Man Taurus and his relationship to a woman – in general terms

Taurus man: What is he like in love and sex? How to win the love of a Taurus man?

Every woman dreams of a loyal and reliable life partner who will make her life carefree and comfortable. But few people pay attention to the peculiarities of the men character according to the zodiac sign. And very much in vain! After turning once to the data, you can get very valuable information about the enemy. Well, and to draw conclusions – suitable man or it is better to stay away from him. This article discuss how to win a man of Taurus and how he is in a loving relationship.

A Taurus man in a love relationship

The Taurus man is the embodiment of calmness, reliability, practicality and independence. He is convinced that in life you can achieve their goals only by hard work and patience, and not by a fluke. Slow decision-making, especially in the love sphere, is one of the main features of the representative of this earthly sign. Moreover, this applies to almost all spheres of his life – career, friendship, love relationships.

Characteristics of Taurus men in love

Every woman who is in a relationship with a Taurus man, it is interesting to know how he behaves in love. Below we will consider the main aspects of this issue:

  • In love, for a Taurus man, a huge role is played by mental equilibrium and harmony, which he fuels to perform further feats for the sake of the woman he loves.
  • He is an incorrigible romantic, for whom relationships consist of simplicity and fidelity, nevertheless, they must be filled with tenderness and love.
  • Regarding the choice of a life partner, representatives of this sign are not in a hurry with the final choice, looking closely to the object of their attention. Moreover, Taurus people are skeptical about love from the first minutes of acquaintance.
  • Well versed in people, these men make a fairly informed decision when it comes to choosing a life partner.

During courting a Taurus man uses the entire arsenal of romantic means – lavish bouquets, lavish gifts, pleasant surprises, thus leaving no room for the woman to retreat. And if he has made a choice in favor of his beloved, most likely, the marriage proposal is not far off.

The man of Taurus in a marriage

Well, after long deliberation and beautiful courtship, the choice is made. The chosen one of the man of Taurus acquired in the face of her husband a loyal and reliable life companion, who values in marriage, above all, comfort and care.

So let’s look in detail at the qualities of a married man of Taurus:

  • Showing tenderness and patience to the whims of his wife, he rarely denies his spouse her requests. This applies to both moral and material aspects.
  • Representatives of this sign are jealous and overbearing. This is explained by the fact that Taurus are monogamous, and they are not interested in having affairs on the side, even if there are difficulties in family life. And if it so happens that the breakup is inevitable, they are very hard to break up.
  • Taurus men in love and in marriage value peace and comfort, which they hope to get from their spouse.
  • In addition to attractive appearance, this practical man appreciates such feminine qualities as housewifery and maternal care. But this does not mean that the wife must stand at the stove all day long.
  • He has special respect for a woman who strives for professional development and self-realization.

Man of Taurus in bed

The attitude to sex in men of this category is very thorough and tender. In bed, as well as in love, the Taurus man prefers to receive and give the best, bestowing a woman with tenderness and unearthly pleasures. The aesthetic side of intimacy is very important for him, which he supplements with sensuality and passion. This is a tireless lover who knows what a woman needs to feel unique and inimitable.

Love and sex in the life of a Taurus man are two parts of the same coin. Only with full female giving in these two directions, he will surely return everything a hundredfold – giving all his love and tenderness in an intimate relationship.

Compatibility in love of a Taurus man

In addition to the soft and friendly character that Taurus has, he is characterized by extraordinary stubbornness and steadfastness, which is not always liked by representatives of other zodiac signs. Some of them are categorically not ready to tolerate the willful nature of the practical enemy, accusing him of coldness and intransigence. Others, on the contrary, are ready to meet for the sake of peace in the family.

So, let’s briefly consider who is suitable for a man of Taurus:

  • Capricorn and Virgo women are unlikely to like the willful nature of this man, who tries to dominate the relationship in every way.
  • Some problems may arise with the Aries woman, who has a special temperament, and will all the time rush Taurus in decision-making.
  • The intellectual nature of Gemini will not always find a response in the soul of a down-to-earth Taurus, and this may cause some problems in the relationship. But, with the right feminine approach and showing affection, a lasting and long-lasting alliance is quite possible.
  • No less harmonious relationships can be formed with Pisces, who will be able to give Taurus the necessary peace of mind and support in family life.
  • Mutual respect and mutual understanding will help create a flawless relationship with the Scorpio representative.
  • Practical and down-to-earth Capricorn has the same qualities as Taurus. So, family stability and comfortable life can become the basis for a perfect union.
  • Difficulties may arise with the freedom-loving Aquarius woman, for whom it is very difficult to accept the domination of the Taurus man.
  • But the patience and sense of tact of Libra can be a successful beginning of a beautiful and warm relationship with Taurus.

How to win the love of a Taurus man?

In order to conquer the willful and charming Taurus need to make a lot of effort. Moreover, it is not trivial coquetry, although it may have a place in small portions.

To create a favorable first impression, a woman must be:

  • Well-groomed and possess natural attractiveness, as vulgarity repulses men in this category.
  • Spiritual beauty is no less important factor in order to interest Taurus, because not only external attractiveness is important for him.
  • The ability to maintain a conversation and defend their opinion is very valued by representatives of this sign of the zodiac, because it, in their opinion, is a sign of intelligence.
  • No less important for the Taurus are such qualities in a woman as: a sense of humor, peacefulness, kindness, friendliness.

Meeting a Taurus man who has shown interest in you means only one thing – in the near future you will be bathed in his love and attention, as evidenced by the many reviews shared by the companions of this zodiac sign. This is one of the most romantic zodiac signs, for whom love is not just an empty sound, but a fusion of body and soul. And to this feeling he is ready to devote himself entirely and without the rest.

Characteristics of the male Taurus and his compatibility with women of the signs of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and others

Taurus is a “spring” man who belongs to the element of the Earth. He is under the patronage of Venus, which significantly influences his character, making him more dreamy, emotional and sensual. How does a Taurus man manifest himself in a relationship and with which women is his best compatibility?

Characteristics of the male zodiac sign

The Taurus man is simple, pragmatic, persistent and incredibly goal-oriented. He clearly defines the goals and knows exactly which way to choose to achieve them. At the same time, he goes to his dreams hard and calmly, but to interfere with him in this case is not worth it: there is a risk of encountering unprecedented strength of rage.

Taurus looks at the world soberly, very rational and often sees life as it is. In this case, he is willful, to all things and situations according to his own world view and does not pay attention to the opinions of others.

One of the main advantages of Taurus is the ability to be both practical and romantic. For women, he is always open as a book and becomes a reliable support. With such a man, anyone will feel like a stone wall.

He is patient and stable enough, very sensible and hardy. Inapplicable to him such epithets as energetic, emotional and sociable. Taurus focuses only on what matters most and is well abstracted from external stimuli.

Among the disadvantages are stubbornness and irascibility. Sometimes he can be boring. He calls things by their names and always acts predictably. People can be difficult to find a common language with him, and even more difficult to gain trust. In addition, he rarely speaks about what worries and hurts him, so he can hide resentment and dissatisfaction for a long time. If you take it out of him, in a burst of anger, he could say all that has accumulated, thus introducing the offender in a state of shock.

In love

In love, the Taurus man is sensual and very sentimental. At an early age, he thinks about finding a soul mate, but he has strict requirements for the chosen one, so the search for the ideal sometimes takes a long time.

A man of this sign knows how to approach a woman, although he does not like to flirt. He approaches relationships seriously, so the fairer sex is attracted to this reliability, and they themselves are captured by his charms.

Relationships with Taurus are always very hot and passionate. He is used to fully give himself to the beloved girl, wanting to get the same in return. If he is completely confident in the feelings and loyalty of his soulmate, he will make her the happiest in the world.

Taurus hates changes, so often, if the relationship has outlived itself, do not hurry to end it. If his partner pisses him off, at some point he will “explode” and tell her all that he thinks, because of which she will decide to break up.

When all is well, he tries to give the best to his beloved. He works hard to provide a better life for his family, but he does not always consider the opinion of his partner. Often in the Taurus view, the ideal family is a hard-working man and a housewife. Because of this belief, he seeks to fully control the girl, negatively refers to her desires to go somewhere, so often faces the fact that the relationship does not end on his initiative.

In bed

Taurus is very conservative in bed, and he treats sex the same way he treats relationships: he wants it once and for all. He usually does not have much sexual experience, and sometimes he decides to keep his innocence until marriage. Therefore, infidelity in Taurus can not be blamed.

With a partner this man is gentle, understanding, but also imperious and very active. Passionate it can not be called, and he does not like to experiment. In bed prefers to dominate and will not tolerate if the woman tries to take the initiative.

He loves sex, but not as other men – to relieve tension, to achieve pleasure: he enjoys the process itself and gives pleasure to the partner.

In friendship

Taurus man is an ideal friend . He is constant, very loyal, undemanding. It is easy to establish communication, he knows how to support, listen, to charge a positive, set the right mood. Taurus easily gain the trust of people, but he is in no hurry to open up.

True friendship with Taurus is formed after years. He loves people who are proven over time, and then begins to trust their problems. His friends Taurus is ready to help at any time of day: to give advice, to reassure or to lend.

In the family and in relation to the children

Taurus is very serious about the family and therefore when choosing a girl, is already considering her as a potential wife. Marriage for him is a sacred thing, just like the hearth and home, comfort and stability. He knows for sure that all of the efforts for the happiness of his family should be made by the husband, so he has a great respect and love for his wife.

The Taurus husband will reverently care for his spouse, until she begins to give him regular scandals, forget to clean or cook dinner. In this case, there is a huge risk that the relationship between husband and wife will cool down.

Spouse of Taurus must be ready for outbursts of jealousy, short temper and put up with his stubborn nature. Knowing the approach to the man, these problems do not have to face.

A family without children makes no sense for Taurus. He loves kids, spoiling them in every way and bathes them in love, although he knows how to be a strict and stern dad. Foster children are not a problem for him either.

Compatibility with women of other zodiac signs according to the horoscope

The most comfortable Taurus will be with girls of Water and his own, Earth, elements. With Fire and Air will be more difficult.

You cannot say that this union is doomed, but to build a stable and strong relationship will be extremely difficult. The Aries woman is very energetic, active, impatient, while the Taurus woman is more calm, likes to go slowly and confidently to the goals. They are used to living in different rhythms of life, in addition, both are very irascible and stubborn.

Relationships are possible if the woman learns patience, and the man will be loyal to the crazy ideas and undertakings of his chosen one.


The union of the two Tauruses can be called ideal. They are always on the same wave, they have similar desires, thoughts, interests, they are ready to plan and set goals and achieve them in ways that are known and close to both. In the relationship of Taurus is always present love and mutual respect, so this couple has a great future.


The tandem of Taurus and Gemini develops under the slogan “opposites attract”. With a woman born under the sign of Gemini, the man will be difficult at first, as she is with him. They are completely different, but it is this dissimilarity draws them to each other. If a real feeling flares up between them and they want to keep it for years to come, the relationship will be successful.

Cancer and Taurus are united by the value of family relationships. Both signs agree that the most important thing is the weather in the house, and both are willing to work at it. Because of their similar outlook on life, Taurus and Cancer have a mutual attraction and understand each other perfectly.

The relationship of these partners is based on strong friendship and respect, so there is every chance to build a happy family.

It is very unlikely that a Taurus man and a Leo woman will pay attention to each other and become a couple. They have too little in common, and this will constantly interfere and stress both of them out. The more these people learn about each other, the less attraction there will be.

Leo and Taurus have different attitudes toward money, leisure, and family . The Leo woman tends to live for today, get everything out of life and enjoy it, while the Taurus is concerned about building a foundation, saving and always thinking about the future.

Romantic and very warm relationship of Taurus and Virgo can end in marriage. Their union is built on mutual understanding, friendliness and interest in family and everyday life. Their home will be clean and comfortable, warm and beautiful atmosphere. They are very similar and care about the welfare and happiness of their partner, so reasons for quarrels rarely appear.

With a Libra woman Taurus will be quite comfortable and interesting, despite their different views on life. They are united by the love for a beautiful and happy life, although they have different ways of achieving their goals. Thanks to this combination, there is a bright feeling between them, strong and harmonious.


Taurus is very likely to pay attention to the attractive and sexy Scorpio woman.

Scorpio and Taurus are two strong personalities, determined and persistent, they have a lot to appreciate each other.


The chances of a happy relationship that will lead to marriage are negligible for a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman. As a rule, they only get together if they can both benefit from the relationship.

Oddly enough, a mutually beneficial calculation often becomes the reason for the flare-up of love between them. A woman attracts practicality and reliability of the chosen one, and the latter, in turn, admires the wit and love of life Sagittarius.


The Taurus-Capricorn tandem is considered to be flawless. They often stand out and sympathize with each other. They are united by a commonality of life views and interests, as well as similar character traits. Both are practical, goal-oriented and very patient. Taurus man and Capricorn woman are comfortable and interesting together, they are completely confident in each other, so the relationship becomes very stable and reliable.

In addition, if they end up getting married, there will always be a healthy atmosphere, comfort and warmth in the house.


Aquarius and Taurus are very different both in terms of interests and energy. A woman of this sign for the man all his life remains a mystery, very unpredictable and full of surprises, which he does not tolerate. The key to the success of their relationship is mutual and very strong love. If they are united by these feelings, the difference of characters will not be a hindrance.

Compatibility with a female Pisces in Taurus is excellent on all fronts . They are passionate about a common cause, love the same rest, give themselves completely to the family and try to take care of each other. Both enjoy running a household and creating a favorable atmosphere in the home, and have the same temperament in bed.

What kind of girls like and how to win his heart?

The Taurus man is one of those who has clear ideas about what an ideal wife should be. Combined with patience, stubbornness and determination, this leads to the fact that he does meet the exact woman he has dreamed of.

After determining the object of sympathy, Taurus will have a long time to look at him before proceeding to action. When he finally makes up his mind, the relationship develops very rapidly. A woman can even be frightened that the suitor starts talking about marriage, family and children on the first date.

Requirements for a spouse and mother of future children in Taurus are quite high:

  • First, in a woman he is looking for a friend with whom there will be something to talk about and be quiet. Frank conversations are important to him, which help him get to know and understand each other better.
  • Secondly, Taurus will never get in touch with a girl who can not or does not want to run a household, take care of the house, keep cleanliness and good cooking. He needs a housewife and a homemaker lady who will be able to ignite and maintain the family hearth.
  • Thirdly, Taurus needs praise, admiration and approval. If a woman will always say how proud she is of him, how good he is and that he’s doing everything right, he will blossom in front of his eyes and will try even harder.

If we talk about appearance, it should be unique. Taurus draws attention to the woman’s special features that can be called a highlight. In this case, the lady of the heart should look sexy, but not vulgar. Taurus will notice the graceful gestures, elegant gait, soft movements, but frank outfits and bright makeup are unlikely to attract this man. He can not imagine that his wife will look like a woman of easy virtue.

Temperament and character of a Taurus life companion should be soft, calm. He himself does not like changes, conflicts and scandals, fuss and excessive activity. He likes measuredness, stability, so he will never look at the hysterical woman.

Most likely, the choice of Taurus will not fall on the girl who stands out in the female company with her loud laughter, bright clothes or obvious vigor. He is looking for a woman who will unconditionally accept his leadership in the relationship, will not argue and scare him with his flightiness.

If a woman decides to make the first step towards a Taurus man, she should not try to impress him with her charisma and activity. He will be interested in a soft, gentle, reserved, graceful and feminine girl, a real lady, weak and modest. She should take care of the house and children, but not take excessive responsibility on her fragile shoulders, because there is a man for that – the breadwinner and the head of the family.

Under no circumstances should you challenge Taurus, question his authority or try to hit his ego. A woman should be behind him and not try to drive him under her heel.

Taurus should not surprise and shock: he prefers consistency. Also, you should not commit impulsive actions or act in accordance with emotional impulses. Too emotional women scare off Taurus, and then they immediately put the point.

Taurus is an authority on praise , so approving comments to him will help win his heart faster. He loves women who talk warmly about children, animals, family, but there is no need to do it pretentiously. He easily dissects lies and all sorts of tricks, and he can’t stand it.

To get the heart of Taurus, you need to be gentle, sincere and very elegant, soft, but self-confident, sensitive, dreamy and romantic, with the inner strength and honesty towards themselves and others.

Winning a Taurus man is not easy, but it is possible, and the main thing is to understand what you need to prepare for. Family life with him will be very happy and stable, but some people may find it too boring and monotonous. There is no need to attract him in any special way, it is important to remain yourself and not to put on any masks.

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