of Patanjali Yoga.

Three recommendations for developing intuition

1.meditation – the best way to develop intuition

In yoga the most effective way of developing intuition is meditation, which emphasizes the development of sensitivity, like the ability to listen. This is the most effective way of developing intuition in yoga, where the emphasis is on developing sensitivity and the ability to listen. In fact, everyone has it and is able to act absolutely harmoniously and kindly in harmony with it, because we are all souls, the only difference is the purity of the communication channel between the soul and the body-mind mechanism. If the channel is clean and the connection is good, one feels happy, if the channel is polluted, then one is not satisfied. Right meditation is about asking the person to ask their soul to clear the channel, to help them act wisely, and to fill their life with happiness.

2.The point between the eyebrows is the center of intuition

The center of intuition in the human body is situated in the point between the eyebrows (positive pole of ajna chakra). When a person focuses his attention on this point, this center is additionally recharged with energy. If you focus your attention on it more often during the day, and also try to keep the direction of your gaze slightly above the horizon line, a good magnetization of the intuition center occurs and it develops. By the way, the point between the eyebrows is also the center of concentration and the center of willpower, that is why many pictures of sages do not hesitate to indicate this point.

So, we magnetize the point between the eyebrows, directing our attention to it.

3. practice sensing the future through intuition

Also, in order to develop intuition, one should often ask a yes/no question to one’s Higher Self. Very often, if I need to buy something, meet someone, go somewhere, I ask whether it would be the best thing for me to do so. And the answer “yes” most often feels like a lift of energy, an expanding feeling in my chest, warmth in my chest, joy and freedom. A “no” answer is a lack of any pleasant feeling or even a squeezing feeling. Intuition can give answers in different ways for different people, but in general the system works similarly. The science of yoga makes it clear that each of us has a radio station of thought sending and receiving in specific organs of the subtle body. To get a clear, concise answer, it is important to concentrate at the point between the eyebrows. A clear, concretely formulated question can be kind of charged with a lot of energy. Just imagine that your question is a balloon, you wrap it, as in blankets, in a shell of energy (it is better to wrap it in three layers). You have created a powerful ball of energy with a question and send this ball upwards – to the Higher Self. And the place to receive the answer is the heart (the heart chakra in the center of the chest). After the question is asked, one should become very open and receptive, focus in the center of the chest on the heart chakra and feel the answer there.

So, we ask yes/no questions and try to feel the answer.

More information on this subject can be found in this video with Swami Kriyananda, the founder of world yoga centers and communities and a disciple of Master Paramahansa Yogananda (the author of the world bestseller “Autobiography of Yoga”):

Of course, no matter how well your intuition works, you should always keep common sense in mind. At a certain period of my life, I, relying too much on intuition, pushed common sense further away and my soul showed me through further developments very well that self-confidence, does not lead to good:) Wisdom is also primarily intuition, but common sense is needed in any case. Together, these two tools allow you to solve all your current problems in a very harmonious way and improve your life for the better in all respects.

The best way to develop intuition is to prolong the effect of calm and joy after meditation, and also to magnetize the point between the eyebrows. Meditation and energizing exercises also help to magnetize it. I would be glad to teach them to you!

Read more about what intuition is and how it works in the article – How to always make the right decisions to be happy? I’m waiting for your comments! Please tell me about the ways you develop your intuition!

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