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Libra woman and Capricorn man zodiac sign compatibility – 91%

From an astrological point of view, this union conceals many mysteries and surprises. The stars did not give this couple high compatibility from the beginning. A mismatch of temperaments and life orientations bring some difficulties in the relationship of a Capricorn man and a Libra woman. However, do not forget that with a strong interest in the partner, knowledge of his horoscope will help find common ground even in the most hopeless situations. Thus, the chances of preserving a Capricorn-Braces couple relationship increase in proportion to the efforts made to do so.

Capricorn man is a rare combination of willpower and vulnerability of the soul. Because of the reticence and sternness of such a Capricorn guy, it is almost impossible to detect his vulnerable sides behind the external armor. Unbiased, like a true Aryan, he is stubbornly pursuing the goal, no matter how unattainable it did not seem at the beginning of the path. Endurance, patience, assertiveness help the Capricorn man to make the fairy tale come true.

As a representative of the earthly element, he is firmly on his feet and is not hovering in the aerie. He carefully considers the next move, is not inclined to make enemies and is able to turn a temporary defeat into a victory. His inner feelings – the holy of holies, which is kept behind the seven seals from outside intrusion. It is possible that a refined Libra girl will be able to find the golden key to the heart of this ascetic.

A girl born under the patronage of Venus is a very harmonious person. The Libra lady strives for perfection in everything and dreams to improve this world. The air element endows the beautiful lady with lightness and the ability to enjoy little things. Life is beautiful and wonderful! – declares a woman of Libra and goes in search of vivid emotions and new experiences. Naivety and enthusiasm is gradually replaced by wisdom, and Libra notices not only the external, but also the inner beauty of the people that surround her. Air girl is constantly struggling with their shortcomings, but can not cope with one problem – Libra falls into a stupor in moments of decision-making. She is afraid to err in choice and hesitates and doubts for a very long time.

How to win a Libra woman to a Capricorn man

If a Libra girl is just making a choice among suitors, perhaps she should look more closely at representatives of other signs. If she already can’t imagine her existence without her favorite Capricorn man, she will need a lot of effort to bring the relationship to a happy ending.

The airy Libra lady can win the heart of the hardened Capricorn conservative with the help of easy and relaxed communication. Astrologers advise to turn on the maximum natural intuition and engage analytical skills – then success in love affairs will definitely not keep you waiting. Capricorn will not be able to resist unusual impressions and elevated emotions with which the Libra girl will fill his extremely measured life. After all, he sometimes lacks optimism: his views on life are too rational and sometimes even boring, because Capricorn gives himself wholly to work, and except for boredom and overwork his everyday life is not remarkable for anything else.

For shrewd Libra astrologers advise to learn the position of the Moon and Venus in the personal horoscope of her chosen one. A successful combination of these planets provides marital stability. If the astrological chart of the Capricorn man is unknown, an infallible tactic will be to ensure orderliness, stability, and a comfortable atmosphere in the home. Demonstrate to the Capricorn man that he will have a strong backbone in your person, and he will appreciate this quality.

How a Capricorn Man Can Win Over a Libra Woman

To win the Libra’s favor, don’t forget that they are crazy about everything beautiful. And believe me, a handsome man such ladies will immediately notice. But if nature has not bestowed Capricorn appearance of Alain Delon, do not despair – you can always present yourself in a winning light with an elegant suit and impeccable manners. Libras adore the classics with a slight veil of sophistication and no fancy attributes in the form of piercings and other bling.

In the character of the Capricorn male there are many significant advantages that will appreciate the girl-Libras. First of all, this material stability. She sees her husband as the breadwinner and provider who is able to provide a decent standard of living for her and her children.

When dating has taken place, the Capricorn man’s tactics should be to show his reliability and ability to solve practical issues. The Libra woman experiences constant difficulties in solving household problems. The best reason to continue dating will be an offer to fix household appliances or do other men’s housework, which she will surely have plenty of.

The virtues of the union

A smooth relationship in this couple is possible if the partners manage to combine realism and romance in a harmonious way. It is possible to achieve a family idyll only if the Capricorn man and the Libra woman manage to adapt to dissimilar character traits.

Ideally, these two learn to compensate for their weaknesses at the expense of each other’s opposites. The Capricorn guy feels more liberated, gets rid of closedness, becomes more sociable. For her part, the Libra woman gains practicality from her partner, takes life’s problems more seriously. In a pair with a determined Capricorn, she will be able to use her mind not only on the construction of philosophical concepts, but also on the realization in the profession.

Such couples in marriage are united not by unity of views, but by common events. This can be the upbringing of children, joint business, taking care of older relatives. The more family and social ties, the higher the guarantees of a stable relationship. The Libra-Capricorn couple will not be able to last long solely on love. Sooner or later the ardor of feelings passes, and uniting moments like anchors hold them together.

Disadvantages of the union.

They belong to different elements, but to the same type – cardinal signs, Which means that they are associated with the beginning of some process. Except that Capricorn has enough patience to bring the started thing to the end, but Libra does not always. When the Capricorn man says “yes” in the registry office, he is more determined than ever. The Libra woman is also confident at this moment, she feels that this is the birth of something new. But can quickly cool down. The negative aspects of the relationship between the Capricorn man and the Libra woman become noticeable as soon as the love euphoria subsides. This usually happens when the couple begins to live a measured family life.

The Libra wife may lack housekeeping: she will not always prepare dinner on time for her husband’s arrival, take care of the perfect order in the house. For her such little things at home do not seem important. She is convinced that she should not be loved for her ironed shirts and sewn buttons. However, to the Capricorn man, these domestic moments seem to be quite essential.

The deeper problem between them is that both signs do not have a strong passion. The Capricorn man is good at controlling his emotions, while the Libra woman, as an airy sign, analyzes her feelings and keeps her partner at arm’s length. The couple does not connect organically on an emotional level, which always affects compatibility.

Libra quickly gets tired of Capricorn’s mood swings and his attempts to control everything and everyone. Of course, Capricorn realizes when he is letting things get out of hand and tries to make amends: he will bring breakfast in bed or make an expensive gift. But even gifts will not replace affectionate words, for which men of this sign are very stingy.

Intimate life

The physical compatibility of the Capricorn man with the Libra woman is very interesting. Mutual attraction in the beginning of the relationship, the first episodes of intimacy do not reveal the full potential of this pair. It takes time for the introverted Capricorn man to feel the love potential of his lady and express his feelings for her. This can cause some inconsistency in the intimate sphere.

The Libra girl may feel insufficiently satisfied because of his cautious approach to her. She also begins to show restraint in response. Both partners should realize that they need to leave their analytical skills behind the threshold of the bedroom. They should become engrossed in each other’s sensuality rather than continuing to evaluate their partner’s behavior.

When the couple begins to directly enjoy each other’s touch, they experience beautiful moments of intimacy. When they understand what the other partner expects and desires, they will conquer the heights of physical bliss.

What kind of parents they will be

A Libra mom treats her child as a perfect work of art and is very afraid of spoiling her child with mishandling. She does not splash out her love on a small creature entirely, and shows it in dosage. It is not different severity, and seeks understanding with friendliness and trust. Libra tries to create a calm atmosphere for children, as they do not like fighting and power pressure. Maternal instinct Libra does not weaken over the years, even to mature teenager she will treat with penetrating warmth and care.

In contrast to the good-natured mama Libra, papa Capricorn is strict and demanding towards children, especially boys. The most important aspect of education such a father considers discipline. He values the observance of family traditions and tries to instill this in his child. Capricorn astrologers advise not to go to extremes and become more tolerant of children’s pranks and mischief. Only then will they win the reward that all parents dream of: the love and respect of their children.

What will their children be like?

No matter what sign a child is born under, from a Libra mother he will inherit creative talents and outstanding diplomatic skills. She will teach him to be compassionate to his neighbors: to protect young children and to respect elders. Sociability of the child will be pleased, even if his own horoscope will not dispose to be sociable.

From the Capricorn dad, the baby will receive the gift of a strong-willed character, a tendency to order and responsibility. These kids amaze adults with the seriousness of their reasoning. Little philosophers grow into reliable and kind companions.

It is in children polar traits of the Capricorn Man and Libra Woman gain completeness and perfection. In an environment of love and harmony, the baby is able to absorb the outstanding qualities of their parents and serve as the best unifying beginning.

Is a Libra woman prone to cheating

The thought of infidelity is alien to the romantically inclined Libra girl. She firmly believes in eternal love, which can destroy only death. Getting married, she sincerely believes that her chosen one holds the same idealistic views. If her husband does not give a reason for resentment or jealousy, she has no desire to start any relationship on the side.

If a Libra woman receives irrefutable evidence of her husband’s infidelity, she revises her ideals. She believes that cheating husbands themselves are pushing their wives to return the mirror actions. In such a case, she is capable of an easy romantic affair. Libra does not seek serious infatuation with another man while married, but only wants to get back at her husband with the same coin.

Is the Capricorn male prone to cheating

The Capricorn man honors family values and may dare to cheat only in exceptional cases. The really serious reason that will push him to such a decision, can be an unsatisfied desire.

Despite his own restraint in the intimate moments, he is waiting for his partner that she intuitively guessed his aspirations. This expectation can last quite a long time, but when hope fades, he begins to think about other options. If you feel a loss of interest on the part of the Capricorn man, it is time to take action. Try to find out what he lacks in intimacy and adjust to his needs.

Even if feelings have faded, a Capricorn man can live with an unloved woman for years. He is quite satisfied with the warmth and comfort of home, delicious food and the status of a married man. The spouse may not even have a clue about his cheating.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

The fears inherent in this couple largely appear because of the restrained character of the Capricorn man. The fear comes from the misunderstanding of the partner, generated by his understatement and emotional closeness.

The Libra woman may fear that she is indifferent to her beloved, but in reality this is far from being the case. Capricorn refers to the type of men who are not inclined to talk openly about love. If they are near you, it is tacitly implied. Libras need to remember that the inflation of love words sometimes says quite the opposite.

The Capricorn man fears that he will not be able to meet the expectations of his spouse: both financially and spiritually. Behind the external modesty of such a person hides an inner aristocratism. She is used to surround herself with beautiful expensive things and believes that her chosen one should provide her with the desired standard of living.

What to work on

If the couple has disagreements, there is no need to take them to open warfare. According to astrologers’ predictions, there will be no winner in the Capricorn-Les confrontation. Rather, the alliance will be destroyed than one of them will give in to their beliefs.

If a Libra woman suffers from lack of care and appreciation of her husband, she must urgently find a hobby of her choice. Along with this, she will also find companions of interest who will appreciate and extol her virtues. Such ladies are versatile and have the rare gift of playing many parallel roles in life.

If she does not get from a Capricorn man what she dreamed of before marriage, she needs to focus on the positive aspects of the union. After simple logical constructions, the desire to take risks and lose her family will disappear. And in the role of an extraordinary person, a valuable specialist, an ideal parent, she can act at work, in a social organization, a parenting committee.

How a Capricorn man behaves during a breakup

The termination of a love relationship is the heaviest mental drama for a Capricorn. He will feel that the world is falling apart and a significant part of his life is gone irrevocably. He will hardly tolerate the end of even a short-lived romance, and the divorce from a spouse in whom so much mental energy has been invested will turn into a real tragedy for him.

Capricorn will suffer, regardless of who made the decision to leave: he or his partner. In the first case, because of the feeling of guilt, in the second – because of the destroyed expectations. Some Capricorn men, breaking up on their own initiative, experience it harder than when they leave them. Leaving a once dear woman because of a new love, he realizes that he condemns her to loneliness, so he will try to make amends in every way.

How a Libra woman behaves during a breakup

A love breakup for a Libra woman is a painful process that leads to intense emotional distress. Such women have a truly boundless patience and can long justify the loved one. Loads of resentment accumulated in their souls, until, finally, the cup of rejection outweighs the cup of love.

The change occurs almost instantaneously. Yesterday, a woman-laden Libra was hoping for the best, and today she has decided on a definitive break. If the internal fracture has occurred, to keep her no longer possible. The only thing that can make such a woman to live with an unloved man – children. She considers herself not entitled to deprive a child of a full family. In this case the marriage falls apart when the children become independent.

Is friendship possible between them

Friendly relations between a Libra girl and a Capricorn guy arise, as a rule, on the basis of rendering mutual services. Each of them can provide the other with valuable practical advice and concrete help.

In such a friendship, the woman, who needs male support to run the household, is more interested. In return for help in matters requiring physical strength, the Capricorn man may ask his Libra friend to share worldly wisdom. In situations where a woman’s perspective is needed, he will find in her a sincere companion.

Work compatibility

In all areas of work and business cooperation, this couple is perfectly compatible. As colleagues, they will be useful to any company, as their ability to work intensifies in tandem. It is difficult for a Libra woman to make a career on her own, but relying on the support of a Capricorn colleague, she is able to advance in the professional field.

The Capricorn boss-subordinate-Lever combination has the greatest prospects. He will certainly appreciate her intelligence and communication skills and will promote her career after him. When a Libra woman supervises a Capricorn, he will strive to take his boss’s place.

Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

A complex, but interesting combination in which opposites attract to each other. Despite the good compatibility of the earth and air elements, these partners will have to overcome many difficulties and shortcomings. However, the love between these people helps to jinx all the sharp corners.

This couple may seem to people completely strange and incomprehensible, at least not everyone is clear about what they have in common. Serious Capricorn can admire a beautiful woman of the air element, but she often perceives him as too old-fashioned and boring interlocutor, who is unlikely to become her spouse. However, everything changes if the partners find each other in a creative environment or they are bound by common interests and career. The successful Capricorn becomes a wise mentor and friend for Libra, giving a guaranteed sense of support and love.

The Libra woman is always young at heart, she loves attention and constantly needs beautiful events and compliments, but she is far from immediately revealing her heart to a man. If Capricorn manages to win her favor and trust, a tender love arises between them, which gives both light and warmth of heart. However, this couple has its own nuances that you need to know before you commit your life to each other.

Pros of the Union: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

If the interests of the lovers coincide, they are able to go deep and far in life. Despite a certain frivolity and coquetry, a woman may feel insecure if there is no interesting and bright man around. The well-off and practical Capricorn will not only help her realize her dreams, but also become a good friend.

A man of this sign also benefits from communicating with such a woman: with her he becomes not only more relaxed and gentle, but also finds true happiness and joy, becomes younger both body and soul. Therefore, such a couple should be together, as they will be happy if they overcome all difficulties.

The advantages of this union can include:

  • Reasonableness and poise of both partners;
  • The ability to solve all issues without quarrels and scandals, the absence of pronounced irascibility and conflictuality;
  • The attraction of opposites;
  • sexual harmony;
  • practicality of both partners;
  • ability to stand up for themselves in any difficult situation and act independently;
  • a man gives support to a woman, helping her to realize dreams and plans for the future and to feel protected;
  • woman promotes looseness, personal growth and emotionality of a man, making him feel younger, even if they are equal in age;
  • absence of unrealistic ideals and requirements for each other;
  • refinement and aristocratism, the ability to live beautifully and chic even with modest means without unnecessary waste and rash actions.

The disadvantages of the union: the Capricorn man and the Libra woman

Misunderstandings slip in the relationship only if the interests of the partners diverge or change dramatically. In this situation, Capricorn and Libra begin to constantly clash or jealousy prevents them from making a reasonable decision. If a man begins to behave like a proprietor, limiting a woman’s personal space, she begins to protest against it, and if he can’t give her what she wants, the relationship begins to change in the other direction and break down.

Conflicts can be particularly acute because of different views on the upbringing of children, especially girls. The man will think that the woman gives them too much freedom, and the partner will accuse him of being nerdy and too strict and picky.

The main disadvantages of this union may be:

  • The man may begin to limit the woman’s freedom, which will cause protests;
  • The woman becomes cold to the man over time if he ceases to be her friend or their goals diverge;
  • greed, so it is difficult for partners to tolerate poverty;
  • nagging and constant quarrels may occur in the home;
  • Capricorn’s jealousy can ruin a relationship;
  • Libra’s easy romances can ruin a marriage and contribute to constant nagging;
  • Constant quarrels over children are possible;
  • conflicts with relatives can significantly complicate the relationship;
  • Over time, both partners may lose interest in each other;
  • accustomed to the leadership of a man, the woman may eventually lose her independence.

How to find common ground in a couple: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

The best way to reconcile after quarrels between these partners is a celebration and quality intimacy. These people can constantly find something new in bed and please and surprise each other constantly. Another way of reconciliation can be common interests, especially those related to career, collecting and art. In this situation, both partners fall in love with each other all over again and can spend hours discussing the latest news and promoting each other’s careers.

Libra and Capricorn are also brought closer together by shared holidays. These people like no other have a desire for luxury, beauty and tenderness, which contributes to their success and good luck in their personal lives. This is the reason why Capricorn and Libra are happy together and they should find an interesting hobby or occupation that will gradually bring them closer. And, of course, a man should give more freedom to the woman so that she could see with her own eyes that there can be no one better than him for her.

Compatibility in bed: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

An interesting and very harmonious combination in which partners with different temperaments and sexual appetites perfectly complement each other. Libra does not immediately pay attention to Capricorn, taking his ardent feelings and passionate hints for the usual compliments. But if they have a common passion or Capricorn contributes to a woman’s career, they will find themselves in bed fairly quickly, not immediately feeling all the charms of a non-serious romance. The man may fall in love with his partner, as she is the one who will make him feel younger and teach him to understand the subtleties of the female world. For Libra, the man may turn out to be a tidbit and a pleasant lover worth spending time on.

Relationships can spoil if one of the partners falls in love. More often this happens with Capricorn, who dreams of seeing such a partner near him, which the woman can take advantage of. But it is not uncommon for a Libra to fall in love with him, especially if he has money and can help financially. In such a situation, the partners can seriously quarrel and eventually break up.

Capricorns sexuality is not immediately revealed. Usually women are repelled by his developed sense of ownership, which is not conducive to non-serious relationships, but with such a partner as Libra he can lose his head and fall in love himself, indulging all her whims and desires. This contributes to his looseness and increases his attractiveness, so during their romance other women can stick to him like bees to honey.

Marriage Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

The link between such people becomes a common business or creative hobby, in which the man becomes a leader and shows himself. For example, a singer can fall in love with a producer, an actress – with a director, a young writer – with the editor-in-chief or the owner of a publishing house. Marriages on the basis of a common creative cause and interests are not uncommon in this pair and are usually the most enduring. But even if the professions of these people are completely different, the woman becomes a decoration of a serious man, so this pair is harmoniously complementary.

Destroy the family relationship between them can only relatives, poverty or divergence of interests. If Capricorn feels that the partner loses interest in him, he becomes capricious, excessively demanding, strict and jealous, which is unacceptable for a freedom-loving woman of the air element. Therefore, unsuccessful couples or those who are not planning a career and big money better not to plan a wedding, as the ways of the partners in the near future may diverge.

Compatibility of the couple in friendship: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

Not a bad combination, especially for those who are fond of history, creativity and art. Capricorn and Libra are aesthetes, they both understand the sense of beautiful things and interesting activities, and they are happy together, they very rarely have conflicts and quarrels. Both partners do not envy each other, they are not intrinsic to intrigue and cunning, they will both be able to support each other in difficult situations. Over time, their common interests can lead to joint business, which will successfully conduct both partners.

It is not uncommon for office romances to occur between these people, especially if the friends work together or have a common hobby. Usually everything remains private, and only the lovers know about the fairy tale that is going on with them in private. However, such relationships can eventually become serious and the couple will get together to spite everyone. But more often the partners do not seek to go beyond a friendly relationship, talking for hours on interesting topics and doing things that are pleasant and useful to them for general development.

Compatibility of the couple in business: Capricorn Man and Libra Woman

These people work well together, no matter who reports to whom. However, their success depends on the nature of the work. Capricorn becomes an excellent leader in activities related to art, antiques, science or papers, and Libra is better to lead where communication with people, artistry or the ability to sell is required. True, a woman may be dissatisfied with the conservatism of men and the fact that he is not always quick to navigate the situation.

Working as equals, these people can become friends to the detriment of the common cause. They can gradually move to talk, throwing the work, but they can also join forces and do what the boss requires. However, there is often competition and struggle for leadership between them, so such people should work separately from each other in case of conflict. The more so that in the competition they can very cleverly and gracefully intrigue, setting each other up.

What a Libra Woman needs to know about the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Man may seem too serious for an affair and not sociable enough. His severity may not be to the liking of the representative of the air element, but it is worth finding an approach to such a man if you dream of permanence and of making your dreams and goals come true.

Capricorn will never settle for small things and plan for paradise in a shack. His goals are high and he can pursue them for years, seizing the moment and getting his way. Such a man has enough money and means to become a leader and satisfy his material needs, so he can become the enviable man that everyone dreams of.

In most cases, he is constant in love, but a developed sense of ownership can provoke jealousy and constant conflicts and quarrels. For this reason, such a man will not let every woman near him, but will gladly do anything for her if her choice is final. With him there is always something to talk about, he knows how to understand people and knows how to surprise. So if you dream of a secure life, career, and a loyal man, look closely at him. It is possible that this is your version.

What the Capricorn Man needs to know about the Libra Woman

The Libra woman captivates with her beauty, inner sense of youth and changeability. It seems that men stick to her without her efforts and she does not notice them, but in fact it is not so simple. And to conquer the heart of this unapproachable beauty, you will have to change the usual attitude and behavior. First of all, such a woman loves herself and freedom, she just needs male attention and a sea of impressions. Therefore, do not try to limit her freedom or submit to the general rules, otherwise you risk losing her.

The second thing to remember is that even in family life, Libra tends to novels and does not lose its own tenderness and romanticism. Flowers, gifts, restaurants and expensive surprises should not go away immediately after the wedding, otherwise she will get bored. But, no matter how the relationship with her, she will fill your life with bright and brand new colors and impressions, so do not strive to make her your wife right away and do not be sorry if she refused you or decided to stop the relationship. Even if the romance will be short-lived, you certainly won’t lose anything with her and will learn to understand women better than before, unraveling not only their, but also your own world of emotions and feelings.

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