Male Capricorn tiger in love: parsing in detail

Male Capricorn Tiger

The male Capricorn Tiger is a pleasant and charming conversationalist. He is friendly and that is why there are always many people around him. He has a great innate ability, thanks to which he achieves his goals without spending a lot of time and effort. He easily builds a career, advances through it, and can even build his personal life at the same time. The only thing he will need to do is to concentrate on his goals.

Such Capricorns are dualistic natures who often do not understand themselves what they need in every period of life. At a young age, they dream of great accomplishments, but it is during this period that they encounter many difficulties. They should save their strength for the next stage of life, because at this stage, they can get much more with some effort and application of their talents.

They are noted for their keen intellect and observation. They love to criticize other people, but they are careful to hide their private life. In order for them to allow another person to enter their world, they need to earn the highest degree of trust. Otherwise, they will remain a closed book. At the same time, they strive to perform everything perfectly, which in some situations is impossible.

Characteristics of the Capricorn-Tiger man in Love

He is constantly in search of true love, where he can feel truly loved, valued and beautiful. In spite of this, he cannot constantly be under someone else’s pressure. He needs freedom, where he can make his own decisions and direct his life. So with a partner who constantly insists on his own and tries to manipulate him, he will soon part.

In love, he is distinguished by the restraint of feelings. He is not accustomed to display them not only in public, but also to show them to his loved one. In the case of unrequited love, he will firmly ban his feelings, and the people around him will not notice anything. But inside he will experience very strong and deep. It should be said that he is rarely guided by calculating motives in choosing a partner.

Capricorn Man Born in the Year of the Tiger in the Bed

He does not try to concentrate only on his needs and requirements, giving the right attention to his mistress as well. However, if he is missing something, he will gently but surely guide and tell her about it. Sometimes he may also show serious conservatism. This may manifest itself in rejection of any new experience that his mistress offers him. He can only decide to do it with a reliable and proven woman.

As noted above, he does not like to flaunt his emotions and feelings. Therefore, to talk on the body language he needs to learn. Only a caring and attentive partner who will perceive his restraint as normal and a basic feature of his character can help him do this. In bed, he does not try to take the lead, relying only on the experience and knowledge of his partner.

Capricorn-Tiger Man Horoscope for Family and Marriage

When getting married, he prefers to think everything through in advance and calculate. Unfortunately, this does not always succeed. In marriage, despite his rigid and willful character, he tries to seek compromises and avoid unnecessary quarrels. This he succeeds, because he is quite patient and loyal. However, this cannot last for a long time, especially if his wife does not appreciate all his efforts and sacrifices for the sake of the family.

As a rule, he is often focused on his career. Only rarely will he be able to sacrifice it for his family. He tries to combine the two in his life, which does not always work out. This leads to all kinds of misunderstandings and difficulties, so he will sooner or later have to make a choice. A really loving partner with whom he will be able to find a compromise can help here.

The male Tiger Capricorn – Career and Finance

Pragmatists by nature they give more preference to practice, so their career ascent will be successful if they find a field where theory plays a secondary role. They tend to get into each case, but it will be possible only with their passionate interest. They are not indifferent to money, because for them it is a means to obtain the maximum privileges in life – luxury, respect.

They are advised to learn to control their words, emotions and desires. Excessive activity may not please other people. It is worth to listen to wise people, as this will give them a deeper understanding of the inner processes of life. Give yourself the opportunity to be wrong, as this is only the key to a new stage of development. There should constantly be time in their life for self-development, as this often allows them to properly manage their energy.

Characteristics of Capricorn men and women in the year of the Tiger

The ability of those born in the year of the Tiger under the sign of the Capricorn to establish communication with those around them under any circumstances is truly unique. From the Tiger man receives sociability, and the rare intuition of the Capricorn allows you to choose a suitable interlocutor among all the surroundings and find common ground with him. At the same time, the dynamism of the Tiger and his soulfulness smooth out some sharp “Capricorn” corners of the character: the external coldness of the Capricorn seems to dissolve in the kindness and sympathy of the Tiger.

The positive characteristics of this combination can be safely attributed to self-sufficiency, useful for the formation of personality and pride. Going up the career ladder, at any stage of his career Capricorn the Tiger will not tolerate pressure from the outside and attempts to impose a different opinion and business decisions. In the friendship sphere he prefers not to owe anything to anyone, although he himself will come to the rescue without long conversations. Kindness and compassion, the right priorities in work and personal life, varied interests – and yet a very difficult character.

The dynamism of the Tiger and his spiritedness smooth out some of the sharp “Capricorn” corners of the character

Tiger in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is sensible and calm – it is one of the most balanced Tigers . This inherent impulsiveness and active outlook on life is smoothed out by the prudence and seriousness of Capricorn: no adventurous ventures without a full analysis of information and risk assessment. The almost magical luck of the Tiger and the Capricorn energy complement each other, making this horoscope combination incredibly successful in terms of finances, career, and personal life.

Work gives this sign a real pleasure – the ability to negotiate with people and convince them with honest arguments, the thirst for power and the ability to properly dispose of it make a Capricorn-Tiger a great leader and organizer of any project. A goal, once set, will be achieved, no matter what it costs to its author.

Family and freedom is a rather strange combination, however, inherent in Capricorn the Tiger. His wide and kind soul, quite likely deep feelings perfectly coexist with a thirst for inner freedom: only if the partner accepts this very freedom can the union with the Capricorn Tiger become happy.

Love and understanding born under this combination will give you only in exchange for the same sincere feelings.

Characteristics of Capricorn-Tigers men

Calm and sensible Capricorn guy in the year of the Tiger still in his youth learns the value of money: over time, he will learn to earn it and invest it in rational projects. Men of this sign have an analytical mind and iron logic, they are pragmatic and far from dubious financial activities. Ambitious movement up the career ladder will be perfect – without the undermining of colleagues and sneaky memos. The combination of tiger charm and Capricorn stubbornness, a strong but flexible character gives unmatched reliability of such a partner not only in work, but also in personal life.

Disadvantages of the sign

The weakness of this sign – strangely enough, in its strength: sometimes a tough and willful character makes itself felt. In his personal life, it is not easy to seek compromise and each time, making concessions, he is at the throat of his own song. A man born under this combination is not very creative in bed, most often he is a serious conservative who relies on the experience and imagination of the partner.

Another negative aspect of this character will be a talent of a career builder: alas, the easily given to the Capricorn-Tiger professional growth may be at odds with his personal life. In some cases, he is even ready to sacrifice his family for the sake of his career, especially if the relationship in it did not work out.

Men of this sign have an analytical mind and an iron logic

Characteristics of Capricorn-Tiger women

Strict to herself and others, pathologically honest, with ambitious plans and a desire to live up to the standards – this is the Capricorn girl, born in the year of the Tiger. Her rather complicated for those around her character could be called masculine: authoritative and strong, able to earn and dispose of money, she is, however, not a “man in a skirt” at all. Kindness and goodness of the Capricorn-Tiger woman will be revealed over time: when dealing with a man at first she will really make an impression of an impregnable rock, but let this coldness and seriousness does not mislead. Having accustomed over time to her partner, such a woman will fully demonstrate all her benevolence and ability to care, her house will always be neat and cozy.

Disadvantages of the sign

An obvious disadvantage of the Capricorn-Tiger horoscope combination in the female view – power and the desire not to yield in anything to successful men. However, a woman – she is always a woman: for the sake of the beloved and harmony in the family, the weaker sex is able to tame and its strong character, going to difficult for the Capricorn-Tiger compromises.

The Capricorn-Tiger woman’s soulfulness and kindness will unfold over time

Capricorn love compatibility in the year of the Tiger

Both men of the Capricorn-Tiger combination and women (to a greater extent, of course, women) are very loyal to their chosen one and with all the strength of their character do not tend to suppress their partner with authority and excessive discretion. Compatibility in love is not always smooth and flawless: the female half of this sign requires time to build a harmonious and long-term relationship – the partner Capricorn-Tiger is far from immediately bring ease and comfort in the relationship.

Tender and caring lovers, they are always looking for true love and pay attention to their loved ones and in the home and in bed. For the representatives of this astrological combination it is important to be read as the most special: the most beautiful, the most attractive, the most beloved. However, one must remember that a very freedom-loving sign will not accept the restrictions of their freedom: it will be easier for them to sever the relationship than to be under pressure from the loved one. Always and in everything have their own opinion, and in love Capricorn Tigers will make decisions by themselves. Reliability and loyalty on the part of these people is combined with an amazing restraint in their feelings: unrequited love causes them internal suffering, which in no way will be shown to others. “Crying on the vest” is not for them.

Tender and caring lovers, they are always looking for true love

Who is suitable for them? First of all, we should note the compatibility with the Virgo Pig, giving love and affection, bringing a certain calculation in the relationship: the Capricorn Tiger himself is completely devoid of calculation in his personal life. Good spirits even in difficult situations will be supported by the partners of the Capricorn-Tiger combination Scorpio-Cat. Sufficiently sociable and harmonious among friends and relatives will be considered a couple of Capricorn-Tiger and Taurus-Rat. Focusing on these recommendations you can find a partner who can determine the golden mean in relationships and maintain it – they will not require from the Capricorn-Tigers the impossible, even considering that in some cases, he is ready to move mountains.

Who will be suitable for such a businesslike, self-sufficient and constantly striving for freedom, but not emotional sign? In fact, there are not very many options for a successful union for the Capricorn-Tiger: this layout is influenced by the very challenging nature of this strong combination. But the list of neutral relationships is quite wide – and here the success of the love enterprise directly depends on the specific people and their zodiacal affiliation .

Maximum compatibility Intermediate compatibility Minimum compatibility
Oriental Calendar Pig, Cat (Rabbit), Dog, Rooster, Horse Rat, Goat, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Bull Monkey
Western calendar Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Libra Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius

Full characteristics of a Capricorn child born in the year of the Tiger

Strong will and determination are the qualities that Capricorn the Tiger acquires at the moment of birth and carries throughout his life. A Capricorn boy in the year of the Tiger knows from a small age what he wants at a particular moment and in general from life: naturally, life experience and growing up will slightly adjust his plans, but in general the straight road to his own goals is already outlined for him. And if it is possible to somehow change the mind of other children (and many of them are eager to follow the decisions of adults), the little Capricorn Tiger has no intention to turn away from the planned path – at any moment he knows exactly what he wants. He has a complete order in everything: and in his head, and in the boxes with toys, and in the schoolbag – the main thing that this order is his own, not imposed by someone else.

Strong will and determination are qualities that the Capricorn-Tiger acquires at birth

The Capricorn-Tiger girl does not have that characteristic weakness of the fair sex: even at a young age she subconsciously hides her emotions, is reserved and sometimes secretive. Nevertheless, the children of this horoscope combination are strongly tied to family traditions, parents and home – in the period of childhood and growing up it is important to surround this child with warmth, attention and care, and then the adult Capricorn-Tiger can later build a strong harmonious family – and this is a definite plus sign.

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