Male Capricorn snake – revealing the essence

Characteristics of Capricorn men and women in the year of the Snake

Pragmatists and supporters of material thinking – these are the true representatives of this horoscope combination. Capricorn-Snake in his life moves from sensations to actions: first to feel, then to make decisions. At the same time, no unnecessary gestures and no fruitless actions. For this astrological group is characterized by verified to the smallest detail decisions and rationality of actions.

The purposefulness and social sociability, as well as some dryness of Capricorn in this combination is complemented by serpentine discretion, strength, and sexuality. At the same time, the sign is characterized by a certain earthiness and talent for self-preservation in dangerous situations.

Strong but conservative nature complicates the formation of a career and personal life: inextinguishable, once acquired the faith seems to be an opportunity Capricorn-Snake to go to the chosen goal, but in complete denial of everything that does not apply to it. A kind of blinders over the eyes, allowing to move only straight ahead and without owning the situation on the side tracks. The psychology of this astrological group carries realism, schema, calculation, and intelligence . Alas, there is little room for sensual romance, fantasy and inspiration.

Capricorn-Snakes are pragmatic and goal-oriented people.

The contradiction of those born under this combination is that Snakes tend to pathologically protect themselves from various hardships of life. Almost sybarites, trying to live for their own pleasure. Capricorns, however, can easily tolerate life’s difficulties and problems, including those related to finances. Their judgement tells them that this difficult time will not last long. How will the Capricorn Snake get out of such psychological turmoil depends on the individual and the situation.

Characteristics of the male Capricorn Snake

What could a Capricorn guy want in the year of the Snake? Career and power or a serene affluent life? His interests will range from the political sphere in which he can reach a very good height, to the philosophical field, because he is a great thinker by character with the appropriate education and upbringing. At the same time, it is difficult for him to deny himself the pleasures of the world: his personal life is usually rich and varied. Courageous and decisive in business matters, as well as in intimate matters, his curiosity and charm will not stop at one single woman: rarely a representative of this astrological group is limited to one family.

A strong character and analytical mind make a man of this combination an excellent manager, organizer and businessman, decisive and concise in difficult situations

Among the Capricorn-Snake men we will name the navigator Ferdinand Wrangel, a fighter for the rights of black Americans, Martin Luther King, philosopher and lawyer Charles de Montesquieu with his great thesis “Divide and Conquer” and no less popular saying “Every nation deserves its fate.

The personal life of the Capricorn-Snake is usually rich and varied

The sign’s weaknesses

The weakness of the sign is in physical health . Nevertheless, if the man of this sign will think not only about the state career or political field, but also about maintaining physical fitness, he is even able to become a military man.

In addition to eager to communicate with women, a man of this horoscope combination does not mind to be in the epicenter of social life: calm and stable contact with a man of his choice is unlikely to seem.

Characteristics of Capricorn-Snake women

A fragile, verbose, very direct and even simple-hearted Capricorn girl, born in the year of the Snake, in her professional activity can not immediately prioritize and find something to which the soul and abilities lie. The character of such a woman has serious creative talents that need to be developed and supported. Alas, not always a suddenly ended creative career can pass without a trace for a fine psychic organization of the Capricorn-Dragon woman. A striking example of this is the personal and professional tragedy of actress Valentina Serova (the films “Girl with a Character”, “Hearts of Four” and others).

A Capricorn woman in the year of the Snake is difficult to resist even experienced heartbreakers

High sexual attractiveness and terrific energy – this woman is difficult to resist even experienced heartbreakers. She herself is very selective, in casual communications such a woman can not be caught: purity and sincerity of love are important to her.

The sign’s weaknesses

Can be classified as a minus of this astrological combination practical inability to work in a team? Yes, these people are not even so much self-sufficient as they are immersed in themselves. It is easier for them to do all the work themselves than to redistribute it and correct mistakes for others. As a manager and organizer, such a person is simply invaluable, but a weak collective spirit does not allow them to work in offices and enterprises with a large number of employees, especially if their activities constantly overlap.

Capricorns-Snakes like to work alone

Capricorn love compatibility in the year of the Snake

Who suits them, these rather ambiguous men and women with innate charm and stunning sexual attraction? Compatibility in love is possible when choosing emotional men and women as partners. It is important that their chosen ones find common ground, not only in bed, but also in everyday life and in the spiritual sphere. The partner of the Capricorn Pig sign not only has similar data (which will certainly please the Capricorn-Snake man!), but also will be happy in such a union herself. Relationships with the female sign of Gemini the Rooster will bring bright impressions and strong feelings, with a long acquaintance able to bring to the marriage ceremony.

It is worth focusing on the zodiac signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. In some cases, a great partner for the Capricorn-Dragon woman will be a male Aquarius .

Maximum Compatibility Intermediate compatibility Minimal Compatibility
Oriental calendar Cock, Pig, Dog, Dragon, Rat Tiger, Snake, Bull, Horse, Rabbit Goat, Monkey
Western calendar Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries Libra

Full characteristics of a Capricorn child born in the year of the Snake

Capricorn girl or boy in the year of the Snake are sensible and thoughtful, they rarely participate in noisy games of peers, preferring the comfort of their solitude. They are prone to melancholy, but don’t mind being cranky and throwing tantrums from time to time. Capricorn-Snake is full of contradictions from childhood: intelligence, seriousness and incredible grip successfully coexist with good luck.

Sometimes such a child can be completely sincere and cheerful

Favorable influence of the family, natural curiosity and intuition will allow the mature Capricorn-Snake to reach incredible heights and become a successful person.

The Capricorn the Snake child is more comfortable alone than in noisy company

Characteristics of the Capricorn male born in the year of the Snake

Men born between December 22 and January 20 are Capricorns by zodiac sign, and if their year of birth is 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 or 2013, they are Snakes according to the Eastern horoscope. Capricorn-Snakes combination is peculiar to extraordinary personalities.

General Characteristics

Pragmatists and materialists, Capricorn-Snake men feel first, and only after that make decisions, not bothering themselves with unnecessary gestures and fruitless actions. Calculation and rationality are above all for them. Very observant, if they are interested in something, analyze it and make conclusions based on what they saw, adding nothing and fantasizing.

Purposeful and socially communicative Capricorns are snake-like sensible, strong and sexy. They are characterized by a certain earthiness and the ability to self-preservation in extreme situations. Conservatism and strength of character cause problems both in their career and personal life: their acquired faith completely rejects other ideals. There is little romance, fantasy and inspiration in their life, the main thing – calculation, realism and intellect.

These men have a well-developed intuition, they are endowed with the gift of soothsayers, and these abilities help them avoid possible mistakes. At the same time, Capricorn-Snakes are very superstitious and believe in horoscopes even more often than some women. It is not uncommon for representatives of this sign to be involved in the occult sciences. They are creative individuals with versatile abilities. Realize themselves as successful orators, excellent writers. When developing their abilities, they reach the top in these directions.

Capricorns-Snakes are quite self-critical, engaged in self-digging to the point that sometimes it is even harmful. Among the famous men of this astrological group are: the Chinese politician Mao Zedong, the British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, Russian actors Igor Lifanov and Sergey Shakurov.

Relationship with others

Numerous admirers and followers help Capricorns-Snakes self-actualize. They are overcome by a constant craving for superiority, often men play the role of informal leaders of teams. In the relationship with others exhibit a complex character: stubborn, uncompromising, have an explosive nature. But at the same time they are noble and smart, such men are loyal and reliable friends.

This word is always true, all the planned are performed without delay and in strict accordance with the requirements. Relatives are extremely cold, invite them to visit very rarely.

Finance, career

Capricorns-Snakes are not greedy, but, having earned money, do not mind to live in comfort. These men are counted as sybarites who try to live for their own pleasure. Fortune quite often presents them with unexpected gifts that allow you to constantly live in prosperity. But the temporary problems, including financial, are quite easy to carry, as they are sure that the troubles are transient.

Rather do the work on their own than reassign it to someone else to fix someone else’s mistakes later. Capricorn-Snakes are very hardworking, but they prefer to do the work alone without crossing paths with others. They don’t like noise, bustle, idle talk of their colleagues.

It’s ideal if you can make money in the comfort of your own home. Such work is not a burden for them. In their activity they are capable to create something unique and necessary.

Representatives of these signs are successful entrepreneurs, as they combine all the necessary qualities for this: diligence, calculation skills, intuition. Growth in their careers is possible only if the work they do enjoy. Good as organizers or managers in small groups, but offices and businesses with many employees are not suitable for them.

As a manager, they are more for the prosperity of the business, not for their own material well-being. The only thing that they lack is confidence in decision making.

Capricorn Snakes can become successful politicians: they are inimitable in political activity, moderately literate, convincing, eloquent, intelligent.

Relationships with women

Initially, the relations of Capricorn-Snakes with women are not easy because of the non-humanity and complexity of the character of these men. This leads to a long search for their mates. Give preference to responsible women, different predictable behavior. If the choice of the woman made, the persistent Capricorns use all possible means to win the heart of the girl.

When getting acquainted with women, they are open and, without hypocrisy, express their preferences in plans for further relationships. Despite their own coldness, they like more emotional partners. Quite often the initiator of the family relations are women, because for men of this sign, the creation of a family is not paramount.

Harmonious relations are possible with like-minded women who fully share the views of Capricorn-Snake. Misunderstandings and disagreements in views are the reasons for the collapse of the relationship. With age, such requirements do not change and often become a reason for breaking family ties.

The man is a source of extraordinary ideas, he does not even try to understand and accept the views of others. Capricorn-Snakes who are kind to everyone in need do not always show this feeling in the family circle. Relationships with their children are even, quarrels and misunderstandings arise very rarely. Such fathers, without suppressing the children with their authority, demonstrate by their own example of this man. Women should not forget that Capricorn-Snakes like peace, it is necessary to give them the opportunity to be alone. In order to feel happy in a marriage with such a man, a woman must be emotional, give him the joys of life and be his soulmate.

Ideal relationships in love can be with women born under the signs of the Snake, Bull and Rooster. Representatives of the year of the Goat, Pig and Rabbit do not suit them at all.

Unfortunately, a quiet, measured family life is not typical for this sign, quite often men of this astrological group are not limited to one family.

Tips for Capricorn Snakes

Professional astrologers give some valuable advice to Capricorns-Snakes:

  • In order to avoid becoming victims of your own self-injury, you should learn to accept yourself for who men really are;
  • harsh self-criticism, as a rule, does not lead to positive changes in the life of this sign;
  • it is necessary to develop their creative potential by realizing their goals;
  • More attention should be paid to physical health.


In discussions on forums, men of this astrological group are called both “lone wolves” for their reticence, and “X-rays” for their insight. They see through everyone, it makes no sense to deceive them: all the secret for them in the moment becomes clear. These men are few words, patient, hardworking. Outwardly seem restrained, but inside childish kindness. They like to raise the admiration of women. When courtship show themselves intelligent, gentle and educated, can long be limited to the platonic courtship.

Friends of Capricorn-Snakes, which is not much, note their loyalty and devotion. And women remember the charisma and masculine charm of representatives of these signs.

No one forces us to believe in horoscopes: everyone chooses his own path independently, but the stars sometimes show the right direction in the labyrinth of life. Horoscopes can show you the shortest way to the heart, soul and understanding of your loved one.

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