Man Aquarius when he’s in love

The Aquarius man – how do you know if he’s in love from A to Z?

This man is not a rhetorician, or not always able to express his innermost thoughts. And his girlfriend is often lost in understanding whether he loves her or not. She also wonders if he will betray her, after the intimacy happens, what will happen if she takes a chance on a relationship. It’s all complicated, and it’s especially complicated that he may love but not talk about it. What to do in such a situation, how to understand his goals. But all is not lost. In our article we will talk about the signs of falling in love, which will tell you exactly how he feels. You will be able to understand if he is in love, or just spending time around you. It is easy to get into the male psychology by knowing these secrets. It often happens that girls by inexperience start a relationship that is unpromising in advance. And knowing the signs of falling in love, you can avoid these mistakes, to understand whether this man loves or he is just driven by the desire to possess. It is worth remembering that not always a declaration of love is a reflection of heartfelt feelings, often it is just an opportunity to get what you want. So, if you are ready to observe your man, read our article, and many questions will become clear and simple for you.

How to know if an Aquarius man is in love with you if you’re not dating yet!

It is not always possible to find out that he is in love, but a good mood gives it away with the head. You can tell right away that something lifts his spirits, gives him a charge of joy and vivacity. He likes to communicate with people, and he is ready to help everyone. And he will be very open before his chosen one, giving her the opportunity to know everything about him. Jokes and humor on such days just pour out of him, charging the positive all around.

2 – His gestures! Aquarius in love often tries to become more significant. To do this, he may start exercising, which he has never done before. His next step is to want to know everything about his chosen one. To do this, he can use the help of friends, and try to find out everything about her himself. But he will do this clumsily, than he will attract attention, although he achieved the opposite effect. During a conversation, he will turn around to his companion, trying to take such a position in order to be closer to her. Often, he would have some object in his hands, which he would play with to hide his excitement. As for appearance, he will try to be at his best, although he usually does not pay attention to such little things. It is also interesting that his interest can be quite earthly, despite all his idealistic nature. This is manifested by such gestures as stroking his belly, his hands may constantly be on his belt. All these signs indicate his vivid interest. It is worth remembering that nonverbal signs in his case are always truer than words.

3 – If he tells you everything! This man will often talk about himself, his achievements in the present and the past. It is important for him to appear in her eyes as a real hero. In addition, he will do it not only on dates, but also on the phone. He often embellishes his stories, but it all comes from an excess of feelings. And the thing is that he is constantly thinking about her, he wants to appear better in her eyes. And that requires him to release his emotions, which he does. If he is silent, does not try to talk about himself, it is an indication that he has no feelings for you. It’s worth listening to what he says, as this is the key to understanding his feelings.

4 – If he’s always listening to you! This man is always busy with some worldly issues, but if he suddenly becomes interested in you, asking a lot of questions, it shows his interest in you. He listens exemplary, does not interrupt you, trying to find out every detail. He is even looking for common interests with his chosen one, to become closer to her. He does not just listen, but hears, then uses his knowledge to please her. Of course, he may forget something, but it is not inattention, but just a slightly different perception of the information.

5 – His touch! Touching is such a sign of this man’s crush that speaks to real feelings. The fact is that the physical is not that important to him, but if he tries to feel his girlfriend tactilely, it shows his love. During the conversation, he will try to touch her things, stroke them. The next stage is more active actions – he tries to touch her – to hug her, to hold her hand. All these actions indicate his falling in love, his desire to be close to his beloved.

6 – His gaze! If during the conversation he hides his eyes, he does not want to show his feelings, it betrays him perfectly. He will furtively look at his beloved, trying to remember her every movement, her facial features. If his eyes often stop on the lips, it means he just wants to kiss you. Usually he considers the face, and then his eyes go down to her figure, he likes everything about her, so the look radiates and burns with a special light, you can see in it the whole gamut of feelings – joy, admiration, pain, despair and hope.

Aquarius man in love – signs if you have been dating for a long time!

7 – Manifestation of caring! This man is quite unconventional, and does not often pay attention to some things, but if he is in love, he will definitely show care. First of all it is a desire to be near her all the time. He will invent various tricks to achieve a meeting. In doing so, he will surround her with such care that she will be obviously confused. He will call her many times a day because he just wants to hear from her. He doesn’t care what she has to say, he just wants to hear her voice. During walks he will give her a hand, help her with everything so that she is only comfortable. If you live far away from each other, he will order delivery of flowers, gifts. He will spare no effort or time for her, as she is too dear to him. In the period of falling in love, he may even give up meetings with friends, his hobbies and other bachelor fun. Now he wants to be only with his girlfriend, to protect her from all problems. It should be remembered that the care of a man in love is exaggerated to distinguish it from the simple care of a friend.

8 – If he is willing to make sacrifices! The ability to sacrifice is in his nature. If he misses a soccer game to take his beloved to the theater, it is a good sign and indicates his true feelings. Similar sacrifices are a normal condition in a relationship. However, a girl should know the line beyond which you should not cross. For example, you can’t demand that he give up his job, friends and other important things in his life. On the contrary, if he changes his principles, it speaks of weak character, not of sacrifice. Therefore, a reasonable approach to sacrifice in favor of your other half’s interests would not hurt for both of them.

9 – Jealousy! As long as he is not in love, he does not know such destructive feelings as jealousy. It is also interesting that he discovers this feeling in himself earlier than falling in love. And jealousy can torment him for quite a long time, because it has no limits when he is in love. He wants to control her environment, often there is a desire to hide from everyone. He wants to be the only one, but understands that it is impossible. So he tries to compare himself with his rivals, and will even ask her for an evaluation. If he does not understand the difference, he will try to remove himself to make sense of the situation, but will quickly return, as he may lose control of the situation. He will eliminate opponents morally, and so that she understands his subtle approach to this process.

10 – If he wants to be with you all the time! When this man is in love, he will strive to spend as much time with the girl as possible. It is typical for him to seek meetings with the object of adoration. This can be a meeting by appointment or he just arranges casual meetings. He will try to see her not only physically, but he will learn all her contacts, phone number, social networking nicknames. It’s important for him to be aware of her affairs. When he calls, it’s important for him to know how her day is going, how she’s feeling. He will do more for her than he does for other women. It will just be a desire to give her joy, to surprise her. He will shower her with compliments, warm words, and try to improve her mood. Her emotional comfort is important to him, so he will try to learn everything about her, and at the right moments help. Moreover, he is ready to tolerate all her shortcomings. All this shows his deep love for her.

11 – If he has invited her to live in his house! This man is especially reverent about his freedom, so he will weigh for a long time all the pros and cons of living together. Perhaps he will decide to take this step, but will let a woman into his life little by little. And if his feelings are strong enough, he will definitely give her the key to his house or apartment. The girl should wait for that offer, not storm out with her desire to “try living together.” And if she received such an offer, you should not kill yourself with the housework, he will not appreciate it, and sometimes he just won’t notice. It is worth winning him over himself, and him the house.

12 – Get to know his friends! If he is in love, he is unlikely to sacrifice you to meet his friends. Most likely, he will refuse to see them. Or, alternatively, go to these meetings with you. Wanting to introduce you to his circle of acquaintances is a serious step on his part, because he is saying that he recognizes you as an official girlfriend. And if the acquaintance is to be with relatives, this is the exact and most sure sign of falling in love.

13 – If he says We! If he begins to make plans together, says “we,” referring to himself and you, then you can be congratulated, because your relationship has become stable and promising. Also, such behavior indicates his love and desire to be with you for life. And especially if he is glowing with happiness and anticipation of joy, then this is a clear sign of love that is worth taking into consideration.

14 – Getting to know your parents! He’s too original to go the tried-and-true ways. Of course, the acquaintance with his parents will take place if he has a serious relationship, but it will be arranged by chance, so if there was such a “casual” meeting with his parents, you can rejoice – he will offer his hand and heart in the near future. He does not always care about family approval, but without it family life may not quite succeed, so it is worth being on guard and finding out who and what his family loves.

Or maybe it’s just a crush?

To understand this man’s feelings, to make sure that it is not just a hobby, it is enough to be guided by our tips. Let’s look at a few trivial situations that absolutely do not speak of love: a man does not try to walk you home. Next, he does not like the way you look. Next, consider his desire to introduce you to his friends. What they talk about, what they do, how they spend their time – says more about him than he himself would like. All of these situations will help you understand his behavior even better. And if he’s taking your moods, your desires, and he’s not just trying to get laid, that’s a good sign. Of course, you’d want to know exactly what his goals are, but you won’t get an answer verbally. But fortunately, you can observe his behavior to understand all these points. Our article will help you in this, so that you do not feel unhappy if a man just took advantage of you. Observe and avoid mistakes – it is all quite real.

How to know if an Aquarius likes you.

Compatibility Horoscope

Aquarius is a friendly, intelligent, charming and charismatic zodiac sign. He loves strongly, but is afraid of losing his freedom.

This explains his fear of commitment. If you want to be with a Aquarius man, be patient.

After long and deep reflection, this zodiac sign will come and confess his feelings.

This moment will come only when he gets to know you well and determines that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life.

What to do if you do not have the strength to wait for his confessions? How to know that he likes you? How does a male Aquarius behave when he is in love? Read the article.

How to know if an Aquarius man likes you

Become the best friend

A romantic relationship with this sign will begin with a strong friendship. You need to gain his trust, you both need to be good friends.

Aquarius believes that the key elements of a long-lasting relationship are trust and friendship.

You’ll be able to cry on his shoulder, go shopping together or watch shows while eating ice cream. Everything will be great with him by your side. Your partner will take care of you if you get sick.

Will show care.

Aquarius is not strong in expressing his feelings. But genuinely cares about the person he loves.

He likes to make your partner’s life better, will strive to show that he appreciates you. The man will be ready to rush to your defense and help you.

Become responsible.

Aquarius is not the most responsible person, knows this, but will not let this get in the way of love. Therefore, he will behave maturely.

It’s about finances and responsibility. Perhaps even enter into philosophical discussions with you. Will drive carefully.

Will spend all his free time with you.

The Aquarius man appreciates his time and hates doing things he hasn’t planned. But it doesn’t matter if this zodiac sign is in love.

Did Aquarius agree to go with you to the movies or a cafe? Or promised to take you to the cottage? You have to be really special to him.

Become quiet.

The Aquarius man is active and outspoken in public. So why does he get quiet when you’re around?

When Aquarius is near a woman he likes, becomes uncharacteristically quiet. Will be reserved, shy in conversation.

Will pretend that he does not care about you.

At the beginning of the relationship the man will try hard to hide interest. Aquarius will act as if he did not care about you. Will talk to everyone except you.

Will try to behave very cold when you are near. Do not react. This is a typical behavior of a man in love Aquarius. Once he gains confidence in your feelings, he will return to the way he always was.

Tell you about yourself.

Aquarius is as secretive as Scorpio. He prefers to keep everything to himself.

Compared with other signs of the zodiac is a deep thinker, often wandering in his own thoughts.

He starts everything with a small. First Aquarius will tell you how his day was. Or how to treat someone. Then move on to more serious things. He’ll tell you about past girlfriends and even how their relationship ended.

Maybe this sign will even tell you some secrets. Will talk about family, will tell you all about them. If Aquarius has opened up to you, it means that he is definitely in love with you. This is his way of expressing love!

Will even tell you about his plans for the future.

Will want to know more about you.

Aquarius does not like details, so he rarely reads books and hates gossip. But if he asks about your affairs, he certainly has feelings for you.

The Aquarius man is so absorbed in the world around him that he can’t focus on any one person. Until he finds the woman he wants. Will want to know everything there is to know about you.

Becomes romantic.

Flirt with you, send you sweet messages throughout the day. You’ll be surprised every time you meet.

Those first dates will be so refreshing and romantic. No man takes care of a woman the way the Aquarius man does. Take care of him!

But he will be romantic only in private with you. This sign does not show his feelings in a public place.

Introduce him to his family.

This is a big step for the Aquarius man. He doesn’t introduce his family to all of his women. Aquarius will only go so far if he is sure that you reciprocate his feelings.

But this is a sure sign of his affection. It is important that you get along with his relatives. Aquarius is close to them.

If they don’t like you, it will affect his attitude towards you.

Won’t let you get bored.

This guy loves to see a girl’s smiling face, so he will entertain you in every way possible.

Aquarius will do everything he can to make you smile, even if he has to act silly.

Get ready for a relationship full of laughter, joy, and unexpected surprises!

And a few more signs that tell you Aquarius is in love

  • Will help in almost everything.
  • Will not flirt with other ladies, once committed.
  • Will show you which of your qualities can attract him.
  • Will devote more time to you than to his friends.
  • Will look you in the eye.
  • Tell you about your hobbies, favorite movies and music.
  • Will call and write a lot because she misses you.

What kind of women an Aquarius likes

What kind of woman is able to win the heart of Aquarius? Smart, witty, confident in herself.

This sign needs a strong and independent companion that he can be proud of.

Aquarius expects a woman to be able to change his point of view when he is wrong.

The ideal soulmate should provide him with freedom, optimism, and a sense of ambition in the relationship.

Fundamental to maintaining a relationship with an Aquarius man is trust. He puts honesty above all else. Never expect a second chance from an Aquarius man.

This guy doesn’t like girls who tend to waste a lot of money. If you know how to manage money well, carefully, then Aquarius is definitely right for you.

  • Increase your financial capacity and resource capabilities.
  • Find your calling and understand your karmic task.
  • to know what partner is destined by fate and not to make a mistake in choosing an important person in your life.
  • To determine personal strengths, talents and opportunities for oneself and loved ones.

He is attracted to a lady who is as adventurous as himself.

How to attract a Aquarius man

Winning his heart is truly a challenge.

Aquarius can be flirtatious, but when it comes to a life partner, extremely picky. Don’t think you can win him over with beauty and intelligence alone.

When looking for a companion, will stay away from deeply emotional women, preferring an intellectual, practical companion.

Surprise him.

Who doesn’t love surprises? Aquarius is no exception. A good way to keep him interested in you is to cook him dinner with his favorite dishes or plan an unexpected trip.

Never buy Aquarius expensive gifts.

Think positively.

Why? This guy is afraid of negativity. If you see negativity in everything, change or stop thinking about your Aquarius.

To build a long-term relationship with this sign, you need to have a positive attitude.

Make him laugh.

Aquarius likes women with a great sense of humor. Your man is an interesting person who enjoys a good laugh in life.

Can’t get along well with those who are too serious. Don’t be afraid to show your weirdest, funniest sides. Make him laugh with your witty jokes!

Be enterprising.

Have you ever thought about taking him on an adventure with you?

This guy can’t stand boredom, so you shouldn’t keep him bored for long. Discover new things with him, try exotic foods, explore new places.

Be careful with his feelings.

Remember that the Aquarius man is incredibly sensitive!

Not many people know about it, as he hides it well. Usually, this Zodiac sign tends to accumulate feelings and emotions within himself.

No matter how hurt he is, he won’t say anything, so be attentive whenever you feel that he is upset.

Listen carefully to his story, find out the reason why.

Be sincere and honest.

It takes a lot of time to get a Aquarius man to start trusting you.

Aquarius hates people who let him down, cheat, hurt his feelings. If you do something that will hurt his heart, he probably will not forgive you.

It is better to remain honest and sincere with him.

If you dream of a serious relationship with Aquarius, be independent, adventurous, intelligent, creative, and sometimes break the rules.

This man can be cold and aloof, but once he finds his soulmate, he will be original and inventive. An Aquarius in love will do everything to keep his beloved. Friendship is the key.

This sign of the Zodiac believes that the only reason for the success of a relationship is that it is built on a solid foundation of friendship.

The Aquarius man is a free spirit, but won’t mind truly loving someone one day. Be daring! Now you know how to know he likes you.

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