Man fish woman Libra – sort it out in detail

Libra woman and Pisces man: compatibility of signs

Male Pisces and female Libra have no problem selecting topics for conversation and establishing a spiritual connection. The thin and sensual nature of the guy finds an echo in the heart of the gentle and naive lady, so their compatibility is quite high. Such people have something to discuss and dream about in silence, and the harmony of views becomes the main advantage of the union of signs.

Pisces and Libra: compatibility in love

The guy who is patronized by Jupiter and Neptune “reads” people, their intentions and moods. He shows sincerity and expects the same from the beloved. The representative of the water element is romantic and emotional – it is not difficult to offend such a man as well as to please.

A girl who draws on the energy of Venus is attractive and practical. At the same time, she doesn’t mind dreaming, touching philosophical or lofty topics in conversation. The lady is ready to close her eyes to other people’s mistakes, but she does not forgive herself, that is why she is looking for support in relationships. She and so is not confident in their own strength, and criticism or silent acceptance of problems with a companion in the finish her self-esteem.

Man-fish and Libra woman converge cautiously, fearing that the new partner will betray or hurt them. Both doubt that happiness is possible, but relax when they get used to their mate or receive confirmation of her love aspirations and impulses.

There are practically no quarrels and arguments between the signs. The cavalier knows how to keep silent if required, and the girl recycles the negativity into productive energy. Boiling with anger, she begins to exercise with redoubled force, and she also recalls her work or hobbies. The tandem’s reconciliation turns out to be touching and tender, in keeping with their delicate temperaments.

A young man born in the element of water is able to express himself and does not spare compliments. The flow of his eloquence never dries up, which strengthens the union – it forever preserves the beauty, mystery, atmosphere of lightness and freshness.

The compatibility of the couple in love is 98%. The lady patronized by Venus also contributes to the strength of the couple. Thanks to the positive perception of the world and innate diplomacy it affects the character of the chosen one unobtrusively and gently. Only the daughter of the air element is able to overcome the melancholy of the “aquatic inhabitant” and teach him to look more easily at the events that happen to him.

Combined with Libra, the Fish guy often achieves success, reveals his own creative potential. In such a tandem, he enthusiastically works on himself, changing for the better. The girl also receives spiritual development, the ability to feel the desires and needs of people.

Pisces and Libra: compatibility in marriage

The daughter of Venus gravitates toward formal relationships, as she tends to romanticize them. Life after the registry office seems to her carefree and full of love. In marriage such a spouse tries to demonstrate her exemplarity – she creates comfort in the house and takes care of her companion. Her zodiac sign is considered to be economical, so she does not shy away from everyday life and the duties associated with it.

However, the Pisces man and the Libra woman as a legitimate couple look ambiguous. Spoil the impression of living together views and character of the head of the family, which, although not related to the rebels, avoiding officialism, but do not plan to take responsibility. Instead of help and support his chosen one gets aloofness, indifference and abandonment of commitments.

The percentage of compatibility of such couples is estimated at 37. The index is influenced by the freedom-loving nature of the Jupiter and Neptune protege – he is not worried about his independence, but worries that he would not be overburdened. In marriage the guy prefers not to put off until tomorrow what can be done at all.

From the positive aspects of the coexistence of Pisces and Libra should be noted the level of emotionality, which persists even after marriage. The companions are continuously sorting out each other’s souls and thoughts. This is really important for both, because each wants to understand their partner and their motives. Because of this, many tandems of the mentioned signs keep love, in spite of domestic problems.

In such unions, the representative of the element of Water is prone to infidelity. He appreciates when his inner impulses interest the chosen one, but the more she shows attention, the more the guy demands. As a result, the latter convinces himself that he receives not enough tenderness, and goes to other ladies for comfort.

A man does not feel guilty about cheating, but if his wife was the one to commit adultery, she cannot bear what happened. In this case he either commits treachery himself out of revenge or immediately breaks up the marriage and stops communicating with his spouse. Chances for reconciliation in this case tend to zero.

The girl is depressed by the compulsiveness of the suitor. She appreciates care and affection, but prefers to dose positive feelings, diluting them with meetings with friends and relatives. When my lover does not leave her personal space, she tries to escape from the “golden cage”. This often leads to affairs that allow the lady to relax.

The Libra girl also refers negatively to the cheating partner. Getting her forgiveness after such a deed is not possible. The maximum that you can count on is cold communication after the divorce process.

The tandem is preparing for the birth of children, so there are no problems with upbringing in it. By the time the child is born, everyone already knows what their responsibilities are. The mother spends a noticeable part of the time with the offspring, ready to share her own knowledge, skills and warmth. A representative of the element of Air creates a comfortable environment for the life of the heir, no matter what it costs her.

Pisces, as in other matters concerning marriage and family, is marked by some passivity in relation to children. Sometimes they overcome laziness and can play with their children, tell them a fairy tale or an exciting story, but such “enlightenments” are rare.

Pisces and Libra: compatibility in sex

In bed, the signs are suitable for each other, but face difficult moments. The horoscope promises to those born in the water and air elements long foreplay, mutual caresses, the merging of spiritual and emotional aspirations, as well as complete dissolution in the partner. As for the difficulties, they can include misunderstanding in terms of intimacy and closeness of the companions. The sexual compatibility of Pisces and Libra is 52%.

The son of Jupiter and Neptune dreams of perfect intimacy. He needs the environment and the atmosphere to be beautiful and the process – full of theatricality and sensuality. In addition, the guy needs to see that his efforts are appreciated and his chosen one reciprocates and puts out no less.

The lady approaches coitus creatively, but she does not like to go too far. Superficial passion and lush scenery cause her irony, but not unbridled desire. The man takes it personally and harbors resentment, and can even refuse to intimacy.

Libra is not always get satisfaction from intercourse with Pisces, because they look for sex strong and confident partner. The same is waiting for their companion, who is accustomed to being led. If none of the participants of the union and does not dare to take the lead, the result is appropriate.

Pisces and Libra: compatibility in friendship

Friendly relations between signs arise often, but represent not a close communication, but a mutually beneficial cooperation. Both get what they need and do not care about sublime feelings. The girl turns to her companion when she is bored and has no one to spend time with, and the guy thinks of her if he wants to speak out or cry.

There is no physical or romantic attraction in the tandem. If a Pisces man and a Libra woman have come together in friendship, they do not try to change the nature of the connection to a more intimate one. They have enough communication, help and support.

The couple shares experiences, rarely conflicts and discusses issues of concern. Most often the lady chooses phone calls and correspondence in social networks, avoiding common leisure time. The guy agrees to any format, he is flattered by the attention of an attractive person, so he tries not to scare her off with rigid requirements.

The compatibility of those born in the elements of Water and Air in this sphere of life is 69%. Both signs draw inspiration from their mate, improve themselves thanks to his advice and cautious criticism.

Pisces and Libra: work compatibility

The cooperation of the tandem is productive. Colleagues are distinguished by a thoughtful and responsible approach to their own duties and common projects. They not only successfully perform tasks, but also with interest talk on topics not related to the production process.

The unspoken leader of the team becomes the lady with the greater capacity for work. She does not allow haste in her own affairs, or in the activities of her partner, whom she tries to coordinate. The son of Jupiter and Neptune in return helps the lady and tactfully hints at the problems that need to be solved.

Even though the Libra boss cannot call the representative of the water element the best employee, she appreciates his contribution to the emotional climate and the atmosphere in the team. He is able to joke in time, defuse the situation when there is a scandal, and maintain friendly relations with all members of the organization.

The Pisces leader knows how to gently burden a Venus protégé, thereby demonstrating trust in her. The subordinate is able to cope with all the orders, which pleases the boss and disposes him to himself. Born in the element of air without scandals and disputes agrees to an unstable schedule and extracurricular tasks, and in return receive financial rewards.

The compatibility of the signs in work is 51%. They also show themselves as skillful business partners, but the main part of the duties has to be performed by the girl. The problem of the common project will be the quarrels that the Pisces man and the Libra woman arrange because of profit sharing and leadership ambitions.

Compatibility: Male Pisces and female Libra

A good combination in which partners get along well with each other. There is lightness, softness, romance and sensuality in this relationship, which allows the partners to feel the full extent of what love really is.

If with other signs Pisces get along with difficulty, the alliance with Libra for such a man can be very successful. Such a woman is easy to communicate, not inclined to exercise power and pressure, and all of her manipulations and feminine wiles are harmless and can not cause anyone significant harm. It is for this reason that Pisces and Libra feel each other, they are easy together, although over time, some difficulties can significantly spoil their relationship.

Often there is sympathy between them immediately, as well as love. There are cases where Pisces and Libra, falling in love with each other in early adolescence, become a really happy couple and can create a really strong and friendly family. In some cases, their interest in each other does not fade throughout life, although if they both grow up and decide to part ways, nothing wrong will happen. It is for this reason that such people feel comfortable with each other, no matter how their relationship develops further.

This is one of the most peaceful and harmonious unions that occur in life. Libra and Pisces just skin feel each other, even if outwardly it does not show.

Pros of the Union: Pisces Man and Libra Woman

This relationship harmoniously combines dreaminess and realism, kindness and practicality, sensuality and mystery. Partners can experience long-term interest in each other, and there is no manipulation and humiliation in the relationship. A man is good with a woman like Libra, as she does not demand too much from him, but also does not allow him to relax too much and spend all his free time on the couch and with beer. Yes, and she is pleased to have a man who understands her, feels her and is not jealous, unlike other men with whom she has built relationships before.

The merits of this union can include:

  • sincere feelings, mutual interest in each other;
  • harmony and good compatibility of characters;
  • good sexual compatibility;
  • compensation of business qualities, fruitful cooperation together;
  • tenderness, romanticism can be maintained for a long time in such a relationship;
  • absence of jealousy, nagging and pettiness;
  • poise of both partners;
  • the ability to achieve their goals, determination;
  • wisdom and sincerity of both partners;
  • The absence of bad habits, pettiness and scandalousness over nothing.

Cons: Pisces Man and Libra Woman

In the relationship between Libra and Pisces, there are rarely significant flaws and quarrels. Usually the partners understand and feel each other so well that they foresee trouble in advance and easily bypass sharp corners. Problems arise only if another person appears on the horizon of one of the partners, with whom a serious relationship is planned. It is in this situation, the infatuation of both partners can significantly harm them, so the partners should control their romanticism and try to avoid cheating if they intend to keep the relationship.

The main disadvantages of this union may be:

  • A tendency toward cheating and infatuation;
  • Relationships can get considerably worse over time;
  • The withdrawn nature of a Pisces is unlikely to please her partner;
  • Secrecy can ruin the relationship;
  • a woman may behave too freely and not notice her partner’s interests;
  • Pisces’ lack of courage and determination may irritate her partner;
  • Over time, one of the partners may feel that he or she is making a mistake;
  • the woman begins to look for a stronger partner;
  • In the absence of interest in each other, constant quarrels may ensue;
  • Both partners can behave intemperately and constantly flare up over nothing.

How to find common ground in a couple: the Pisces man and the Libra woman

If these people want to be together, they will be able to establish a relationship under any circumstances, even forgive each other serious mistakes and sins. Especially if both decided to get married when they were young and experienced the whole palette of romantic feelings. Pisces, in order for the partner to feel confident, they need to come down from heaven to earth and try to provide a woman with good conditions, as it is material insecurity, and not a lack of love can be the main provocateurs of adultery.

In another situation, the partners need to learn tactfulness and try not to accuse each other of trifles. A woman may over time become accustomed to the tenderness and softness of her partner and often hurt him without noticing it. Pisces can long accumulate dissatisfaction, so in this situation it is better to cherish love. Only in this situation, the partners will be able to establish a relationship and feel happy and self-sufficient. And, if children appear, the parents will be able to become a real example of a friendly and happy family, in which both are happy, but not at all hovering in the clouds, building illusions.

Compatibility of the couple in bed: Male Pisces and female Libra

For a non-serious relationship, these partners can be quite prepared people, although in addition to intimacy between them can appear as a sincere and friendly communication, and a deeper interest in each other. Both are distinguished by sophistication, love beautiful surroundings, gifts, flowers, romance, so love will be a real fairy tale and joy for them. At the same time, both partners are endowed with a similar temperament and a certain coldness, which, combined with kindness and soulfulness, brings intrigue to the relationship and makes it easy and a little unpredictable.

If one of the partners falls in love, there is nothing wrong with that. Both are wise enough to agree with each other and solve any problems that arise. The freedom they give each other allows them to get to know their partner perfectly and know how best and wiser to behave in case of falling in love and fix the relationship. It is for this reason that partners can end up being friends even if things work out against them or if one of them begins to experience love addiction. And in some cases, a non-serious relationship develops into a deeper infatuation and ends in a happy marriage.

Marriage Compatibility: Pisces Man and Libra Woman

A gentle and harmonious combination for both partners, as they are endowed with similar temperaments, requirements for life and even a common aesthetic taste. These people are happy together, even if they have lived many years, as both are calm, firmly on their feet and if one of them stumbled or made a mistake, the other will not blame him for it and constantly reproach.

For this reason, Libra and Pisces get along well with each other and are able to have a family that many will envy and imitate. True, this is possible if the man will not be too lazy and behave rudely in relation to the woman. But usually Libras calculate everything and are unlikely to choose a partner that does not suit them.

The relationship between such people can last for a very long time. At the same time there are no passionate reconciliations and quarrels, most often the relationship is smooth and pleasant, like a fairy tale. The reason for happiness is simple: no claims, high demands, mutual help and understanding of each other. At the same time, both partners feel the need for each other and try to keep the relationship, as they are expensive for both. Therefore, together they will be able to build real happiness.

Compatibility of the couple in friendship: male Pisces and female Libra

For friendship, this is also a very nice and interesting combination, in which both partners love to spend time together and talk about everything in the world. Such people often feel sympathy for each other, can be sympathetic to failures and troubles, although their interests may be quite different. Usually Libra is friendly to all people, they often do good deeds, and Pisces appreciate it, but do not take it for granted and mandatory. Therefore, even if these people see each other rarely, together they are happy and can become true buddies and friends.

Friendship can begin at any age and at any period of time, but the most interesting and meaningful it becomes in school and college years. Of course, if such people work together or they have common acquaintances, they too can become friends, but more often the basis of friendship is either mutual help and assistance in difficult situations, or hidden sympathy in which both partners sometimes do not recognize themselves. In some cases, their friendship develops into a romantic relationship, but more often this occurs against the background of mutual failure in love and family life.

Compatibility of the pair in business: Pisces Man and Libra Woman

A complex combination in which the partners get along well with each other, but they can’t go far because they both lack leadership potential and combative qualities. Both partners can excel in activities that don’t require high leadership potential, aggressiveness and intrigue. They work best together in creative environments, academic work, or activities involving papers and documents. Although there are cases where partners also excel in trade or work where communication skills are required.

If Libra and Pisces work together, they can achieve high results, although in some cases both have to be disciplined and pushed. Libras, like Pisces, are sociable and may take more time to talk than they do to work together, so they can rarely achieve high results in a short period of time.

Rivalry, jealousy, and resentment between such partners can rarely develop. Although, if they have a strong desire to become leaders, they can do nasty things to each other, but without significant harm. Most often it is minor intrigues, in which both are trying to prove their point to their superiors.

What the Libra Woman needs to know about the Pisces Man

The male Pisces is a pleasant man, a good friend and an attentive suitor, who loves a wonderful relationship with women and is often bathed in women’s attention. His affection can be earned if you show ingenuity and it will be easier for a woman of the air element to do this than for everyone else. However, in a relationship with him there are some peculiarities that everyone should know.

Men of this sign do not like to solve problems by themselves, preferring to go with the flow. If someone puts pressure on him from the outside, he will not resist, which is why there are many mama’s sons and non-self-acting individuals among Pisces. Try to check it out before deciding on a relationship with him, as even great love and romance can be ruined by relatives or his addiction to booze or friends.

Another nuance in a relationship with a Pisces is that this person is constantly in captivity of his illusions and dreams. Sometimes he himself cannot understand what he really wants and retreats at the first troubles and difficulties. Therefore, he needs to constantly push and try to direct in the right direction, so he became more active. In such a situation, this partner will be able to become successful and independent.

What the Pisces Man needs to know about the Libra Woman

The female Libra is beautiful, endowed with charm, pleasant in communication and friendly. She has coquetry, beauty, desire for true love and vibrant relationships that many people dream about, but she will give her heart to not everyone. Here’s what you need to know in order to become her man and understand whether she is your option or not.

Such a woman loves everything beautiful, she will never use cheap cosmetics and dress at the market. She loves everything expensive and sophisticated and can afford it even with modest financial resources. In this case, she is not a spender, knows the value of money, practical and always looking forward. For this reason it is easy to get along with people and achieve the goal in any situation.

With such a woman a man needs to meet certain requirements and desires. She will not live with someone who is constantly out of the bottle or his problems. At the first stage, she may get sympathy and sympathy for such a man, but then she will still leave him if he does not take care of himself. So try not to upset her, not to abandon yourself and not to spend a lot of time dreaming on the couch, then you will be able to win her heart.

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