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Ignoring is a sign of sympathy: How to know if a man avoiding you is in love

Sometimes men’s behavior can really confuse women: one day he’s talking cheerfully and affectionately, and the next day he’s passing by. So how do you respond to a man’s ignoring, and can it be a sign of sympathy?

Relationships between a man and a woman are often very unpredictable, they have their ups and downs. Sometimes for some reason, male representatives begin to treat a woman indifferently, ignore her words, pass by without noticing. Most ladies find it difficult to understand what such behavior of a man can be connected with.

Ignoring: a sign of what it can be?

Avoiding a man can be for a variety of reasons. In order to determine the true emotions and feelings that lie behind ignoring, it is necessary to analyze the general history of the relationship between people. As a rule, behind the apparent indifference of a man hides the following emotions.

Fear. An ignoring man may be afraid that a woman expects something special from him. For example, a colleague at work constantly showed signs of attention happily married man who was afraid of her sympathy. It is expected that he is afraid to communicate with the lady, worried that she will interpret his emotions in the wrong way.

Dislike. Quite often men ignore women because of the unpleasant emotions they provoke. Then on the face of the representative of the opposite sex can be read not only indifference, but also dislike, especially if this emotion is too strong.

Indifference. Sometimes it may happen that a person intentionally avoids communication, but there is nothing wrong with that. Often we tend to second-guess, to interpret the actions of those around us in our own way. It is very likely that the man simply feels sincere indifference to the woman and therefore ignores her.

Infatuation. In certain situations, a man may hide his true feelings for the woman behind a mask of indifference. Then ignoring is just a desire to hide his true emotions and intentions.

Ignoring as a sign of sympathy

At times, a man’s outward indifference may hide sincere affection. In order to understand whether this is true or not, you need to pay attention to your previous experience with this man, the peculiarities of your and his lifestyle.

Sometimes a man begins to ignore a woman because she did not agree to develop a further relationship. For example, he may have subtly hinted at a date or his feelings, and the woman did not reciprocate, did not say what he expected. Most men in this situation are silent about their emotions, picking up on the woman’s reluctance to build love. This is a perfectly normal reaction of a rejected man who prefers to leave when he is not welcome.

In some cases, a male representative may be attracted to a woman, receive pleasant emotions from communicating with her. But at the same time he has no desire to continue their communication in a more serious way. Under such circumstances a woman usually wants to communicate with a man a little more than he does with her, waiting for some romantic initiative from him. The chevalier, on the other hand, is not serious enough and prefers to avoid their communication.

Ignoring can also be an effective tool in attracting the attention of the person of the opposite sex. For example, if a company of friends all joke and have fun with a woman, except for one man who is very fake keeping silent, there is a good chance that he just wants to direct the interest of this pretty lady in his direction.

How do you unmask a man?

There are several effective ways to help bring an avoiding man into the open. For starters, you can ask mutual acquaintances about how he feels about women. It is likely that he shared his feelings with someone, commenting on some of the actions of a woman who came across.

You can also try to start a conversation with him, but you have to do it casually and as casual as possible. You should not show that the reason for your interest was his aloofness, it’s better to pretend that your communication is just a non-binding dialogue. Sometimes it is in this situation, the man begins to show his true feelings, especially his resentment or dissatisfaction.

Rarely do men ignore women for no reason, usually behind this there are some bright emotions.

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What to do if a man avoids: meetings, communication or all kinds of contacts?

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Questions “why a man avoids meetings” often excite the minds of women, and men themselves, too. Sometimes some things are done on emotion, without the intervention of the brain. Men avoid meetings for various reasons, maybe to get a price, maybe disappointed in a girl, and maybe really men have no free time. Below is more detail about each of the hypotheses.

Fear of being sent away

Immediately with the obvious situation when a man thinks and is sure that the girl will send him away. Then he tries to distance himself from her. The fear of falling in the girl’s eyes, of looking flawed or inadequate unequivocally scares men. Also a man may lose his desire to communicate and date a girl because of his lack of confidence in a serious relationship. Why give false hopes unnecessarily, it is better, of course, to talk about everything and solve everything mutually.

Internal contradictions.

“Do I need it?” – this is the question men often ask themselves. Fear after a failed relationship to start a new one often accompanies a man. It seems that a woman likes it, all at her, but doubts do not allow to move in the right direction. In this situation, a man long studies the pros and cons of the girl, conducts a long analysis. But is such an approach bad? The main thing is that it should not drag on for a long time.

Yes, it is also worth mentioning such a point as a man’s employment. It is quite possible that he already has a girlfriend, with whom he feels good, and the other acts as a backup airfield. The situation, after all, is not easy.

The game of relegation

Another fairly common reason is that the man is just playing, he enjoys it. This is a reason to light a fire inside the girl, so that she burns and wants to communicate with a certain man. However, you have to be careful and measured with such tactics, or you could lose the girl altogether. The lowering of what? Attention! Men do not like to direct their attention, so it should be reduced by the girls. The main thing is not to doubt yourself and keep inner peace. Girls like a moderately confident guy.


In an age of tolerance and equality is sometimes difficult to live with, the ideas seem to be good, good. But it turns out somehow, as always. In our society, girls can do any job they like, it creates dissonance in the minds of men. Like this is a man’s work, why does a girl do it? If a girl does a man’s job even better than the man himself, that’s it. It will be a blow to self-esteem. In that case, the man will also seek to avoid meetings. In general, like little children.


Resentments are kind of inappropriate for men. The strong sex is fixed in the minds of girls as stale and cold, not capable of deep emotions and experiences. However, this is not true. Men can also be offended and have the most profound feelings. If a girl has offended a man, hurt his looks, his feelings, he may be offended and not want to see her. Yes, it may not be a very masculine thing to do, but respecting someone else’s feelings is unconditionally worth it!


Male workaholism is also a possible reason why men avoid dating. Total dedication to work deprives him of time to meet and date girls. For him, the girl he loves is a job he does 200% of the time.

Disappointment in bed.

Another not insignificant reason is bad sex. No man will tolerate a log in bed. So a woman should pay attention to this reason in detail. Maybe it is because of her and to accuse a man is inappropriate. Sometimes there are also nymphomaniacs. Sex – it is, of course, cool, but its abundance also depresses the male body. Everything must be in moderation. In everything.

Temporary fun.

A man is a gambler who loves adventure. A woman may regard such a man as a temporary toy. At first everything can be wonderful, but after a certain period of time there are problems, one of which is the lack of meetings. This kind of person is resourceful and can always come up with a lot of excuses for their actions.

Mama’s boy

There are men – “mama’s boys” who consider their mother to be the ideal woman. In the case when a girl does something wrong, as his mother does, then it is a fiasco. The girl will fall in the eyes of men and lose his interest Such men just disappear without a word or trace. For such a man should not even run. As an adult, you need to understand that all people are not perfect.

What do we have?

To summarize, we can say that at the heart of any action on the part of men related to avoiding meetings, there are various reasons. They are largely determined by a man’s character and upbringing. Also an important role is played by the attitude towards women. Sometimes the girls themselves are to blame, but this is not the main reason, but a secondary one.

Questions why this happens often excite the minds of women, and men themselves, too. Sometimes certain things are done on emotion, without the intervention of the brain. Men avoid meetings for various reasons, maybe to get a price, may be disappointed in a girl, or maybe really men have no free time. Read more specifically about each hypothesis.

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