Man Virgo loves or not – tell us in detail

How to understand that a Virgo man is in love: sure signs and features of behavior

Virgo man is a complex man, at first glance not capable of experiencing romantic love and tender affection. They rarely show their emotions and are sometimes practical to the point of absurdity, preferring matters mundane to “some” ephemeral feelings. If the Virgo man is in love, the signs of tender affection will hardly be visible to the naked eye. You need a good look to detect changes in his behavior. Recognize a Virgo man in love will help tips from astrologers.

Man-Devo – what is he like?

A man-Devo – a positive from all sides, it is harmless to others. He lives by his own rules, rarely enters into conflicts, preferring to stay in the shadows. It is the perfect neat, pragmatic, conservative. Virgo is as simple and reliable as a Soviet lathe, and just as “outdated”. Indeed, if you talk to a man of this sign in heart, dawns suspicion that his beliefs and views he drew from novels a century ago.

Virgo is wary of anything new and afraid of change. This applies to life in general, as well as romantic relationships.

Conservative Virgo will fall in love once and for life – it’s safer for them. Men of this sign prefer stability in everything, including marital relationships, so Virgo does not recognize divorce and treason.

There are a lot of positive qualities in them. This is a reliable man, on whom you can always rely, because Virgo will not betray and will not leave. They become excellent husbands for women who have dreamed since childhood of a reliable shoulder by their side, family comfort and stability.

Positive character traits of men born under this sign:

  • honesty;
  • poise;
  • stability in all things;
  • accuracy;
  • peacefulness;
  • housekeeping;
  • fidelity.

Virgo is honest with himself and others. He does not tolerate lies in all its manifestations, excellent sense of hypocrisy. Virgo knows what honor and responsibility, always ready to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Virgo men are economical and homemakers

Virgo men are very conservative and do not like change. They prefer to surround themselves with expensive and high-quality things just to not change them too often. Men of this sign are very economical, they appreciate home comfort and know how to create it. They are always financially secure, as they know the value of money. True, this often borders on meanness, so grand gestures should not wait from them.

Virgo people are calm and balanced. Sometimes it seems that they are not capable of experiencing vivid emotions, but it is not so. Men of this sign are great to analyze their own feelings, and just discard everything that in their opinion could hurt the stability of their psyche.

If vivid emotions and shocks, however pleasant, can be avoided, Virgo will definitely make every effort to do so.

The neatness of Virgo can sometimes be annoying. All things in their home have their place, the order has not changed for years, and any dissonance brought from the outside disrupts this order and irritates Virgo. To coexist comfortably with this man, it is enough just to remember the arrangement of various things in his house and put everything in its place – then Virgo will be grateful and calm for the preservation of his life order.

Negative character traits of a man born under the sign of Virgo:

  • coldness;
  • reticence;
  • sullenness;
  • stubbornness;
  • meticulousness;
  • limited range of interests;
  • lack of flexibility.

The reticence of representatives of this sign is fully compensated by their sense of humor. And jokes Virgo always easy and understandable, but no less funny. As a rule, they prefer to joke on side topics, so as not to accidentally offend the interlocutor.

Virgo’s range of interests is always limited to the professional sphere, but many representatives of this sign love to travel. Communicating with Virgo can be difficult because of the lack of common themes, in such cases the conversation turns into a monologue of a man about his work.

Virgo men are quite stubborn, but they try not to enter into disputes. They consider arguments a waste of time, because no one is able to change their mind. In addition, men of this sign demonstrate a striking lack of flexibility of character, so it is difficult to adapt to new conditions. Any changes are perceived negatively Virgo, the man becomes irritable and may well break down on others.

In family life Virgo are constant, stable and boring. They are caring and reliable husbands, however, very predictable. Virgoes are tied to their children and never willingly leave the family.

What is he like, a Virgo man in love?

Virgo man often spoils his beloved with gifts

If the Virgo man is in love, the signs of his feelings are very difficult to notice. Astrologers will tell you how you can understand that a Virgo man is in love, and what actions you can expect from him.

Virgo men fall in love very rarely and extremely hard, so the typical signs of his interest is indecision. The fact is that falling in love is regarded by Virgo men as chaos and a violation of the order of life, so it is safe to say that romantic feelings of men of this sign are feared.

So, how does a Virgo man in love behave?

  1. The behavior of Virgo men in love changes, they become restless and distracted. When talking to the object of sympathy, this man may get confused in his words, blush, change the subject of the conversation and generally behave like a worried teenager.
  2. Virgo lovers can be recognized by their eyes. Usually the focused and cold gaze leaves them, these men look at the woman with tenderness. At the same time, the gaze at point-blank range is avoided by Virgo. Noticing how he squints, sighs languidly and then looks away, a woman can conclude that he is not indifferent.
  3. In love with a man of this sign begins to closely monitor your appearance. Virgo suddenly says goodbye to his favorite ten-year sweater and makes a choice in favor of stylish and expensive things. Exquisite perfume, a new hairstyle and a change in clothing style are all indications that Virgo has given in to feelings and allowed changes in his life.
  4. If Virgo gets up the courage, he will begin to give more overt signs of attention. The amorous gaze is complemented by fancy bouquets, languid sighs by cute presentations.
  5. In order to ask a girl out on a date, Virgo will have to muster up all their courage. They are not distinguished by their originality, so the first date will take place in a restaurant and certainly in the most expensive.
  6. In love Virgo temporarily forget about his frugality and shower the lady of the heart with expensive gifts. He is not stingy, so you can expect expensive perfumes, jewelry, romantic trips. Virgo prefers practical gifts, so often give girls expensive gadgets.

Man – Virgo rather difficult to ask the girl on a first date

Despite their unromantic nature, Virgo men love to fulfill other people’s dreams. If he finds out that the girl has a pipe dream, he will put all his efforts to achieve it. Men of this sign do not mind to show an original approach, but he usually needs some kind of encouragement or a hint from the girl, so do not be afraid to openly tell him about your desires and preferences.

How to understand that he is hiding a crush?

After understanding the peculiarities of the behavior of a Virgo man in love, you should know how he will behave if he does not find the strength to openly declare his feelings. This usually happens if a man does not feel confident and is afraid of rejection. In addition, Virgo is very jealous and very possessive, so it is unlikely that they will have the courage to openly demonstrate their feelings to a girl around whom there are always many suitors.

If Virgo hides his crush, he will limit himself to tender glances and languid sighs. In doing so, he will have a struggle in his soul, the result of which will be the suppression of feelings. If you suspect that Virgo is in love, it is advisable to immediately give him a chance for reciprocity, before he has time to deal with his crush.

Behave with a man in love Virgo, who hides his feelings, should be careful. It is recommended first to establish a friendly relationship with him, and then subtly hint that his heart is free and he may well take a place in it. True, they understand hints with difficulty, so you have to hint at least three times.

How to get his attention?

The ability of a girl to cook well and deliciously Virgo will always appreciate

Manifestation of love of a Virgo man can be quite timid, the behavior of this man often leaves a lot of questions and uncertainty about his feelings. Noticing slight signs of attention, girls are advised not to pull and immediately take the situation into their own hands.

The ideal girl for Virgo is smart, beautiful, a hostess and a career woman. To attract his attention, you need to start with working out the image. Virgo is attracted to feminine girls who do not allow vulgarity in behavior and prefer modest clothing.

Virgo chooses girls who look like themselves, so you can safely copy the behavior of Virgo lovers in order to attract a man of this sign. Convergence is important to begin with a friendly communication, because a man chooses his life partner, which should be not only a lover, but also his best friend.

It’s good if the girl will be able to demonstrate her financial literacy – this will immediately attract the man born under the sign of Virgo.

It is very important for them that the girl can keep perfect order in everything, so you can safely invite Virgo to visit and surprise them with her culinary talents and ability to create a home comfort. You can spend a romantic evening over dinner, which the woman will prepare especially for Virgo, as well as watching a light family comedy or drama. Men of this sign love movies and will gladly latch on to a movie, considering it a good and safe topic of conversation.

How not to behave with a Virgo?

When dating a Virgo man, you should not flirt with other men

After figuring out how a Virgo man in love can behave, you should know how you can push him away so that you don’t make a mistake in dealing with a man of this sign. The conservative Virgo will run faster than the wind if his companion:

  • Curses foul language and tells lewd jokes;
  • Abuses alcohol;
  • criticizes his activities;
  • spends his money;
  • is not punctual;
  • is unfamiliar with discipline and time management;
  • Flirts with other men.

Also, a man of this sign can be repulsed by too revealing clothes and bright makeup, and the Virgo in love may not show signs of discontent at once, but the girl will not invite him to a second date.

Astrological tips for women of different signs

Before you start dating a Virgo, you should accept that it is useless to wait for romantic acts from him. His fantasy is somehow enough for a candy-boquet period, but after Virgo again becomes boring and predictable. This should be taken into account for aquatic girls – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Virgo does not know the words of love, so compliments and sweet confessions will have to wait for a very long time.

Women of the Fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will have to put up with his stubbornness. It is important to remember that it is almost impossible to change Virgo’s mind, and there is no need to try.

Women of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will be a good companion for Virgo, but this union will be quite boring and monotonous. Astrologers recommend women of these signs to take the initiative in relationships and show more emotion.

Women of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) should accept the life order of Virgo and not try to change it. A man of this sign is very jealous, but hides his feelings, so do not give him reasons to be jealous.

Virgo man: simple ways to understand his real attitude towards you

When dating a Virgo man, it’s not always possible to understand his true attitude toward you. The calmness of the character hides feelings and emotions. But the reason for the refusal to show affection is the fear of change, which is peculiar to the conservative sign. To find out the secret will help observation, and to conquer the heart of a young man – economic and decisiveness.

How to determine what a Virgo man feels for a woman

Not every astrologer or psychologist can explain how a Virgo man falls in love. Their sympathy is elusive, it relies on the instinctive choice of a partner who meets certain characteristics. As feelings often arise to unfamiliar people, the fear of disappointment fights against the desire to start a family, to which representatives of the zodiac sign are prone. If for some time the chosen one shows the best side, the relationship will begin. It is important to catch the slightest changes in behavior to win the attention of Virgo.

If he is slightly infatuated

His interest can be noticed by paying close attention to his demeanor and gestures. The young man carefully conceals any manifestations of feelings when he is not sure of the reliability of his choice. He should be able to:

  1. Unfocused gaze. The young man’s thoughts wander, so he is distracted. When asked to look into the eyes he will look away, perhaps he will blush.
  2. Observation. In the company the guy more often notices what drinks the girl prefers, how she behaves in relation to others. A man’s interest is aimed at finding out whether the woman he likes corresponds to his criteria.
  3. The desire to be near. It is based on the same desire to find out what neighborhood the girl is from, what her family is like, so don’t be surprised by his offer to take her home.

If he loves and is ready to marry

Signs of a man in love will be replaced even at the first glance. A young man changes his habits and habits, showing what he is capable of:

  • Clothes. The guy is used to buying expensive clothes so he doesn’t have to spend the effort to choose a new one, so his favorite sweater is ready to wear to the holes. If it was replaced by a fitted shirt, expensive suits, and the image is complemented by expensive shoes, then the man is preparing for a serious step.

  • Appearance. Virgo can not be called unkempt, representatives of this zodiac sign watch their hygiene, do not miss routine check-ups at the dentist. But at the moment of love the guy changes even the usual haircut, which remained during the last 5-7 years.
  • Gifts. Men of the earth sign are frugal and stingy. Do not expect to receive generous gifts from her husband, but at the time of courting this principle is postponed. The guy is ready to shower her with bouquets and present her with jewelry. At the same time, all of his gifts are practical.
  • The desire to please. The representative of the sign is prone to stubbornness, poorly tolerates changes. At the moment of falling in love, this quality in relation to the chosen one is muted – the guy is ready to fulfill any wish of the girl, only to make her happy.

If he fell in love as a boy

Determine what is going on with him, you can use observation. If feelings appeared suddenly, the young man is in an unusual state. He is nervous, blushing, shy. Compare his behavior with what it was before. Surely there will be changes that are difficult to explain. However, in two or three days the young man will calm down, make a plan of action (to forget about what happened or to pursue the chosen one), but in the meantime you will have to tolerate this incomprehensible state.

Sincere feelings arise in a guy for a modest girl who has known him for a long time. Here’s how to notice them:

  • Concern for the object of sympathy – a sincere desire to show yourself off;
  • attention – despite the lack of interest in the topic of conversation, the young man will not leave the company;
  • gifts – not meaningless trinkets, but quality things that your girlfriend will really need for leisure or work;
  • Date invitations – predictably, but they will take place in a restaurant with a good reputation and high prices.

If he only wants sex

Recognizing his intentions is quite problematic. On the one hand, he shows sympathy, but on the other hand, he does not make serious steps, does not woo, does not give gifts.

In this case, it is very likely that the guy is not planning anything except intimacy with the chosen woman. Because of his innate practicality, a man will not spend money on a girl with whom he can’t see himself. If the ultimate goal is only sex, this will be told:

  • frank jokes – usually Virgo, in order not to offend anyone, express themselves softly, but the situation changes if the goal is bed;
  • violation of personal boundaries – a representative of the sign does not allow himself a frank embrace if he expects a long relationship;
  • confident look in the eyes – the timidity that is present in explicit feelings, disappears if the plans are exclusively intimate intimacy.

The insolence and promiscuity of the representative of the zodiac make it clear about the goals. If this option does not suit you, say so directly, as hints will pass by the young man’s ears. Do not assume that sex will help to get closer, because after what has happened the young man will not be able to regard the girl as a future wife.

How to behave in order to keep his love for a long time

His behavior looks like childish, but despite such a display of feelings, his intentions are serious and stable. He doesn’t trade on casual liaisons, he is constant. Believes that one love for life is normal, so he condemns divorce, treason and betrayal of his spouse. The guy is patient in relationships, although compromises are difficult for him. If the couple has children, the man loves them and is willing to do much to keep the family together.

To create a strong union, the woman must adhere to a short list of rules:

  • Maintain a household. A Virgo guy has enough tenacity to achieve the material well-being of the family. From his wife, the young man will want to get a delicious dinner and a cleaned house in return – this is a mandatory requirement. Additional hobbies of the chosen one do not cause him to protest, so the girl has enough time for self-realization.
  • Remain faithful. In the understanding of Virgo spouses have no right to cheat. The husband trusts the chosen one a priori, so he does not test her, is not jealous of friends and calmly refers to corporate parties. However, even a single case of infidelity will cross out the value of the relationship, instantly destroy everything.

  • Observe personal boundaries. A man appreciates order in small things. This annoys many people, especially when the problem concerns insignificant details. However, for a long life together, it is worth getting used to this kind of behavior, remembering where what thing should be. The young man understands that such a trait negatively affects mutual understanding, so he is grateful to his spouse, if she takes it for granted.

What can permanently ruin the relationship with him

A guy who has decided to build a relationship with a girl, is confident in his choice, so at the first opportunity the chosen one should show mutual affection. However, to destroy the nascent alliance can the behavior of the lady. Common mistakes:

  1. Haste. It is important to be patient. If you rush events, rushing to a final decision, the young man is more likely to retreat.
  2. The quick consent of the girl to sex will alert the man. In his understanding a woman should be achieved, so quick intimacy will make you think about her availability, which negatively characterizes the chosen one.
  3. Aggression, foul language. You should not swear or scandalize when communicating with Virgo, because they do not like rude girls. Guys tend to avoid conflict and expect the same from the companion.
  4. Lack of support. In the classic scheme of the family, the man has the boundaries of the obligations of the spouses lined up. He considers the main female duty to provide support. The virgin needs to be inspired. Despite his outward calmness, he has an ocean of ideas raging inside, which can be implemented. If the woman does not become a muse, the young man will never be a support for her, and this is no longer a union.

To understand the feelings of the reserved representative of the earth element, be patient. The young man will know about them directly, and will seek the attention of his chosen one with confidence. If the girl will like it, the man will create with her a strong married couple that will live together for a long time.

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