Man dragon Taurus: consider in detail

Man Dragon Taurus: character and relationships

A man who was born in the year of the Dragon has a difficult character. Some difficulties are added by the fact if the horoscope sign – Taurus. Let’s take a closer look at such a combination of horoscopes, to learn about all the advantages of the man, his shortcomings and what should be the ideal woman for him.

General characteristic

A Taurus man born in the year of the Dragon is a strong man with a difficult and willful character. The characteristic of the horoscope suggests that such a man most often chooses a profession related to creativity. He has a well-developed imagination, which helps him to succeed easily in the profession. He is able to think unconventionally, creatively and thanks to this he reaches great heights in his career.

Such a man is very versatile, nature has gifted the Taurus with many different talents, about which you can talk for a long time. But the main thing that a girl who dreams of linking his fate is that Taurus Dragon endowed with a natural stubbornness, to overcome that is not easy. Stubbornness of this man helps and hinders at the same time. It helps that the man is easy to achieve the intended goal. But here to change the Taurus, even if he is wrong, it is quite impossible.

This man is sure to be some kind of permanent job. No matter what Taurus works at work, if there is no hobby, then soon this man may fall into a deep depression. And it is not so easy for Taurus men to get out of such a state. In addition, they can get depressed and dislike work, these men always choose their occupation exclusively according to their soul and not pursue mercenary goals. Favorite hobby – this is what helps this man to relax and get your thoughts in order. The other half should be prepared for the fact that sometimes the Taurus Dragon will push it to the background, and in the first place will be his favorite hobby.

Taurus-Dragon has a willful and difficult character. This man is accustomed to solve all their problems entirely by himself and will never ask for help from others. Coping with all the difficulties, this man proves to himself and everyone around that he is capable of much.

Taurus, born in the year of the Dragon is very important that people around him think, he likes to be in the spotlight.

Strong and tough by nature Taurus Dragon never shows his weaknesses, he also demands the same from other people. Such a man does not like to be around a weak person who is constantly whining and crying. Next to him must be only strong individuals who know what they want from this life and know how to achieve their goals, no matter what. The disadvantage of such men is that they are overconfident. Sometimes, without accepting outside help, they do not cope with the situation on their own, resulting in a collapse. But such situations do not teach Taurus, they still continue to step on the same rake. After suffering one failure, even if minor, Taurus plunges into depression and blame everyone around, but not themselves. At such times, men feel that the whole world against them. Arriving at himself, Taurus set out for the case with renewed vigor and zeal, achieving as a result of the desired.

In love

In love and personal relationships, the Taurus-Dragon is not ready to give himself completely to his soul mate. The man demands attention, love and care. But he does not intend to give the same in return. His personal feelings and personal comfort will always be above all. Therefore, the other half will have to put up with it, and it is useless to remake the character of the Taurus man, to throw tantrums and set ultimatums.

Taurus-Dragon is ready to show signs of attention to his girlfriend only if he will really be in love. For the sake of his beloved, he is ready for a lot. But the girl should remember about the complicated character of such a man and that even signs of attention such a man will give not in the way that others do. Taurus is ready to take care of his loved one. Ready to give her flowers and gifts, even ready to bring her coffee in bed. But in return he wants to hear the constant praise and encouragement in his address.

Courtship such a man quite unemotionally, but in return the girl should sing the praises of Taurus, praising his generosity and kindness.

The second half of such a man should be prepared for the fact that she will receive gifts and bouquets exclusively for holidays. At the same time, the Taurus Dragon will only give practical gifts. This man is not ready to spend money on a trinket in the form of earrings, but a mixer or a harvester in the economy just right. And even if the girl will talk frankly about what she wanted to get as a gift, it will not change the Taurus. In his opinion, the gifts should bring practical value, not only pleasing to the eye and soul.

If a girl manages to drag such a man to the marriage registry office, he will be an ideal and caring husband. The peculiarity of the Taurus-Dragon is that for his family he is ready to do anything, if only everyone would be happy and provided for. All commitments the man takes on itself, not allowing his wife to work. At the same time he is able to earn good money and knows exactly how to do it. In case of ideal compatibility Taurus-Dragon will surround his lawful spouse with warmth and care. In return, he wants understanding, support and love. If any of his actions and deeds will not receive the approval of relatives, the man very quickly will close in and will fall into depression.

A strong union in this man is possible with a woman who was born in the year of the Monkey or Rat. But to create a family with a woman born in the year of the Dog or the Tiger, just will not succeed, even if she wants to win the love and attention of the man.

What kind of woman should be around?

Before you win the heart of this man, it is worth knowing what kind of girl should be near him. Around him there are always a lot of women, because the Taurus-Dragon manages to its charm and emotionality to attract the fair sex of all ages. But this does not mean that this man is a womanizer. To be near such a man, you should remember that this is a very impressionable and emotional person. Under no circumstances should you give him a reason to be jealous, it will not end well. The Taurus Dragon has a very strongly developed imagination, so the man can arrange emotional scenes of jealousy. In order not to provoke the Taurus, there should be a woman near him who will be able to win the trust and love of a man.

Such a man very often changes his plans and hobbies. Therefore, the girlfriend of the Taurus-Dragon should be easy on the rise, ready for travel, unexpected trips. Even if tonight you are going to go to a restaurant, it does not mean that you will get there. On the way Taurus may change your mind, and you will miraculously find yourself out of town at an impromptu picnic. It is useless to make a scene, you only need to admire his originality and rejoice in what your beloved is doing for you.

It is very important for this man that the other half shares his interests in everything and is ready to go anywhere with him.

Dragon Taurus appreciates hardworking women who quickly and skillfully cope with household chores and at the same time find time to look after themselves. Does not stand criticism in his address, does not tolerate being reprimanded. So your request to clean up behind you for sure will remain unheeded. It will be easier to do everything yourself, and leave him alone. A girl who will be next to a Taurus, born in the year of the Dragon, should be prepared for the fact that he will be the center of attention in their couple. Such a man does not like and does not tolerate indifference. A man must always feel that you love him, that he is the best, that you are there for him and ready to go through this life hand in hand to the end.

Taurus man born in the year of the Dragon

Your most striking character traits are patience, kindness and the ability to perceive beauty. In addition, you are frugal, but at the same time you will never spare money for the improvement of your home and beautiful things.

You appreciate the aesthetic side of life, you always watch your health, your appearance, so women are drawn to you. And you are also a very good friend and with you it is very interesting to communicate on any topic, especially related to art or collecting.

Taurus-Dragon man in love

You are rather coquettish than in love. Manage to produce a beautiful impression on women and use their charm, but they fall in love rarely, but for a long time and seriously. You seek a harmonious and gentle relationship, you choose a woman and quiet and endowed with good looks, efficient and friendly. And, having fallen in love, you will strive to return the love, using all his talents and affection. But parting is difficult for you – you are jealous and a bit touchy.

Man Taurus-Dragon in marriage

In family life you are calm, courteous, polite and strive for reconciliation of all relatives and friends. You try to ensure that loved ones do not need anything, strive for beauty and home improvement, which is often manifested by their many talents. You are willing to sacrifice a lot for the sake of his wife and children, but sometimes you are too zealous to insist on their own. Try to curb his jealousy and listen to other points of view more often.

Man Taurus Dragon in bed

You do not immediately ignite passion, you need some time to reveal his temperament. You often choose the same erotic dishes, like to repeat what you liked the first time, and often refuse to try something new and unusual. But at the same time you love to give gifts and arrange holidays, turning a date into a fairy tale full of surprises, romance and mystery.

Taurus-Dragon man in the career

Pushiness, patience and hard work – that’s what helps you easily achieve success in your career. At the same time, your charm plays no small role in achieving your goals, especially if your boss is a woman. You slowly but surely move towards their goals without telling anyone about it, so sooner or later achieve what you’re aiming for. You are attracted to activities related to finance, beauty, music or art in general.

Taurus man in the year of the wooden dragon (1904, 1964, 2024)

You are sensible, dreamy, do not like disagreements and conflicts, and try your best to avoid quarrels and scandals. People around you value your optimism, erudition and life wisdom. The work you are interested not only in material benefits, but also the very nature of the work. Activities that you enjoy, should not only give you a stable financial situation, but also enjoy themselves.

Taurus Man in the Year of the Fire Dragon (1916, 1976, 2036)

You are sociable, charming and liked by those around you. Your optimism and inquisitiveness can help you cope with almost any problem without much effort. That is the reason why you are happy and easily cope with all life’s obstacles, deservedly receiving love and respect of others.

Taurus Man in the Year of the Earth Dragon (1928, 1988, 2148)

Your main value is money and a well-off life full of entertainment and vivid emotions. You hardly tolerate routine and loneliness, and try not to aggravate relations with anyone. The career itself is not important to you if the way to the cherished height is difficult and thorny. In family life you strive for comfort, but can not tolerate monotony.

Taurus man in the year of the metal dragon (1940, 2000, 2060)

You strive for vivid impressions, and try to show your leadership qualities and strengths everywhere. It is very important for you to stand out from the crowd and try everything new and unusual, while you very rarely commit rash actions. It is important for you to shine, both in your career and in your personal life.

Taurus Man in the Year of the Water Dragon (1952, 2012, 2072)

Your character combines optimism with a tendency to think in a surprising way. Your activity depends on your mood, but you usually always find a way out of difficult situations, armed with your love of life and sparkling sense of humor.

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