Male Capricorn and female Scorpio: explain in detail

Female Scorpio and male Capricorn compatibility zodiac signs – 91%

Who is masterful at self-control? Who remains unperturbed in a stressful situation? Who is called the main knight of the zodiac circle? Astrologers talk about the Capricorn male. Saturn has lavished the pet with courage and equanimity. The patron planet endowed the earthly guy with high moral principles as well – Capricorn will never betray, never set up, and never offend.

True, at birth there was a breakdown in the sensual sphere – sometimes it seems that Capricorn has no emotions at all. But this does not prevent Capricorn from being a reliable companion, a sensitive and faithful life companion, and a talented professional. He is very stubborn, but stubbornness is not a vice – thanks to this quality Capricorn will overcome any obstacles.

Behind the Scorpio women there is a reputation of a true hell-hound, and, it should be noted, not unreasonably. The ladies born under this sign, differ by their fiery temperament, their natural passion sometimes pushes them to reckless actions, after which often comes the regret and disappointment. Such a lady does not recognize the authority, because there is hardly anyone who can match her in intellectual maturity, savvy and highly spiritual, not to mention its frenzied energy.

Comprehending her inner worlds, the Scorpio woman fears not to inadvertently swim over the “buoys”, because the intricacy of judgments and views is so deep, and it can be difficult for her to understand it all. And if she happens to plunge into the depths of herself, it is unfortunately impossible to avoid the struggle of contradictions and emotional tension. It is worth noting that despite the natural secrecy, she is unlikely to be able to compete with anyone in terms of strength of emotionality and level of sensuality.

How a Scorpio woman can win a Capricorn man

The meeting of the Scorpio lady and the Capricorn gentleman is a classic version of the meeting of a real woman and a true man. There is no sense to deny the magnetism in this pair – even those who in principle do not see anything will notice it. At that, neither Capricorn, nor Scorpio will have to go out of their way to show their interest and draw attention to themselves. After all, the Scorpio woman has all the qualities that Capricorn thinks his ideal companion should have. It is important for him that the woman was not only beautiful and seductive, she must be deep, sensual and exceptional. The fullness of meaning and depth of thought is what most attracts Capricorn. Therefore, the Scorpio woman is able to hook him with her thoroughness and seriousness from the first moments.

According to the Capricorn man, the woman who honors tradition, appreciates kindness, sincerity, loyalty and knows that love is expensive can be worthy of him. Capricorn will give preference to a woman who knows how to create comfort, cooks well, maintains order and is the keeper of family happiness. But, this does not mean that a Capricorn man needs a housewife. Being educated, businesslike, a certain publicity and involvement in the social life will compliment the Capricorn man from the society in which his woman will be in demand. Who-knows-who, the Scorpio woman is perfectly capable of combining both family and publicity.

How a Capricorn man can win over a Scorpio woman

Getting the attention of a Capricorn man from a Scorpio woman, as stated above, is not a difficult matter. The stars have already taken care of that. But keeping her close to you can be even more of a challenge. The paradox is that in order to win the stubborn Scorpio woman, the conservative Capricorn will have to give her something that does not fit his logic – freedom. There may be a problem with that. However, the Capricorn man will have to reconsider his views on relationships and understand that freedom in love is not what he thinks it is, and it is not always a bad thing.

Getting the attention of a Capricorn man from a Scorpio woman is not difficult. But to keep her close to you can be another test

The Scorpio woman is a freedom-loving, but not frivolous. She needs inner freedom that gives her wings. She is like a butterfly – when she is not chasing and not trying to hide under the glass, she will fly and sit on your shoulder. This condition alone will make the Scorpio woman faithful, constant and happy in the relationship with the Capricorn man. Additional points will also be given to the Capricorn man who will prove to be not just courageous, reliable, loyal, but will also show himself as a person who is personally mature, experienced, intelligent, financially and spiritually wealthy. The Scorpio woman is not mercenary, but in order to reveal her inner potential and to be successful, she needs a good material basis.

Advantages of the union

Although Scorpio is a strong and independent woman, she still has an idea of the canonical “ideal man”, behind whom it is like a stone wall. Capricorn is just like that: he is unemotional, but caring, gallant and responsible. Usually these two understand each other without words. Yes, with him there will be no African passion in the relationship, but the missing part of this sphere can be made up for by Scorpio.

Astrologers believe that in most cases, this relationship will be financially stable. Scorpio gets not only a material base, but also an opportunity to do what she likes. Capricorn is passionate about his interests and will not interfere with the woman he loves, even if he himself has her activities causing a skeptical smirk.

Disadvantages of the union

There are several sharp angles in the love relationship of a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman. On them the union can break or give a crack, which will still sooner or later split it in half.

The first cornerstone is Capricorn’s stubbornness multiplied by Scorpio’s uncompromising nature. If there is a conflict between the couple, neither of them (whether they are right or wrong) will be the first to reconcile. Moreover, both Scorpio and Capricorn, even after a reconciliation, leave a grudge in their minds forever. Unfortunately, they both have a tendency to accumulate anger. Given the famous vindictiveness of the Scorpio woman, it will not be possible to avoid new conflicts.

The second problem of the couple is feelings and emotions that rage in the Scorpio woman but are frozen in the Capricorn man. He is emotionally cold and may even seem indifferent. She carries raging passions within her, accumulates and literally crushes her feelings, hoping that the Capricorn man will ever want the passions that animate relationships, give them air and energy. But no. He’s always cold. To achieve his involvement and emotion, the Scorpio woman is capable of forbidden methods. But in this case, she may seem mentally unbalanced and hysterical to him, which will weaken his love.

Intimate life

Intimate life of a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman can hardly be called harmonious. They are ice and flame in the bedroom, where the cold iceberg in deep waters is Capricorn, and the scalding fire of passion is Scorpio. The inconsistency of their temperaments prevents them from reaching an intimate understanding. Intimacy for the Capricorn man is nature to be satisfied and nothing more. For the Scorpio woman, intimacy is not just an instinct. It is a basic instinct! A sacred act! Art! The meaning of life! Love and intimacy are her habitat. In it she draws strength, energy, stimulus to accomplishments for the sake of love.

In the bedroom they are ice and flame, where the cold iceberg in deep waters – Capricorn, and burning fire of passion – Scorpio. The inconsistency of their temperaments prevents them from reaching an intimate understanding.

The initiator of intimacy in the pair is most often, of course, the Scorpio woman. She likes leadership in the pleasures of love, but only as a variety, not on a permanent basis. When without her initiative intimacy does not add up, she begins to feel humiliated, unclaimed, unwanted. All the love experience of the Scorpio woman was reduced to the fact that she wanted, achieved, insisted and conquered. She only chose her partner, arranged for him to test provocations and let the best of the best prevail. With the Capricorn man, the Scorpio woman changes roles. And on the one hand it offends her, but on the other hand it turns her on. She does not give up hope to rekindle the flame in him.

What kind of parents they will be.

Capricorn father and Scorpio mother are a complicated parental union. To say that their children are in a fierce gauntlet is nothing to say. Capricorn man – attentive to children’s problems and caring, but the ways of education he chooses tough, with the discipline of the army strictness.

The Scorpio woman is like an army commander, only in a skirt. Her children must be the best of the best – the best upbringing, education, obedience and example to edify all children.

Under such conditions, the child grows up either with a broken will, or a rebel who protests as an adult: runs away from home, and if he returns, then for a short time – until adulthood, and immediately goes on a free voyage, just to get away from parents.

What their children will be like

In a family of a Capricorn male and a Scorpio female, children grow up either very obedient or very cunning. They are very afraid of parental authority and choose either unquestioning obedience, agreeing with the defined parents of friends, hobbies, activities, or begin to rebel from the crib.

Children insist, not through pleasing their parents’ demands, but through the stubbornness they learn from their father and the persistent determination they inherit from their mother. If defiant tactics don’t work, children resort to cunning and manipulation. It is not always easy to twist the ropes out of the Capricorn and Scorpio parents, but children with strong own zodiac sign succeed in it.

Is the Scorpio woman prone to cheating

The Scorpio woman is faithful…but only until her partner’s first betrayal. If the Capricorn woman will betray her even once, she can forget about the peace and loyalty of the Scorpio woman. That is how it turns out that the loyalty of the Scorpio woman is like virginity – once having given it to the man she loves, she will never be able to return it again. Therefore, the first place of the Scorpio woman in the list of faithful wives is possible only from the end. Of course, this does not mean that she throws herself into the neck of another man at the first opportunity, but lady Scorpio flirts with everyone out of the blue, regardless of whether she is in love with her constant partner, or just lives with him under one roof for the sake of common interest.

Flirting is not considered a crime by the Scorpio lady. It is very difficult not to be coquettish with this set of feminine characteristics and temperament. Therefore, flirting is her hobby, a way to relax and have fun. And flirting will remain flirting, if she is satisfied with her constant partner, loves it, loved and desired. But flirting with other people’s women to his man this young lady will not allow. An acute sense of possessiveness and jealousy keep her in fear, and flirting her man, the Scorpio woman considers a hundred percent a prelude to treason. And even if her partner’s attention to another woman turns out to be harmless, Scorpio’s reprisal cannot be avoided.

Is the Capricorn man prone to cheating?

Capricorn men are mostly faithful husbands. And it is not because they are not inherent treachery. Just love intrigues are not their element. Yes, some of the Capricorn men are extreme, but not in love. Here they usually have everything predictable: get married and that’s it, you are free from all these courtship, calf tenderness and exploits. Capricorn men, perhaps, in order to bind themselves with the bonds of marriage, so that women will stop waiting for love deeds and grand gestures from him. Therefore, a Capricorn man is unlikely to betray his partner willingly.

Of course, you cannot exclude the possibility that the Capricorn’s heart will be captivated by some femme fatale beauty or even an ordinary woman capable to make the Capricorn man surprise himself. However, men of this sign are not known for their Casanova dexterity. They do not know how to cheat and cover their tracks. Yes, Capricorns build some strategies, come up with plans to justifiably disappear from the house, but in the end they get caught up in some obvious trifle that they brushed aside, naively believing that it is invisible to the outside eye. So, the love adventures of the Capricorn male will not last long, although there are exceptions. If a man of this sign will be a gamble in love (which is rare, but it happens), he will rub the nose of any Don Juan.

What are they afraid of in a relationship?

Both representatives of the signs in the relationship are afraid of conflict. And rightly so: both Capricorn and Scorpio are characterized by vindictiveness, and Scorpio is also vindictive.

When they enter the stage of conflict, it is easier for them to go to war than to reconcile. They are both incapable of compromise and cannot forgive. Therefore, their conflicts resemble a snowball. They accumulate resentment and anger, and each new conflict acquires a more threatening resolution – war.

Both representatives of the signs in the relationship are afraid of conflict. And rightly so: both Capricorn and Scorpio are characterized by vindictiveness, and Scorpio is also vindictive.

The paradox is that both partners can forgive each other a serious fault, but from the petty things will inflate the conflict of universal scale. By learning to give in the little things, the Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman will be able to avoid bringing their relationship to the Apocalypse.

How the Capricorn man behaves when breaking up

Breaking up, the Capricorn man feels the deepest sense of guilt – and it doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup. If they leave him, he feels remorse that he was a bad husband, man, father, etc. When he leaves the relationship, all the more so. It is difficult for him to forgive himself even for a sensible and logical departure. It would seem that when you leave, leave, but the Capricorn man does not leave irrevocably. He continues to stay practically at arm’s length from the former beloved. Suddenly, he needs his help, his shoulder, or a reminder that he still has one foot in her life. This way he gets an indulgence to soothe his conscience.

If a Capricorn man is dumped by a woman, he will, of course, suffer, try to somehow establish himself in her life, but if she is determined, he will wave his hand and try to forget about her. Prolonged depression is not his choice. Although in some cases Capricorns only outwardly seem cold and indifferent. They are men to the bone. To show their pain means to expose their soul, to be called a weakling and a stooge. If a Capricorn man suffers, even his best friend may not know about it. That is why Capricorns often become patients of heart surgeons.

How does the Scorpio woman behave during a breakup

Breaking up for the Scorpio woman means one thing – defeat. As a rule, women of this sign put a lot of effort to create the relationship of their dreams. Divorce is tantamount to death for them. Whoever was the instigator of the breakup, a part of the Scorpio woman’s soul dies off, and that loss cannot be made up for. The love wound in Scorpios never heals. Therefore, they fight for their love to the last, and sometimes they almost consciously live in illusions in order to keep their heart.

Scorpions’ love wound never heals. Therefore they fight for their love to the very last, and sometimes hardly consciously live in illusions in order to keep their heart.

However, what is cracked, will never be whole again. The Scorpio woman sobered up and realizes that either she was betrayed, or she betrayed the relationship with the person to whom she swore eternal love. In the first case, Scorpio chooses the only possible way for her to solve the problem – revenge. Any crime against her cannot go unpunished. If the relationship collapses through her fault, she leaves decisively and even defiantly, because she understands that pulling a bagpipe in love is the same as trying to appear human by cutting off the dog’s tail one piece at a time. Scorpio makes a decision and leaves without looking back, but swallowing tears.

Is friendship possible between them

A strong friendship between a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman is hindered by the discouraging masculinity of the former and the charming femininity of the latter. They may begin their relationship with mutual assistance, support, help, but they cannot resist each other’s charms, which sooner or later overwhelm both of them.

Their friendship ends in the bedroom, and to resurrect it after the first kiss is impossible. There are also exceptions. Friendship of a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman remains a friendship, if both partners are not free and happy in love.

Work compatibility

If the Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman are colleagues, this is an ideal business union. He thinks soberly, rationally, he is not inherently emotional. She is determined, risky and insightful. Working on a common project, Capricorn will be able to prevent critical situations, but if it happens, Scorpio will perfectly handle them.

When the work is managed by a female Scorpio, a successful business tandem with a Capricorn subordinate is rare. Well, except that the Scorpio female boss will allow the Capricorn to pass through the career ladder unhindered. However, if it threatens her career, the working alliance will not work out.

If the Scorpio woman and the Capricorn man share work roles in such a way that the Capricorn man is in charge, things may well work out. The Scorpio woman respects the Capricorn man’s core and strength. And if he becomes an authority for her, proving his right to leadership, she will meekly yield the reins to him and will obey, perfectly performing the tasks set by him.

Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

One of the most harmonious and best combinations for both partners. Despite the fact that outwardly it may seem that they have completely different goals, aspirations and desires, they are happy together like no other. Therefore, such people should try to be together, it is possible that these people have found each other and will be able to give each other happiness.

Outwardly, such people may give the impression of coolness, coldness and detachment. It seems that each of them seeks solitude and is completely indifferent to the Mexican passion of love, but in fact, this is not the case and such people feel great together.

Marriages between these signs are not uncommon and both partners can really give each other happiness. Despite the fact that Scorpio can be a sarcastic and cold-hearted woman, she feels comfortable in the society of Capricorn and appreciates him as a partner. For a man, such a woman is also a gift, because she does not demand from him what others want.

These people should try to be together, especially if they have long sought a quiet and happy life. However, in practice, to realize the dream of joint happiness can be difficult, because these people may be completely incompatible in bed. But this problem is solvable, provided that both partners know how to negotiate. Their inner maturity, the absence of passion and the desire for consistency can make life for these people bright and truly peaceful for each other. Especially since they always have something to talk about together.

Pros of the Union: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

What unites these people is purposefulness and inner maturity. Both partners do not aspire to a volcano of passion, unusual affection and love, but they are calm, comfortable and good together. Scorpio and Capricorn understand each other perfectly, especially they are good together in private. And if the couple are connected by common career interests and goals, it is easy for them to achieve everything in their lives, they become true friends and it is very easy for them to find common interests and values.

So Scorpio and Capricorn can form a common quite harmonious union, which are not capable of destroying either jealousy, or interference of strangers, or even the lack of ardent love.

The merits of this union can include:

  • common high goals and values, striving for great achievements;
  • Intelligence of both partners;
  • emotional maturity, the ability to withstand obstacles;
  • the ability to make wise decisions;
  • A common desire for mysticism and the unexplored, a developed intuition in both signs;
  • Ability to manage money and save it;
  • quick reconciliation after quarrels and scandals;
  • the psychological flexibility of Scorpio helps to bypass acute angles in a relationship;
  • Absence of unrealistic ideals and requirements for each other;
  • Both partners are independent and can not be dispensed with petty hobbies.

Disadvantages of the union: the Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman

These partners also have disadvantages, but not as many as they may seem at first glance. They both have cold temperaments and a lack of desire for extraordinary love, passion, compliments, and ostentatious behavior, so they are really better together than with anyone else. Capricorn softens Scorpio’s vindictiveness and guile, so the couple is quite harmonious and they have no pronounced flaws or disadvantages.

The only thing that can spoil them is the behavior of children or new, more attractive prospects. But more often, even in such a situation, the partners do not abandon each other and can agree, no matter how the circumstances develop.

The main disadvantages of this union can be:

  • Stubbornness and intransigence of both partners;
  • Coldness in the relationship, which over time is perceived as neglect;
  • Greed, which makes it difficult for the partners to bear poverty and lack of money;
  • nagging and constant quarrels may occur in everyday life;
  • a woman may lose respect for a man if he does not meet her expectations;
  • lack of bright feelings may eventually lead to inner emptiness and irritation;
  • constant quarrels with children are possible;
  • over time partners may cheat on each other;
  • temper tantrums and stubbornness may prevent them from living harmoniously;
  • over time, boredom in the relationship and a feeling of a wasted life may appear.

How to find common ground in a couple: the Capricorn Man and the Scorpio Woman

Strange as it may seem, but these people find ways to reconcile after quarrels intuitively. Scorpio senses Capricorn perfectly and knows how and with what to win his heart and even how to make him ask for forgiveness. Such people are really happy together and despite the fact that they know each other very well, they can rarely bore each other and feel completely uncomfortable together. But most often this only happens if the partners’ interests gradually diverge and they have nothing to talk about with each other, but this happens very rarely.

Scorpio feels perfectly well in the society of reasonable, purposeful and cold-hearted Capricorn. If other women are not satisfied with it, then for her such a man is the most wonderful option. She is too mature for Mexican passions and constant declarations of love, but, despite this, she perfectly accepts compliments from Capricorn and with time feelings only mature and get better. For such a man, the partner of the water element becomes a true friend, with which he turns out to be able to do everything in the world. So such people easily find ways to reconcile, provided that they have finally decided that they want to be together all the time.

Compatibility in bed: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

Somewhat cold, but quite a pleasant combination for both partners. Despite the lack of bright passion, these people feel comfortable together and a woman can ignite passion in a man’s heart and become for him a real mistress, which he has always dreamed of. Leadership in a non-serious relationship will always belong to the woman, but over time, not too passionate, but constant and predictable partner becomes for her or just a friend, or the relationship becomes serious. But more often the woman herself leaves the man, if it is bound by the bonds of a legal marriage or other reasons for separation.

In this pair, the fire of passion will appear only if both are set on flirting and do not want to change anything in their lives. If Scorpio lights up immediately, Capricorn needs time to reveal his feelings and emotions. Such a man appreciates quiet intimacy in a pleasant environment, is not too generous with gifts and compliments, but you can always relax and socialize with him. By the way, after the end of the relationship, Scorpio and Capricorn may well remain friends or get married, as together they do not just make love, but also rest from a lot of problems and worries.

Marriage Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

A beautiful combination in which both partners feel comfortable and beautiful. Usually both marry for love, although a little calculation is also possible, but it does not matter, as both do not seek passionate love and a display of unearthly affection, but rather a quite real and comfortable marriage. Domestic problems can lead to divorce only if both partners cannot reach together the material level that they seek. In this case, adultery and separation are not excluded, but even in this situation, they rarely become enemies and more often part peacefully, calmly, taking a reasonable decision.

In other cases, Scorpio and Capricorn get along perfectly in everyday life and can live together to a ripe old age. Due to their independence and inner maturity, they are not afraid of any domestic problems, or relatives, or jealousy and no extraneous interference in the relationship. The only problem may be the children, who will constantly break the bans and spoil the relationship between the parents, but even in this situation, the couple comes to a reasonable solution and will be able to find a compromise and ways to fix the situation.

These people have a rare patience and the ability to break through even stone walls of obstacles. They can wait a long time for the right moment and abruptly make a leap forward to achieve success and realize themselves in their lives.

Friendship Pair Compatibility: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

One of the most harmonious combinations at any age. Scorpio and Capricorn understand each other very well and are able to do a lot of interesting and useful things together. Most often, they begin to be friends at a young age, but in some cases they support each other in adulthood. Between them there is a real respect for each other, the ability to help in difficult situations and listen to each other. Both Capricorn and Scorpio are excellent conversationalists, capable of helping each other not only with advice, but also with deeds. At the same time they adequately perceive both compliments and criticism.

The friendship of these people can turn into something more only if they both decide to be together forever. Unhappiness in family life or mutual loneliness pushes them to closer relations and often they become dangerous for the marriage of both partners, but if Scorpio and Capricorn get married, they will rarely regret their own choice and will be truly happy.

Compatibility in Business: Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

In business, this combination is also great, as both partners are endowed with determination, a cool mind and reasonableness that will contribute to the common cause and success. It does not matter who submits to whom in this case, as the partners have similar characters and business qualities, which allow in a short time to achieve success, both in collective work and in independent business. In some cases such people can really storm mountains, but sometimes, if they feel that the partner is making an unwise decision, they may not let things go and take the initiative to do a better job than the partner.

When working in equal positions, such people can become tough competitors. They will find it difficult to agree, so it is best to give them short-range assignments. Only in this case, Scorpio and Capricorn will achieve success and will not be able to deceive each other or try to outmaneuver each other. If a rivalry develops between them, the partners will quickly become each other’s worst enemies.

What the Scorpio Woman needs to know about the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Man is smart, perceptive, and mature emotionally, so for you he can be the perfect partner and lifelong friend. However, to win his heart sometimes it is not easy at all, because he knows his price and does not bring everyone close to him, especially if a woman is unpleasant to him.

It is no secret for Capricorn that many women look at him as an ideal candidate for a husband. He is well versed in female psychology and is unlikely to connect his life with one of them. He is not inspired by available bright women who may turn out to be wonderful mistresses, but not wives. Therefore, Capricorn should not show his affection so as not to scare him off. It is best to start communicating with him by establishing business contacts.

In addition, a man of this sign is jealous and he has too developed a sense of ownership. His woman, he just will not give anyone, so it is worth a hundred times before you decide to have a serious relationship with him. By nature, he is a leader who prefers to run his own life, but you can maintain independence, if you show him your perspective and convince him of the reasonableness of their goals and the ability to achieve what he wants. He can dream of a woman like Scorpio: bright, delightful, reasonable and truly mature.

What the Capricorn Man needs to know about the Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman can seem quite frivolous and secretive person, but she inherent inner maturity and focus, a sense of dignity that can conquer the heart of any man, but not everyone she will give her heart and not everyone will agree to marry.

Scorpio is indifferent to infantile men, flowers and compliments, although she enjoys receiving them, but it is not the passion or the presence of a beautiful fairy tale that determines her trust and choice. With non-serious men she can play at love, but she will soon enough be bored with it, and she will strive for a serious man and love.

The only way to win her heart is through understanding, reasonableness, and success. She appreciates goal-oriented and mature men who know how to do things and make a lot of money. She herself is a master of intrigue, able to wait and achieve her goal. In family life, she seizes the reins, but often secretly dreams that a man will unravel her soul and become indispensable in her life. And the strong intelligent Capricorn proves to be quite capable of this, so go for it.

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