Man calls me a girl: study the essence

Man calls me a girl: study the essence

More and more often there are guys who call their girls not by name, but by nickname: Sunshine, Mine, Lyubimaya, Baby and many others. Girls are lost in the guesswork, if a man tells her my girl, what does it mean. Sometimes, such a treatment to the representative of the fair sex means that her partner has not enough attention and care, he does not trust her. But many with these words say that they love the girl, respect and trust her.

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  • 1.1 1.1 Beloved
  • 1.2 1.2 Darling
  • 1.3 1.3 Darling
  • 1.4 1.4 My Love
  • My Soul
  • My girl
  • 1.7 1.7 Baby
  • 8 1.8 Durynda
  • My baby doll
  • 1.10 1.10 My baby or my baby
  • 1.11 1.11 Miracle
  • 3.1 1.1 How do you tie a man to you for life?


Pay attention to how your lover introduces you to other people: his friends, business partners or relatives. If he says, for example: “This is my girlfriend/baby/lover” – in a word gives you a title that goes beyond the proverbial friendzone, then – he loves you. If a man calls you “his”, then he really thinks so and notifies everyone, because his intentions are serious and pure. If he introduces you as a friend or just calls you by name, be sure it’s true – you’re just his girlfriend. Deep down, you know it yourself, right? But as soon as he gives you a title, you immediately realize that the man is making a statement. He’s making a statement about his intentions toward you.

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Love nicknames

Many men prefer to use familiar affectionate words. And they are more pleasant for women because they do not cause ambiguous associations.

How to call a guy affectionately

So call the lovely representatives of the fair sex self-confident donzhuans. This is an assertive conqueror of hearts, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He prefers to play, then attracting a woman, then pushing her away, as if there was nothing between them.

“Beloved” calls the man cunning, capable of thinking through his actions and the actions of a woman a few steps ahead. He really can truly fall in love with his chosen one and experience sincere feelings. But, after realizing that the woman needs him, it is likely to leave.

How to call a girl affectionately

Boring in everything and everywhere – this is how you can describe the guy who calls his other half “dear”. Routine life awaits the woman who has chosen such a man. It will not even occur to him to add something new to their life together. Very often he turns out to be boring not only in everyday life, but also in bed. No innovations and variety from such a man should not be expected. Very often he imposes a taboo on everything that a woman offers.

How to understand that this is your man

Partner’s feelings are so great that he is not able to express them in words. A man is ready to take care of his beloved for days on end, pleasing her with all kinds of gifts.

Men who call their beloved in this way are very easy and relaxed to talk to. This is an excellent suitor, who puts the interests of the lady above his own. But such partners have a small disadvantage – it is usually very difficult to command them. At the first attempts to start “training” he will feel it and leave.

A guy who uses this nickname is a great companion for life. He is very slow to become attached to a woman. Such a man is in no hurry to bare his soul at once. He chooses a measured way, when the rapprochement takes place slowly and comfortably. To physical proximity, he also takes his time. Men of this type are very often faithful to their partners until the end.

When a guy calls his chosen one “my girl” or “baby”, it indicates only one thing: he really feels tenderness and trembling feelings. The young man treats her like a child, trying in every way to protect and defend her from the evil outside world.

Perhaps such a person likes concreteness and does not want to complicate things in the relationship. He expects the same from his woman. In a couple used to always be the first, he does not tolerate when a woman tries to take his place.

Such a nickname that is not quite pleasant at first glance says the opposite: the man is ready to forgive a woman any mistake and take control of the situation.

“Doll” is called their ladies by those men who are only superficially infatuated with them. They like easy, non-committal relationships.

My little one or baby

They say those guys who are willing to take care of their girlfriend, to give all of themselves for this relationship. These are dedicated men who can be a solid wall for their lady.

By calling a woman a “miracle”, a man is trying to attract her attention to himself and thus show the importance of this relationship to him.

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5 signs of a man’s sincere love

There are many signs that indicate that a guy is in love: the blush, the low voice, various signs of attention. But it is difficult to understand if he just likes the girl or if he is counting on a closer relationship. Psychologists have identified several signs by which you can distinguish a man’s true crush:

  • he shares problems and difficulties;
  • Not shy to show his love for the girl;
  • makes concessions;
  • shows care;
  • treats with respect.

So, not every gentleman will dare to tell his beloved what is going on in his soul or at work. Men believe that strangers should not know about it, especially women. Male representatives adhere to the point of view that they should solve all problems themselves. Therefore, if the guy shared something secret, then he certainly does not indifferent to the beloved and is looking forward to a long-term sincere relationship.

At any opportunity a lover wants to show his love to the lady, even in public. It is difficult for him to refrain from taking the girl’s hand, kissing her or hugging her. If he makes physical contact without shyness, or overcomes them, it shows his serious intentions.

A guy in love stops bending his line and begins to make concessions, to find compromises. If he was too lazy to skate, he will go with his beloved to the rink, since she likes to do it. When a man is in love with a woman, he is ready to learn something new for her sake. In addition, a man in love does not reject any girl’s suggestions, but considers them and offers a compromise if he is not satisfied with something.

Guys like to take care of their beloved. They are ready to carry the chosen one in their arms, to give flowers, to bring coffee in bed, to do something pleasant. These men do not find it difficult to adjust to the mood of the chosen one and constantly surprise her.

When a guy is in love with a girl, he will do everything so that she is not sad and not worried, and was cheerful and happy. A guy in love will never humiliate a girl in front of strangers and in private, will talk only good things about her. He will not lie, hurt or humiliate her.

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Animal names and other diminutive names

If a guy constantly calls his partner “pussy”, then he sees her solely as a sexual object.

“Fish” most often refers to those women who babble on and on, and “hares” to playful and charming girls. “Hedgehog” means a difficult character of the chosen one and the desire to make her softer and kinder.

“Fox”, “vixen” – the partner suspects his date of infidelity. “Pussycat” – uncertain feelings toward the woman. “Kitten” – indicates warm feelings and a soft, malleable character of the man, who is ready to give in many ways to his partner.

“Mouse” – the man considers himself a true knight, he is not capable of hurting his beloved. “Sheep” – a light flirtation or short-term passion.

If the man calls his girlfriend by name and patronymic or surname – he highly respects his chosen one and seeks an equal relationship. Decreasingly affectionate forms of the name can mean not only warmth and tenderness, but also non-serious intentions and irony of the partner in relation to his date.

What are the 12 secret words that can quickly make a man fall in love?

What is the secret of these words? Press the button and watch the video to the end.

How to tie a man to you for life?

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Objective assessment of a man you have known for a long time

After some time after the beginning of the relationship, the partner’s behavior changes. He is no longer as romantic and emotional as in the first days of acquaintance. The cavalier behaves more restrained, gives more time to personal matters, says less compliments to the lady. It seems to the girl that falling in love has passed, the desire to see each other often is gone, there is no more passion.

When the relationship has lasted with the partner for a long time, you want to determine whether he still has feelings. If he still gives up his plans in favor of the girl, shares with her interests, suffering whims and forgives much, then, to the woman he did not care.

A man in love, even a longtime acquaintance, will still help his beloved, to solve her problems. He remembers her mother’s date of birth, the name of the cat, her favorite writer or book, and her other interests and hobbies. Such a partner is not afraid to start conversations about family and children, even starting conversations about them himself.

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If a man loves you, he will wipe out anyone who dares to think ill of you or hurt you in any way. If you have been wronged, a man who loves you will go and stand up for you and your honor. Any self-respecting man will defend what is his. If a man shakes his head or even gets angry at a creepy story about someone insulting you and doesn’t take action, there’s something wrong. When a man loves you, chances are you won’t even want to spread the word that someone has offended you because he’ll go deal with it, and we all know that could end badly. Of course, protection is not just the use of brute physical force. A man who really loves protects in other ways: he may give valuable advice or volunteer to do something he doesn’t think is safe for you. He’ll never send you out late at night to the store or walk the dog, he’ll do everything himself, even if he hasn’t slept in more than two days.

The material is based on Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man.”

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If the guy often says “my”, what does it mean

If a guy says to his girlfriend “mine”, he shows others that she is busy, others should not approach her. He creates an invisible protective field that will repel other men because she belongs to only one.

Calling a lady his own, you can get her to like you even without gifts or passionate declarations of love. The girl accepts the man as a reliable and caring man. For her, these words are desirable, they make her heart beat harder and think of her beloved more often.

When a man says to his beloved “mine”, it means that he has tender and sincere feelings towards her. He has found his one and only woman, he is ready to share with her all the spiritual and material that he has. After telling her what’s going on in his soul, the man needs advice and support for his woman. That is why she must be attentive, wise and understanding.

Calling the girl his own, his partner is ready to restrain his emotions at a time when their thoughts diverge. He will compromise. But a woman should not forget that patience can come to an end.

You can also consider from another point of view if a man says to his partner “you are mine.” Sometimes this indicates a man’s tendency to be selfish and possessive. When a guy marries a girl, he believes that she has become his property and deprives her of her right to decide for herself where to go, what to do, and with whom to socialize. He’s just jealous, which is why sometimes guys call the ladies their own. In such a situation a woman feels pinched, without the right to a private life.

Such behavior of a man does not at all indicate that love has passed. On the contrary, he loves his partner too much, he is ready to do for her all the time whatever she wants, just so her beloved would not leave. He needs her to be close to him and to be his alone, no one else’s.

More often than not, a man says “mine” to his beloved when he has tender feelings for her, which speaks of his great love and good attitude toward his partner.

If a man says “My girl,” what could it mean?

Young people often invent cute nicknames for their girlfriends, thereby expressing their true attitude toward them. If a man in love says to his beloved “My girl”, then what does it mean for the joint future, it is unknown. To get to the bottom of the issue, here are some general principles and exact words that will show whether a young man is counting on a long-term relationship or he is only interested in one-time sex.

Nickname as a way of showing male tenderness

The problem of why young men sometimes invent girls nicknames, women around the world. Explain this fact will help psychologists who study related aspects of consciousness and the subconscious.

When a man constantly uses the same expression in relation to the woman he likes, the doctors talk about the request of the necessary resource. With a gentle word, the young man is trying to convey to his partner what he lacks in the relationship:

  • nicknames “beloved”, “tender” will tell about the lack of reverent attitude in the physical aspect;
  • The nicknames “darling” and “precious” show selfish intentions;
  • The word “bunny”, depending on the subtext of the perception of the animal, indicates a lack of sex or an excess of tactile tenderness.

Also, young people who had a negative relationship with their parents or lack of physical contact (hugs, kisses) may show an excess of tenderness with words. In this case, the variants of the nickname vary, periodically there are new ideas, there is no single word or phrase. Through this, the young man denounces his love in a more tangible feeling. If the girl likes it, the relationship does not suffer. In the opposite case, you can make an attempt and replace the verbal form with physical caresses, touches, kisses.

If a man often says “My girl.”

Words, however, often do not carry any meaning for the guy. Sometimes cute phrases are used for better manipulation. Uttering to the girl a tender phrase, the young man hopes to quickly get desired – intimacy.

Here it is important to understand when a man uses the phrase in excess of feelings, and at what time – out of selfishness.

When and with what purpose

If the beloved guy often says “My girl”, then the phrase contains one of the variants of the semantic load:

  1. The young man has too many girls in his environment, to whom he is not indifferent. In order not to have difficulty remembering and identifying, he uses a universal phrase. The peculiarity of the phrase is the absence of additional characteristics other than gender.
  2. A man using the phrase “My Girl” subconsciously fixes the belonging to a woman. This shows that he has possessive feelings, that is, with a high probability we can say that the young man is jealous.
  3. The expression can characterize an insufficiently strong connection on a physical level. The man uses the pronoun to show a desire to get closer.
  4. An expression that applies to a loved one may just like the sound of it. It is enough to choose it as a nickname.

What it means

If a handsome man constantly says “You’re my girl,” a woman is delighted, because it means certainty in the relationship. However, pay attention to your partner’s behavior when you are with him in public. If such words are not repeated in the presence of others or the expression is said in the ear, you should not hope for constancy of your chosen one. When the words are spoken clearly and loudly, you can confidently talk about the seriousness of your intentions.

If the lover says “You are mine”

Depending on the situation in which the expression is pronounced, the girl judges what this or that phrase means to her. This also applies to nicknames, so pay attention to them, too.

Why he uses this particular phrase

The phrase with which a young man identifies a girl indicates a subconscious perception of her image. There are examples when large women are affectionately called “panthers” or “goats” by men. These words indicate that the representative of the stronger sex sees his chosen one graceful, despite her excess weight. However, such an interpretation is possible in the case of sincere sympathy.

If, however, the young man perceives the relationship as a joke, refers non-seriously or tries to take advantage, then you can not interpret nicknames, because they conceal a subtle mockery, a mockery of external or internal qualities.

The meaning of the nickname

The phrase “You are mine”, according to psychologists, should be alert. It hides the meaning of full ownership, when a woman is equated with an inanimate object. Take a closer look at your partner. If his behavior has a tendency to aggression, unwillingness to listen to others’ opinions and to compromise, then you should start to worry.

A burning desire to fully possess, not veiled in words, is also found in the first stages of the relationship, and sometimes it is fixed historically. In this case, there is no need to look for a catch.

Nicknames that men call when they sincerely love

Young men choose different nicknames. Here are examples of the most common ones:

  • my good – assessment of the qualities of the beloved in a positive way, the young man understands the value of the relationship;
  • sweet, buns, pie – unconscious association with being a housewife, the man guesses about the culinary abilities or hopes that they are there;
  • sweetheart, darling – simple expressions, proving the sincerity of feelings;
  • swallow, chanterelle, mouse – attention to the partner, her special position in the background of others, highlighting.

A separate case, when the partner calls the chosen one by name. Girls are sure that this is not very good, as the man has no feelings. But this is a mistake. Such young men are not prone to romantic actions, but they are reliable, they will not betray.

What nicknames should be alert

Nicknames, in which you should look more closely at the behavior of a young man:

  • Zolotko – a clear hint of material gain from the relationship;
  • Baby, baby, baby – fixated on the girl’s appearance, he won’t accept changes;
  • doll – considers the relationship as a stepping stone to build a successful career, perceives the woman as a status indicator;
  • star – appreciates the external attributes, but is not interested in the internal qualities, often the nickname is applied to a public girl who is recognized;
  • sun – the young man will demand a perfect appearance on a daily basis.

However, do not break up on the basis of a suspicious nickname. Take a closer look at the behavior to know the right answer and see if the relationship is worth continuing.

Opinion of psychologists

The young man may use a variety of epithets about the woman he loves. Often these are images of animals that look harmless and affectionate. Comparisons with graceful and plastic creatures are used for passionate games in bed. But when a man says “mine”, what it means, he can hardly explain. After all, the desire to appropriate does not always express a natural desire to possess. Sometimes the pronoun shows that the young man has a complex character.

The manifestation speaks of a desire to completely control the girl, to subjugate. Subsequently, this can manifest itself in constant jealousy, aggression in case of disobedience. When a guy uses an expression with the pronoun “my”, take a closer look at his actions and behavior.

However, do not be upset when a couple uses a similar expression. Perhaps the man subconsciously expresses a trembling desire to possess, not to let go. This is normal, especially in the early stages of the relationship. At this time, intimacy either has not yet occurred, so the sexual desire prevails, or there is little of it. The guy is unconsciously trying to show how important the girl is to him.

To judge the relationship in a couple, based on one affectionate expression is impossible. To understand the true motives of the nickname that appeared, carefully observe your partner, analyze his actions, because they are indicative.

Specialist in personal development and family relationships, practicing psychologist. Work experience of over 15 years.

Infatuation arising in relation to unfamiliar people – a phenomenon not the most positive. To stop

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