Married women flirting: it’s good to know

Flirting with a married woman: what to expect and what to hope for

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What a piece of news! It turns out that not only men in marriage, looking at the side.

What’s good about flirting with a married woman, and why do they do it?

The Tigress on the Hunt

You know who encounters married Frau’s hitting on their side on a daily basis?

Bramen. Especially the young and pretty ones.

“Something I find very strange about the behavior of married women. They flirt all the time. I know this because I work as a bartender. And often, very often, too often the following happens to me: the ladies make conversation with me, flirt and say silly things. Often I observe the following picture: another married lady is actively flirting with young guys, none of whom are clearly her husband. It makes me wonder – do I want a serious relationship? What if my wife is flirting with young guys the same way? What am I supposed to do then?

Why do married women flirt so much?” – you have before you the revelations of a young and very impressionable bartender. But the kid brought up a very interesting point.

Advantages .

Let’s start with the pros. What’s good about flirting with a married woman?

She’s not going to take you to the registry office. She’s not demanding attention 24/7.

Either she just flirts with you, boosts her self-esteem and regally withdraws after being satisfied with a few compliments, or offers to have sex one night.

Yeah, just like that – sex with no strings attached. “One night stand.” Most likely, there’s something missing in her relationship with her husband. Maybe he’s too conservative. Or maybe he’s just not much of a lover.

She knows what she wants and doesn’t intend to be coy. She’s had her fill of playing coy with her husband. And she intends to get quality sex from a beautiful stranger.


Jealous hysterical women get married, too. It’s not out of the question that she will start making scandals on and off. She’ll demand attention 24/7. Yes, we just refuted one of the points above. But when it comes to women, everything can go wrong.

If her husband turns out to be very jealous and influential, the naive lover can get in a lot of trouble.

Also, she could fall in love, and the free relationship will cease to be free.

In short, women – the bastion of unpredictability in our world. Any interaction with them – at your own risk. And flirting with a married woman is a very dangerous game.

Did it show or not?

Is a married woman really flirting with you, or is it a game of your imagination, sponsored by a long period of abstinence?

She does this in front of her husband, clearly expecting his reaction. He laughs-he’s more amused than disturbed by what’s happening.

Apparently, the couple have a pretty fun relationship and like to play games like this.

Never mind.

If she only makes eyes at you when her husband isn’t around, then she’s really flirting with you. Reply to her flirting or not – you decide.

  • A personalized approach

Is she friendly and sociable with everyone, gathers a lot of people around her, and is the soul of the company?

Don’t be fooled, she just likes to be the center of attention.

She doesn’t want her husband to know about your conversation/walk and advises you to hide it from your girlfriend?

The case smells fishy.

If you know what we mean.

Talking about work and making business requests is one thing. Saying things like “did you miss me?” and offering to go for a walk after work is another.

Read intonation and gestures.

Cheating on a woman in a movie.

  • “Sin City 2: A Woman Worth Killing For.”

Fatal Eva Green as a woman who enters into a marriage of convenience. Seduces, drives her insane and uses her. But Eva’s fans are willing to forgive her more than that.

A clear example that not all women consider fidelity and loyalty to the spouse the highest value.

First love, a long marriage and a settled life. And then your first love admits to cheating and demands a divorce.

Brutal? Yes. But that’s life.

  • “Last night in New York.”

Cheating. Male and female. Physical and spiritual. Spouse and ex-boyfriend. A wife and a pretty colleague.

Describing the film is useless, judging the characters is pointless. It is up to the viewer to form his own opinion of the main characters.

How do you know that your friend’s fiancée is openly seducing you? And how to resist her if she looks like Scarlett Johansson?

A woman of obsession and a woman of boredom. Which one should I make my wife?

Family psychologist. For eight years I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Just because a woman has a ring on her ring finger right hand, does not mean she will not flirt. On the contrary, often married girls flirt with twice as much force – usually it does not go beyond flirting. It’s just important for a woman to feel desirable and to feel the attention of other men. This is the girls’ psychology, and nothing can be done about it. Flirting with a married woman is quite acceptable, but you can not count on anything – a girl is unlikely to cheat on her husband with the first man she meets. For a woman to agree to adultery, you need to really win her heart, and flirting alone will not be enough.

Why a married woman should not be ashamed if she was involved with another man

You love your spouse, but increasingly you think of another man and smile.

Charly Pn / Unsplash

You had your dream wedding, your partner is your best friend, and you’re happy that you have your own family now, too. But then that brilliant feeling begins to fade. You begin to realize that your coworker is really attractive and very interesting to talk to. Or that your girlfriend’s brother is sweet and smart. You love your spouse, but increasingly you think of another man and smile, perhaps even to the point of “butterflies in your stomach.”

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After years (and sometimes even months) of married life, you are in love with someone else. Although you may feel guilty about your husband at first, don’t worry. Here’s why it’s normal, what to do about it, and when it can go too far.

Is it okay to fall in love when you’re married?

Before you berate yourself for not being able to take your eyes off an attractive new colleague, know that this is a very common occurrence. “Quite often married people, even happily and devotedly married people, have feelings for others,” says psychologist Lisa Marie Bobby. – “Falling in love or having a romantic crush ‘can happen toward anyone you spend time with who has attractive or, interestingly, exciting qualities.

Why do happy spouses fall in love with other people?

“It’s normal for married people to wonder what it means to have the freedom to be with someone else,” says Susan Winter, a relationship expert. – “Marriage becomes habitual and relationships become predictable.”

Yes, marriage gives a sense of stability, but it also reduces excitement and spontaneity, and that double-edged sword is what creates the perfect recipe for falling in love.

Sometimes the qualities your spouse lacks attract you to another person who has them. “For example, if you lack witty jokes or heartfelt conversations in your married life. And you find all of this in your interactions with a sympathetic co-worker. At some point, you realize you miss those moments,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby.

When does falling in love with another man cross a red line?

Admiring someone from afar is one thing, but seeking the affections of a man who is not your spouse is something experts say can be detrimental to a marriage.

“Infatuation turns from innocent to dangerous when it crosses the curiosity line,” says Susan Winter, a relationship expert. – “It happens when direct action is taken: conversations about intimate topics, overt flirting can quickly escalate into real consequences.”

Dr. Bobby also warns about how powerful a crush can become if such actions are taken. “When you develop a full-blown romantic attraction to another person, it’s really all-consuming,” she says. – “It needs to be recognized and extinguished early on, or it can easily ruin your marriage and maybe even the trajectory of your life.”

What to do if you’re married and in love with someone else?

When it comes to falling in love when you’re married, honesty is the best policy.

“Acknowledge the fact that this is happening to both you and your spouse,” explains Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. – “Saying it out loud to both of you will help keep you safe. It will provide you with the accountability and transparency that will protect you from deeper romantic connections.”

It’s also important to limit – or even eliminate – conversations with the person you’re in love with. “If possible, avoid contact with the person for whom you have those feelings,” the expert continues. – “If you must communicate with him or her for work, do so briefly and professionally. Make it a point to spend more time with your partner and develop the good qualities of that relationship. Before you know it, feelings for the other person will fade.”

Can falling in love with another man really help your relationship with your husband?

It may seem a little counterproductive, but falling in love with someone who is not your partner can really help your marriage.

“Developing a crush can sometimes be a positive thing for a relationship. If you know yourself enough, you’ll find that your feelings for someone else can tell you what you’d like your relationship with your husband to be,” Dr. Brown says. “Using this contrast can help you make important positive changes in family life. And it’s important to talk openly with your spouse about the improvements you’d like to see.”

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