Man Taurus in love and relationships – explain in detail

Taurus man in love and relationships – what is he like? Full characteristic

Not least of all this is due to the fact that the zodiac sign Taurus is patronized by the planet Venus.

The zodiac sign belongs to the element of the Earth. Therefore, Taurus is a real gift for women housewives. Taurus men in relationships are calm and conservative. Usually they are decent family men who appreciate home comfort and convenience.

How to win the heart of Taurus

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to carefully monitor your appearance. Taurus loves well-groomed women who don’t skimp on cosmetic procedures.

Success in the sexual aspect is hardly half the battle if you want to win this man’s heart. Passion binds him to his partner more than any other zodiac sign.

In order that the relationship will last long, you should never lie to a Taurus guy: if you undermine his trust, you will be able to return it with great difficulty. Also, try to less discuss financial issues, such conversations irritate Taurus men.

Taurus Men: Horoscope for Sex

In bed, you will have to be patient: these men love long foreplay and, frankly, often give the initiative to the woman. But this happens exactly as long as he has not studied you sufficiently. And then … Be prepared for long marathons! He can – and wants to – have sex for many days in a row. It’s normal for him.

In bed, he is attentive to his partner and always considers her needs. Just give him time to figure out what you really want.

The key erogenous zones of Taurus… they are all one erogenous zone! Sensual and sensitive, these gentlemen like it best when their neck and the area behind their ears are touched. Kisses on the back in general are able to drive them crazy.

The neck is one of the most sensitive areas of men born under the sign of Taurus. Moreover, you can caress his neck even outside of the bedroom: even a simple touch to the neck, made as if by chance, when you adjust the collar of his shirt before work, can also bring you closer.

Despite some of the associations that may arise with the “bull” zodiac sign, these men are not characterized by rough, animal sex. But the essence of the zodiac sign reflects their endurance: they can do a lot and for a long time, and usually until old age. In their caresses Taurus is not that they are very refined, but this is compensated by the utmost sincerity. They are open to new experiences, they do not mind to indulge in role-playing. However, they do not tolerate outright debauchery.

What kind of woman seeks a Taurus?

He is thorough in his choice. He chooses for a long time. This is an unhurried sign, and such a pace of life is reflected in all that he does. But if he chooses you, then you can be calm: it will last.

Men born under this sign of the zodiac, they appreciate stability and do not like to change their choices. Changes are not given to them easily. Therefore, they are practically not capable of cheating – the price is too high and they do not exchange the comfort of their home for a fleeting affair.

As a life partner, he wants to see a woman who is caring, well-groomed, and sexy. It is important to him that you are always around. At the same time, he is quite jealous and will not tolerate even a hint of male competition near him. Liberality in bed and housekeeping will also be a big plus if you want to have a relationship with him.

Be prepared for the fact that Taurus will try to protect you from the troubles of the world around. So it may be difficult for freedom-loving people with a bad temper to be around them.

How does a Taurus man fall in love?

You may think he’s walking around in circles. However, this is not a Libra, who is always doubting his choice and postponing the most important decisions for later. Taurus is different: he is trying to analyze his feelings, to understand what drives him and what he feels toward you.

How do Taurus men fall in love? Conquer your heart he will be careful, probing your tastes and desires. Most likely, this “probing” you will not even notice. And when you will notice it, it will be too late: they are romantic and charming just like Libra, because both signs are under the care of the planet Venus. At the same time, Taurus is masterful at softening any angles, they literally exude an aura of calm and solidity.

You will feel his love exactly as long as you are near him. And you should give him credit: he will do everything to make you feel like a stone wall behind him.

How to understand that Taurus has feelings

Taurus man in love is romantic and knows how to court. This is one of the most romantic “suitors” among all the zodiac signs. Be prepared for expensive gifts from him.

However, you will need time to convince yourself of the authenticity of his feelings. Taurus makes decisions unhurriedly, thinking them through from all sides. Half-measures are not about him: he wants to give himself wholly and completely to his beloved. Be ready for the fact that he will demand the same from you. Give him time to figure out if you have feelings for him. Do not rush him.

Does the Taurus man want to date more? Talking about how he misses you even before the date is over? Planning his next meeting? Congratulations: he is in love with you!

Taurus, disappointed in love, can become cynical and aloof. Winning this person’s trust again is never easy. If some of the “windy” signs of the zodiac, once scalded, continue to flutter without a care from one partner to another until they find the ideal one, then our guy is not like this: his feelings are deep and grounded, and he changes his mind with great difficulty.

Taurus: how to build a relationship with him

In amorous matters, these men are concrete and realistic. Do not be surprised if before the date he wants to find out all the details: where you will go, what further plans for the evening.

Be prepared for the fact that on the first date we will talk about sexual intimacy. And not just go – a male Taurus will insist on it. But this is just the case when you should not hurry, otherwise the interest in Taurus will cool down quickly.

It will not suit too active, overly talkative women – he quickly tires of them. On the other hand, he may become bored with such phlegmatic women as himself. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

The main thing in a relationship with the Taurus Lord is not to rush. Nudges and any additional stimulation only irritate him. He falls in love gradually, immersing himself in the relationship. If everything goes well, then over time you will turn into the meaning of his whole life.

You may notice that his approach to money is a bit stingy. However, this man does not have selfish motives: It is simply important to him that you are also able to earn money and stand firmly on your feet. A woman who respects money and knows how to earn it, causes Taurus only respect.

Remember one more important thing: Taurus is a tactile sign of the zodiac. It is important for him to touch you and look you in the eye. Try not to perceive this as an invasion of his personal space, just so he deepens his affection for you.

Marriage and a Taurus Man

On a date with you – even if it’s only your first meeting – he may well see you as a potential candidate for married life. The fact that deep in his heart he dreams about a strong family union. And he looks closely at every partner as a future wife: analyzing her behavior, trying to understand whether she is suitable to him. A Taurus man will penetrate into the depths of your soul. It’s vital for him to know that you are interested in him, not his financial prospects.

Family is a real fortress for him. The ideal picture of Taurus family life is one in which even the thought of divorce causes a stupor. That said, if a woman makes good money, it will only be a plus for him.

Family and marriage for him is a sign of maturity and maturity. Do not be surprised if after marrying you he will tell everyone he met and crossed. That is how he asserts his own status, proving to himself his solidity. Venus, who patronizes this sign of the zodiac, drives his secret thoughts: Taurus wants to find the ideal one. And when he finds it, as many people as possible should know about it.

What does a male Taurus like? In a life partner, these earthy guys appreciate housewifery and practicality most of all. “My home is my fortress” is a winged expression that probably came up with some Taurus. “A penny saved a ruble” – this is the same phrase.

If life has brought you together with a representative of this zodiacal sign, then most likely he will prefer his own plot to live in an apartment building. Preferably, the house should be no more than one storey high. Again, his comfort is directly related to how firmly he is able to stand on his feet, “grounded”.

He appreciates comfort and luxury in his home environment. But it is not luxury for luxury’s sake: he believes that it is better to buy one good thing and it will last for many years than to spend regularly on mediocrity. Ideally, the things he buys can be passed from father to son, and deep down he dreams that one day he will give his son or even his grandson something dear to his heart, such as a watch.

A monotonous, monotonous lifestyle is the key to his peace of mind. If you intend to get into a relationship with Taurus or marry him, you need to be ready for that too. He lives according to a schedule and acts according to a plan.

The year of birth and its influence on the representatives of the sign

In addition to the zodiac sign, the character of this man can also be influenced by his year of birth. What kind of Taurus man is he? Depending on the eastern horoscope, your Taurus man will have these character traits.

  1. Rat . Charming and attractive, sweet and charming. His strength is the rich social capital he has earned by attracting others to him.
  2. Bull . Perseverance and tenacity squared. If this man makes a decision, he will not change it. Does not need additional motivation, always works hard and purposeful.
  3. Tiger . In general, the adventurousness that is not peculiar to Taurus can manifest itself in those who were born in this very year. However, even here energy alternates with cautiousness and even some subtlety.
  4. Cat . One of the most “domestic” Taurus. Responsible, considerate and patient. Any ventures, risky projects can shake his stability. He prefers secure ventures: anything that grows a long time is stable.
  5. Dragon . In addition to the ability to achieve his own and take what he is entitled to, this Taurus knows how to enjoy life. He is kind, cheerful and practical. He will always think twice before acting.
  6. Snake . Characterized by conservatism, adheres to traditions. Able to work long and monotonous. Surprisingly, but Taurus, born in the year of the Snake, can show remarkable flexibility in certain matters.
  7. Horse . The main traits are prudence and diligence. Always thinking of things in the long term. A good strategist.
  8. Goat . For this kind of Taurus, a calm environment is above all. Does not like to get into conflicts or compete with anyone for spheres of influence. For him there is nothing worse than testing his fate.
  9. Monkey . Has a lively character. Intelligent and shrewd. Unlike most of his zodiacal “brothers” who are focused on results, this Taurus is able to enjoy the process of achieving the goal. Acts rationally and intelligently.
  10. Rooster . Is prone to adventurism. Often puts himself to the test in order not to lose form. Some of his ideas may seem too ambitious, but he always knows how to arrive at his intended goal.
  11. Dog . A devoted husband, a cheerful friend. At the same time, he is always focused on the goal and does not like to waste energy. For the sake of financial independence, he can work tirelessly.
  12. Porcupine . Taurus people born in the year of the boar are characterized by vigor and tenacity. They are difficult to move them, they remain calm and reasonable in all situations. Their efforts are directed to achieve stability and to surround themselves with comfort.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

The characteristics of the male Taurus is not the only thing that you should rely on if you want to get to know him better. This is where the compatibility horoscope also comes in handy. Below we will briefly talk about what kind of compatibility a Taurus man has with women of other zodiac signs

  • Aries. The union is unlikely to be strong, the probability of a harmonious relationship – 30%. Aries women are too freedom-loving to tolerate the possessive grasp of the Taurus man.
  • Taurus. The main area in which these two earthly creatures will converge is sex. Otherwise, they will have to try hard to find a common language. The probability of a strong union between Taurus and Taurus is no more than 60%.
  • Gemini. The Taurus man is likely to be strained by the constant craving of his airy companion for adventure. She is very sociable and the Taurus man will not tolerate another man near her. Even if it’s just innocent chitchat at a party. The probability of a lasting union is 40%.
  • Cancer. Perhaps the most promising zodiacal union. The relationship between the Taurus lady and the Taurus gentleman is more of a friendship and partnership, but that is the key to its durability. 90% probability of a long and happy marriage.
  • Virgo. Both partners strive for financial independence, both are naturally practical and know how to make money. There may be glitches in their sex life, but otherwise this is quite a happy mundane couple. There is an 80% chance of success.
  • Libra. The chances of an airy Libra woman getting together with a Taurus man are 50-50. Women of this sign are not very determined, and Taurus is in no hurry by default. You can stall without ever starting up.
  • Scorpio. They just do not like each other. Unlike opposites that attract, Taurus and Scorpio are just creatures from different planets that are unlikely to find an understanding. Compatibility is no more than 50%.
  • Sagittarius. The Sagittarius girl is a yule in the flesh. Taurus, who are usually homebodies, can be difficult with this lump of pulsating energy. Compatibility is 35%.
  • Capricorn. Along with Virgo, the first contender for a happy marriage with Taurus. Similar in temperament, Taurus and Capricorn can build a strong and long-lasting union. Its probability is 90%.
  • Aquarius. Quite an unusual combination. Taurus may be embarrassed by the light, fickle temper of the Aquarius lady. He will not have time to switch between her impulses and the change of interests. Only 30% of success for this couple.
  • Pisces. Both are characterized by sensuality and depth of emotion. But Pisces is much more impulsive than a stable Taurus, which reduces the probability of a successful relationship to 60%.

Tips from .

How to build a successful relationship with a Taurus?

Firstly, you have to be ready for a monotonous and monotonous life. For him it is a foundation and support. If you also surround him with comfort and provide a cozy environment in the house, then the chances to win his heart will grow at times.

Second, you can play the woman of mystery with anyone but not with him. He appreciates clarity and sincerity. Lies or falsehoods that Taurus reveals will undermine his trust and you will most likely have to say goodbye.

Long-distance love with him will be difficult, almost impossible. So if the relationship is dear to you, you’ll need to look for ways to get closer.

Third, check out our compatibility horoscope. Find out how suited you are to each other in terms of temperament and life priorities.

P.S. Do you know a Taurus man, but this article isn’t about him at all?

The thing is, we’ve only covered the Sun horoscope here. A full horoscope involves the interaction of your 10 planets with your partner’s 10 planets. Want more information on your compatibility with a Taurus man? Order a full horoscope that takes into account the interactions of all of the male planets with all of the female planets. Then you’ll get a full picture of your union’s prospects.

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Taurus man in marriage, love and relationships

A Taurus man in marriage will be the very husband of whom his girlfriends sigh with envy. After all, this man will make every effort and care so that his beloved will not need anything. Prior to marriage, he seeks stability and a secure future. And because by the time of acquaintance with his future wife, the man Taurus already has everything necessary to become the breadwinner of the family.

In this case, he is well aware that in order to achieve the goals necessary to make the appropriate efforts, and to obtain his lady of the heart, he is approaching just as thoroughly. But despite the fact that Taurus is patronized by the planet of love Venus itself, they are not romantic. This man prefers women who do not have inflated expectations, but are willing to spend their entire lives with him. And what other secrets should you expect from a Taurus man in marriage?

Character traits of a Taurus man

  1. A balanced realist to the bone . A sign of the earth, ideal for those looking for reliability and peace. Very patient, sensible and sexy. A wonderful sense of humor, palpable sensuality and conscious loyalty are his strengths.
  2. Taurus is sentimental when it comes to family, relatives and loved ones, familiar possessions . He appreciates traditions and stability in everything. Super-conservative, therefore it is difficult for him to tolerate changes. For him it is better to learn a few months about some changes to gradually prepare morally, to get used to the idea of reforming his life. It is extremely difficult for a Taurus to break everything all of a sudden.
  3. This is a solid character, his reliability and tolerance is admirable . Risk is not his way, and an honest name is the main thing that should be saved. This is a man of common sense, truthful and constant .
  4. Taurus does not know such problems as boredom or the complexity of the task . They just take up the challenge. They are incredibly plodding men, so they cope with difficulties more successfully than others. To create a family named qualities are very important and will undoubtedly play a positive role.
  5. In order to feel satisfied, happy, Taurus needs fresh air. In the most literal sense, for example, he likes to work in the garden. There he will use his best qualities: consistency, care, patience and practicality.
  6. Taurus men have a very developed sense of money. They are very good in financial matters. At first glance they may seem too economical, but it is not greed, but a safety net. It’s just that someone has to take responsibility for monetary security so that they don’t lose confidence in tomorrow. Taurus men appreciate the protection that money gives them. When they manage to achieve prosperity, they are willing to be generous and share with friends or family.

Taurus male behavior in love, bed and marriage

It makes no sense to rush Taurus men: love flares up in them slowly and seemingly indecisively. Intrusiveness will only scare them away. If a representative of this sign will fall in love, then it will be a strong and deep feeling, seriously and for a long time.

He believes that there are beautiful and cloudless relationships, and look for those. Women he takes seriously, becomes attached, tries to protect him from problems. Dreams of a beautiful and cloudless relationship and sincerely believes that it is possible. It is not peculiar to him superficial and frivolous attitude. He is constant in his feelings and very affectionate.

To love for Taurus means to support and help. And all kinds of romantic actions he considers ordinary frivolity. Therefore, you will not find him to be what beautiful love stories call a “real man,” but it will be a very responsible and reliable partner.

Representatives of this sign rather rarely cover the hasty, reckless feelings of infatuation. More often they are meticulous in their search for perfection and try to make sure that they found the perfect partner. Until the emergence of such confidence, they do not give the appearance that they are infatuated, they keep to themselves.

Do not pursue this man by all means, deceiving him and pretending to be someone other than what you really are. Such a strategy will not bring happiness to anyone. Yes, he will fall in love and get carried away seriously, and then, when he realizes his mistake, he will continue to create the appearance of a prosperous union and suffer a lot. It will be a destructive relationship, so be honest right away.

The intimate side of life is very important for this zodiac sign. But this does not mean that he will throw himself under the feet of the first person he meets. His ideal, able to satisfy him in everything, Taurus is ready to look for a long time.

In bed, he seeks primarily to give pleasure, not to get. You should not wait for his experiments, but also try to dominate – not a good idea. So you will only achieve a chilling effect, because most likely, you will scare the partner.

In bed Taurus is very attentive and quickly understands what you like. He will never be vulgar or rude. If you want to role-play, he will support the idea and fulfill your fantasies.

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The desire for harmony and constancy is reflected in the intimate life of a Taurus. He prefers proven methods and quality sex. It is not about monotony at all. With this sign, the partner receives tenderness, passion and strength.

If you plan to humiliate your Taurus husband, hurt his dignity or make him jealous – you will not get along with him. He will not let you do that to yourself. And in general this is a responsive, intelligent and kind husband, he does not spare anything for his wife. Housewife and thorough, very patient and devoted. There must be harmony, comfort and absolute stability in his house.

The alliance with Taurus is strong and will last long if it is based on mutual respect. Then the man is attached to the house with all his heart and tries to satisfy all the whims of the household. The head of the family is caring, balanced, and ready to do anything for the common good.

Taurus man in a marriage will try to ensure that his family does not know the material difficulties such as lack of food or money. Comfort for him is not an empty word, but the goal. Taurus does not like to leave home without a special need, so in their little fortress everything will be provided for a comfortable life. Guests are cordially welcomed here, because it is more convenient to host them than to go somewhere else for a visit.

Even very tired by the end of the day, Taurus will never forget about the children. They are great fathers who can find the strength to take care of a baby even at night, if necessary. Tenderness and love for children is always kept in their hearts.

Without the appearance of a child or several, they see no point in starting a family at all. Children must be born and they must please their father. They have a particularly warm relationship with their daughters. Taurus spoils the children to the point of impossibility, but in his house sets a rather strict order, which is binding for all members. In his upbringing system necessarily present common sense, children are given as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Compatibility of Taurus men in marriage with other signs

  • With an Aries woman

This is a pair of strong allies and at the same time … rivals! She cannot help but test his character, and he – a rare case among the zodiac signs – masterfully ignores her constant attacks and attempts to seize power.

  • With a Taurus woman.

This is the absolute ideal of a union! True interest in the partner, mutual understanding, support and sincerity reign here. He and she are great friends, lovers and even business companions. So the conclusion here is simple: if you are lucky to find each other – take care and do not let go!

  • With a Gemini woman.

The stars do not welcome the emergence of such a pair and prevent it. However, if you love each other – it is very valuable. And let the relationship in your couple seem strange to some – does it matter when you have each other? Don’t hesitate to break the stereotypes of your environment.

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  • With a female Pisces

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Taurus man is a stunningly subtle and delicate romance, developing with the leisurely pace of the nineteenth century. It can be a very romantic love story with a happy continuation.

“Fire and Stone” – you could call the pairing of these characters. It is not a merger, but a rivalry in love battles. However, something keeps them from breaking up. Perhaps the power of true feelings.

  • With a Virgo woman.

Taurus and Virgo are very suitable for each other. Perhaps someone in a marriage with a Taurus Man lacks fire, but these two signs do not admit to a frenzy of passion. They seek and find constancy in their partner, their home is a full cup, and the union is long-lasting and beautiful.

The artistry of the beloved woman under the sign of Libra delights Taurus. He is ready to create all conditions for the development of her talents. However, it is better for Libra to be careful in their caprices and know the measure: the patience of such men has limits.

  • With a Scorpio woman.

This is a union of strong personalities, allowing the partner to remain himself. The pair of the Scorpio woman with Taurus is as harmonious as the Yin-Yang. They complement each other without suppressing anything.

  • With a female Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius woman with her airiness, unpretentiousness and windiness is quite a strange couple for the hard-working, practical Taurus. They are like a fairy and a dwarf – characters from different fairy tales. Whether they will create their own fairy tale together is a big question.

  • With a Capricorn woman

Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs and are attracted to each other like magnets, provided they can find common ground. Both are reliable and respect consistency in a partner.

Honestly, there is no question of union or any kind of compatibility. You wouldn’t argue that marshmallows and rye loaf are possible as a single dish, would you? This is just to give you an example, to understand the difference between these signs. Aquarius with its fickle nature belongs to the element Air, and the practical, hard Taurus is the sign of the Earth. Although… what kind of combinations can be found in gastronomy…

Here is a wonderful union of a knight and a beautiful lady. Many people will envy their relationship. The secret of happiness is simple – a woman in this pair, understanding what man-Taurus in marriage is looking for the ideal, remains weak, allowing Taurus to apply all his best male qualities.

7 qualities of a woman that will help to win and keep a Taurus man

Taurus seems proud and unapproachable, however, if a girl is attractive, open and well-groomed, the chance to win his heart always remains. However, do not confuse the phrase “attract attention” and “keep it for years around” – it is not the same thing. Let’s name the most valuable, in the opinion of Taurus men, women’s qualities.

There are 7 character criteria that Taurus men like in ladies:

  1. You can’t be nervous, intemperate, snapping at shouting or shedding tears. After all, Taurus is a phlegmatic creature and will not tolerate unnecessary noise near him. You need to behave in a balanced manner, calmly, without breakdowns. It may not be easy when he offended you or made angry. But the scandal will not do any good. All disputes or conflicts should be resolved only peacefully.
  2. On the contrary, in bed with Taurus you should not hold back. Your man is amorous and loves making love, trying to make them passionate and interesting. To keep a representative of this sign, the girl needs to have a very hot temperament, to be able to ignite your partner. And forget about complexes and modesty, they will only prevent you to appreciate you.
  3. The Taurus woman can’t flirt with anyone around! This is not even up for discussion. There is no other way, he values loyalty above all. Yes, he is patient, but not to infinity. You will not be killed for a little flirting, but do not think to set him on the horns! After all, he will raise you on them! Taurus man in a marriage is a jealous and possessive. He has no sense of humor in this case, do not joke with him that way.
  4. Taurus is a contemplative and loves with his eyes. In the manifestations of beauty he draws inspiration. That is, his woman should be beautiful, perfect. At least, you should strive for his ideal. If your chosen one was born Taurus – look after the way you look: do makeup, manicure and pedicure, dress stylish, harmonious figure, learn to move smoothly and gracefully. Then in your man awakens a true knight, ready to defend a humble Fair Lady. We assure you: you will not find a better protector.
  5. If Taurus is in love, he sees you as a constant partner: a wife, the mistress of his home, the mother of his children. Such a man does not change the little things, no matter what area of life. Therefore, a woman who has decided to have a relationship with a man of Taurus, must be able to cook delicious, clean and fresh clothes, order in the house. Very well, if she understands the rules of etiquette and knows how to receive guests of different ranks. Girls who are not close to these truly feminine qualities, do not get along with Taurus long.
  6. Taurus appreciates the woman’s initiative. The fact is that the earthiness of his character often makes him get carried away with business and forget about recreation. Therefore, all the responsibility for entertainment and variety in family life falls on the shoulders of his woman. He will be very grateful to you for any excitement – in a good way. We mean visiting cultural institutions, restaurants, planning walks and vacations together, ideas for romantic evenings and nights. For all this he will adore you forever.
  7. Last, but not least, the quality we will call unapproachability. Be sure to let Taurus play the hunter or conqueror! This is very important in dating and relationship planning. Do not be an ice-breaker, but do not be intrusive. The tactic is as follows: show interest and step back, waiting for a response. You can distance a little more, for example, do not answer the phone right away, a couple of times to postpone the date or cancel a joint walk. Let him think a little bit about what else you can entice. And do not confuse impregnability with indifference. If you need a man, if you are interested, then let him know about it, as if by chance. Do not be afraid to show your enthusiasm, but do not overdo it. If you can keep a certain mystery, his attention to you will never weaken.

We think you’ve already realized: A male Taurus is just a gift of some kind! He may not shine outwardly, but inside you will find everything you dreamed of: charisma, romance, reliability, softness and strength at the same time.

Taurus has a subtle sense of life and art, knows how to earn and disposes of money so that his beloved feels like a queen. This man will not arrange a paradise in a shack, and will try to provide welfare and comfort to relatives and friends. Believe me: the forces for these accomplishments, he will always be found if he is truly loved.

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